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Home » 11 Spiritual Meanings of Birds in the Bible (Simple List)

11 Spiritual Meanings of Birds in the Bible (Simple List)

11 Spiritual Meanings of Birds in the Bible (Simple List)

The bible has a lot to say about birds. We simply need to search the different messages about birds in this holy book. From our research, we got 11 spiritual meanings of birds in the bible and their implication for man.

I am excited to share some of these discoveries with you in this article.

Now, you might quickly assume that this article is exclusively for Christians. Permit me to say that you are wrong.

The bible might be a holy book for Christians, but it can serve as a manual for godly living and morals. Therefore, be open in your mind to get a message from this holy book.

Birds have been used as a spiritual messenger all over the bible.

They have spoken to God, they have talked through angels, and they have spoken to men.

Therefore, the presence of a bird around you is something to observe closely.

  • What does the bible have to say about birds?
  • Can this address your financial life, spiritual life, and relationship?
  • If a bird suddenly shows up in your dream, does this bring good luck or bad luck?

This article will reveal the spiritual meanings of birds according to biblical perspectives, and I am delighted for what you will discover.

The Prophetic Meaning of Birds

Prophetic Meaning of Birds

Do you know that birds have prophetic meanings? Yes, they do, and we are going to talk about them in this section. Before we discuss the 11 spiritual meanings of birds in the bible, we will take a quick detour by looking at the prophetic meanings of birds. When it comes to prophecy and visions, what can a bird mean?


If you have a vision of a bird with an olive plant in its mouth, this talks about peace. In the bible, God is called the prince of peace because he gives peace to everyone that asks of him.

Furthermore, you will see an example in Jesus – when he calmed the storm.

Therefore, birds speak prophetically about peace whenever they carry an olive branch in their mouths. It means that your life is going to be full of divine peaceful moments. Every storm in your life is over.

Prophetic gifts:

In prophecy, an eagle’s eye talks about possessing prophetic gifts and abilities.

People possess certain divine abilities, and they display them in their lifetime. One of such abilities is prophetic.

If you fall into the category of prophets, the spiritual realm will classify you like an eagle’s eye.

The bible also speaks about this.

Therefore, every time an eagle flies past you or appears to you in a dream, it is establishing a connection in your soul, which eventually stirs up the gift of prophecy you possess.

A time of comfort:

Seeing a dove speaks of comfort and peace. This talks about a season of your life when everything will go smoothly.

For example, if you are facing hardship, seeing a dove flying over your head or appearing in your dream is a spiritual sign that everything is about to change.

This agrees with the prophecy of David that says “He that soweth with tears shall reap with Joy”. This is the prophetic meaning of seeing a dove.

Prepare for challenges:

Whenever you find a naked bird (with few or no feathers), it is a sign of hard times.

In the spiritual world, this means that you are going to experience some tough situations, which will shake your faith in God.

However, you must be strong and tenacious to face the giant and win the battle. 

What do Birds Symbolize in the bible?

Birds symbolism in the Bible

The common bird symbolism talks about an angel. Most appearances of birds reveal the presence of an angel. Do you know the reason for this? I will tell you; In the spiritual world, the make-up of angels is feathers.

This is why the Bible records that they have wings.

Therefore, it is expected for them to shed their feathers whenever they pass by a place (this explains the sudden appearance of white feathers around people).

Furthermore, this fact also makes them closely associated with birds. The feathers from birds can be used as a sign of an angel.

However, you need to understand that the common color of a feather, which speaks of an angel is mostly white or blue.

The reason for this is that the sky is white and blue.

Furthermore, the sky is a sign of the spiritual realm.

Therefore, angels make use of white and blue feathers frequently.

Can they use other feather colors? Yes, they can. However, it is not as frequent as blue and white feathers.

Apart from the presence of an angel, birds symbolize the spirit of dead ones. Black feathers mean that the soul is in hell, while white feathers mean that the soul is in paradise.

11 Spiritual Meanings of Different Birds in the Bible (List)

Spiritual Meaning of Different Birds in the Bible

Biblically, there are 11 spiritual meanings for different birds. We are going to look at 11 different birds that can appear to us, and understand the message they bring individually. This knowledge will transform your life. It will awaken your sensitivity and put you in an advantageous position every time.

1) Red Robin in the Bible

Red Robin
Red Robin

You will not find anywhere the “Red Robin” was mentioned in the bible. However, the characteristics and unique abilities of this bird connect its source to the bible.

One of the spiritual messages from the red robin speaks about a new beginning.

In the bible, God said that “I will do a new thing”. Whenever He wants to communicate this message to you, he sends the red robin.

Therefore, the next time you see a red robin in your dream or real life, expect new things to happen. Expect sudden changes to erupt. This always happens with the red robin, and it agrees with the bible.

2) Red Cardinal in the Bible

Red Cardinal
Red Cardinal

The red cardinal is a happy bird. Can we find anything about happiness in the bible? Yes, we can.

Therefore, the red cardinal qualifies as a bird messenger from God.

If you are going through a sad phase of life, seeing the red cardinal should cheer you up. Do you know why? It is telling you the same words that Jesus told his disciples.

What is the word? Here it is “Cheer up, for I have overcome the world”.

Jesus gave them this instruction after telling them about the things they will suffer for his name. However, he encouraged them to be full of Joy. This is what the red cardinal has come to say. It has come to give you happiness – even during a storm.

3) Dove in the Bible


This was commonly mentioned in the bible. The spiritual meaning of the dove in the bible speaks of the Holy Spirit.

