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Home » Cardinal Feather Spiritual Meaning: Is Finding One Luck? 

Cardinal Feather Spiritual Meaning: Is Finding One Luck? 

Cardinal Feather Spiritual Meaning: Is Finding One Luck? 

The feathers of cardinals have been an omen of spiritual guidance across cultures. This bird sheds its feathers on purpose – to deliver an important spiritual message to humans. 

Whenever you find one, it is a unique spiritual sign you should pay close attention to. 

As beautiful as it sounds to find a cardinal feather, you won’t enjoy the benefit of this omen without understanding what it means. 

Is finding a cardinal feather good luck or bad luck? How can you understand the message from this feather?

This article is poised to answer all these questions and more. 

Therefore, if you recently found a cardinal feather, read this article till the end to find out the meaning of that omen. 

Cardinal feather symbolism


In African culture, cardinal feathers are a sign of leadership and influence.

It is believed that a cardinal will shed its feather on someone who is destined to influence other people positively. 

According to this superstition, people who find cardinal feathers are expected to sharpen their:

  • Communication skills;
  • Emotional intelligence;
  • Leadership qualities. 

The cardinal feather symbolism speaks of passion and determination. In the world of chakra healing, the red feather of a cardinal is associated with the root chakra, which is the center of positive energy and motivation

Therefore, finding this feather is telling you to stay motivated. This omen wants you to embrace positivity at all times.

Even when you are under pressure to be negatively minded, let this feather remind you to keep your positive energy at all times.

The cardinal feather also means that it is time to boost your confidence and ignite your passion

It speaks of embracing your potential and discovering your path in life

This is why you should not take this sign for granted. Its auspicious energy is something to meditate on.

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Cardinal feather spiritual meaning

Cardinal feather

Spiritually, when you find the feather of a cardinal, it means that divine messages are being communicated to you.

It tells you to learn to listen to what the universe is trying to say to you. 

In Christianity, seeing a cardinal feather reminds you of the sacrifice of Jesus. The red color of this feather represents the blood of Jesus, which is a token of His love for humanity.

Through this message, God wants you to shine the light of love to everyone around you

Spiritually, seeing a cardinal feather in the morning means positive energy. it tells you to embrace positivity.

Even when negative people try to prevail in your mind, keeping this feather close to you guards your heart from bad energy. 

The red color of a cardinal feather inspires focus. It tells you to remain focused on what matters. Stop allowing distractions.

The only way to accomplish great things in life is by focusing on what is important. This is why the cardinal bird gave you its feather

Through the cardinal feather sign, the spiritual world can offer guidance and direction.

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What does it mean when you find a cardinal feather?

red cardinal fence

Whenever you find a cardinal feather, it spiritually points to finding opportunities in life. You need to understand that life is full of several opportunities.

However, a lot of people have never cashed in on these opportunities because of their ignorance. 

The moment you find a cardinal feather, let this sign remind you to constantly be on the lookout for opportunities. This might be an opportunity to:

  • Learn a new skill;
  • Change your location;
  • Meet a prominent person;
  • Start a new business. 

Spiritually, finding a cardinal feather in your purse is seen as an omen of financial fortune. It means you are about to enjoy divine abundance.

Be ready for multiple resources!

This is an omen of good luck and wealth. It means that the blessing of God is upon your business and career. 

The lightweight of the cardinal feather means forgiveness. It tells you to let go of unforgiveness in your heart.

Release those emotions and feel lighter to travel through life without restraints. 

Cardinal feathers will be found around you as a sign of your guardian angel. Whenever you see this feather, it means that your spirit guide is around you.

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7 Spiritual meaning of finding a cardinal feather

7 Spiritual meaning of finding a cardinal feather

Cardinals are special birds. Their spiritual significance makes them one of the strongest divine messengers of the spirit world. 

This is why you should be sensitive to this bird

Whether you see a cardinal bird or find its feather, expect to get divine messages from the sign.

