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Thyme Spiritual Meaning: 9 Benefits and Uses

Thyme Spiritual Meaning: 9 Benefits and Uses

Thyme remains one of the oldest herbs in the world. It has been used by ancient civilizations for several spiritual practices including raising the dead, or conjuring spirits of the dead. There is no doubt that this spiritual plant has deep powers and potential. 

Beyond the extreme spiritual practices it can be used for, there are also spiritual benefits for a layman. That is, people who don’t practice deep spirituality can use thyme for some daily spiritual blessings, venerations, and so on. 

In this article, we will explore the 9 spiritual benefits of using thyme. Also, I will disclose the spiritual meaning of this plant coupled with a comprehensive guide on how to use it for your benefit. 

Trust me! 

There’s so much to learn from this article.

Read on to find out more. 

Thyme spiritual meaning

Fresh Thyme

Thyme is a plant!

Now, in the spiritual world, plants are symbolic representations of long life. Since thyme falls into this category, then, it speaks of long life

For example, if you are sick, placing thyme by your bedside will fill you with FAITH. Because it speaks of long life, you won’t expect to die from the sickness, but to get healed and enjoy a long life. 

The color of the thyme plant is predominantly green, which is a spiritual sign of abundance. If you are going through a financially draining moment, let this inspire you. Wealth is coming. You will have abundant resources soon. 

Thyme is a sign of spiritual sensitivity. If you ever dream of eating thyme, this means that your spiritual senses are going through an awakening process. Keep this at the back of your mind. 

Spiritually, the universe uses thyme as a sign of spiritual awareness. If you’ve lost touch with your spiritual self, then, keeping thyme around you will awaken that aspect of your life. 

It also reminds us of the law of sowing and reaping. Thyme is a plant! It will be harvested from the earth. In the same way, everything we do comes with a recompense. We must be ready to face the consequences of our actions. This is one of the spiritual meanings of this plant.

Through thyme, you can also enjoy divine guidance and inner clarity. 

Thyme symbolism


The symbolism of thyme is based on several cultural perspectives. In this section, we will attempt to look at ALL the thyme symbolism you need to know. These are additional spiritual meanings. They will help with the effective use of this plant. 

  • In European folklore, thyme is considered an aphrodisiac. It is associated with love and romance. Couples who have a hard time loving themselves can perform love rituals with this spiritual plant. It’s effective for stirring up love and romance between couples.
  • Medieval Christianity saw thyme as a symbol of virginity. This is because it was linked with the Virgin Mary. The delicate framework of thyme makes it the best plant to be used as a symbol of the purity and innocence of the Virgin Mary. 
  • During the Middle Ages, thyme was used for healing medicines. It’s still being used today. Ancient cultures saw this plant as an omen of healing and good health for people who were sick. The spiritual meaning of thyme is healing and good health. 
  • In medieval times, European culture regarded thyme as a token for the dead. This plant was included in the bouquets that were taken to gravesites as a token of honor for the departed. It was placed around the pictures of deceased people by their families. This is to show honor and reverence.
  • The Celtic tradition sees thyme as a symbol of feminine energy. In this culture, thyme was given as a gift to females who had crossed into puberty. It represents the prime of womanhood. Also, it was given to women who had just given birth – to welcome them into the journeys of motherhood. 
  • Thyme is generally regarded as an omen of good luck. Having it around you attracts goodness, fortune, and abundance into your life. 

Spiritual uses of thyme

Spiritual uses of thyme

In this section, we will discuss how you can use thyme. To enjoy its numerous spiritual benefits, it’s important to use it the right way. Read on to find out the different ways you can use this spiritual plant.

  • You can use thyme for smudging and cleansing. Get a smudging stick, bundle your dried thyme leaves into the stick and light it. Once the smoke starts coming out, the spiritual work has begun. Speak positive words as you walk around your room with the smudging stick. 
  • If you desire to attract good luck, hang a bundle of dried thyme leaves on your window frames. Doing this repels negative energy. It attracts luck and fortune into your life. 
  • Use thyme for herbal tea. Brew dried thyme leaves in a kettle and pour out the well-brewed liquid into a white cup. Before taking the tea, ensure you practice Thanksgiving and visualize what you want to manifest by drinking the tea. This is a powerful way to enjoy the spiritual properties of this plant. 
  • For healthy sleep, you can create dream pillows with thyme and other herbs with calming properties. Place these herbs in a nylon bag (small bag). Once you do that, place the bag under your pillow. 

