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Home » Sparrow Spiritual Meaning: What does it mean with it Visits you?

Sparrow Spiritual Meaning: What does it mean with it Visits you?

Sparrow Spiritual Meaning: What does it mean with it Visits you?

What is the sparrow spiritual meaning and symbolism?

Have you ever seen a sparrow in your house? When it came visiting, did you pick one or two messages from this animal? If not, then you are missing out on the spiritual benefits that come with the sparrow’s visit.

Sparrows are highly sensitive spiritual animals that can be used by the universe and angels for different functions. This is why the bible agrees with the fact that a sparrow is God’s special messenger to the earth.

Finding the sparrow in your house is an indication of the involvement of the spirit realm in your life. Therefore, you have to be spiritually sensitive to the presence of the sparrow whenever it shows up in your house.

The focus of this article is to bring you to a point of enlightenment, which will empower you to never take the presence of the sparrow for granted anymore.

There are 8 special messages, which can serve as a guide, or give you the wisdom that is needed to make your life better. Furthermore, certain traits in the sparrow can be great teachers concerning life’s issues and situations.

Therefore, whenever you see the sparrow, you need to observe its traits, features and learn about its divine abilities to fully understand what it is trying to say to you. 

This and many more are what we are going to explore in more detail.

What does it mean when a Sparrow Visits You?

Visit from a sparrow

The sparrow is a rare bird to be found in the homes of people. Compared to parrots, the sparrow is not found in people’s homes.

Therefore, whenever a sparrow visits you, it is a sign that God or the higher spirit wants to communicate with you.

The messages of the universe can come in different dimensions and through various means. This is why you have to be spiritually sensitive to understand the relevance of the sparrow to the spiritual world.

It’s a message from the Universe

Sign from the Universe

When you find a sparrow in your house, it is not a coincidence. This is a deliberate attempt of the universe to get your attention and communicate certain messages to you. These messages can come in the form of certain behavior of the sparrow, or the looks of the sparrow. 

I have been visited by the sparrow on four different occasions, and each of these occasions brought different spiritual meanings to my soul. This is why you have to be alert. In addition to this, you have to be open to getting messages from spirit animals.

It’s a sign of your Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel

In addition to this, when you find a sparrow around you, it is a sign of your guardian angel.

Angels commonly come to us in the form of a bird because of their feathers. Therefore, the sparrow can be an indication that your guardian angel has come to pay you a divine visit. It might be for protection or guidance.

However, when you find the sparrow, you need to be aware of the presence of your guardian angel.

It’s a sign of good luck

Good luck in spiritual world

When a sparrow visits you, it shows a sign of good luck and fortune.

We are going to discuss this in more detail as you read on. The sparrow is a harbinger of good luck. It is believed that whenever you find the sparrow in your house, it will open up your house to prosperity, good luck, and wealth.

Therefore, finding the sparrow in your house is a good sign, which should spark off the energy of positivity.

What does it mean when the Sparrow flies into your house?

Sparrow inside your house

Whenever the sparrow flies into your house, it is a sign of good luck.

When the sparrow builds a nest in your house, it is a sign that you are going to enjoy prosperity for a long time.

Therefore, the sparrow should remain in its nest.

After it has fulfilled its plans, it will fly away. Chasing away the sparrow from its nest will bring misfortune to you. 

When you find the sparrow in your house, it is a sign that good luck and prosperity have come into your life.

For those finding true love, when you find the sparrow in your house, it is a sign that you are going to meet the love of your life very soon.

Other people believe that the sparrow is a sign of marriage. It is a sign that you are going to get married very soon, and you are going to be happily married because your soul twin will make you happy for the rest of your life.

When the sparrow flies into your house, it brings a breath of fresh air. If you have been going through pains, misfortunes, and negative cycles, the sparrow has come to put an end to it by flying into your house.

Sparrow Spiritual Meaning: 8 Messages for you

Sparrow Spiritual Meaning

There are 8 spiritual messages from the sparrow. These messages address your life and how you can make your life better.

