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Home » 9 Tulip Flower Color Meanings: Yellow, Red, White & Purple

9 Tulip Flower Color Meanings: Yellow, Red, White & Purple

9 Tulip Flower Color Meanings: Yellow, Red, White & Purple

What is the tulip flower color spiritual meanings? Let’s find out!

The Tulip flower is an amazing plant. It comes in different shades and colors. This is why it is special.

The universe can speak to you with the tulip flower.

Therefore, don’t be carried away by the beauty and scent. Whenever you have an encounter with a tulip flower, it is going to leave an experience in your heart, and I am going to talk about it in this article.

Therefore, read on to find out the different meanings of a tulip flower.

Tulip Flower Spiritual Meaning

Tulip Flower Spiritual Meaning

Whenever you see a tulip flower, it brings a positive message. This is a general message from the tulip flower.

Other messages come with specific tulip flower’s colors.

Whenever you see a tulip flower, it inspires you to remain positive. This message can come to you at any time of the day. Once you see a tulip flower, stay positive. 

What do Tulips Symbolize?


In the spiritual world, tulips symbolize the fragility of life. Whenever you see a tulip, it reminds you to take care of the life you have.

It reminds you to not be careless about your life.

Every detail of your life has to be treated as important. This is how to secure your future.

The tulip also reminds you that everything in life is not going to last forever.

Therefore, enjoy the life you have at the moment, and be grateful for how far you have come. Seeing the tulip flower calls for deep reflection, and we are going to discuss this later.

What do Tulips Represent?


Tulips represent beauty and creativity. It is believed to inspire creativity in the minds of those given it.

Whenever you allow the tulip flower in your life, certain abilities will be brought forth from your inner soul.

Furthermore, the tulip represents the discovery of purpose. It inspires people to discover who they are meant to be.

Seeing the tulip flower is a sign of connection with your source. There is a direct connection between the tulip flower and the mother earth. Therefore, this reminds you of where you came from.

9 Tulip Flower’s Color Meanings

Tulip Flower’s Color Meaning

Whenever you see a tulip flower, the following spiritual meanings can be attributed to it.

Yellow Tulips Meaning:

Yellow Tulips
Yellow Tulips

The yellow tulip flower is a sign of joy. Yellow is a bright color that brings brightness and joy. It relaxes the soul and gives an assurance of good things.

Whenever you see the yellow tulip flower, it means that everything is ending in your favor.

Certain things will begin to happen in your life as planned; all of these are the effect of seeing the yellow tulip flower. The yellow tulip flower is bright and beautiful. It also can influence your life with so much beauty. 

Another spiritual meaning of the yellow tulip flower is clarity.

The yellow color is associated with sunlight. Therefore, if you are going through confusion and indecision, getting a yellow tulip flower is the best way to get rid of this.

The light from the yellow color will shine in your heart, and give you an inclination.

The yellow tulip is also a symbol of thankfulness.

Whenever you get the yellow tulip flower as a gift, it means that the time has come to be thankful for everything in your life.

This is a moment of great reflection. As you reflect on the good things in your life, there will be faith and hope to expect more.

Whenever you see a yellow tulip flower, it also encourages you to be joyful.

Irrespective of the things you are going through, you can stay joyful and confident that things will change for the better. Furthermore, the yellow tulip flower is an assurance that joy is coming into your life.

This is a good luck sign. Whatever you are going through is coming to an end.

White Tulips Meaning:

White Tulips
White Tulips

The white tulip is beautiful to behold. Seeing it creates serenity in your soul. Therefore, the first spiritual meaning of the white tulip is peace.

Whenever you lose your peace, buy a white tulip. You can also plant the white tulip in your environment to maintain the serenity of your environment.

The white tulip also talks about forgiveness. It is time to let go of every hurt against you.

I got this message 5 months ago, and this released me from every hurt. Whenever you see a white tulip in the dream, it reminds you of the forgiveness of God.

The bible tells us that God forgave our sins in Christ. This is what the white tulip also represents.

It constantly reminds you that God has forgiven your sins in Christ.

Now, an understanding of this message will inspire you to forgive others. When you understand how much you have been forgiven by God, it will inspire forgiveness in your heart towards others.

Furthermore, the white tulip also means that you should forgive yourself.

Have you made a mistake in the past?

Then, the white tulip has come to encourage you. Every successful man has made mistakes at one point or the other.

However, they never allowed their mistakes to hold them down. This was the contributing factor to their success. Learn from the white tulip flower. Let it strengthen you to forge ahead irrespective of the mistakes of your past.

Red Tulips Meaning:

Red Tulips
Red Tulips

Whenever you see a red tulip, the first thing that comes to your heart is passion. Passion refers to the mindset and drive towards your dream.

Whenever you see the red tulip flower, it means that you should become more passionate about your dream.

Do you have an aspiration? Then, you must be willing to focus on it. You must be willing to stay passionate – even in the face of contradiction. The red tulip has a strong scent, which depicts passion. 

The red tulip also talks about love.

It means that you have entered into the season of love.

For married couples, the red tulip is a sign of marital bliss. Whenever you disagree with your spouse, you can get him/her a red tulip flower.