9 Spiritual benefits of Thyme for your life

Spiritual benefits of Thyme

If you use thyme, there are 9 spiritual benefits you stand to enjoy. We will discuss them extensively in this section. 

Read on to find out more. 

1) Good Luck

If you use thyme, expect a lot of good things to happen in your life. Thyme has a positive energy that influences people’s lives. The energy from this spiritual plant increases your vibration. It also brings about chakra healing, spiritual sensitivity, and so on. 

2) Healing

The healing properties of thyme will provide healing to your body. If you feel sick, try using thyme for yourself. One of the ways to do this is by drinking thyme-infused tea. Not only does this have spiritual benefits, it also has medical advantages. 

3) Wealth and Prosperity

Do you want to attract wealth into your life? Then, plant thyme in your garden. Once you do this, expect lucky money to come into your hands. You will experience this consistently. Ensure you water the plant consistently as well.

The more it blossoms the more the money flows. Using thyme attracts money. 

4) Good dreams

If you suffer from nightmares, it’s time to use thyme.

One of the spiritual benefits of using thyme is good sleep, positive dreams, and freedom from nightmares. Hang thyme directly over your bed. This wards off negative spirits and bad energy. It frees you from terrifying dreams and spiritual attacks in your dreams. 

5) Letting go of the past

Spiritually, thyme is a plant for inner release and freedom. You can leverage the power of this plant for freedom. If you have emotional baggage in your mind, drinking thyme-infused tea can help with the release. 

Furthermore, bathing with the thyme helps you to let go of the past. As you wash your body with the water, it’s symbolic of washing away the past and embracing what lies ahead. 

6) Spiritual protection

By keeping a bowl full of dried thyme leaves in your house, you can be sure of enjoying spiritual protection. Even if someone comes into your home with a negative intention, their powers will not work as long as they are in your home. 

7) Answered prayers

During a moment of prayer, using thyme is a great recipe for receiving quick answers. Burning thyme incense during a moment of prayer is powerful. This helps your prayers travel to heaven faster. 

8) Mental focus

During meditation, you need to be as focused as possible. This is why thyme is needed. The therapeutic properties of this plant ensure your mind is in the right place. To enjoy this benefit, burn thyme incense while meditating. Its alluring aroma will clear distractions off your mind. 

9) Courage

Spiritually, thyme infuses people with the courage to go after their dreams. Carrying thyme around helps you overcome your fear and anxiety. It fills you with confidence. It also boosts self-esteem. 

How to use Thyme on a bath

Dry Thyme for a bath

During a spiritual bath, follow these steps to harness the power of thyme herb:

  1. Set a clear intention for the bath. This keeps your focus on what’s important and reduces distractions. 
  2. Place the dried thyme leaves, or pour the thyme oil into the bathtub.
  3. Pour a slight warm water into the bathtub.
  4. Leave the water for 5 minutes to allow the thyme leaves or oil to secrete into the water
  5. Stir the water gently and speak words of affirmation
  6. Then, sit in the bathtub and speak positive words
  7. Get out of the bathtub and practice gratitude


Thyme is popular for its spiritual benefits. As we have discussed in this article, you can enjoy healing, protection, good luck, and so on. 

Therefore, start using thyme the right way and with the right intention.

Have you heard of the spiritual powers of thyme before? If not, tell us how you feel discovering that the thyme in your garden has numerous benefits. 

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    Thanks for info. on the plant “thyme”. I grow thyme for preparation of meat and fish, but never knew about these spiritual uses. I need to try for teas, good luck and protection. Thanks once again

  2. 1. Must it be a fresh thyme or can one use the dried ones.
    2. How can one prepare tea with thyme, is it by boiling it or what?

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