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What Does it Mean When You Hear an Owl Hoot at Night? (3 times)

What Does it Mean When You Hear an Owl Hoot at Night? (3 times)

What does it mean when you hear an owl hoot at night 2 times, 3 times or even 2 owls at the same time? Let’s find out!

This is an interesting question that needs an answer. 

The reason for this is because of the various folklores and beliefs about owls and their various activities.

Certain people have misinterpreted the hooting of owls based on some wrong assumptions, which has cost them some of the most important messages from the universe.

This is why you need to read this article till the end if you are in this shoe. Furthermore, if you have seen an owl at the back of your house hooting at night, then you need to read this article as well to understand the various spiritual meanings of hearing the hooting of an owl at night.

Just like cats and bats, owls are some of the most misunderstood spirit animals because of our general beliefs about them. However, in this article, we are going to put everything into the right perspective.

Owls are special creatures that can be used by the universe to communicate certain important signs to us. Our sensitivity is really important during this moment. The reason for this is because of the impending consequence if we choose to ignore the signs from the owl.

In this article, we are going to see the 7 different spiritual meanings of seeing an owl hoot in the night. Read on to fund out more about this deep spiritual creature and its significance.

What does it mean when you hear an Owl Hoot at Night? 7 Messages

What does it mean when you hear an Owl Hoot at Night

There are 7 different messages of hearing an owl hoot at night. Whenever you hear the hooting of an owl, it is sending one out of these 7 messages to you.

This will serve as a guide for you and also lead you into more clarity if you have been confused about the different spiritual meanings of hearing an owl hoot at night.

Let us take a look at the 7 messages of hearing an owl hoot at night.

1) Watch out for toxic relationships


When an owl begins to hoot at night, then it is time to watch out when it comes to those you keep around you. Your heart may be sincere, but there are a lot of people with evil hearts and plans against you.

These people are always sending negative energies to you; thereby weakening your inner strength to resist them. Therefore, whenever you are on the verge of collapse, the universe will always send an owl to hoot in the night.

For you to hear the hooting of the owl, means that you are awake. Therefore, the hooting of the owl brought you to a state of alertness.

This is exactly what the universe is trying to send to your soul concerning your friends and those around you. It is time to begin to watch out for those you call friends.

There are a lot of bad people among them and they are planning to harm you, take advantage of you and exploit you because of your simple and kind heart towards them.

Most times, you might have had a series of dreams about someone trying to hurt you in a dream. If you have had this kind of dream before the visit of the owl, then it is a clear indication that the universe is trying to call your attention to the impending danger around you.

There is someone close to you that you have to avoid. There are a group of people that you need to stay away from. 

Therefore, the best way for you to protect yourself from these types of people is to go into isolation for some seasons, until this phase wears off. Only speak to those you can trust, and allow the universe to determine this for you.

2) Someone is trying to take your place at work

Brown owl

This is for your career or job position. Whenever the owl hoots at night, it is a sign that someone is planning against you at work.

This is not someone close to you. You don’t know who this person can be. Therefore, the first response is not to become too superstitious and skeptical about the people around you.

Most times, people have made the wrong person their enemy because of these wrong assumptions. Therefore, you have to ensure that your heart is pure and free from any wrong assumptions.

When the owl begins to hoot, it is a sure sign that your career is at stake because of the evil plans of this individual. You already have some loopholes that can be leveraged.

You have made some mistakes at work that can be used against you, or you have said something that can be used against you.

The best way to protect yourself from this type of occurrence is to pay attention to those weak spots that can be used against you. Observe these weak spots and fix them as soon as possible.

This is a wake-up call from the universe. Therefore, you need to tread cautiously at work from the next day after your encounter with the owl’s hoot.

3) Be ready to see great potentials in unsolved riddles

White owl

The hoots of owls carry different meanings. Physically, owls make specific sounds for different purposes. However, whenever you hear the owl make a territorial sound, it often happens because the owl has taken over an abandoned house of a bird.

It begins to make such sounds to tell other animals that it has taken over the territory. 

Therefore, whenever you hear a territorial hoot from the owl, it is a sign that you have to pay attention to the unsolved riddles around you because there is a great potential for success in them.

Whenever you see a problem that people are shying away from, always be bold enough to go for those problems. It might seem like uncharted territory, but as you face those problems, you will begin to see a lot of solutions that will make you successful in the end.

Therefore, whenever the owl begins to make a territorial hoot, then it is an indication that it is time for you to observe the issues that are scaring people away at your job, in your business, or your niche of professionalism.

Once you spot those issues, delve into them with great confidence and expect to become successful.

4) Learn to take ownership of your faults

Owl staring at you

There is great strength in taking ownership of your faults. Whenever you make a mistake, stop denying it or trying to shove it over to other people.

