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Barn Owl Symbolism and 9 Spiritual Meanings

Barn Owl Symbolism and 9 Spiritual Meanings

Today I will talk about the symbolism and spiritual meaning of a barn owl.

Owls are mystical creatures. Therefore, you have to pay attention to them whenever they show up in your life.

Among the several birds in the animal kingdom, owls are one of the rarely seen birds. It is believed that owls deliberately hide themselves to demonstrate their superiority over other birds in the universe.

Furthermore, it is believed that owls are special birds. Therefore, they don’t show themselves to people as often as other birds. This is why you should pay attention to owls.

Now, among the different species of owls in the animal kingdom, the barn owl is special. It is beautiful and has a mysterious shape that makes it look like an angel.

This is why it is special.

Whenever you see a barn owl, it brings a deep atmosphere of spirituality.

Therefore, it is expected that your mind will become conscious of the spiritual realm with the presence of a barn owl.

In this article, there are 9 spiritual meanings, and messages of a barn owl, which prove its spirituality and mystery.

Therefore, whenever you see a barn owl, expect a divine message from the universe and spiritual realm. One of the following messages is meant for you and needs your attention.

What does a Barn Owl mean Spiritually?

What does a Barn Owl mean Spiritually

A barn owl means spiritual maturity. In Christianity, whenever you see a barn owl, it points your attention to the need for spiritual maturity.

A barn owl creates an insatiable desire for spiritual growth. As a Christian, the bible says that you should desire to grow spiritually by feeding on the milk of the word.

Therefore, whenever a barn owl shows up in your life or your dream, it is a sign of spiritual maturity.

In addition to this, a barn owl means spiritual grounding. That is, you need to come to understand who you are, and what your spiritual purpose is.

Spiritual grounding points your attention to spiritual stability.

It is a sign that you should become spiritually stable.

When your energy level becomes weak, the universe will send a barn owl to raise your spiritual energy level. By becoming spiritually grounded, you will grow in the consciousness of the spiritual world, and become attentive to the signs around you.

Whenever a barn owl appears to you, it means a connection to mother earth

The Barn Owl’s Symbolism

Barn Owl’s Symbolism

The center of divine wisdom:

A barn owl is a wise creature, which fills the life of everyone with wisdom. Because of its divine wisdom, it is hard to find a barn owl’s dead body in the bush.

Its craftiness is responsible for its survival among predators.

Therefore, whenever you see a barn owl, it means wisdom.

The eastern tribe believes a barn owl to be the center of divine wisdom. Dreaming of a barn owl speaks about wisdom.

Opening your mind will fill you with divine intuition, and give you the ability to see into the deepest recesses of your soul.

Tolerance and discipline:

The barn owl is believed to be an emblem of tolerance and discipline. It is said that the barn owl will chase after young kids that are showing signs of laziness.

In medieval times, the barn owl is sent from the universe as a warning sign to the people of a town against intolerance, indiscipline, or laziness.

Therefore, you should take this as a caution sign. Whenever you see a barn owl, it means tolerance – that is, you have to develop a stable temperament that can accommodate people’s faults.

In addition to this, you should take it as an inspiration to become disciplined – that is, you should have control over your appetites, and seemingly legal desires.

Spiritual foresight:

The spiritual eyes of a barn owl are known for seeing into the spirit world. Anyone with the eyes of a barn owl will see spiritual beings, and relate with them.

Therefore, whenever you see the image of a barn owl’s eye, it means that you have spiritual foresight, which is the ability to see the unseen.

Furthermore, it is the ability to predict events before they come to pass. With this type of gift, you can become a psychic or a prophet to people around you. 

Barn Owl Spiritual Meaning: 9 Messages

Barn Owl Spiritual Meaning

The following messages are associated with a barn owl. Therefore, pay attention to them, and make use of them to your advantage.

1) Divine intuition

A barn owl means divine intuition. Its divine ability to discern hidden facts makes it a special creature.

