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What Does a White Rose Mean? 7 Single White Rose Symbolism!

What Does a White Rose Mean? 7 Single White Rose Symbolism!

What does a white rose mean for our life and our relationship? The white rose has a lot of meanings and spiritual significance that have many things to do with our lives and what we make out of it.

The rose flower is a pleasant plant that is presented to us during good and bad times. Therefore, we have to be discerning enough to know what to expect whenever we find roses on our path.

In addition to this, the color of the rose we fine also adds a little detail to the information and revelation we receive from the universe. The spirits always want to talk to us. However, because of our physical senses, we are unable to perceive their activities. 

The next best thing is for them to use objects and animals as a medium of communication. However, the major task lies in properly interpreting the different spiritual meanings of the objects and animals they send across our paths.

In this article, we will be observing the different spiritual meanings and symbols of a white rose. I will unravel the mystery behind white roses, and how they have a direct influence on our lives and the choice we make.

What does a white rose mean?

What does a white rose mean

When you see a white rose, it means that the universe is trying to communicate with you. Whenever you see a white rose, it means that the spirits of your lost love one want to speak with you.

You will not have a medium around you every time. Therefore, the next object that can be used to communicate with you is a white rose. White roses are objects of divine messages from the spiritual realm to us. Therefore, whenever we see a white rose, it means that the spiritual realm wants to pass a message across to us.

However, we have a responsibility to pay attention to everything they are going to communicate. You must learn to listen to what they have to say. This will give you the wisdom you have always longed for. It will also fill you with hope, peace, and courage.

The meanings of a white rose can also depend on the following variants:

Only white rose

When you see a pure white rose, it passes a message of purity. The universe is revealing your heart to you.

Whenever we receive a rose as a gift, it shows the intention of the heart of the giver. It shows us that the giver loves us.

Spiritually, whenever the white rose appears to us, it shows the state of our hearts. See a pure white rose, with no color variant that tells you that your heart is pure.

  • This can be an assurance;
  • This can be an encouragement;
  • And this can also be clarity to confusion.

You might doubt the uprightness of your heart because of what people are saying. When this happens, the universe often sends the white rose to you to tell you that your heart is pure. There is no hidden evil or bad intention in your heart towards people.

Red and White roses meaning

When you receive a combination of red and white roses, it is a symbol of love. The white color shows us the purity of our hearts, while the red rose passes a message of love towards us.

Bringing this together means that our heart is full of love towards other people, and that is why we have been marked as pure by the universe.

You are full of genuine love towards others. Even though many people have betrayed you, you have not allowed it to stop you from doing well to people.

This can only come from a pure heart. Therefore, whenever you are at a point of distress and discouragement, the universe will send a combination of white and red roses to you, to assure you that your pure heart of love is recognized by the spiritual world, and you are going to be rewarded for it if you do not stop showing love to people.

Yellow and white roses

Finding a yellow and white rose simply shows that your joy comes from genuinely helping people. How much do you help people determine how happy you will be.

If you have been looking for the secret to happiness, then the universe has answered your question. True joy comes from making other people happy. If you want to be happy, then you have to make other people happy.

Therefore, learn to help other people around you. When you put a smile on their faces, then you will also enjoy the joy. The satisfaction that comes from making people happy cannot be gotten from amassing wealth.

This is an encouragement from the universe to you. If you have not been showing love to the people around you, then you are missing finding true joy.

A dozen of white roses meaning

When you find a dozen of white roses, it is a sign of perfection. It passes a spiritual message that the life you are living now is perfect.

Despite your imperfections, you are living the best life.

There is nothing wrong with the way you are living your life. No matter what people say to you, you have to come to a point where you are full of confidence in your life.

When you begin to lose confidence, the universe sends a dozen of white roses to you. This is a confirmation that you are living your best life.

You do not have to listen to what people are saying. You do not have to allow your life to be determined by what your friends say about you. Therefore, this is a sign of encouragement to you. Your life is perfect. Keep living that life. 

7 Single white roses symbolisms

Single white roses symbolism

1. Purity

A white rose is a symbol of purity and chasteness. There is something about your life that attracts the universe to you. It is the purity of your heart.

Therefore, the white rose has come to tell you that you have a pure heart. This is a good sign that should encourage you to guard your heart and what you allow into your heart. Never allow any negative influence to affect the purity and tenderness of your heart.

This is very crucial to your development and fruitfulness in life. You must ensure that you guard the state of your heart jealously.