Now, people have asked why the Holy Spirit was commonly associated with the Dove (biblically). Well, here is it.

The bible speaks about the 9 gifts of the spirit, the 9 fruits of the spirit, and the 5 ministry gifts of the spirit.

If you take a closer look at the wings of the dove, you will realize that it has 9 feathers on the left wing, 9 feathers on the right-wing, and 5 feathers on its tail.

Therefore, a myth erupted from this concept, which connected the Dove with the Holy Spirit. Dreaming of seeing a dove means that the Holy Spirit has come to visit you.

4) Sparrow in the Bible


This speaks of divine provision. Anytime you see a sparrow in the bible, be reminded that God is going to provide for your needs.

When Jesus was speaking about divine provision, he speaks about the sparrow.

God can also speak to you about divine provision with the sparrow. Whenever a sparrow flies above your head, stares at you or appears to you in a dream, it means that your needs will be met supernaturally. 

5) Falcon in the Bible


One of the common traits of the falcon bird is vigilance.

This bird is always alert.

It quickly spots prey, and instantly goes for the kill.

In the same way, you should be vigilant. You should constantly be on the lookout. You should never be caught off guard.

This agrees with the bible verse that says “Be sober, Be vigilant”. The falcon bird is a symbol of vigilance, and it is also a symbol of prayer. Biblically, the best way to be vigilant is through praying.

6) Woodpecker in the bible


The woodpecker is especially known for its fast pecking ability. Also, its strong beak is specially adorned in the world of birds.

Biblically, the sound that comes from the woodpecker (when it’s pecking a wood) speaks about hearing the voice of God.

Whenever you hear a woodpecker’s sound, it means that your spiritual ears are sensitive.

However, if you find it hard to hear this sound (perhaps, it is from a far distance), then you need to improve on your ability to hear God.

7) Magpie in the Bible


The bible has stories of people who took advantage of divine opportunities and changed their lives.

This pattern can be repeated if you listen to the magpie.

Whenever this spiritual bird comes into your life, it is prophetically indicating that an opportunity is coming in the future, and you must be prepared enough to take advantage of it.

You should never be caught off guard. This opportunity is the answer you have sought for years, and you should never let it slip away.

8) Eagle in the Bible


This powerful bird talks about God. Amongst all the birds in the bible, an eagle is the most powerful, most revered, and most sensitive.

This is why you will find it in the book of revelation.

One of the faces of the four beasts that stand in the presence of God was an eagle.

Therefore, if you see an eagle in real life or dreams, it is saying that God is watching you.

Furthermore, it means that God has come to answer your prayer. The eagle creates an atmosphere of God in a territory.

9) Owl in the Bible


This speaks about going through the wilderness experience.

Starting from the psalms of David, you will find many words used for owls as loneliness and desolation.

This does not have to be a bad omen.

The wilderness experience is called the time of purging and making. This is when God tests your heart to see if you are pure or not.

Jesus went through this moment before he began his ministry.

Therefore, you should go through the same. However, even in that state of loneliness, God is still with you. Even if the owl means loneliness, it also assures you of the presence of God.

10) Blue Heron in the Bible

Blue Heron
Blue Heron

This bird assures you of wealth and prosperity. The blue heron lets you see that God desires to see you prosper and live in good health. Apart from this message, the blue heron is connected with patience.

  • It reminds you to embrace longsuffering in your Christian journey and natural life processes.
  • It teaches you to never be in a haste.
  • And it tells you to wait for God’s perfect timing.

All of these are the messages of the Blue heron in the Bible.

11) Wood Stork in the Bible

Wood Stork
Wood Stork

Whenever you find the wood stork, it creates an atmosphere of protection and safety.

It lets you realize that no harm will come to you.

The wood stork cannot be found in the bible, but the message of protection in the bible is connected with the wood stork.

This makes it the perfect spiritual messenger of protection.

Does God send Birds as Signs?

Two birds

Yes, God sends birds as spiritual signs and messages. Examples are listed all over the bible.


In the book of Genesis, we find an example. After the great flood, Noah continually sent a dove to check the face of the earth for dry land.

God always sends the bird back to Noah as communication that the flood is still on the face of the earth. While Noah was in the ark, His only hope was the message from the dove. 


Another story is about the prophet Elijah. When he ran from Jezebel into the wilderness, God constantly sent a raven to bring food for him.

This bird was God’s messenger to Elijah in the wilderness, and it continually delivered the message until its work was done.

The upper room experience:

When the Holy Ghost wanted to descend upon mankind, it came in form of a bird. This is another spiritual sign that God can send His Spirit as a bird.

This experience can also be found in the time of Jesus. When He was being baptized by John the Baptist, the Holy Ghost came down like a bird (dove) and filled Him.

All of these examples are indications that God can send a bird as a spiritual sign.

Do birds have good biblical meaning?

Birds and good luck

Not all birds have good biblical meanings. In the bible, the following birds don’t have good spiritual meanings:

  1. The hawk is used for the devil.
  2. The owl is used for bad luck and desolation.
  3. The crow is used as a messenger of death.
  4. The vulture is associated with dead bodies and uncleanliness.
  5. The peacock is associated with pride and sin.

Final Words

Pay attention to birds. Whenever they fly around your home, in your dreams, or real life, look for their biblical meanings. With the 11 spiritual meanings of birds in this article, you will not have a hard time understanding what God is saying through the bird you’ve seen.

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