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9 Thyme Magical Properties and Spiritual Uses

9 Thyme Magical Properties and Spiritual Uses

Thyme has magical properties and incredible spiritual powers. Is one of the prominent herbs that is used for healing and protection.

However, the attention of people has shifted away from this herb because of technological advancements. Only the medieval cultures and traditions have stuck to the usage of this herb. In addition to this, you will find the usage of herbs in witchcraft practices. 

In this article, we are going to explore the amazing benefits, properties, and uses of thyme. After reading this article, you are going to see thyme as a magical plant rather than just a nutritional plant that is added to food. 

There are many qualities of this magical plant, which will be of benefit to you if you know how to use it. In this article, I will show you the different magical properties of this plant and how to use it effectively.

What is the spiritual meaning of thyme?

Spiritual meaning of thyme

Spiritually, thyme is an instrument of healing. Whenever you fall sick, thyme is a prominent herb that can be used for healing. It has healing properties, which will lead to quick recovery whenever you are sick.

Spiritually, thyme connects you with nature and the core of the universe in general. The power of thyme is commonly known in witchcraft and general magic practices.

This is why the presence of thyme creates a spiritual atmosphere, which is conducive for spirits to manifest. 

Furthermore, it is believed that if you find a bunch of thymes in the forest, it is an indication that fairies are nearby.

Thyme has a deep spiritual connection with the spiritual world and this is why a lot of cultures use thyme to invoke the spirits of the dead.

When you see thyme around you, it has several spiritual meanings like:

There is health for you


If you are sick, thyme can appear to you to assure you of health. I remembered when I was down with tuberculosis, I had given up all hope of being saved.

Several medical treatments have been made. However, after a few days, I noticed a thyme leaf on my bed, and I saw several other thyme leaves that were lined up in straight lines and circles on the floor. While thinking about the meaning of this, the smell suddenly engulfed the room.

Thyme has a soothing smell. As I began to inhale the smell, I felt relieved. I told my friend to simply brew a cup of tea with thyme leaf.

I drank this tea and began to feel good. After some days, all the cough and symptoms had reduced by 80%.

Whenever I remember that experience, I only arrive at this conclusion – which the universe sent the thyme to show me how I am going to be healed. In addition to this, thyme brings an omen of healing and total recovery when you are down.

When to find the plant in the garden


Whenever thyme shows up in your garden or your house, it is an encouragement from the spirits that you should not fear. There might be certain situations and circumstances in your life, which are causing you to fear the unknown. Thyme has come into your life to fill you with confidence.

When you see thyme, it simply means that there is a spiritual atmosphere around you at the moment. This is not to make you scared. Most times, when this happens, it is time to communicate with your lost loved ones.

Thyme spiritual uses

Thyme spiritual uses

Thyme can be used for several spiritual problems. Beyond cooking, thyme is a powerful plant that has wide recognition in the witchcraft world. Its spiritual significance has made it useful and applicable to several spiritual problems. Let us look at how we can use thyme for spiritual issues.

Thyme is used to embalm the dead! In Egyptian culture and tradition, thyme can be used to preserve the dead from decaying.

The Egyptians embalmed their dead by going through the process, which they call “mummification”. In this process, the body of the dead is completely dried out to preserve the human form.

Several processes are followed, which is not relevant to this topic. Among the several ingredients that are used for this embalming process, thyme is one of them.

It is believed that thyme has spiritual properties that are suitable for preserving the soul (which the Egyptians call the “ba”) of the dead and allowing the spirits of the dead to travel safely through the underworld to the judgment seat and afterlife.

This is one of the spiritual uses of thyme, and it is effective for this process. The Europeans also believe that thyme grants the spirits of the dead safe passage to the underworld.

Therefore, they bathe their dead with thyme oil or place a thyme leaf into their coffins before burying them. Therefore, thyme is a great ingredient for burial rites.

Other spiritual uses of thyme


This plant can be used in several different ways. I will talk about the most important ones.