Whenever you make a mistake, you should take ownership of it and learn from the mistake. This will make you wiser, stronger, and emotionally stable. 

Making mistakes is a part of our lives. Therefore, whenever you make a mistake, you should never feel bad about them. Simply learn from them, take the blame, own up to it, and move on with your life.

Whenever we learn to take ownership of our faults, we develop credibility in the face of other people and cause them to trust us, giving us more responsibilities, which can lead to a lot of milestone achievements.

5) You need to become more spiritually sensitive

Owl in the wood

The call of owls in the night is a call to sensitivity. Whenever you hear the call of owls, it is time to be more sensitive to the changing seasons.

A lot of opportunities lie in the next phase of your life. Therefore, to take advantage of this coming season, you have to become more sensitive to the coming season. Your spiritual life needs to become hypersensitive. 

You need to align your soul to the vibrations in the spirit world. This is how you are going to position yourself to see the coming changes in your life and prepare yourself adequately.

Most times, we lose out on the amazing opportunities that come with changing seasons. This is why the owl has come to give you a spiritual sign concerning your spiritual sensitivity.

Whenever the owl makes a hoot that alerts you from your sleep, it passes a message that you need to become spiritually sensitive because of the coming season of your life.

6) Someone close to you is in danger

Dangerous owls

When an owl begins to hoot at night, it can be a sign that someone close to you is in danger. This might not be health-related. It might be something far more than that. 

A friend of mine shared his experience with this, and that is why I am sharing this knowledge with you.

He has a friend who got into some serious debt with loan sharks. His friend never spoke to him about the challenge he was facing and was on the verge of losing his life.

During the night, an owl started hooting around my friend’s house weirdly.
Instantly, he picked up a signal that something is wrong with someone close to him.

He started to call everyone around him to be sure until he got to this particular friend of his. This was when he discovered the financial stress this friend was going through. Anyways, he helped his friend out and they are both fine today.

Therefore, when an owl begins to hoot at night, it might be the best time to start to send messages to everyone close to you as much as you can remember. You need to begin to check up on them because one of them is in great danger.

Always be sensitive to this. You might be saving the life of someone close to you by allowing your soul to become closely knitted to the hooting of an owl at night.

7) You are protected

Baby owl

It is believed that an owl carries a powerful protective charm around it. Therefore, whenever it shows up in terrains, it shields such terrains from harm and danger.

Therefore, whenever an owl begins to hoot around your house at night, it can be a sign of protection. If you have been feeling threatened, then it is time for you to let go of every fear of impending danger or harm to your life. 

The universe has decided to shower its love and kindness on you by protecting you from danger and harm. Because of the presence of the owl around you, you should be assured that no harm will come near you.

There is nothing wrong with being scared whenever you feel threatened. However, the universe has taken care of every impending danger. All threats have been dealt with. The only thing that is left for you is victory.

How will you know that the hooting of the owl passes a message of protection?

When you hear the hooting of the owl, you will feel positive energy rushing through your emotions, and thereby filling you with confidence.

Most times, this confidence will become too obvious to your mind. It will fill you up totally and all of your fears will disappear for a moment.

Once this happens to you, then it is a sign from the universe that you are under their care and protection. Therefore, no evil will come near you.

What does it mean to hear an Owl during the day?

Hear an Owl during the day

This is an unusual happening. Owls are known to be nocturnal animals. Therefore, it is not normal for you to hear the hooting of an owl during the day.

Whenever you hear the hooting of an owl during the day, then it means that something unexpected is going to happen to you.

The following are what you should expect:

  • A huge unexpected favor.
  • A sudden loss of someone close to you.
  • You will meet your long-lost friend again.

The energy that comes to you will determine which of these situations will happen to you.

  • If you feel happy and positive whenever you hear the sound of an owl during the day, then it is bearing a good sign of good fortune.
  • If you are scared or pessimistic about the hooting of an owl during the day, then it is a sign that someone close to you might die.
  • And if you suddenly become expectant and agitated, then it is a sign that you are going to meet a longtime friend of yours.

Hearing an Owl Hoot in the Morning

Hearing an Owl Hoot in the Morning

Whenever you hear the hooting of an owl in the morning, then it is time to brace up for what is about to happen to you during the day.

Most times, whenever an owl hoots in the morning, it is bringing a forecast of what is about to happen to you during the day.

It is telling you that something good will happen to you. You will meet someone you have always wanted to meet for a long time. Furthermore, you will be favored by someone today.

In addition to this, the hooting of an owl in the morning can be a sign of caution. The universe might be telling you to be careful of taking rash decisions whenever you are under pressure during the day.

