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11 Biblical Meanings of Flowers in Dreams: Tulip, Rose, Liles

11 Biblical Meanings of Flowers in Dreams

Flowers have been known as special signs from God.

Whenever they are sent to people, 2 things come to mind:

  • A reminder of God’s love.
  • An omen of positivity.

Now, is that all there is to flowers? Yes, there is. I have identified 11 different species of flowers from the bible.

They have deep biblical histories and significance you will love to know.

An understanding of this will make things clear to you about the different spiritual meanings of flowers in dreams.

What do Flowers mean in a Dream?

White flowers

Dreaming about flowers has different spiritual meanings. Most of these meanings are peculiar to individual needs and desires. There are also general spiritual meanings to this dream.

You can use these general meanings every time, and still, be precise with the message.

Later in this article, we will discuss the more specific messages from this dream.

However, what are the general spiritual meanings of flowers in a dream? When you see them in your dream, what do they mean?

They are a sign of contentment.

The ability to feel satisfied with your current level of progress is divine. Everybody must desire to possess this ability.

Without contentment, it is hard to be at peace with yourself.

In addition to this, you will find it impossible to appreciate the little things of life.

How do you explain someone laughing at the sight of flowers? They are plants with beautiful colors and fragrances.

However, people derive joy from seeing them.

This is an example of contentment. 

Another message from dreaming about a flower is pleasure. You must find pleasure in whatever you do.

This does not have to be as glamorous as other people’s ideas and activities.

Happiness does not always come from external experiences.

Sometimes, it comes from the inner man. When you find pleasure in everything you do, your creativity will be at its peak.

Furthermore, you will appreciate every little moment you create on the job. 

The spiritual world speaks to us through this dream because of the positive energy surrounding it.

Dreaming of different types of flowers keeps us enthusiastic about our goals.

Also, it keeps us motivated at all times. Such dreams strengthen people and release positivity all around them. 

What do Flowers Symbolize in the Bible?

Flowers symbolism

There are different biblical meanings for flowers. Whether you see them in your dream or in real life, the following spiritual symbolism accrues to them.

They represent God’s providence:

In the book of Luke chapter 12, Jesus spoke about flowers.

He revealed that they do not struggle for food or water, and yet they are clothed with so much beauty.

This explains the power of God to provide for our needs even without so much effort on our part.

Whenever you see them, be reminded that God is committed to your well-being.

He desires to see you well, strengthened, provided for, and healthy

They inspire us to trust God:

From what Jesus said in the book of Luke, seeing flowers should not only remind you of God’s ability to provide for you.

This should also inspire you to trust that God will get you out of every negative condition you find yourself in.

A message from different flower species must primarily inspire trust in your heart.

Be confident in the power of God.

Just as Jesus said, you will also enjoy the same benevolence of God if you put your faith and hope in Him.

Therefore, see this as a message of hope, faith, and trust

Flowers speak of God Himself:

In the book of the songs of Solomon, God referred to Himself as the rose of Sharon and the lily of valleys.

Therefore, anytime you see these 2 species of flowers, it creates an atmosphere of God’s presence.

This symbolizes the ever-abiding presence of God around you.

For example, if you have felt lonely in the past, seeing a rose and a lily means you are not alone. Even when people abandon you, God is always with you. His presence is around you.

Are Flowers a Sign from God?

Signs from flowers

Yes, they are a sign from God. Look around you, and notice how different they are from other plants in your neighborhood.

Notice their colors, the beauty they exude, and the fragrance that comes out of them. All of these could not have been nature’s coincidence.

They were specifically and deliberately created to be a sign from God.

When God wanted to speak to the prophet Isaiah, He used flowers as a sign of mortality.

Through this sign, Isaiah realized that only God’s word endures forever.

Could God have used any other sign? Yes, he could.

However, the uniqueness and genuine appearance of flowers make them one of the best objects for spirituality.

Through these ornamental plants, you can also get spiritual signs relating to your health.

God can speak to you about your mental and physical well-being through a flower.