Therefore, if you have been seeking answers about how you can make your life better, then you have come to the right place. The sparrow is a bird that possesses the energy and power to transform your life whenever you open your heart to it.

Therefore, learn from these messages and call upon the spirit of the sparrow to come into your life for total transformation.

Let us look at these messages for clearer insight into the power of the sparrow.

1) Be vigilant

Vigilant person

The sparrow spiritual meaning brings a message of vigilance and alertness to us.

The sparrow has come into your life to make you spiritually and mentally active.

Whenever you realize that your sensitivity and discernment if low, the sparrow is the best spirit to call upon.

It is believed that whenever the sparrow comes into your life, you are going to become more observant about the things around you, the people around you, and how you carry out certain actions.

Being vigilant possesses a lot of benefits. When you are vigilant, you will not make mistakes repeatedly. In addition to this, you will be able to spot dangers ahead and avoid them.

Therefore, the sparrow spiritual meaning of vigilance is important in our lives, and we must look to the sparrow animal for the strength to become spiritually sensitive and mentally alert to the things that happen in our environment.

2) Hard work


The sparrow is a bird that works hard. The sparrow believed in working hard to get whatever it will eat.

Therefore, it carries a spiritual meaning of hard work. If you are ever going to achieve the greatness you desire, there must be some level of diligence on your part.

You have to come out of wishful thinking, and pay attention to working hard. When you work hard, you are eventually going to fulfill your desires.

The discipline of working hard is not comfortable, but when you learn to go through the process, your life is going to be better for it.

Therefore, the sparrow has come into your house to inspire you to be hardworking and never give up on diligence – because it pays.

3) Build solid relationships

True love

The sparrow is a communal bird. It learns to rely on other birds. The sparrow works with other birds to build nests, scout for food, and keep themselves from harm’s way.

Therefore, one of the common sparrows’ spiritual meanings is in a relationship. When you learn to build solid relationships like the sparrow, you are going to find life easy and pleasant.

Solid relationships will always be there to help you out when you are stuck. Therefore, on your way to becoming a better version of yourself, you must ensure that the place of sold relationships is not neglected.

4) Love yourself

Self love

The sparrow is a small animal; this puts it at a disadvantage. However, you will never find the sparrow looking down on itself.

Rather, it sings aloud with its sonorous voice and flies around beautifully. This brings a message to you.

You have to stop looking down on yourself. It is time to learn how to love yourself for who you are.

You need to develop a strong mindset about yourself, and who you are meant to be. Even when other people don’t appreciate you for who you are, you must learn to appreciate yourself and love yourself much more.

5) There is provision for your needs

Accept the God's help

In the bible, it is clear that God provides for the sparrow without struggles.

Therefore, when the sparrow shows up in your house, it has brought a message of hope to you concerning divine provision.

God will always meet your need when you have one.

You need to be full of faith to believe God for such a miracle.

If you have been depressed due to lack and poverty. Then, the presence of the sparrow brings a breath of fresh air into your life.

The sparrow brings an assurance into your heart that all of your needs will be met by God.

Therefore, let the presence of the sparrow inspire faith in your heart to believe God for abundant provision.

6) Emotional stability

Stable and happy

Whenever you find the female sparrow in your house, you will observe its brownish feathers.

In the spirit world, the brown color is a sign of emotional stability. The reason for this is because of the close association between the brown color and the mother earth.

Therefore, when you find the female sparrow with the brownish feather in our house, then the universe is telling you to find emotional stability.

Allowing your emotions to rule over your actions will lead to fatal errors, which might hurt your life in general.

7) You need to develop a strong passion for success

Motivate yourself

The male sparrow has a reddish feather. The red color is a sign of passion. This passion does not have to be based on emotions. It can be a passion to succeed at your job or a passion to achieve any task ahead of you.

If you find yourself less motivated or mentally weak to push through life, you can derive a strong passion from the sparrow.

When the sparrow comes to visit you, focus on the red feather and allow it to inspire you to become more passionate than ever before. Your efforts will yield results if you don’t give up. 

