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11 Spiritual Meanings of Getting Robbed: Dreams and Real life

11 Spiritual Meanings of Getting Robbed: Dreams and Real life

There are 11 spiritual meanings of getting robbed in dreams and real life.

One of the scariest dreams is getting robbed in a dream. Nobody wants to have this type of dream.

Do you know why? It is because of the already established mindset concerning this dream. Is it wrong to uphold that mindset? No, it isn’t.

However, there are other spiritual things to discover concerning getting robbed in dreams. 

Therefore, read this article till the end to find out what it means to get robbed in dreams and real life.

What does it mean when you dream about getting robbed?

Getting robbed in dreams

When you dream about getting robbed, it is a message that helps you to protect yourself. The reason why people get robbed in real life is because of a lack of protection.

This made it easy for robbers to access their homes, and take away their valuable possessions.

Spiritually, you will dream about getting robbed when your guards are down.

This dream indicates that you have not paid enough attention to yourself, and this has made you vulnerable.

Therefore, you need to take active steps at protecting yourself.

Having a dream about getting robbed inspires a high sense of caution. Waking up from this dream should push you to seek ways to protect yourself.

What are you protecting yourself from?

  1. You are guarding yourself against being used and manipulated by people. Not everyone in your life means well. Some are there to spy on you, and eventually use you for their gain.
    • When you dream of getting robbed, the spiritual world is telling you to protect yourself from these people.
    • That is, you should watch out for those that manipulate you, and avoid them.
  1. The second aspect you should protect is your secrets. Stop divulging sensitive information about yourself to other people.
    • You might be shooting yourself in the leg for doing that. Just in case you don’t know about this, the spiritual world will send dreams of being robbed to you.
    • Consistent repetition of this dream points towards this aspect. It is encouraging you to take your private space seriously.
    • That is, don’t tell your secrets to people unless they have earned that trust and loyalty.
  1. Furthermore, you are guarding yourself against people’s opinions about you. When you dream about getting robbed, another aspect you should protect is how you pay attention to people’s opinions about you.

What does it mean to get robbed in real life?

Getting robbed in real life

It means you are about to lose something. Now, this comes in 2 forms, which we are going to talk about soon. Whenever you get robbed in real life, take it as a sign of losing something. Now, what was stolen determines what you will lose.

If the stolen item is important:

This means that you are about to lose someone important. It does not talk about death. It speaks about a deliberate betrayal. In real life, when your mobile device gets stolen, it cuts off communication.

This spiritually indicates that the person you trust the most is going to betray you.

Another spiritual message speaks about your self-esteem.

If what was stolen is important, it is saying that you are going to lose your esteem because of how people will treat you in the future.

Take this as a caution sign to always protect your self-esteem at all times. It is pertinent to note that your self-esteem is your life, which might take a while to heal once affected.

If the stolen item is unimportant:

This is a good sign. It is saying that the things that are not special to you are about to leave.

This can also speak about wrong and hateful relationships. However, the reason why you were ROBBED is that your mind is not ready to let go of those things and people.

The universe had to forcibly take them away from you.

Therefore, expect this to happen.

People will leave you without notice; once you see this happen, remind yourself of the dream you had and let it be healing for you to move on.

11 Spiritual Meanings of Getting Robbed in Dreams

Spiritual Meaning of Getting Robbed in Dreams

This section will break down the spiritual meanings of getting robbed in dreams. There are 11 spiritual meanings of getting robbed in dreams, and we will look into all of them right now. These messages vary, and you should make use of them according to your life’s demands and conditions. 

1) It is time to let go of what is not important

If what was stolen is not important, then it is telling you to let go of less valuable things in your life.

This dream reveals that you have allowed yourself to become negatively entangled with the wrong people, mindsets, and decisions.

All of these have slowed down your pace of progress. Furthermore, they have caused you to sway from the path of rightness and true purpose

The reason why you were robbed in your dream shows your unwilling attitude to let go of these inconsequential pieces of baggage.

When you wake up from that dream, decide to let go. These people are not adding value to your life. That mindset is crippling your ability to move faster. There is no point holding them back. Let them go.

2) You need to become spiritually sensitive

Spiritually sensitivity

In that dream, if your eyeglasses were stolen, it indicates a lack of spiritual sensitivity.

This says that your ability to see and interact with the spiritual world has been taken from you.

You need to seek out ways to get this back.

Without spiritual sensitivity, we are lost. The spiritual world rules over the physical, and we have the responsibility to communicate with that realm often. 

This dream is a warning and caution sign.

It is telling you to never allow earthly pursuits to replace your honor for spiritual things. You should become more aware of the spiritual world henceforth.

This is what you just saw in that dream.

3) You’ve been careless

Dreams about getting robbed show carelessness. It reveals our lack of caution.