For example, if you dream of trampling on a flower, it means you are not taking good care of your health. If you see a dry flower, this means you are sick. However, if you see a blossoming flower, it is a message of good health.

This indicates that your health is in good shape

This is why you should be open in your heart to these plants. They might come to you via dreams or in real life.

Additionally, you might find them in images or as prints on shirts.

Whatever medium this comes in, open your heart to get the message embedded in it.

Flowers can be a sign from God to us.

Biblical Meaning of Someone Giving Flowers in a Dream

Someone Giving Flowers in a Dream

When you dream of giving someone flowers, the bible reveals it as a sign of generosity.

This means that you have a large heart that is sensitive to other people’s needs and desires.

In the spiritual world, giving people this type of gift is a sign of true love.

Also, through this dream, you can be inspired to help people out of their trouble.

For example, if you dream of giving someone a rose flower, this could be an instruction to reach out to the person you saw in that dream. Dreams like this are messages of love and care. 

Another biblical meaning of having this dream points to spiritual sensitivity.

There is a difference between getting instruction to meet other people’s needs and perceiving it with your spiritual senses.

This dream helps you to become more spiritually sensitive to people. It increases and heightens your spiritual sensitivity.

Your perception of other people will be effective. It will be easy to know when people ended your help or not.

Giving flowers to your wife in a dream means love and commitment. The Bible instructs the man to love his wife.

Therefore, when you have a dream such as this, it is a physical demonstration of God’s instruction to love.

Act on it by physically giving your wife a flower.

Also, be deliberate about loving her, and caring for all of her needs. With this, you can be assured of blossoming marital life.

Biblical Meaning of Receiving Flowers in a Dream

Receiving Flowers in a Dream

This type of dream works more on your consciousness.

It tunes your consciousness to dwell safely amid your friends.

Through this dream, God encourages people to never doubt the pure intentions of their friends.

Furthermore, receiving flowers in a dream inspires you to be open to fresh ideas from people.

For example, if you need to solve a problem at work, this dream will come when you find it hard to accept other people’s opinions as accurate. It helps your heart to be open to people’s ideas and idiosyncrasies. 

In the bible, you will dream about this event when you are feeling discouraged and unmotivated.

It is an encouraging sign from God to you.

This is telling you to not give up on your dreams. Sooner than later, the results you desire from your consistent hard work will be seen.

Until then, remain consistent.

Your consistent efforts will yield the results you desire. 

Therefore, don’t give in to the temptation to give up. Receiving flowers means you will soon reap the harvest of all your past labor

11 Biblical Meanings of Different Flowers in Dreams

Biblical Meaning of Different Flowers in Dreams

In the bible, there are messages from 11 different species of flowers. When you dream of these flowers, their messages can be gotten from the bible. Therefore, open your mind to these signs from God.



Dreaming of a rose means God is with you.

It is a physical demonstration of EMMANUEL.

Whenever you feel lonely, God can send this to you in your dream as an assurance.

This reminds you that He is with you and would never leave you. A message like this helps people to become more conscious of God’s presence. 



This encourages you to always see God at work in every situation.

A message like this keeps people optimistic. Spiritually, you will dream of holding a tulip when you have accepted every situation as the hand of God.

Additionally, tulips are given to keep your heart at peace.

Even when you go through a negative situation, this ornamental plant helps you to maintain your peace and also inspires unwavering confidence in God

Dreaming of a tulip could also prepare you in advance for tough times. It instills strength and persistence in people.

A tulip means strength. 



When you dream about lilies, the biblical meaning calls it a message of holiness and sanctification.

This ornamental plant speaks of a holy heart that is free of sin and spiritual immorality.

Anytime you dream about lilies, be reminded of your obligation to live a holy life. God uses this type of dream to warn people against sin.

When we sin, our hearts wander away from God and it suddenly affects our sensitivity

Therefore, the next time you dream about this flower, ask for forgiveness from God concerning the sins you have committed in the past and decide to become resolute with your holy living. 