Therefore, whenever you see a barn owl, it points your attention to divine intuition. It is believed that a barn owl imparts divine intuition into your consciousness. With this gift, you will be able to uncover hidden secrets. 

2) Let go of hurts

Every winged creature speaks about forgiveness. Therefore, the barn owl will also point your attention to this important virtue.

In life, you will get hurt by a stranger and the people you know.

However, your reaction to this lies within your power. Rather than holding on to those hurts, and passing the blame to others; let go of them all, and live a life free of negativity.

This is what the barn owl means whenever you see it flying across your head.

Just as it glides across the sky, you are expected to also swim across the ocean of love and forgiveness as you let go of every hurt in your heart.

3) Develop a listening habit

The barn owl is known to be a quiet creature. It prefers to listen to the songs of other birds. This is a good trait to inculcate.

Whenever a barn owl quietly observes its environment, it passes a message to you about the ability to listen. If you find it hard to pay attention to the words of other people, then, take this as a sign from the universe.

Just like the barn owl, build a sound listening habit, which pays attention to the words of other people. Doing this will also lead to the accumulation of knowledge and wisdom.

4) Productivity

The barn owl is a productive bird. Therefore, it is inspiring you to be productive. That is, find creative ways to do the things you want to accomplish.

The barn owl is a resourceful creature.

Therefore, it will make you a resourceful individual. Combining both abilities will transform your work ethic, and make you productive at your job. Therefore, if you need inspiration for your career, look into the barn owl.

5) Light in the darkness

For every confusion in your heart, the barn owl has an answer. From its colors, you will observe that it brightens up its environment with its positivity and illumination.

Therefore, seeing a barn owl at night is a symbol of light in the darkness.

What does this mean to you? It is a sign of clarity.

Therefore, whenever you are praying about a certain issue, the universe will send the barn owl to you as a sign that your questions are answered by the universe.

Furthermore, if you lose an item, the barn owl is believed to have a special ability to find whatever is lost or hidden. 

6) Listen to your intuition

The silence of a barn owl is a spiritual sign of listening to your inner voice. Most times, a lot of people go about fulfilling their destinies without paying attention to the voice on their inside.

This is why they go about confused, and unmotivated.

If you fall into this category, then the barn owl is an omen of silence.

With its energy around you, your inner voice will become loud enough, and the riches of your consciousness will be displayed through wisdom and understanding.

7) Clear off negativity

A barn owl is happy. It is different from black owls because of the joy and gleefulness it brings.

Therefore, if you find the feather of a barn owl in your home, it is a sign of spiritual cleansing.

This means that your spiritual atmosphere has been purged of negativity.

A barn owl is a symbol of positive energy.

Therefore, you must ensure to keep this energy through your thoughts and words of positive affirmation. In addition to this, a barn owl is also believed to expel negative energies and protect you from the evil eye.

8) Taking advantage of opportunities

The beak of the barn owl is a sign of opportunities.

Whenever you see the barn owl picking up worms on the floor, it means that you should also take advantage of opportunities.

Severally, opportunities come into your life without notice, and you miss out on them because of your carelessness.

Therefore, the universe has sent the barn owl as a notice to keep you alert and on the lookout for opportunities. This will position you to take advantage of them whenever they appear. 

9) Strong relationship

Looking at the facial shape of the barn owl, you will discover a cake-sized love shape. This talks about genuine friendship.

The white color on the face of the barn owl points to peace and harmony, while the grey color on its back talks about confusion.

The spiritual meaning of all this seeks to take away the confusion in your heart concerning the loyalty of your friends.

The barn owl has come to reveal that peace dwells amid your friends, and they have your best interest at heart. By opening your mind to this message, you will find peace and certainty about your relationship life.

White Barn Owl Symbolism

White Barn Owl

In Chinese culture, a white barn owl is symbolic of wisdom. It is believed that those with wisdom are imbued with the white barn owl spiritual animal. It is a symbol of protection. The Chinese believe that the eyes of a white barn owl can divert the evil eye of jealousy.

