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Are Crows Bad Luck and Bad Omen? (To Have Around)

Are Crows Bad Luck and Bad Omen To Have Around?

Several people believe crows to be a bad omen or a harbinger of bad luck. This is why crows are not desired among other spirit animals to people.

However, is this true? Does a crow bring bad luck to the lives of everyone that sees it? Does the crow serve as a bad omen to people every time they see it? How about seeing a crow at the midnight – does it bring a sense of danger?

Have you ever wondered about the spiritual implication of crows? 

Or maybe you have been asking the questions about the type of omen that comes with crows and their spiritual meanings. This article is for you.

Don’t worry, I have done my research and collated my results to give you the best answer to this question. In addition to this, I have consulted with several spiritual experts at interpreting signs, who have given me their various perspectives about the crow spirit animal, and what it represents. 

Therefore, stick to this article, and read slowly till the end to get the complete picture of what I am about to unveil. After reading this article, you will have a new perspective on the crow spirit animal. 

Are Crows Bad Luck?

Are Crows Bad Luck

Crows are not bad luck. Several people believe that crows represent bad luck because of how this bird is portrayed in movies.

Crows are identified with black magic or witchcraft; therefore, several people believe that the energy which comes from this bird must be negative.

This is a wrong mindset. After conducting various researches about this concept, I have discovered the different reasons why the crow does not bring bad luck into people’s lives. This is where you have to read slowly to digest every piece of information.

Crows bring protection:

One of the spiritual benefits of having the crow as a spirit animal is protection. Contrary to the beliefs of several people, the crow does not harm people.

Rather, it brings protection into the lives of people.

It is also believed that when you see a crow in your house, it has come to protect your possessions as well.

I have experienced this countless times, and other spiritual experts confirmed this as well. Crows are powerful birds that bring protection into the lives of people.

Therefore, the next time you see a crow, don’t run away hollering about how your life is in danger. Rather, bask in the energy of the crow and let it give you the protection you need against attacks.

The black color of a crow symbolizes a defense.

Therefore, whenever a crow appears to you, it brings a spiritual meaning of defense. It is an omen that the universe is defending your cause and protecting you.

Crows bring wisdom:

The wisdom from crows cannot be overemphasized. A crow displays a high sense of wisdom, which can transform the lives of anyone that pays attention. With the crow, you will understand that people are out to get the best of you.

Knowing this will give you discretion and wisdom in how you deal with people.

Furthermore, when you allow the crow to deliver its message, you will get wisdom for general living. One of the pearls of wisdom you will get is consistency.

With the crow spirit animal, you will learn the wisdom of consistency, which will contribute to your success eventually.

Apart from this, crows will give you different ideas about how to turn your creativity into value. If the crow is your spirit animal, expect guidance and wisdom in your traits.

Therefore, this is another reason that exonerates the crow from bad luck and omen. It is not a harbinger of bad luck. The crow does not bring bad news to you.

The crow brings caution:

This is what several people term as bad news. When you see a crow, it can bring a warning sign, which calls for caution. This is not bad news.

Let me strike a balance right now; the bad news is a reported statement about a bad event that has taken place. In such an instance, there is no remedy.

However, a warning sign brings your attention to a future negative situation that can be averted if the necessary steps are taken. A crow brings the latter and not the former.

When you see a crow sounding at night, it might bring a warning sign concerning sickness. This is not bad news. It is simply a heads-up to keep you cautious.

Rather than seeing this as bad news, set your mind on the fact that the crow is doing its best to protect you from falling victim to danger.

The crow is a symbol of inner strength:

Rather than weakness, seeing the crow is a sign of inner strength. If you find it hard to trust yourself due to the pressures from external influences, the universe sends the crow to help you find your inner strength.

This is another good sign of seeing a crow around you.

The loud voice from the crow is believed to help you find your inner voice, and listen to it better. Therefore, crows are best known to eliminate doubts in the heart of people. They are not bad luck.

The crow brings spiritual awareness:

Birds are known to be closer to the spiritual world than every other animal. The crow awakens your spiritual consciousness. With this, you will be able to understand the spiritual messages from the universe.

You will also be able to discover your hidden potential. Crows lead to self-discovery, which brings prosperity and fruitfulness into your life. I discovered my psychic abilities through the crow, and so did my friends.

This was how we bonded and built a deeper spiritual relationship based on our similar gifts.

From these 5 reasons, you can see that crows are not bad luck. They bring a lot of good things into people’s lives. 

There are other questions to be addressed about seeing a crow. Before you go, read what comes next. It will help your further understanding of the spiritual meaning of crows.

Is seeing a crow bad luck?

Black crow

Seeing a crow is not bad luck. Contrariwise, it brings good luck, clarity, and healthy perceptions into your life.

People that have problems with self-discovery have discovered themselves through the crow. Furthermore, several healthy tips for a living have been gotten from observing the lifestyle of a crow. 

Crows indeed look eerie and scary. However, this has nothing to do with the type of energy they emit. Crows emit energy at a high frequency, which is a good sign.

Are black crows a bad omen?

Are crows bad omen

Black crows are not a bad omen. Black color does not always mean danger. In the spiritual world, the color black is a sign of protection against negative forces. It also means determination and resilience.

Therefore, seeing a black crow brings protection rather than exposure to danger. You will enjoy full protection with a black crow.

Furthermore, according to my just-concluded research, 5 families out of 7 revealed that a black crow has shown up in their house 5 different times to console them, and give them hope whenever they are in difficult situations.

This is enough proof that you can enjoy good luck and peace from a black crow.

And bout ravens, are they bad luck?

Ravens and good luck

Ravens cannot be bad luck. There are several proofs from the bible and the world in the general.

One of the common meanings of a raven is divine provision and abundance. The bible proves this to us. The raven was sent by God to provide food for Elijah in the wilderness. Therefore, when you see a raven, accept its offer of help and enjoy God’s provision to you.

Furthermore, a raven can be your guardian angel. Angels come in form of a raven to check on us and protect us from danger.

Are crows bad to have around?

Are crows bad to have around

It is okay to have crows around you. Although, too many crows create an atmosphere of magic, which might be inconvenient if you are new to it.

However, 1 to 5 crows are great to have around. You can keep them as pets or harbor their nests in your home.

The energy from these birds is protective. Their magical powers will shield you from negative energies. In addition to this, the universe will find it easy to reach out to you through the crows around you.

Should I be afraid when I see a crow?


The next time you see a crow, embrace its energy into your life.

There is no reason to be scared. It has come to deliver a message to you, which will either guide, protect or warn you about an impending danger.

Therefore, rather than fear, pay attention to the message it has to deliver and act on it.

Final Words

Beyond doubt, there is a breath of fresh air around you concerning the confusion about crows being bad luck or not. Therefore, let your heart be at peace whenever you see a crow and bask in its energy. Follow its lead, and trust that no harm will come to you.

So, do you already know if crows are good luck or a bad omen? Please, feel free to use the comments below to share your opinion with us!

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