Anemones are selective flowers. They do not grow well during the summer drought. You will find them thriving in the winter seasons.

This speaks of knowing your strengths and weaknesses.

It inspires people to identify their uniqueness.

The fact that anemones do not grow in summer does not make them weak. It reveals a healthy sign of self-identity.

Therefore, whenever you dream of this flower, its biblical meanings speak of understanding who you are.

It inspires self-discovery.

Also, God uses this dream to inspire a full acceptance of who you are.

It tells you to not be scared of standing for your uniqueness and showcasing your identity. 



Spiritually, angelica is an omen of healing.

You will find this flower in herbal teas and medicines.

Therefore, whenever you dream about this, God is telling you to expect to heal. You don’t have to be sick to have this dream.

You could get this sign on behalf of someone.

For example, if you dream of someone holding angelica, it means they will be healed. Be open to this message.

One of the ways to harness the energy from this dream is by speaking positive affirmations concerning your health. 

Balloon Flowers:

Balloon Flowers
Balloon Flowers

This type of flower means resilience.

A balloon flower can handle harsh sunlight. It is resilient and can bear any form of pressure.

Therefore, seeing balloon flowers in your dream inspires you to be resilient.

No matter how tough things get, you have the innate ability to bear up under pressure.

Also, it helps you to be enthusiastic about your job. Harsh situations are meant to make you stronger and better.

Therefore, refuse to give in to the pressure

In the bible, balloon flowers help people to bear up in negative situations. It keeps temptation far away from people. 



In the bible, this flower encourages growth.

When you dream of planting a begonia, it means you are about to begin a new phase of your life. This requires patience and hard work.

When you see a blooming begonia flower, it shows you the benefit of going through the growth process

Every time you see this in your dream, be reminded of the benefit of patience. Nothing good comes without patience and consistent hard work.

You need to give things time to grow. A begonia encourages growth.

Therefore, see this dream as a motivation to grow and be patient. 

Bell Flower:

Bell Flower
Bell Flower

Whenever you see a bellflower, it biblically assures you of God’s providence.

This means that all of your needs will be met by God. Never see your desires as too big or too small for God.

Cast all your cares on him, and watch how He provides for you and answers all of your heart desires. 

A bellflower in your dream helps people to trust in God. In addition, this species of flower reminds you to be confident enough to ask God for everything you want.

When you dream of eating this flower (which is strange), it is a sign of prayer. 



This flower is a spiritual omen of peace.

The calendula flower according to the bible helps people to become emotionally stable.

Whenever you are going through a difficult situation, dreaming about calendula brings a message from God about peace.

It tells you to never be worried or anxious about anything

Just like Jesus was at peace even amidst a storm, you need to be at peace in your mind even when everything goes haywire.

Be reminded of this.

Through calendulas, you can attain a higher level of emotional and mental stability.



Daffodils are trumpet-like.

In the bible, a trumpet signifies the voice of God.

Also, it is an omen of speaking up for yourself.

Dreaming about this flower inspires people to be bold enough in their expressions. 

God desires His children to be bold.

You need to learn how to say NO and YES.

When you dream of giving this flower to someone, God is telling you to shine your light and motivate other people to become better versions of themselves. 

Daffodils are positive omens.

They fill people with positivity and eliminate pessimism



This is a sign of cleansing.

The book of Leviticus explains the ceremonial cleansing of the Israelites. Using hyssop for cleansing rituals is commanded by God.

Its spiritual significance has remained constant over the years.

Therefore, whenever you dream about hyssop, it talks about purification.

You need to purify your soul, your environment, and your intentions

Should I be Concerned about this Dream?

Spiritual problems

Yes, you should be concerned about it.

Seeing visions of flowers are signs from God concerning your life, your relationship with others, and your decisions and judgments.

Trust in the energy from these dreams and open yourself up to any message they bring

Final Words

Throughout the bible, flowers have been highly revered. Different species have individual spiritual messages. Open up your heart to them, receive the biblical messages from them and adhere to the instructions given by God through them. 

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