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Home » Barred Owl Spiritual Meaning and Symbolism: 7 Signs

Barred Owl Spiritual Meaning and Symbolism: 7 Signs

Barred Owl Spiritual Meaning and Symbolism: 7 Signs

Today I am very excited, because I will talk about the spiritual meaning of a barred owl!

The barred owl is considered one of the most common types of owl as it is the usual nocturnal type.

It sleeps by day but is active at night.

I must admit I like how this owl looks with its round but tuftless head, streaked chest, and very black and big eyes.

My friend who once saw this owl up close with me was not particularly fond of how the barred owl looked. He finds it very scary and menacing, my friend said.

Looks aside, the barred owl carries deep symbolism and meaning, which I intend to explore in this post.

Barred Owl Symbolism

Barred Owl

A barred owl actually stands for transformation. Remember the saying that in life the only constant thing is change. 

But the change that is represented by the owl is not just some minor one. It is a major change that will make life better or worse for you.

What the barred owl represents is the transformation that you can achieve.

The transformation that the barred owl stands for can pertain to certain aspects of your life such as:

  • Relationships;
  • Work;
  • Family life;
  • Spiritual.

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Barred Owl Spiritual Meaning

Barred Owl Spiritual Meaning

Barred owl carries a deep spiritual meaning, which is acceptance.

This means that you must accept what life has given you, whatever the universe has gifted you with.

Remember how owls including barred owls are. Unlike most animals, they are nocturnal.

They thrive at night when the rest of the world is sleeping and resting.

During the daytime, barred owls also rest while the rest of the world is active.

And yet despite this uniqueness, the barred owls live full lives.

Being notoriously nocturnal has not prevented the owls from living very well.

Instead barred owls have accepted how the universe has created them and thus are able to live good and happy lives.

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Spiritual Meaning of Seeing a Barred Owl During the Day

Barred Owl in a Tree

When you see a barred owl during the daytime, then take this to mean that the universe is telling you that something unusual is about to happen.

Seeing barred owls during daytime is typically considered quite unusual.

They are being sent to you and you are exactly meant to see them during this unusual time because the heavens are telling you to brace for the unusual.

Remember, in life, we have to come across unusual ones. Sometimes, we have to experience the non-ordinary stuff in life as it is the only way to live fully.

The unusual thing that is about to happen to you can be good or bad, depending on how you view your life and what you do with this unusual occurrence or event.

Spiritual Meaning of Seeing a Barred Owl During the Night

Barred Owl at night

When you see a barred owl at night, this is because the ones above are telling you to remain true to yourself.

Many times in life we are tempted to change who we fundamentally are either to fit in or to get ahead of everyone.

Changing who we are may also mean:

  • Compromising on our principles;
  • Becoming someone whom we don’t like;
  • Being uncomfortable in our skin.

Seeing a barred owl at night is quite ordinary since barred owls are also nocturnal like most owls are.

When you see them at night then take the cue that the heavens are sending to remain true to what and who you are

You don’t need to change yourself just to please other people or to get ahead in life.

The universe is telling you to be like the owl that is active at night because it is nocturnal by nature.

7 Signs and Messages from Seeing a Barred Owl 

Barred Owl

1) Be careful of deception

When you see a barred owl, then it is likely that the universe is also telling you that someone might deceive you.

The message is to be careful of deception.

The deception can come from close people like family, friends, co-workers, and family.

It could also involve other people you barely interact with.

When you see a barred owl, consider your dealings with others and be mindful of any deceptive ways of people.

2) Respect others uniqueness

Barred owls have their distinctive call.

Some say that it sounds like the barred owl is asking who is cooking when it is calling out.

For some people, the sound that this owl makes resembles a person’s maniacal laughing.

Barred owls also make a different sound when they are in the courtship stage.

Some find these sounds very pleasing to their ears while others dislike the sounds produced by these owls.

The sounds that barred owls make are much like the unique qualities of people. Qualities vary from one person to another.

And when you see a barred owl this is actually a message from the heavens above that you must respect each unique trait of a person.

The heavens are sending you this message because it doesn’t want you to mock others for being different.

The ones above also want you to be respectful of the unique traits of others rather than make fun of them.

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3) Fertility

Barred owl sightings can also mean fertility.

This spiritual message is not surprising given that barred owls typically have two or three white eggs every year.

They also normally mate for their entire life.

When you see a barred owl it could be a signal from the ones above that there is fertility.

  • It could be pertaining to you;
  • Your partner;
  • Or anyone you love and wish to procreate.

The heavens are probably telling you through seeing these barred owls that soon there will be life as you or your loved one is fertile.

4) Aging is part of life

Do you know that barred owls would choose mature forests rather than younger ones and for good reasons?

For one, mature forests offer an abundance of cavities of trees and prey, allowing barred owls to sit on a perch when hunting. They would listen and scan while sitting down for any prey and fly down once the prey is available.

One of the spiritual signs of a barred owl is similar to this owl’s preference for mature forest. The message is to respect and honor aging.

Many people are scared to grow old. They think once they reach a certain age they are already past their prime and no longer wanted by their family or society

Likewise, many people also make fun of those older people.

They mock the age difference and make jokes about those who are older than them. And this is what the heavens are saying, there is nothing wrong with aging.

Growing old is part of life.

5) Be adaptable

The secret to surviving and thriving in life is to be adaptable, experts say. And being adaptable is also one of the messages the heavens are sending with barred owls.

When you see barred owls, this could mean that the universe is telling you to be like barred owls as they can survive in both urban and forested areas all year long.

The message is in order to survive in the game of life, you need to be adaptable to the situations and environments you are in.

6) Strength

Strength is another message that the ones above are sending you with the barred owls you saw.

This means the universe is telling you that there is strength. It could be you who is strong, a friend or family or another person you still have to meet.

Perhaps you are in a weak and vulnerable position. When you see a barred owl, then take this to mean that the universe is reminding you that you can get over this phase of your life.

It could also be that the universe is reminding you to lend your strength by helping someone who is in need and close to your heart.

7) Be patient

If you see a barred owl, it could also be a sign from the heavens that you need to be patient.

It is not unusual for any of us to become impatient and every now and then, we demand to get quickly whatever it is that we want.

Seeing barred owls should be a reminder that you should and can be like them.

Barred owls, after all, patiently wait until prey comes along.

The female one also sits on her eggs for many days during the incubation periods, which again requires patience.

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Is Seeing a Barred Owl a Good Spiritual Sign? 

The positive signs from this animal

Seeing a barred owl could indeed be a good spiritual sign especially since they are messages on how to be a better person.

The messages and signs are meant to teach us valuable lessons that we need so we are spiritually whole and happy in our lives.

Final Words

It’s not every day that you will come across a barred owl.

But when you do, take the time to reflect on your life and the spiritual messages that the heavens above are telling you.

These are being sent your way so your life will be better spiritually.

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