  • Thyme is used for spiritual purification and cleansing
  • Thyme is used to inspire courage and bravery in our hearts. In ancient history, the Greeks used thyme whenever they are going to battle. The warriors will always sniff in the smell of thyme. It is believed that once you inhale the smell of thyme, you will become courageous. Thyme will inspire you to pursue your dreams without fear.
  • Thyme also cures sicknesses. From my story above, I am sure you already have this in mind. Thyme is a great spiritual healing agent that many healers use when making herbal medicines. Therefore, if you are feeling sick in your body, always seek herbal care. Thyme will cure you of sicknesses. If you do not have access to a herbalist or spiritual healer, you can brew thyme in a pot, and drink it as a tea for healing.
  • Thyme cures you of poison. You can use thyme to prevent the negative effects of taking in poison. Egyptians and Greeks always eat thyme before and after food because it is an effective remedy to poisonous food or drinks.
  • Thyme is a part of the ingredients that are used to tie the knot of 2 hearts together. Whenever you are preparing love potions, thyme is always a major ingredient. It is believed that whenever you combine thyme with other ingredients, it will tie the souls of lovers together and keep them in love. The smell that comes from thyme makes arouses emotional feelings between 2 lovers.

There are several other uses of thyme, but these are the major spiritual uses of thyme. If you are sick, fearful, etc: you can use thyme to get yourself healed, brave, and free from the negative effect of ingesting a poisonous substance.

9 Thyme magical properties

Thyme magical properties

Thyme goes beyond just a plant for cooking. It has several magical properties. Let us see the different magical properties of thyme and what they are meant for!

1) Thyme has anti-inflammation properties

Whenever there is inflammation, thyme will cure it magically. By applying the thyme oil to the inflammation, you will be relieved. This is always used by witch doctors or herbalists to cure inflammation.

2) Healing properties

Anyone who is sick will be cured with thyme. There are many ways to apply this. You can either add thyme with other ingredients or eat it with your food.

Another way to apply thyme is by brewing the leaf and drinking it as tea. Any way you apply this, you will enjoy healing.

3) Thyme has magical properties, which serve as an antidote

If you ingest poison, thyme will do a good job of relieving you of the poisonous substance and its effect on your body system.

By eating thyme before and after a meal, every poison in your body system will be neutralized.

During the medieval ages, people always bathe with thyme because it is believed that thyme will neutralize the poison in your skin pores. The neutralizing effect of thyme makes it powerful against poison.

4) Magical properties for effective sleeping

Those who have difficulties with sleep should use thyme. By putting thyme underneath your pillow, you will have sound sleep. It is said that the atmosphere, which thyme brings will make you sleep soundly.

5) Magical properties that stop nightmares

If you are experiencing nightmares, all you have to do is to put thyme under your pillow or beside your bed. The smell of thyme will fill up the room and stop you from having nightmares.

6) Magical properties for attracting good fortune

When you burn thyme as incense, it attracts good fortune to you. Thyme attracts good luck to you whenever you burn it as an incense.

7) Thyme is used for embalming the dead because of its magical properties

The reason why thyme is used for embalming the dead is that it has magical properties that will grant the dead safe passage into the underworld and afterlife.

Apart from preserving the bodies of the dead from decaying, thyme grants the dead safe passage.

8) Thyme offers spiritual protection from evil and grants victory over enemies

By burning thyme as incense, you will enjoy spiritual protection over every evil attack. It grants you victory over enemies.

9) Purification properties

Burning incense with thyme is done for spiritual cleansing and purification. This can either be done for the dead or the living.

You can make the most of the thyme’s spiritual powers to protect you. It will help protect you against negative energies, envy and your enemies. It is a simple herb, but with incredible spiritual strength. So be sure to try it out!

Where can I buy the herb thyme?

Thyme can be bought on the following websites

How can I use thyme?


You can use thyme in the following ways:

  1. Burning it as an incense for protection, good luck, and victory over the enemies.
  2. Brewing it as tea or for potion – this is good for healing.
  3. By eating it before and after food for an antidote against poisoning.
  4. By drying it, and hanging it around the house for protection and good luck.
  5. You can extract the oil for anti-inflammatory effects.
  6. Inhaling the scent of thyme is another way to use this magical plant for courage, strength, and love.

Final words

You can enjoy the amazing benefits of thyme by buying this plant for yourself. 

Most importantly, I will recommend having a thyme plant in your garden. The scent of this plant will bring good luck and fortune.

For witchcraft and divination practices, thyme also serves as an important ingredient for these practices. Therefore, you will enjoy more than the nutritional benefits of thyme. You will also enjoy the spiritual benefits that come with this plant.

So, what did you think of the powers of thyme in the spirit world? I hope you make the most of the powers of this herb to improve your life! If you still have any questions, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.

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