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Are Owls Good Luck or Bad Luck? 5 Omens and Superstitions

Are Owls Good Luck or Bad Luck? Omens and Superstitions

Are owls good luck or bad luck? Is seeing an owl a good spiritual sign? Read on to discover more about this topic.

Generally, owls are always associated with several negative events and omens. This is why a lot of people get scared of seeing an owl. It has been believed that whenever an owl shows up in your dream or reality, something bad is going to happen.

Now, this is the question: Are owls really bad luck?

Perhaps, you might have asked this question at one point or the other. Don’t worry, this question is going to be answered in this article. Looking at the different experiences of people, there is an answer waiting for you concerning the omen and superstitions surrounding the owl.

In addition to this, you are going to understand why the owl is a sacred spirit animal. Firstly, this is going to take away the fear in your heart about the owl, and help you to become more open-minded to its energy whenever it shows up around you.

Therefore, stick to this article, and allow the information in it to guide you into the light, and an accurate understanding of the perfect omen for an owl.

Are Owls Bad Luck or Good Luck? 5 Superstitions

Are Owls Bad Luck or Good Luck

Owls are not bad luck. Contrary to public opinion, an owl brings good luck to the lives of people around.

Whenever an owl shows up, it brings a deep sign of goodness and happiness rather than sadness and gloom.

This might be new information to you, but I am going to show you the 5 reasons why an owl brings good luck. These 5 reasons are based on 5 superstitions. Let us look into this.

1) Owls bring harvest

Owl in the forest

It is believed that whenever a group of owls flocks around farmland, it is a season of the harvest. We can bring this to the spiritual realm.

Whenever you see an owl, it is a sign of harvest. It is a sign that your efforts are beginning to yield results.

Therefore, you should take the presence of an owl as a good sign of results. Take it as a sign that your efforts are appreciated by the universe, and the spiritual realm has decided to bless your efforts with productivity.

If you have been putting in a lot of energy into your business, the owl is a sign that everything will bring the desired result.

Therefore, you have to keep at it. Most times, the owl will show up at a point of giving up.

When you have reached that breaking point, this is when the owl will show up. When this happens, it is an indication that the universe appreciates your efforts, and wants to bless you with the harvest. This is one of the spiritual reasons for the good luck energy of the owl.

2) An owl brings good luck

Owl looking at you

It is believed that when you find the poop of an owl on your shirt, good luck is coming into your life.

The poop is a sign of prosperity. This has been a common belief of the Africans and a little part of native American culture.

Therefore, when this happens to you, take it as a sign of good luck. The poop of an owl on your body is believed to be a magnet that attracts good luck into your life.

Therefore, when it happens, as disgusting as it can be, accept it in good faith and expect good things to happen in your life. It is okay to clean it off your body; however, you must never hate yourself.

When the poop of an owl drops on you, be careful not to allow negative energy to come out of your mind. It will corrupt the good luck message. Accept the good luck that is coming into your life, and expect great things to happen for you.

3) An owl brings spiritual sensitivity

Owl flying

An owl is sacred. It is one of the birds that share an intimate spiritual connection with the universe. More than other birds, an owl is closely associated with the universe. This is why its presence brings the presence of spirits with it.

Whenever an owl shows up around you – most especially in the night, it is an indication of spiritual sensitivity.

Spiritual sensitivity is instrumental to your progress. With spiritual sensitivity, you will understand the signals of the spirit. Many people have lost several opportunities to change their lives by losing sensitivity.

Whenever something good is about to happen, the first thing that comes is a spiritual sign. This is why spiritual sensitivity is important.

The next time you see an owl, understand that it has come to bless you with spiritual sensitivity. This is a powerful function of the presence of an owl. An owl does not bring bad luck.

Rather, it heightens your spiritual senses to pick up signals that lead to good luck.

4) Owls bring protection

Owls and spiritual protection

The owl has been used as a talisman of protection. The owl symbol has been used as a protection totem for years. In Africa, people nail the owl’s image on the front door for protection again the evil bird and spiritual attacks.

Therefore, whenever you dream of yourself with an owl’s tattoo on your right arm, it is an indication of protection. People have lost this spiritual message due to their perceived fear of the owl.

The next time you dream of having an owl’s tattoo on your right arm, it is a sign of protection.

It means you will enjoy spiritual protection from negative energies.

There is another icing on the cake concerning this; the owl’s tattoo will protect you from the evil eye. Apart from an evil eye bracelet, the owl’s tattoo or totem is a powerful sign of protection. Therefore, learn to embrace the owl. It guards you against bad luck.

5) An owl clears your environment

Black and brown owl

The owl is a predator that feeds on pests. Having an owl around reduces pest infestations. In the spiritual world, this carries a deeper spiritual meaning.

Having an owl around clears out your environment. It removes every unwanted thing from your life.

  • Things like negative friends;
  • Negative emotions;
  • And negative circumstances.

I have noticed that when I dream of an owl, some friends leave my circle. This has occurred severally, and I have benefited from it every time it happens.

Therefore, when you see an owl, it has come to remove negative things from your life.