In this section, we will discuss the 7 spiritual meanings of finding a cardinal feather

Below are the spiritual messages from heaven. 

1) Move on with your life

When you see a cardinal feather floating down in front of you, it signifies a release. This sign reveals that you have refused to move on with your life because of your past experiences.

Holding on to these experiences keeps you on the spot, which is detrimental to the fulfillment of your goals and ambitions. 

Therefore, the cardinal bird was sent to shed its feathers as an omen of release.

The moment you get this sign, you need to make peace with your past by accepting its reality, forgiving yourself, and deciding to move on with your life. 

Doing this relieves you of the burden of your past. It helps you to reconfigure your life to embrace what the future holds for you. 

2) Hope

The cardinal feather’s spiritual meaning is hope. Are you on the verge of giving up? 

If yes, then, the cardinal feather you just found is a message of hope. It was given to help your mind!

The feather is a reminder to not give up on your dreams. it tells you to refuse to quit because of failure. 

This is a reassuring sign that your life will get better. God sent the feather as a promise that the dark moments of your life would soon be over. 

Embrace the positive energy from this omen for emotional healing and hope.

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3) You have a choice to be happy

Your happiness should not be determined by ANYONE! Yes, you read that right!

A lot of times, we have become victims of people’s manipulations because we pay too much attention to them. 

The cardinal feather is a sign to stop determining your happiness by people’s reactions or judgments about you

This reminds you of your choice. It tells you to choose to be happy at all times. 

Whether in good times or bad times, stay happy and optimistic. 

4) Deep feelings of love

Whenever you dream of getting a cardinal feather from your spouse, it represents a deep feeling of love from them

Spiritually, this message assures you of having an amazing love life. 

For those who are scared of getting married, the cardinal feather you just found takes out that fear. 

Are you doubting if someone loves you or not?

If yes, then, getting a cardinal feather from that person (in a dream) means that they love you.

The energy from cardinal feathers evokes love, romance, and sexual passion. 

5) The spirit of your loved one is around

Spiritually, finding a cardinal feather evokes a feeling of security and support. It means that the spirit of your lost loved one is around

Whenever this happens, they have come to offer support and encouragement.

They have come to remind you to move on with your life and never stop making progress no matter what comes your way. 

6) Listen to your inner voice

For clarity, your intuition is an important element to never ignore. 

This is what the cardinal feather is trying to reveal to you.  Finding it reminds you to learn to listen to your inner voice.

Doing this helps you with accurate decision-making.

It also fosters self-trust and self-confidence when it comes to making crucial decisions. 

7) Never ignore the power of prayer

Spiritually, seeing a cardinal feather means prayer. It encourages you to never ignore the power of prayer. 

When you pray, your spiritual senses are activated to get divine signals and communication from heaven. 

Therefore, ensure you build a culture of prayer

 I keep finding cardinal feathers. Is it a good sign?

beautiful red cardinal

Yes, it is a good sign to keep finding cardinal feathers around you. The energy from cardinal feathers is positive and encouraging. 

It shows that you are being supported by the spirit world. This experience does not happen every time!

Therefore, if you are opportune to find cardinal feathers around you, it means that something good is going to happen to you. Take advantage of this moment.

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Should I keep the feather for myself?

red cardinal on fence

Yes, you can keep the feather for yourself

The cardinal gave you that feather as a token. Keeping it is a sign of appreciation, which unlocks more divine blessings. 

Furthermore, when you keep this feather, it constantly reminds you of the divine message you got from it initially. 

It is not bad to keep this feather for yourself

Shall We Conclude?

Cardinals are spiritual guides. They represent transformation, renewal, and the beginning of adventures and seasons. 

Therefore, when you find its feather, cherish such a moment and acknowledge the feather as a divine omen to you. 

The unlimited spiritual benefits of a cardinal feather will be enjoyed if you open your mind to it.

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