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Calendula Flower Meaning: 9 Spiritual Messages

Calendula Flower Meaning: 9 Spiritual Messages

What is the calendula flower (or marigold) spiritual meaning and symbolism? Let’s find out!

Do you know that flowers can be sent to us as a sign? You don’t need to get flowers on birthdays or funerals.

It can come into your life on a normal day, and this is a spiritual sign. In this article, I will talk extensively about the calendula flower and its spiritual impact. You don’t want to miss the information that comes next.

Therefore, read on.

What does the Marigold/Calendula Symbolize?

Marigold symbolism

The marigold and calendula are different flowers. Therefore, they carry different symbolism. Let us start with the calendula.

In the spiritual world, the calendula is a symbol of simplicity. It comes in a simple blend of yellow and green.

This explains how simple life is meant to be. It also warns you against complexity.

Furthermore, the calendula flower is a symbol of enlightenment. It arouses the desire to seek additional knowledge, which will be beneficial to your advancement.

The calendula flower is an amazing plant that brings deep reflection. In addition to this, it reveals who you are, and encourages you to stick with your definition.

The marigold flower is a bit different. It comes in diverse colors.

  • The red marigold is a sign of passion. It reminds you of the inner strength you have.
  • The yellow marigold is a sign of confidence. In the spiritual world, the marigold is a symbol of self-confidence. Whenever you begin to lose confidence in your ability. Embrace the marigold’s presence. This is an easy route out of inferiority.

Both flowers in the spiritual world symbolize the beauty of life. It helps you to appreciate nature and bask in its glory all the time. Therefore, always pay attention to them when they show up in your life. 

What do Calendulas Represent?

Orange Calendulas

In the spiritual world, a calendula flower represents happiness. The bright color of the calendula flower is believed to brighten up the lives of people and fill them with joy.

Therefore, if you are going through a dark moment, allow the energy from the calendula flower into your soul. It brings joy.

If you observe the calendula flower, you will notice some of its amazing properties. It has healing properties that cure menstrual cramps and other forms of pain.

Therefore, it is a spiritual omen for healing. Whenever you are sick, and the calendula flower drops in your room, this is a message that healing has come into your body. 

Furthermore, the calendula flower is closely associated with spirituality. Therefore, it talks about the spiritual world. Meditating on the calendula flower will draw you closer to the spiritual world.

It awakens your spiritual senses to also perceive spiritual realities.

Calendula Flower Meaning: 9 Spiritual Messages

Calendula Flower Spiritual Meaning

Whenever you see a calendula flower, it passes the following spiritual messages to your mind. 

1) Seek enlightenment

The calendula flower looks like a sunflower. It has the shape of the sun with a color that is also similar to the sun.

In the spiritual world, the sun is a symbol of enlightenment. Therefore, seeing the calendula flower inspires you to seek more knowledge.

The calendula flower comes to show you the things you don’t know.

Furthermore, it can lead to spiritual sensitivity. The knowledge you need to get is not limited to the physical alone. It can be spiritual as well.

2) You need clarity

The yellow color of the calendula flower is a sign of light.

Both the physical and spiritual realms agree with the illuminating power of light. It brings clarity to darkness, it brings answers to the questions in people’s hearts.

Therefore, seeing the calendula flower means that everything will become clear. It means that the confused state of your heart is about to go away.

This is to keep you on the brighter side of life. Whenever you find it hard to get answers, the calendula flower is the best spiritual plant to keep with you.

3) Your guardian angel is around

The presence of angels can be represented by flowers.

Therefore, be open to this spiritual message.

Whenever you dream of calendula flowers, it might be an indication of your guardian angel. You will see this vision as a sign and indication of answered prayers.

Furthermore, your guardian angel can come to protect you from spiritual attacks.

Whenever you see calendula flowers arranged in specific patterns, it is a coded message from your guardian angel. It is believed that your guardian angel can announce its presence through the calendula flower.

4) Prosperity

The green color of the calendula flower’s shoot is a sign of prosperity.

Whenever you see the green color, it reminds you of a mighty harvest. Whenever a mighty harvest happens, it leads to prosperity.

Therefore, take this as a good sign.

Seeing the green shoot of the calendula flower is a sign of prosperity.

The universe is sending this message to encourage you further. This message is to also keep you on the brighter side of life. It is meant to tailor your expectations correctly.

It is also a revelation of what lies in your future.