Meaning of Hearing 2 Owls Hooting

Meaning of Hearing 2 Owls Hooting

Whenever you hear 2 owls hooting, then it is a sign that urgent action needs to be taken concerning an issue you have been procrastinating.

Furthermore, whenever you hear the hooting of 2 owls, it is signifying a time of great change in your life.

The coming season of your life is going to be filled with mixed events. Therefore, you must be prepared to be in the balance when it comes to your emotions.

You must become grounded in your mind to go through both events and come out stronger at the end of the coming season.

Hearing an Owl Hoot 3 Times

Owl Hoot 3 Times

When an owl hoots 3 times, it is a sign that the spirit of your deceased loved one is trying to get your attention.

Therefore, you should listen.

The only way to get the message from your deceased loved one is to open your mind, envision the person standing in front of you, and receive the message before the veil between the spirit world and physical world closes up.

Is it bad to Hear an Owl at Night?


Hearing an owl at night can either be bad or good depending on the message it conveys to you.

If it brings a bad message to you, then it is a bad sign. However, if it brings a good message to you, then it is a good sign.

However, generally, whenever you hear the hooting of an owl, it is a sign of great caution. It is a call to alertness and sensitivity.

Final Words

The hooting of an owl should not be scary to you anymore.

You need to forget every folklore you have heard about this magnificent spiritual creature.

Embrace the energy they present and allow their presence to bring deep spiritual meaning into your life. Through the hooting of an owl, you will be cautioned, protected, and prepared for what lies ahead in your life.

So, do you already know what really mean when you hear an owl hoot at night 1 time, 2 times or even 3 times? If you still have any questions, feel free to use the comments bellow!

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9 thoughts on “What Does it Mean When You Hear an Owl Hoot at Night? (3 times)”

  1. Every night for several weeks we can hear an Owl in the patch of woods caddy to our property. It’s 3 hoots, hoot hoooooot hoot hoot . We live in Florida and believe to be A Great Horned Owl. Every 20-30 seconds the Owl hoots. I didn’t get any bad energy nor my wife. Owls don’t bother us, I have an Owl tattooed on my arm. We both have several deceased loved ones, also 5 ashes of remains of some of our loved ones. I’m in need of some enlightenment if possible

  2. I’ve been hearing Owl Hoot over and over again, in 3’s so I was wondering if it was my boyfriend that passed away on Jan 5 2019. So what does that mean?

    1. Owl hoot at home at that time my other was sick surprisingly even came to my place hoot am staying 126 km from home after 2 weeks my mother dief

  3. Last nite late last nite I heard an owl hoot next day I received great news I have a new great nephew was that the message

  4. wow! I heard from my brother that passed away many years ago yesterday while driving over to a clients house that was very spiritual and we both had some serious family issues with family members of having problems that seemed maybe possibly similar when my brother spoke to me I was driving I could feel his face and I said is this really you and he said yes and there was lots of little details that I could feel so I called my sister and I had a long talk with her about everything and she had a bunch of memories flashing up and then I am in a transition I am a artist transitioning into acting and filmmaking it’s been challenging and this morning I woke up and I’m expecting money and I still haven’t received it so it’s upsetting but then I looked at one of my email addresses and found out that my film is in a film festivals on Amazon or some thing or people can finally see it!! It’s based on a true story and it’s called Who Is This?

  5. I forgot to mention the reason I looked up this article is because I heard an owl in the middle of the night but I believe they hooted more than three times it was very very peaceful but I did hear some wrestling outside there are a lot of squirrels and animals outside in the backyard so I shut my door and then I thought about it today and I realize that I had a meeting so I looked it up and during the day I was driving to a spiritual clients house of mine and my brother who passed away a long time ago came in to me while I was driving and started communicating with me his face was very clear I asked is this you he said. yes it is me and I called my sister right after that and she had all these memories flashed up about my brother who passed away and how one time she saw me sleeping and she saw him right there with me and it was after something very tragic happened to me I passed out on Southern comfort and my parents had to pick me up from a teen center! In the meantime my brother was telling me to go forward with the film that I wrote and produce it.


  7. I have heard a dream where someone i could not see was straggling me and i couldnt breathe….then when i woke up i heard an owl hooting more than even 3 times…
    Am feeling very scared because i dont know what to think. I will appreciate an explanation

  8. Have any of you ever read the book “I heard the owl call my name?” I am an old lady and I had to read it in grammar school. It kind of generates my thinking………everytime I go outside at night to fire up our wood stove in the garage and I hear the owl hoot I know there’s going to be a death in the family. The last ones were our dogs and /or family members. It is not something I like to hear. And yes “I give a hoot” as well because owls are so beautiful but they are “dark” animals meaning they are from the night.

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