In the African culture, the white barn owl is symbolic of protection. It is believed that whenever a white barn owl flies in circles over your head, you are under its protection against negativity and other evil forces.

In the Arabic culture, a white barn owl is believed to be a messenger of the gods. Therefore, whenever it shows up, people pay attention to what it has to deliver.

Spiritual Meaning of Seeing a Barn Owl at Night

Barn Owl

Whenever you see a barn owl at night, it means mystery.

It reveals a hidden fact of your life, that you have refrained from sharing with anyone. Seeing a barn owl at night talks about your past experiences, which you have decided to keep hidden from people.

Furthermore, seeing a barn owl at night talks about the end of a season. That night marks the end of a phase, and the morning marks the beginning of a phase

Barn Owl Spirit Animal

Barn Owl Spirit Animal

The barn owl spirit animal has the following characteristics:

  • Productive;
  • It can adapt to changes;
  • It is highly spiritually sensitive to spiritual signs, and beings;
  • Prosperous;
  • It has spiritual foresight and can see into the spirit world;
  • It has a determination to succeed at all costs.

Therefore, whenever you see yourself exhibiting one or all of these traits, then, the barn owl is your spirit guide. Therefore, you can call on it at any time to help you.

Barn Owl Omen


The barn owl is an omen of good luck and happiness.

Therefore, seeing it brings a deep sense of positivity, hope, and optimism.  Whenever you see a barn owl, take it as a sign of good things.

With the different messages from the barn owl, you will be full of wisdom, intuition, and good energy.

Final Words

Whenever a barn owl flies around you, never take it for granted. There is more to this creature than meets the eye, and this article has done justice to that.

Therefore, take advantage of the different spiritual messages and symbolism of the barn owl for your transformation and enlightenment.

So, do you already know what is the spiritual meanng and symbolism of a barn owl? Please, feel free to leave your comments below!

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4 thoughts on “Barn Owl Symbolism and 9 Spiritual Meanings”

  1. Avatar
    Nancy carol Schoeman-Booker

    Thank you we had a barn owl fly over myself and husband last night 🌙 it is a rare sight in our neighborhood 😀

  2. Since 2019 I’ve been frequently visited by a barn owl, as a matter of fact it follows me everywhere I go and sometimes I see it in my dreams… most times it will pitch at my window at nights when I’m asleep, and I always hear it hooting in my environment. I really don’t know what it means and it’s really disturbing me alot. I

  3. In the night from 23.01.2024 to 24.01.2024 as a drove home in my car from a good friend, a beautiful Barn owl crossed the road right in front of me, from left to right. I slowed down the car and the owl sat down on a pole right next to me. I opened the window and we looked directly at each other. We were only two and a half meters apart! In the light of the car lights, I could see him very clearly. Time stood still. It was a supernatural experience.
    After a while, the owl flew up and I slowly drove along with the car…to a pole next to it. And again we looked at each other intensely. Then he flew again to another pole (up to 3 times). Again I drove along slowly, with the window open. The whole time I was simultaneously listening to a beautiful piano piece on my CD player. The owl heard this too.
    After a while, the owl flew a little to the right into the field and stayed on a pole in the field. I got out of the car and stayed next to the car watching him. The owl looked at me, turned its head away from me and looked at me again, this repeated three times. Altogether this took about 10 eternal minutes because just before I saw the owl, I had looked at the clock.
    I looked at the clock again after the owl flew away and saw that it was exactly one o’clock (at night).
    Never in my life have I been so close, face to face with an owl, in nature. What a beautiful, spiritual experience that was. I will never forget.
    I asked: Why did I see this barn owl?
    Answer: I AM looking wisdom in the face. Face to face. Wisdom will guide, trust!
    This morning I woke up and received even more answers to questions that came up about the owl.

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