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Home » 10 Blue Rose Spiritual Meanings: What does a blue rose mean?

10 Blue Rose Spiritual Meanings: What does a blue rose mean?

11 Blue Rose Spiritual Meanings: What does a blue rose mean?

Do you want to know about the 10 spiritual meanings of the blue rose? This article is the best place to find such an answer.

Spiritually, a blue rose flower can speak to you about various aspects of life.

It can enlighten you to embrace some realities of life. Furthermore, it can awaken your consciousness to the reality of spirituality.

  • If you dream about the blue rose, what does it mean in the spiritual world?
  • Does it have the same meaning as the blue rose flower in the physical world?

These are sensitive questions that need to be addressed. Therefore, stick around as we enter into the realm of blue rose mysteries.

What do Blue Roses Symbolize?

Blue roses symbolism

The answer to this question can be answered by first paying attention to the rose flower. That is, what is the symbolism of a flower? The symbolism of a flower will apply to that of the blue rose as well.

In the spiritual world, flowers are symbolic of tenderness. Anyone that is compared with a flower is seen as tender at heart. Furthermore, flowers are symbolic of feminine energy. 

Now, when it comes to blue roses, they symbolize giving birth to a female child. If you are pregnant, and you dream of receiving a blue rose as a gift, it is revealing that you are going to have a baby girl.

Spiritually, blue roses are symbolic of making a change.

That is, through a blue rose, the universe can encourage you to make an impact in the world around you.

This will create a sense of duty in your consciousness. In addition to this, it will give you the confidence to believe in the best of yourself.

Blue roses are special. Therefore, it is important to always treat them as such.

What do Blue Roses Represent?

Pink and blue rose

Generally speaking, blue roses represent everything “feminine”. It represents a female child, it represents feminine energy. It represents a feminine heart or attitude towards life. 

  • A blue rose will encourage you to embrace your femininity. If you are a man, this message might sound awkward because it does not make a lot of sense to be masculine and feminine at the same time.
    • However, by paying attention to the blue rose, you will come to understand what it means.
    • Embracing your femininity as a man simply means you should embrace your tender and emotional life.
    • Femininity has a lot to do with tenderness, kindness, and emotional expressions.
  • Blue roses will also represent giving birth to a female child. As earlier mentioned, if you see a man giving you blue roses as a gift (while pregnant), it is a clear indication that you are going to have a baby girl.
  • Blue roses also represent pride in your gender. Any woman that is feeling inferior because of her gender can draw strength from blue roses.
    • A blue rose will inspire your heart to embrace who you are. It will strengthen your resolve to accept your feminity.
    • It will also boost your confidence to be proud of who you are as a female.

What is the Spiritual Meaning of a Blue Rose?

Blue roses

The spiritual meaning of a blue rose is mostly centered around building healthy relationships.

If you suddenly see yourself walking in a field of blue roses, it speaks a lot about healthy relationships – especially if you are living a lonely life due to past relationship failures. Let us break this down further.

What will a blue rose say concerning building healthy relationships?

In the spiritual world, a blue rose will encourage you to embrace a tender heart of forgiveness.

The reason for this is that your friend(s) will always step on your toes. They are going to offend you and make you sad.

Whenever this happens, your tender heart of forgiveness will help you to look away from the hurts, and give them a second chance.

The peaceful atmosphere of a blue rose garden is also another message concerning healthy relationships.

Whenever you see a blue rose, it is clear that the universe is promising you a life of peace in friendship.

This can also be a prophetic message.

That is, the universe can use a blue rose as a sign that your next relationship is going to be peaceful and blossoming.

Blue Rose Spiritual Meaning: 10 Spiritual Messages

Blue Rose Spiritual Meaning

Whenever you see a blue rose, you might not easily know that it is a rose flower. The reason for this is that roses are commonly known as red. However, the spiritual world will not always speak to you with the known; they can speak to you with the unknown.

Therefore, what are the spiritual meanings and messages of a blue rose?

1) Accept who you are

A blue rose is unique in the world of flowers. However, it does not try to change itself. A blue rose learns to accept who he is without ever feeling like an outcast.

Therefore, if you are feeling different and unique because of your ability or disability, the universe can speak to you through a blue rose to accept who you are.

One of the first steps of acceptance is to know that nothing can change who you are.

2) Embrace your weaknesses

If you find blue roses around you every time, it is because you have failed to embrace the weak part of you.

You have stayed with the mindset that it is wrong to appear weak and vulnerable in the presence of those that you trust.

Well, the blue rose has come to correct that notion.

The blue rose has come to show you that embracing your weakness does not make you weak. Rather, it makes you stronger and more sincere.