8) Don’t be afraid to have great dreams

Dream big

The sparrow is a bird that flies higher than other floor animals. This is a sign of dreaming big and daring to achieve great things.

Therefore, when you see the sparrow, you need to release yourself from the bondage of fear, which has stopped you from having great dreams and daring to achieve great things.

It is time to break out of that shackle and begin to dare great things.

Sparrow Symbolism

Sparrow Symbolism

There are 5 symbolic meanings of a sparrow. The sparrow has been believed to represent various things across different tribes and religions. Let us look at the dominant ones, which can affect our lives as well.

Biblical symbolism

In the bible, the sparrow is a sign of God’s love. In the book of Matthew, Jesus talks about how God feeds and clothes the sparrow to explain the extent of God’s love for us.

Therefore, the sparrow is a sign of God’s love, which is demonstrated in Christ Jesus and can be further seen in how he meets our needs supernaturally.

Therefore, when you see the sparrow, it should always remind you of how much God loves you and is willing to provide for you whenever you have a need.


The sparrow is also a symbol of great rejoicing. Whenever you are going through a season of your life, which is full of unpleasant things, the sparrow will come into your life to indicate that there is a coming season that will be full of joy.

Generally, it is believed that the sparrow can lift our sorrows and fill our hearts with joy, peace, and gladness.

The beautiful voice of the sparrow will bring us to a point of neglect – where we forget the issues in our lives and just enjoy the moment with so much joy.

Furthermore, it is believed that the sparrow will bring joy and contentment together whenever it begins to sing beautifully around you.

Guardian Angel

The sparrow is a symbol of your guardian angel.

I had an experience that made me believe in angels. Some years ago, I was praying and I heard a knock on my window. I realized that a sparrow was trying to use its beak to perch my window.

I opened up my window and allowed the sparrow to fly into the house. Suddenly, it shed one of its feathers and flew into my living room. When I got into my living room, I could not find the sparrow.

Every window was shut; there was no way it could have flown out. the sparrow disappeared.

This was the day I believed in angels.

Therefore, if you find a sparrow around you, it might be a sign that your guardian angel has come to visit you, and grant you the request of your heart.


The call of a sparrow is believed to bring rain to the land. Therefore, a lot of farmers perform rituals with the sparrow feather in certain tribes.

In today’s world of civilization, whenever you find the sparrow singing or calling out in a loud voice, it brings a signal of abundance.

In the spiritual world, rain is a symbol of abundance and prosperity. The bible talks about the rain as the holy spirit that blesses and nourishes our souls.

Therefore, whenever you see the sparrow, it is a symbol of abundance and prosperity, which is coming into your life.

European Folklore

In European folklore, the sparrow is believed to be a negative sign of impending death, which can be averted. It is believed that when the sparrow is seen, it must be killed to avert the danger associated with it.

Sparrow Feather Meaning

Sparrow Feather

Whenever you find the feather of a sparrow, it is a sign of wisdom.

In the African tradition, the sparrow feather is always given to high chiefs and priests of the land as a sign of deep spiritual wisdom to solve spiritual problems. Therefore, finding the sparrow feather is a sign of spiritual wisdom.

When you find a brown sparrow feather, it is a sign of spiritual grounding. It means that you have to find your spiritual strength and learn to amplify it. In addition to this, it is a sign that you need to discover your spiritual side and become spiritually conscious of who you are.

When you find a brown and white sparrow feather, it is a token from your guardian angel or the spirit of your lost loved ones.

It is believed that the spirit of the dead can come to pay us a visit in the form of a sparrow and leave a feather for us as a token of their love.

Sparrow Symbolism for Native American

Native American People

In the native American culture, the sparrow has different symbolism:

  • The sparrow is seen as a symbol of joy. When you see a sparrow animal, it brings a message of joy into your life. It indicates the end to negative cycles and situations, which will fill you with hope and positivity that your life is eventually going to be better.
  • The sparrow is seen as a teacher of contentment. The native Americans believe that the sparrow is a great teacher of contentment. It is believed that whenever the sparrow comes into your life, it has come to teach you how to be contented with what you have at the moment.
  • The sparrow is seen as the friend of humans that can protect humans from harm and also provide guidance to them – whenever they need one.