When the owl comes into your life, don’t chase it away. Allow it to complete its work, and watch it fly away. When the owl flies away, it is a sign that every negative thing has been cleared from your life. 

Whenever you see an owl, it is because the universe wants you to enjoy a good life. Therefore, always open your mind to its energy. Now, let me show you when you can enjoy the good luck energy of the owl.

When are Owls a sign of Good Luck?

Owls and good luck

The answer is divided into 4 parts:

  • When you see an owl in the morning.
  • When an owl tattoo is on your right arm.
  • When a white owl stares at you.
  • When you see an owl hooting.

Let us look into these in more detail.

When you see an owl in the morning:

This is a clear sign of owls as a sign of good luck. It is believed that the presence of an owl around your house in the morning brings good luck to you during the day.

Morning times are powerful spiritual seasons, and the universe can send an owl to you as a blessing for the day.

Whenever you see an owl in front of your house, on a tree, or in an open vision in the morning, it means you are going to enjoy good fortune and luck during the day.

When this happens to me, I create an intention in my heart and meditate on it for some minutes before moving on. Seeing an owl in the morning brings good luck.

When an owl’s tattoo is on your right arm:

This is another sign of good luck. If you want the owl to bring good luck and protection into your life, get an owl’s tattoo on your right arm. This will affect your logical self, and improve your creativity.

Furthermore, it will protect you from spiritual attacks.

The tattoo of an owl also diverts the negative energy of the evil eye from you. If you dream of having an owl’s tattoo on your right arm, it means that the universe is protecting you from negativity.

Therefore, you should walk with this consciousness. Look out for an owl’s tattoo on your right arm (in a dream). Rather than that, get an owl’s tattoo on your right arm for protection.

When a white owl stares at you:

The spiritual realm respects the white owl because of the purity and innocence around it. This is why it is a creature that comes into people’s lives when they are at a point of despair.

Whenever things are going south for you, the white owl will come into your life to restore order.

Furthermore, the stare of an owl brings clarity to confusion. The white color of the owl also represents positivity. The presence of the white owl also restores balance to your chakra.

If you realize a reduction in your spiritual vibration, seeing a white owl can increase the frequency. There are numerous benefits of seeing a white owl.

Therefore, whenever you see a white owl, it is a sign of good luck. It keeps you positive and expectant of good things.

When you see an owl hooting:

This signifies an answered prayer. The hooting sound of an owl is an indication that your prayers have been answered.

Just like the angel visited Daniel to give him answers, the owl has come to visit you as an answer to your prayer.

Let me also add that your guardian angel can take the form of an owl to bring the answer to your prayer. Therefore, whenever you see an owl hooting, pay attention to the hooting sound. This is a clear sign that the owl is good luck.

Are Owls bad omens for our lives?

Owls and bad omens for our life

Owls are not bad omens. They have been believed to be a harbinger of death and sickness for a long.

However, this is not entirely true. An owl is a sign of good luck. It is a sign of answered prayers. It is a clear indicator of fortune and promotion.

When you see an owl, it is meant to brighten your life, and help you to manifest your inner desires.

Therefore, when you see an owl, accept its presence and energy.

Is seeing an Owl good luck or bad luck?

Is seeing an Owl good luck or bad luck

Seeing an owl is good luck. There is nothing bad about seeing an owl. The common sign of an owl is protection, good fortune, and answered prayers.

This is why an owl is a good luck.

In addition to this, you will observe that seeing an owl is scarce. This is proof of the uniqueness of an owl and the spiritual meaning surrounding it.

Seeing an owl brings good luck. It opens your mind to the possibilities around you and empowers you to take advantage of them.

Are Owls bad to have around?

Owl flying around me

No, owls are not bad to have around. The presence of an owl around you is good.

Therefore, when next you see an owl, embrace its power. Keeping an owl as a pet is good as well. It sustains the energy around you and keeps your mind in perfect shape.

Should I be afraid when I see an owl?

Owl looking at me

Don’t be afraid whenever you see an owl. There is nothing to fear about an owl. Replace your fear with attention.

Rather than getting scared, pay attention to the owl and understand the message it brings.

Final Words

From this article, it is clear that an owl brings good luck. Therefore, ensure to pay attention to this animal whenever it shows up around you. Get the message it brings and bask in its presence all day long. Doing this refreshes your mind, and brings a rich experience to spirituality.

So, do you already know if you should be afraid when you see an owl? Please, feel free to share your experience with us in the comments below!

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  1. Good afternoon.
    Its really very good feeling now I got after reading this article about owl.

    M realy glad to hear this.

    Thank you.
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  2. thank you so much! I have never feared the owl, yet so many will try to tell me that he is an omen of danger. When you spoke of Daniel, and the guardian angel, my heart just swelled.

    Blessings 🥰

  3. Last night I opened the door to let my puppies out before bedtime. I saw something white fly over me. It was so dark I got a spotlight and looked around . I have several huge trees and I saw a white owl sitting in my tree. Staring right at me. I was so scared. I grabbed my phone, shined light on him and recorded it. One recording is over a minute nite long. Still staring at me. He was beautiful. I’m still wondering what it means. I thought it was a bad omen, death. But your site says it’s a good omen. Thanks, kknight

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