3) Peace

  • Have you been going through a difficult time?
  • Have you been suffering from constant setbacks in recent times?
  • Has your mind been confused about several things lately?

The presence of blue roses can bring peace to your heart.

By meditating on the meaning of a blue rose, you will suddenly feel relaxed, and every pressure in your heart will be abated. Seeing a blue rose is saying that you are going to have peace of mind.

4) Abundance

The sky is blue and the sky is vast. You cannot count the sky. This shows abundance. If you are in a position of lack, seeing a blue rose is saying that you are about to enjoy abundance in every aspect of your life.

Dreaming of a blue rose is an assurance from the universe that you will enjoy abundant resources and blessings.

5) Motherly care

Seeing a light blue rose talks about the heart of a mother.

It reveals the tenderness of a mother’s heart and how she cares deeply for her child.

If you are a parent, this might be a sign that you have not cared enough for your kids. It might be saying that you are not paying attention to your child. Therefore, improve on this.

6) Giving birth

Seeing a blue rose is a sign of giving birth.

Whenever you see a blue rose on a field, it is a spiritual sign that you are going to give birth to a child.

Flowers are children in the spiritual world, and a blue rose is a sign of giving birth to a child.

If you have struggled with childlessness for a long time, dreaming of a blue rose is saying that you are fruitful, and a child will come soon.

7) Having a female child

If you are pregnant, a dark blue rose indicates that you are giving birth to a female child.

This takes away the confusion about the gender of your unborn child. It also helps you to know what type of baby things you should begin to buy. 

8) Having a resolute mind

Flowers are very tender and can be tossed around by the wind.

Whenever you see a blue rose, it also speaks about not having a firm mind. It is saying that you are finding it hard to make decisions because of your unstable mindset.

Therefore, take the blue rose as an image of building a strong mind. It is encouraging you to be stable enough in your mind to say YES or NO.

9) Good Health

A blue rose is a sign of good health.

Whenever you find yourself on a field of blossoming blue roses, the universe is saying that you are going to enjoy good health.

If you are sick, keeping a blue rose around you will increase your chances of getting much better.

10) Bad luck

If you see a rotten, dried, or trampled blue rose, it is a sign of bad luck.

This is not a good spiritual sign.

Anytime you see a dried, rotten, or trampled blue rose, it is an indication that something bad is about to happen

Blue Rose Meaning in Love

Blue roses bouquet

When it comes to love, the blue rose has something to say. The first message from the blue rose reveals that you have entered into a season of love.

  • If you are single, dreaming of a blue rose every day is calling you to awaken to your love life. It is a sign that your love life is about to find expression.
  • If you are in a relationship, giving your spouse a blue rose is simply saying that you are committed to him/her forever.

A blue rose is a sign of deep commitment to your relationship. If you got into an argument with your spouse and you dream of a blue rose in the rain, this is saying that your relationship might become a sour place without forgiveness.

Most times, people that are at fault will have this dream to spur them to apologize to the other party.

When it comes to love, a blue rose majorly reveals the season you are in and also gives you tips on maintaining a healthy love life.

Blue Rose Meaning in a Relationship

Blue rose

A blue rose can speak to you about your relationship. Does this have to be a love relationship? No, it doesn’t.

Different signs come with a blue rose to reveal which part of the relationship it speaks concerning.

A blue rose on a black cloth is speaking about your career. It is encouraging you to pay more attention to your co-workers. It is encouraging you to build a solid relationship with the people you are working with.

Furthermore, it is encouraging you to allow your co-workers to find expression in the things they do.

When a blue rose suddenly falls from the sky, this is encouraging you to embrace love.

Even if you have recently suffered a heartbreak, the universe will give you a blue rose gift to open your eyes to the possibility of finding the best choice for you.

In business relationships, a blue rose can also speak to you.

The blue rose will be wrapped in a green cloth.

If you see someone giving you a blue rose with a green wrap, it is an indication that you are going to enter into a business relationship with someone, and this might lead to closing one of the biggest business deals ever.  

Are Blue Roses a good luck sign?

Blue rose petals

Except for dried blue roses, other blue roses are good luck signs.

Flowers don’t have negative energy around them – except when they are dried or trampled upon. Therefore, if you see a blossoming and healthy blue rose, it is a sign of good luck.

Keeping a blue rose in your home will attract good luck and positivity into the home. It will also attract good health. 

However, once the rose begins to dry up, dispose of it and get a fresh set of blossoming blue roses. This will keep the good luck energy around you.

Final Words

Blue roses are special. They are not as common as red roses. However, they carry deep spiritual messages.

Whenever you see a blue rose, call your mind to reflection, harness its energy deep into your thoughts, and let the 10 blue rose spiritual meanings from this article help you to find what the universe is trying to say to you.

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