This act has the power to resolve all conflicts. The red tulip restores love to a broken relationship.

It awakens to love and care in the heart of married people.

Orange Tulips Meaning:

Orange Tulips
Orange Tulips

The beautiful orange tulip means that you deserve the good things of life.

This message will come to you at the lowest point of your life. It will come to you when it is least expected.

Whenever you feel like a failure, the orange tulip comes to inspire courage into your heart.

It has come to remind you that the good things of life are yours to enjoy.

The fact that you made mistakes does not disqualify you from enjoying the good things of life.

Therefore, inhale the beautiful scent of the orange tulip for encouragement. With the orange tulip, you will become more confident and expectant of good things in your life.

Pink Tulips Meaning:

Pink Tulips Spiritual Meaning
Pink Tulips

Whenever you see a pink tulip, it is a sign of care and friendship.

Dreaming of holding 5 pink tulips is a sign that you have got good friends. It means that your friends have your best interest at heart.

Furthermore, it shows that the people around you can be trusted at all times.

Another spiritual meaning of a pink tulip talks about keeping your friendship. No friendship is perfect. Therefore, you must be ready to embrace your differences.

You need to be able to bear with one another.

This is the message that comes from the pink tulip. It is a spiritual object of friendship and true love.

Purple Tulips Meaning:

Purple Tulips Spiritual Meaning
Purple Tulips

A purple tulip is a spiritual message. It talks about wealth and royalty.

Whenever you dream of a yellow tulip on water, it means that the spiritual forces are bringing wealth into your life.

This is a sign that your desire for wealth is coming to pass. Furthermore, dreaming of a purple tulip flower at work means that your business is becoming profitable.

Another spiritual meaning of a purple tulip is royalty.

  • This talks about how special you are.
  • It reminds you of the amazing qualities you possess.
  • This is a flower that boosts the confidence of people.

Therefore, if you need to know how special and appreciated you are, get a purple tulip into your home.

As you constantly think and meditate on it, confidence will flow into your soul.

The purple tulip also means that everything you desire is coming to pass. It is believed that the purple tulip flower is the amen flower. This means that the presence of the purple tulip flower will bring answers to your prayer.

Blue Tulips Meaning:

Blue Parrot Tulip
Blue Parrot Tulip

Whenever you see the blue tulip, it is a sign of healing. This comes in 3 different ways:

The healing of the body:

If you feel sick in your body, you can get the blue tulip flower. Keeping it around you will speed up the healing process.

It is believed that the blue tulip flower carries an energy that wards off sickness from your environment.

This is why it is a good spiritual sign of physical healing.

Do you desire healing? Then, keep the blue tulip around you at all times. It works perfectly. Furthermore, if you dream of bathing in water littered with blue tulip flowers, it means that the universe is healing you.

Emotional healing:

Whenever you are hurt by someone, keeping the blue tulip flower around you will speed up your emotional healing.

The soothing smell from the blue tulip flower is instrumental to your healing.

It will calm your soul and easily release every negative energy of hurts and pain. One of the best ways to rid yourself of emotional traumas is by planting a blue tulip flower around. 

Spiritual healing:

This deals with spiritual sensitivity. When you dream about blue tulip flowers falling from the sky, it is a sign that your spiritual life needs to be awakened.

It is an indication that your spiritual senses are dull.

This is why you have failed to pick up various signs. When you wake up from that dream, take out 30 minutes to meditate on it for full effect.

Green Tulips Meaning:

Green Tulip
Green Tulip (Image from: bostonbulbswholesale)

The green tulip flower is a sign of productivity and abundance.

Whenever you see this flower around, it is stirring you up to increase your efforts.

It is inspiring you to work harder at accomplishing your desires.

This is a spiritual message for people with businesses. The green tulip can also attract good luck to your life. Therefore, it is good to plant it around your home for good luck.

Black Tulips Meaning:

Black tulip spiritual meaning
Black Tulip

The black tulip is a sign of protection. Seeing this flower in a dream means that you are under the protection of the universe.

  • The black tulip means that you are protected from bad people.
  • You are protected from deceptive friends.
  • It is a sign that you are also protected from the attacks of evil spirits.

The black tulip can also protect you from negativity. Therefore, keeping it in your house keeps your environment serene and free of harm.

Should I have Tulips indoors?

Spiritual benefits of tulips

Yes, you can keep tulips indoors. It helps to clear the energy in your home. Tulips are good for both the external part of your home and the internal part.

If you are suffering from nightmares, you can keep a tulip in your room.

  • If you want to attract good luck into your life, you can keep a tulip flower in your living room, or hang it on your door frame.
  • If you desire protection, you can grind the tulip flower and burn it as incense. The fragrance will release a veil over your home that wards off evil spirits and negativity.

Tulips are powerful. Therefore, they are great spiritual assets for your home.

Final Words

Tulip flowers have several benefits. It is your situation that determines what to enjoy.

Furthermore, your attentiveness and sensitivity to the energy determine the message you will get. As explained in this article, never take a tulip flower for granted. Make use of them in your life, and watch the positive turnaround.

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