Sparrow Animal Totem Meaning

Sparrow Animal Totem Meaning

In the shamanic beliefs, the sparrow animal totem is linked with self-development and growth.

It is believed that whenever you open up your heart to the sparrow animal totem, you are going to become sensitive and aware.

This sensitivity will open your eyes to see the need for progress and development.

This will be an inspiration for you to keep working on yourself, developing yourself, and taking giant strides to make significant progress in your life.

The sparrow animal totem meaning also teaches you to embrace your spiritual side. Becoming too materialistic will take away your inner peace.

Therefore, if you want to achieve inner peace, you need to focus more on your spiritual side than your physical side. The spiritual side of every man has more power than the physical side.

Sparrow Power Animal


The power of the sparrow should never be taken for granted. This animal is indeed small in size, but the willpower and tenacity in the sparrow power animal should never be taken for granted.

Therefore, you can draw a lesson from the sparrow that the true definition of strength does not lie in physical size. It lies in your inner strength and how you perceive yourself.

The sparrow power animal will also reveal to you that everything you need to become successful lies on the inside of you.

It is best to discover these resources. When you discover the inner strength and resourcefulness to become successful, you will learn to value yourself much more than ever before.

The sparrow power animal is also a great teacher of hard work. It will inspire you to learn to work with all of your energy and passion to achieve what you truly desire.

Therefore, if you desire success, the sparrow power animal will push you to work harder than ever before.

Final Words

After understanding the power and relevance of the sparrow, the next action lies with you.

You need to take the wisdom of the sparrow animal and make use of it to transform your life.

By calling on the sparrow animal, you will become a better version of yourself, inspire others to be diligent, and become valuable to your environment.

So, do you already know what is the spiritual meaning of a sparrow and also the symbolism? Please, feel free to use the comments below to share your opinion with us!

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  1. The Amazing Grace Of God. ☝🏾❤️😇
    I was sitting here listen to Tasha Cobbs Leonards Song (He knows my name) next thing a brown (female) sparrow flew into my unit (home) through the exhaust fan hole. and the day before a feather fell at my door I didn’t ignore it I picked it up and kept it. But hey how’s that Hey ☝🏾❤️😇 and reading this article was meant to be it gave the answers I was looking for in the sense of spiritual wisdom. PRAISE THE LORD PRAISE GOD 👏🏾☝🏾❤️😇

  2. I lost a loved one since then a sparrow had been visiting me. The sparrow would fly in and hop straight to my room even fly onto my bed and then hops out again. I never see the sparrow fly out it simply just disappears. Now the other day the sparrow came hopping In with another sparrow they were chirping loud like they were having a conversation. The one sparrow trying to lead the other one to my bedroom. I was just so amazed.

    1. Yesterday when I was busy cooking a sparrow entered the house and stay for 2minutes,then ask myself what’s happening. During the the night around 4am I got a dream about my late brother entered with the front door, I wake up and pray and thank almighty God because my late brother visited me on my dreams

  3. tonight a female sparrow flew into my house – i have 2 cats and one of them – Lakota was chasing her and i didnt want Lakota to hurt/kill her so i put him outside and did my best to get the bird to fly out of an open window – for awhile she just sat on a string of lights that i have in my living room – and then all of sudden she flew down the hall into my father’s bedroom – i tried for 20 min to catch her but to no avail – finally i brought Lakota in to help me and twice she had her in his mouth twice but was under the bed so i couldnt get to her but then remarkably she flew into my father armoire and i was able to cup her in my hands – i was so happy she was alright and i could bring her outside – then i looked up the wisdom of the sparrow and came upon this article – and i am just blown away – truly i am speechless and deeply grateful for all the blessings being shared with right now!

    From the bottom of my heart – thank you Sharelle Armstrong!

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