Anytime you dream about getting robbed, the common spiritual message it brings talks about carelessness.

This dream keeps us on our toes and allows us to watch our backs. Having this scary dream means that we have become exposed to negative energy

Carelessness can affect several things in our lives. It can affect our decisions, it can negatively influence the way we interact with people.

Furthermore, it can make us vulnerable to negative energy.

This is why we should always watch out for loopholes around us, and block them immediately.

4) Financial Hardship

Financial problems

This is a bad sign if someone robs you of your money in a dream.

It represents a financial hardship.

Spiritually, this dream has come to prepare you for what lies ahead. It reveals that some turbulent times lie ahead, which will affect your finances.

Just like the Egyptians in the bible, you can take this dream as the best signal to save more. Your savings will serve as a reserve during your financial drought season. 

5) You need to reduce reckless spending of money

When you see YOURSELF robbing you of your money, it can be crazy, but it sends a message.

This dream means that you are the cause of your lack of money.

If you are going through financial hardship, this dream brings the answer to your problem.

Your financial hardship is not caused by a spiritual attack or the universe. It was caused by you.

Your reckless spending of money is why you are facing this struggle.

If you can cut down on your expenses, and begin to save more, the narrative will change.

6) Your friends cannot be trusted

Bad friends

Your friends can come to rob you in a dream.

This has happened several times. When it happens, you need to step back from that relationship. Seeing your friends robbing you in a dream spiritually indicates that they cannot be trusted.

This message reveals that your friends are pests, thieves, and manipulators:

  • Your friends have been feeding off you deceptively;
  • They are robbing you of pursuing your purpose;
  • They are holding your self-esteem captive.

The universe has sent this dream to save you from this trap. Take instant action after waking up from this dream. Stop trusting them, and cut off all ties with them. 

This message seems strong right? Act on it with the same effect.

7) Your mind is functional

When you dream of sitting confidently while you are being robbed, it is a sign of confidence and a functional mind.

This confidence comes from a standpoint of healthy self-esteem.

You are not fazed because you know that everything that was stolen will be returned. This dream sparks off positivity in you.

It always helps you to see the good side of life.

Furthermore, this dream instills pride, confidence, and courage into your heart.

Even when things do not seem to go as planned, you will not be moved by negative situations

8) Protect your family


Having dreams of being robbed is a warning sign concerning your family.

You had this dream because your family members are in danger. The robbery scene might be a little graphic like seeing your family get shot.

All of these are signs that should inspire you to protect your family.

This dream has nothing to do with getting robbed or killed in real life.

It speaks about the emotional and mental troubles that your family members might face.

It is telling you to take responsibility for your family members’ emotional well-being. You can do this by paying more attention to them or praying for them.

9) A Change has come

When you dream of being robbed, and you also dream of buying something better than what was stolen, both dreams form a meaning of change.

Spiritually, this indicates that your life is about to become better.

The old way of living has been taken away.

Things are about to take an upward turn for you.

This dream helps us to be excited about good things. It inspires faith in the hearts of people and helps them overcome their fears of failure.

10) Work-related Issues

Problems in work

Having dreams of being robbed at work indicates that you might have work-related issues.

This spiritual message comes to warn you about this, and also prepare you for the inevitability.

When you dream of being robbed at work, it means the following:

  1. You might not be productive at work the next day.
  2. Issues will come up at work that will put everyone into a state of confusion.
  3. In extreme cases and conditions, you might be queried by your boss.

Now, if you run your business, this dream is a sign of loss of money. It indicates that you will make some wrong calculations, which will lead to losing some money.

11) You are at the wrong place

In that dream, you will find yourself in another house. That is, you will find yourself being robbed in another house.

When this happens, it is a message from the spiritual world revealing that your location is wrong.

It indicates that you are not where you should be. 

Spiritually, this says that you are not on the right path of destiny.

You have swayed from the path you should follow, and the time has come to retrace your steps.

If you do not, then expect to constantly lose your peace.

Could this Dream indicate that I will be Robbed?

Spiritual warning

No, this dream does not reveal that you will be robbed.

It’s a figurative expression of other things in our lives, which we have discussed above.

When you wake up from that dream, don’t be scared of being robbed in real life.

Should I worry about this dream?

Spiritual problems about getting robbed

Yes, you should worry about this dream.

If you dream of being robbed, don’t take it for granted. It is unlike other dreams that can be seen as insignificant or funny.

This dream calls for immediate attention because its effect is always seen. 

Final Words

From what we have discovered so far, it is clear that dreaming about being robbed can be a warning sign, bad luck, or good luck.

The message and energy it brings depend on your life. It depends on your choices, and it depends on your attention to spirituality. This is why you should always be spiritually sensitive to this type of dream.

Have you ever dreamt of being robbed before? What happened afterward? Share them with us in the comment section.

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