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Finding a Crow Feather Spiritual Meaning: 7 Signs

Finding a Crow Feather Spiritual Meaning: 7 Signs

In this article, I want to discuss the spiritual meaning of finding a crow feather.

It’s an ominous sign from the heavens. 

If you are a lover of crows or birds, you might feel this is a visit from your feathered friends.

Well, it is true; but that is not all there is to getting a feather gift from the crow spirit animal. 

Whenever this happens to you, the first sign is that the universe has divine messages to communicate to you.

This experience leaves you open and sensitive to what goes on around you.

For further clarity, read this article to discover the 7 signs you are getting from finding the feather of a crow. 

Crow feather spiritual meaning
Even though old beliefs mention that crows are a bad omen, I will remind you that it’s actually the opposite!
Be Generous
The crow feather’s spiritual meaning speaks of generosity. This bird gave you its feather as a reminder to give things to people. In the spirit of generosity, relationships are built and a true life of purpose is discovered.
New Beginnings
Seeing the feather of a crow is an omen of new beginnings. This feather means that the universe is cheering you on. As you gradually explore the new phase of your life, this feather will offer comfort and encouragement every step of the way.
Prepare Yourself
Feathers from crows could be telling you to adapt to the process of your life. This transition sign prepares your mind for what lies ahead.
Respect The Cycle Of life
Spiritually, the feathers from crows represent the cycle of life. It reminds us that life flows in cycles and we must learn to respect these cycles

Keep all of these messages close to your heart and implement it. 

In my life, I’ve had experiences where crows shed their feathers all around my life. They did this to help my adaptability skills.

Therefore, never trivialize the crow feather omen when it’s given to you.

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Crow feather symbolism


In the world of symbolism, the light weight of a crow feather reminds us to not take things too personally.

This sign means we should go through life with a light heart.

The crow feather symbolism is forgiveness and release. 

The crow spirit animal shed its feather as a sign of release. It means releasing unnecessary things in our lives. 

These are what delay us on our path.

Sometimes, they can also make us mentally and emotionally unstable

Also, feather signs from crows help us with forgiveness. The feathers from crows are telling you to release hurts. Forgive those who have hurt you and move on with your life. 

Spiritually, the crow feather represents a breakthrough.

Getting this feather from a crow means you are breaking out of limiting beliefs and mindsets. It also spurs you to take action along that line. 

Spend time uncovering these limitations! 

Afterwards, devise means to overcome them. 

Breaking out of these limiting beliefs helps you to explore your world with freedom of mind. 

In African culture, feathers symbolize royalty and leadership. Finding a crow feather symbolizes a future leadership position. 

It creates an awareness in your mind and motivates you to build the necessary skills and qualities for such a position. 

What does it mean when you find a crow feather?

A lot of feathers from a crow
Whenever you find a crow feather in front of your house at night, this is a sign of protection. The spiritual world is watching over you. There is nothing to fear about this omen. 
In the morning, when you find a crow feather in front of your house, it tells you to expect something good to happen during the day. Be positive all day long. 
The moment you find a crow feather in your living room, it means that the spirit of your lost loved one has come to check up on you. They dropped that feather as a token of their visitation. 
When you find a crow feather floating down from heaven, this spiritually means inspiration and creativity. In moments of confusion, this means paying attention to your mind for inspiration. 
This is also seen as a sign of comfort and peace. It helps you to embrace what has happened in the past and stay strong in your mind to move on with your life. 
Listen to the voice of your inner self. Inspiration and creativity will come to the surface. This feather is bringing you a message of hope.

7 Spiritual meanings of finding a crow feather

Spiritual meaning of finding a crow feather

Finding a crow feather has 7 spiritual meanings. The messages from crow feathers are important. They provide insight and intuitive awareness. Through them, you can also enjoy protection. Here are the 7 spiritual meanings of finding a crow feather:

1) Spiritual Awakening

The energy from crows helps your spiritual sensitivity. Whenever you see the feather of a crow, it is an omen of a spiritual awakening.

The crow spirit animal wants you to pay more attention to the spiritual signs and omens around you. 