If the universe sends a white rose your way, then you should take extra care of the things you allow into your heart.

Watch the friends you keep, watch the places you go, and watch the thoughts that come into your heart. Do everything in your power to keep your heart pure.

2. Fruitfulness

Rose petals

The rose is a sign of fruitfulness. Therefore, whenever you see a white rose, it is a sign of fruitfulness.

If you have been doing a business, which has proved unfruitful in the past, then the white rose is here to give you a prophetic meaning that you are going to enjoy so much fruitfulness very soon.

The clients will begin to come, and you are going to make so much profit very soon. This is an encouragement to you.

Therefore, pick up the white rose, let the meaning of the white rose to engulf your mind, and run with the strength it supplies to you. You are in a season of fruitfulness. Therefore, expect an increase to come.

3. You are valuable

Value person

The white rose is one of the best flowers to give to your loved one. It is very valuable and well appreciated because of the color and fragrance that exudes from it.

Therefore, whenever you see the white rose, the universe is telling you to stop looking for validity outside. The universe is telling you to stop attaching your importance to how people perceive you.

You are different from every other person. You have what it takes to change the world. Your talent and skills are sufficient to make you great. You are valuable.

Stop looking down on yourself because of your frailty or weakness. There is more to you than what you see on the outside. This is another powerful message from the white rose to you.

4. Marital relationship

Flowers in relationships

A white rose is presented to people who are getting married or in a mood for celebration. Therefore, whenever you see a white rose, it is time to begin to get ready for marriage.

If you have met your soul mate, then you are in a season of marriage. However, if you have not met your soul mate, the white rose is indicating that your soul mate is around you, and will surface within a matter of days.

The universe will set up the coincidence that will make you meet each other. The white rose brings an atmosphere of marital relationships into your life.

5. Comfort for your loss

The white color

The white rose is also presented at a funeral ceremony. It is presented to encourage the bereaved and show support during the time of pain and darkness.

Whenever the white rose shows up on your path, the universe is sending an affirmation of their support for you during the dark time of your life.

This usually happens to people who are going through a major loss (financially or otherwise).

Once the white rose shows up during the time of great loss, then you should know that the realm of the spirit is trying to communicate with you and comfort you.

They are telling you that everything will be all right. They are assuring you that they are on your side, they understand your pain and they will strengthen you to pull through this moment.

6. There is hope for the future

Roses and hope

The white rose gives us a gleam of hope. The white color shines in our hearts as light. It eliminates the darkness of doubt, despair, and fear. It fills up with optimism and assures us that there is hope for the future.

Therefore, if you do not see any hope for your future, let the white rose speak to you at this moment.

Let it fill you up with positive energy, which will see you through this turbulent time of your life. the white rose will give you a clear vision of what your future looks like and fill you with the strength to continue to push through the thick dark times until you break through.

7. An opportunity will open up for you

Roses and opportunities

The universe has sent the white rose to assure you that good news is coming your way. However, while you wait for the good news, you have to keep your heart pure.

You have to be hardworking. You have to continually believe and hope for a bright future. This is how you prepare and positively position yourself for the great opportunity that is coming your way.

White rose meaning in a relationship

White rose meaning in a relationship

When you see a white rose in a relationship, it means the following:

  • Learn to forgive each other. If you have been battling with unforgiveness in your relationship, the white rose is a symbol of peace. Therefore, to ensure that peace reigns, you must learn to forgive each other.
  • A white rose symbolizes good luck in the relationship. It is a symbol that the universe has endorsed the relationship. And it is a sign that the relationship will lead to several other blessings and prosperity.
  • It is a sign of fertility. This is within the context of a marital relationship. Whenever you see a white rose, then it means that you should be expecting a child.

Does receiving white roses mean good luck?

Good luck and white flowers

Receiving white roses means good luck. It is a message of comfort. 

It is a sign that there is something good coming our way. In addition to this, it surrounds us with the energy that attracts good things into our lives. It is also commonly believed that the white rose attracts favors to us from people.

Therefore, whenever the white rose appears on your path, it is a sign of favor. You are going to enjoy favor and good luck.

Final words

The beauty of a white rose can fill our lives with positivity if we open up our minds to it

Whenever we see the white rose, it is time for a change to happen in our lives and relationships. Therefore, we should never get carried away by the beauty and fragrance of the rose that we fail to pay attention to the spiritual meanings they convey to us.

So, do you already know the white roses spiritual meaning and symbolism for our life and relationship? Please, feel free to leave your comments below!

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