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11 Biblical and Spiritual Meanings of Birds in Dreams

11 Biblical and Spiritual Meanings of Birds in Dreams

The Bible has a lot to say about birds.

However, before we go into that, you should know that these magnificent creatures are messengers of God. they come in the form of birds, but actually have a spiritual voice.

This is how they speak to our subconscious

There are 11 biblical and spiritual meanings of birds in dreams.

These meanings are messages you should pay attention to.

Before we talk about these biblical meanings, let us answer some questions concerning birds and their spirituality. 

What do Birds Represent in Dreams?

Birds in dreams

They represent the ability to let go of negative feelings. When birds fly away from you in dreams, it means you should part ways with the negative energy you have held onto for a long time.

This creature comes to you in your dream when the universe has a message for you concerning your emotions.

People who dream of birds flying away are battling with emotional hurts and traumas.

This message is given to help them heal from whatever hurt they are suffering.

Also, birds in dreams represent the spirit of our lost loved ones.

They come in the dream to give people the hope that things will be fine.

Especially when it is hard to deal with such loss. This dream helps you to get out of grief easily. You will accept the fact that your lost loved one cannot be seen in the physical world anymore.

Therefore, you must brace up and be ready to accept the loss

Spiritually, birds appear to people in dreams as a symbol of their aspirations and goals.

Whenever they see it in their dreams, it points to the different things they want to accomplish.

  • Now, if the bird is alive, it is an affirmation from the universe that your goals and aspirations will be accomplished.
  • However, if you dream of a dead bird, this is a sign that your goals are either too small or too unrealistic to be achieved. 

Your response to the dreams you have about this spirit animal determines how you enjoy its power.

Primarily, you need to ensure that your mind is rightly positioned to harness the energy from birds. With this, it becomes easy to understand the above-mentioned messages.

What do Birds Symbolize in the Bible?

Birds symbolism in dreams

Birds symbolize a lot of things in the bible. They symbolize angels! The Bible describes angels as having wings. This is similar to that of birds. Because of this similarity, angels can appear to people in the form of birds.

Whenever you dream of birds, the bible describes them as angels. Angels are messengers of God.

They appear to people as an omen.

In the bible, birds symbolize the presence of your guardian angel. This helps your spiritual sensitivity. 

Spiritually, the bible uses birds to speak of the holy spirit.

In the bible, the holy spirit descended like a dove. Therefore, seeing this spirit animal in your dream opens up your heart to receive the holy spirit.

A dream such as this inspires people to relate with the holy spirit.

When you fellowship with the holy spirit, you receive the power of God into your life, and this brings the blessing of God upon your life.

Also, the bible sends this spirit animal to you in your dream when you neglect the voice of the holy spirit.

It is believed that God sends this sign through dreams to fuel your passion for the holy spirit.

Biblically, ravens are a sign of provision and abundance.

It is seen as a supernatural intervention from God to meet your needs.

Dreaming about this brings an assurance that you will prosper and that all your needs will be met.

Anytime you dream of a raven, God is telling you to trust in him enough to meet your needs. Most times, this dream comes to people with debts. It is a sign of assurance that your bills will be paid. It takes away every pressure in your heart concerning money.

Several other spiritual messages can be given via birds. We will look into them later.

Are Birds in Dreams a Sign from God?

Birds and their spiritual messages

Yes, they are a sign from God. All over the bible, birds are used as an omen of creativity, holiness, spirituality, and so on.

Amongst the winged creatures God made, birds are seen as superior. Do you know why? It is because they are closer to the spiritual world than other winged animals.

Therefore, God can use them as a sign of spirituality.

For example, if you have lost touch with spirituality, you can get them as a message. 

Another sign you can get from them points to clarity and precision. When Noah was confused about a situation in the ark, he sent a bird to go out of the ark.

Noah needed confirmation from God that the waters have reduced to a minimum level for people to tread on. To get this confirmation, he had to send a bird.

Therefore, this spiritual creature can be used as an omen of clarity and precision.

It eliminates confusion from people’s hearts. To get clarity into your life and the decisions you are about to make, try waiting on God to send birds to you.

The colors, behaviors, and species of these creatures will give the answer you are looking for. 

God can send this spirit animal to you as a protector.

Since birds are similar to angels, they can be used as a symbol of protection.

When you feel vulnerable, and a bird flies over your head, it is telling you to be at peace.

There is no need to be scared of falling victim to a spiritual attack. The energy from this creature keeps you safe from harm. It also protects your chi from negative energy. 

5 Spiritual Meanings of Birds in Dreams

Spiritual Meaning of Birds in Dreams

Whenever you see them in dreams, pay attention to the following 5 spiritual meanings. 

1) Birds making their nests

Bird nest

It spiritually means you are going through a preparation process.

This process will prune you and prepare you for what lies ahead. Wherever you go through this phase, it means you are about to enter a new level of your life.

The preparation stage might not be as palatable as you expect. However, go through it with patience.

Just like birds make their nests, prepare for the life you desire to have.

Stay with the preparation stage. Go through the process and let it equip you with the toolkits for success.

2) An injured bird

Injured bird on the ground

This is a sign of emotional hurt.

People who get this sign have been hurt by someone or had a negative experience.

Several things can happen when we are emotionally hurt.

Things like sleeplessness, mental instability, vulnerability, and so on accompany being hurt emotionally

Getting a sign from an injured bird shows that the universe understands what you are going through. It means they can relate to you.