5) There is healing

In the bible, it is said that the healing of the nations will be gotten from the leaves of trees.

Now, in the physical world, leaves are green in color.

The green color carries the same healing energy as the leaf. Therefore, the green stem of the calendula flower also has healing energy.

Whenever you need healing of your body, soul, or spirit; get a calendula flower.

As you meditate on the healing energy from this spiritual plant, your recovery process will speed up. If you need emotional healing, the calendula flower has therapeutic powers that can heal your soul of every trauma.

6) Good luck

  • Have you experienced constant setbacks in recent times?
  • Have you recently made a huge loss at your business?
  • Have you given up on a better life?

The universe can send a message of hope through the calendula flower.

Whenever you dream of seeing a calendula flower, it means that good luck is around you. It is a sign that you should not give up the hope of a better life.

This is an assurance from the universe that everything will align perfectly in no time.

Most times, you will get this message at one of the lowest moments of your life. The calendula flower is a symbol of hope and restoration.

7) It is time to seek support from trusted friends

Whenever you feel burned out, the calendula flower might appear to you.

Now, whenever you see the calendula flower, the message that comes to you depends on what you focus on.

For example: if your focus is on its tender stems, then it is a message of strong support. That is, the universe is encouraging you to seek support from trusted friends.

By doing this, you will not burn out. Furthermore, you will have people to encourage you whenever you are down and discouraged. The tender stem of the calendula flower reminds you of the power of a strong community.

8) Protection

This is one of the spiritual powers of the calendula flower. Because of its proximity to the spiritual realm, it can offer spiritual protection to people.

It has the shape of an umbrella, which means protection in the spiritual world.

If you dream of sitting under a big calendula flower, it means that the universe is protecting you from harm.

Most times, I keep 5 -10 calendula flowers around me for protection. It protects from spiritual attacks and negativity. Furthermore, it attracts good luck to people’s lives.

9) Never look down on yourself

One of the tender items in the universe is a flower.

Even though they are radiant, a little pressure can crush them.

However, this does not stop them from exuding their beauty and grace. In the same vein, you must learn to never look down on yourself.

Even though you have certain weaknesses, your strength and divine abilities are enough to draw strength and confidence.

Whenever you dream of receiving a gift of calendula flowers, it means that you are special. It means that you deserve to be celebrated.

Are Calendulas a Good Luck Sign?

White Calendulas and Good Luck

Yes, they are a good luck sign. Whenever the calendula flower shows up to you in a dream, it might bring good luck and abundance to you. The calendula flower has several benefits:

  • It has healing properties. This means that you can enjoy divine healing through the calendula flower. Furthermore, you can enjoy emotional healing through the calendula flower.
  • It has therapeutic properties. If you find it hard to sleep, keeping a calendula flower on your bed will cause you to sleep. The smell from the calendula has the spiritual power to calm your soul and put you in a state of rest.
  • The calendula flower will also protect you from harm and danger. This is one of the spiritual powers of this plant. When you see the calendula flower in the dream (as big as a tree), it is a sign of protection. This means that you are going to enjoy the full protection from the spirit world. It can also be an indication that you should be more protective in recent times. 

The calendula flower is a good luck sign. Once you can pay attention to its energy, good things will be attracted to you.

Should I have Calendulas Indoors?

Calendulas inside your house

Yes, you can keep this flower indoors. Planting a jar of calendula flowers is not bad either. The calendula flower has a positive energy that can be instrumental to good luck and healing.

Furthermore, we received reports that the presence of the calendula flower can restore peace and order to a family.

That is if there are unresolved conflicts, the presence of the calendula flower can bring peace.

Therefore, keeping the calendula flower indoors has several benefits

Whenever you desire protection, you can hang the calendula flower on your doorpost.

If you want to attract good luck, grind the calendula flower and blow it into the air.

The energy from the calendula flower is powerful enough to keep your environment serene and in peace.

Furthermore, the calendula flower protects you from harm. This is one of the most significant messages and benefits of this plant. Therefore, keeping it indoors is one of the ways to enjoy its benefit.

Therefore, don’t wait for the calendula flower to find you. Go all out for it.

Final Words

With the calendula, you should expect good things to happen. Furthermore, your confidence will rise to a higher level.

Therefore, whenever you pass by a calendula flower, always stop to reflect on what it means. Doing this conditions your soul. It brings order to your life. Furthermore, it attracts good luck to you.

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