Additionally, the spark of curiosity in your heart triggers your spiritual senses and energy centers. It makes you spiritually active and agile

Through a spiritual awakening, your foresight will work perfectly and this helps you to spot future dangers for prevention purposes. 

Finding a crow feather could also remind you of your psychic abilities.

If you have ignored your spiritual powers, the visit from crows (through their feathers) is a spiritual help. They have come to bring these abilities to the surface for your benefit.

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2) Learn to speak up for yourself

Spiritually, when you find a crow feather, it is telling you to speak up for yourself at all times.

This omen helps with self-expression.

It eliminates the fear of self-expression and awakens your inner creativity to beautifully use your words and actions to communicate your thoughts and ideas. 

The feather you just got from a crow is a divine message from the spiritual world.

It was sent to open your mind, awaken your communication skills, and embolden you to use these skills.

Through this sign, you will become confident to speak up for yourself – demanding what’s truly yours. 

3) Spiritual protection

The black color of crows signifies divine protection. Finding the black feather of a crow means you are being watched over by the universe

The spiritual world sent this sign to build your confidence in God. 

Getting the feather sign from the crow spirit animal means you are shielded from negative energy and spiritual attack

Before you sleep at night, seeing feathers from crows (in your room) is a sign of protection from bad dreams. This evokes a feeling of security and peacefulness. 

Keep this message close to your heart.

4) You are making progress

In the spiritual world, anytime you find a crow feather, it represents progress.

This sign reveals that you are learning your lessons and going through a process of transformation.

It helps you to focus more on self-development and growth. 

Additionally, seeing a crow feather means you are getting closer towards your goal, which is progress

5) Stay motivated

Have you suddenly found a crow feather during a moment of emotional weakness? 

Then, the universe wants you to stay motivated

The crow shed its feathers as a token of support and encouragement. It is telling you to not quit on your plans and pursuits. 

Things might be tough at the moment, but as you stay motivated and positive, the anticipated outcome will happen. 

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6) Loyalty

While thinking of your friends, getting a crow feather could be a sign of loyalty. It was given to you as an affirmation sign that your friends have good intentions for you.

This omen eliminates every feeling of insecurity.

Watch out for this.

The feather gift from the crow spirit animal represents loyalty and genuine friendship. This omen helps you to build a stronger bond and trust with your friends. 

7) Trust your instincts

Through this sign, the universe wants you to trust your instincts.

Before making a major decision, ensure you listen to that gut feeling to know what you have to do. 

As you learn to trust your instincts, you will gradually become self-confident, which is beneficial for emotional and mental stability.

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Is finding a crow feather good luck

The good luck associated to feathers

Yes, finding a crow feather means good luck.

It is a message from the heavens and the spirit of your lost loved one. Through the crow feather, you could also be getting divine messages from your angel guide. 

Therefore, pay attention to this sign for divine insight and intuitive awareness. 

Seeing the feathers of crows is not a negative spiritual sign.

It leads to an inner awakening and helps with restoring balance

Should I keep the feather for myself?

Black feather

Yes, you should keep this feather for yourself. 

Doing this means the following:

  • It shows that you respect the crow spirit animal.
  • It demonstrates your spiritual sensitivity to the signs and omens around you.
  • This is an act of reverence for the spiritual world.

Here are three benefits of keeping the crow feather after getting it as a sign:


Positive Energy

You can continually enjoy the energy of this feather until you lose it or discard it. As long as you have it, the feather will keep blessing your life and filling it with positive energy.


The presence of this feather protects you from negative energy and people who don’t want to see you succeed.

Guidance from heaven

Divine guidance can be enjoyed by keeping the crow feather. Especially during those moments when you are feeling hopeless and lost.

For safety purposes, ensure you don’t smell this feather or use it on sensitive parts of your body.

The health status of the crow (that shed its feather) is not known.

Therefore, it is safe to enjoy its benefits at arm’s length without directly interacting with it through smelling or rubbing it all over your body

Shall We Conclude?

The spiritual relevance of a crow feather provides insight and guidance. It helps us maintain trust and dependence on God.

Furthermore, this omen keeps us spiritually awakened to get future spiritual signs and omens. 

This is why you should be on the lookout for the crow feather. Once you find it around you, seize the opportunity to receive divine messages. 

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