However, you can heal from this. You can move on.

The emotional hurt can become a scar, which forms an experience for you in the future

3) A small bird coming out of its nest

Small bird in nest

In the spiritual world, this dream talks about manifesting your desires.

It encourages you to believe in your dreams. Anytime you get this sign from the spiritual world, practice manifesting your intentions.

The message from this dream should open your mind to see the possibility of fulfilling your dreams and ambitions

It tells you that everything is possible as long as you can dream about it.

Also, to harness the energy from this sign, manifest your intentions by speaking them out.

When you focus your mind on your intentions long enough, they will materialize in your daily activities.

4) Good Luck

White dove
White dove

The moment you begin to experience birds pooping on you, it is an omen of good luck.

The poop of birds spiritually washes away bad luck from people’s lives. You should open your mind to this.

A consistent experience of bird poop on your body tells you to brace up for the beautiful moments that lie ahead of you.

Don’t assume it brings hatred into your life.

Rather, count it as a shower of blessing from God over your life.

With the energy from this sign, practice positive affirmations every morning until the signs you expect to begin to manifest.

5) A woodpecker hitting a wood consistently


This is a sign of consistency and determination.

Seeing a woodpecker hitting a piece of wood consistently tells you to never back down.

No matter the negativity surrounding your efforts, you need to keep pushing and giving in your best with the hope that things will turn out well. 

Anytime you begin to lose your passion and grit for success, you will get a message from the woodpecker to keep at what you do.

No matter how tough it gets, you can resist the urge to give up. 

6 Biblical Meanings of Birds in Dreams

Biblical Meaning of Birds in Dreams

In the spiritual world, anytime you see birds in your dream, the bible has the following messages for you. 

1) Dove

White dove

Biblically, the dove is a sign of the spirit of God.

Just like the Holy Spirit descended upon Jesus as a dove, He can descend upon you, and empower you.

Another spiritual meaning from a dove talks about patience.

Unlike other birds like vultures, and so on, it is patient. Doves don’t fly in a hurry.

They flap their wings with grace, and patiently approach their destination.

2) A vulture


God can send this bird to inspire you to take advantage of opportunities.

Vultures spot opportunities before other birds.

In documentaries, you will find vultures flocking a dying animal.

They have seen this as an opportunity to feed. 

In the same way, you need to learn to take advantage of opportunities.

Be highly sensitive in your mind and empower your foresight to see these amazing opportunities.

Another message from this bird tells you to prepare for an opportunity.

You might not be given the perfect timing with regard to this opportunity.

However, getting this bird as a spiritual sign indicates that you are in a season of opportunities. 

3) Sparrow


This spiritually talks about God’s providence.

The Bible used the sparrow to talk about how God provides for those who trust Him.

Seeing a sparrow around you also brings this message. It assures you of God’s provision.

If you have an urgent need, try meditating on the power of a sparrow.

With this, you will remember God’s promise to you in His word, and this builds up your faith.

Through sparrows, people have received miracle money, good luck, and financial abundance.

Therefore, be assured that your financial need will be met shortly after getting this message.

4) An eagle


When people’s fire for God begins to wane, they might start dreaming of an eagle.

It is believed that eagles are closer to the spiritual realm than every other creature in the world.

Therefore, getting this bird as a sign from God inspires spirituality.

It encourages you to pay more attention to the spiritual world than other things.

Just like the bible verse that encourages people to set their affections on things above, the eagle has come to tell you to keep your gaze on God.

Seek to know Him better and understand His ways.

5) Dream Big


God desires His children to dream big.

He has not made anyone small in their minds.

Therefore, dreaming of an eagle, or a hawk helps you to dream big.

This gives you the freedom to go wild in your mind. Also, it tells you to believe in God for big things.

People who are suffering from low self-esteem can get a message from eagles and hawks as well.

God inspires confidence in the hearts of these people. With these birds, you will understand how special and unique you are to God. 

6) God is watching over you

Sparrow - A sign from God
Sparrow – A sign from God

A bird flying over your head should remind you of God’s sovereignty.

God rules over all, and His eyes are monitoring your every move.

The feeling of loneliness you’ve had for a long time should not linger any more. Getting a sign from this bird should give you the idea that God is with you.

Also, it will assure you of being protected from harm.

It reminds you that God sees and treats you as special. Therefore, see yourself in the same light. 

Do Birds have a Positive Prophetic Meaning?

Mourning dove

Yes, they have a positive prophetic meaning.

Whenever God sends birds like doves, eagles, sparrows, or hawks to you, they are positive prophetic meanings of:

  • Wealth;
  • Spiritual healing;
  • Emotional stability;
  • Abundance;
  • And good luck. 

Are Birds a Good Spiritual Sign?

Spiritual messages from birds

Commonly, birds are a good spiritual sign.

This does not exonerate it from bringing bad signs to people.

Birds can bring warning signs from God. Therefore, you need to adhere to all of these.

Both good and bad signs come from these spiritual creatures.

The message to you determines if you have gotten a good or bad spiritual sign.

hile interpreting the message from this sign, don’t be hasty in your conclusion.

Let the information in this article guide you to discover the truth.

Final Words

Birds can be sent to you as a spiritual messenger.

It all depends on your receptiveness to this spirit animal.

The Bible has several spiritual meanings for birds when they appear, and this article has done justice to that. Make use of what you have read so far to interpret the spiritual significance of this creature when you find it around you.

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