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Am I a Sirian Starseed? 11 Characteristics, Appearance, and Mission

Am I a Sirian Starseed? 11 Characteristics, Appearance, and Mission

You might be a Starseed if you’ve ever felt like you were – quite literally – from another planet, and that’s because Starseeds are from other planets.

Well, other celestial bodies, anyway. The point is, they don’t belong to this earth, and they don’t originate from this earth. 

Their Earth life is just one of many, and your Starseed ‘type’ tells you which place in space your soul or spirit is native to.

Keep on reading to learn 11 characteristics and signs of being a Sirian Starseed.

What is a Sirian Starseed?

Sirian Starseed

A Sirian Starseed is, as you might have guessed, a Starseed that originates from ‘Sirian’.

Sirian refers to Sirius, which is the brightest star in the night sky.

It is also a star with some pretty interesting quirks, and these quirks transfer to their Sirian human forms. 

Sirius is actually a star system rather than a single, individual star, made up of Sirius A and Sirius B.

Some spiritualists believe that Sirian Starseeds are actually one of the most important.

Because they are vital to guide us into the future, bringing both technological advances and nature together in harmony. 

The Sirian Starseed Mission on Earth

Sirian Starseed Mission

If you are a Sirian Starseed on Earth, it probably feels (to you) that your mission is to protect every little creature on the planet.

Well, perhaps apart from a human or two. We can’t love everyone, right

In a sense, that is a Sirian’s purpose and mission: to guard and protect

Sirian Starseed Appearance: What Do Sirians Look Like?

Sirian Starseed Appearance

Sirian Starseeds can come in many different sizes, shapes, and colors, just as with other Starseeds.

There do seem to be some common physical traits that Sirians have in common:

  • Usually on the shorter end of the scale in height;
  • Skin often pale (regardless of ethnicity);
  • Dark-colored eyes. 

However, you can still be a Sirian Starseed even if you are none of those things, though.

You can have a dark skin tone, light-colored eyes, and be tall in height and still be one. 

Am I a Sirian Starseed? 11 Characteristics that Confirm It

Am I a Sirian Starseed? 11 Characteristics that Confirm It

One of the most obvious characteristics that confirm you are a Sirian Starseed is that you feel an affinity for the Sirius star system.

Does it always seem to catch your eye in the night sky? Maybe you excitedly look for it, under the cover of darkness, through a telescope, when the clouds clear? 

There are other traits and characteristics. Why don’t we take a closer look at them? 

1) Are You Always Cool, Calm, and Collected?

If you somehow manage to keep your cool on all occasions, no matter how terrifying or stressful, then you might just be a Sirian Starseed.

You know that stressing out doesn’t get anything resolved, but that’s not the only reason why you always look so chilled out…

It’s because you don’t know how to process and regulate your emotions in quite the way you’d hope.

This doesn’t always present itself as a bad thing, but you tend to stay calm when everyone else stresses because you’re not sure how else you should conduct yourself. 

Being able to maintain composure on the outside, when you’re crumbling on the inside, is quite an incredible feat – and it’s not a trait that everyone has. 

2) Do Legends and Myths Draw You In?

Sirians are known for having a love of ancient life, always wanting to learn more about the lives of people gone by, famous/well-known or otherwise.

Maybe all of that ‘stuff’ is interesting to you because it is part of your history, and you just don’t realize it yet. It’s definitely food for thought, don’t you think? 

Because of this love for all things old, they’re often one of the most interesting people in any group or room.

Mention a beloved topic in front of them and they’ll be able to share all the interesting titbits they know. 

Knowledge and wisdom are for sharing, after all. 

3) Are You Forever Getting Nagged for Daydreaming?

Daydreaming is an important character trait for a few different Starseeds, but definitely Sirians, and even more so when Sirians feel unfulfilled with life.

When they aren’t quite where they want to be, either in terms of employment, relationship status, wealth, or anything else.

They act out, almost like a bored puppy when you’ve left them at home for too long. 

If you feel linked to the Sirian Starseed, you’re probably not the type of person who wants to sit in a classroom and learn from a teacher all day long.

Instead, you want to be thrown in at the deep end, so to speak.

In that kind of situation, you learn and perform best. When you’re not in that situation, your mind isn’t stimulated, so it entertains itself. 

4) Is Your Mind Open to New Experiences?

Sirians find new things interesting and are always willing to try new things and learn a little more about life.

There’s something about them that drives them to learn more, almost as if they must know everything.

Being logical at the same time means that they often get what they want. This is not down to sheer luck, but down to hard work, setting goals, and then meeting them. 

5) Are You Drawn to Animals? 

Most Starseeds have an affiliation with animals and all things nature, and this is definitely the case for Sirians.

They’re often drawn to employment around animals, or involving saving humans or animal lives. 

Nature means something to Sirians, although they don’t always know why.

They’re often drawn to having pets or rescuing animals, horticulture, and generally being surrounded by nature. 

6) Do You Wish for An Uncomplicated Life?

Sirians often yearn for the simple life, which goes hand-in-hand with being affiliated with nature.

If you are one of these types of Starseed, you likely enjoy a simple life, without lots of material things, preferring to connect instead to the great big world ‘out there’. 

There’s more adventure to be had in the great outdoors than there is sitting at home surrounded by expensive cars, nice handbags, and luxury-named footwear.

That’s the Sirian way of thinking, anyway. 

7) Would Your Friends Call You Loyal?

Would you class yourself as loyal? Sirians tend to be incredibly loyal and faithful to those they love and respect.

That loyalty has a line, of course.

If you break their trust, getting it back and earning their respect again will be difficult. 

As a result of this, Sirian Starseeds usually have a small circle of people they would consider devoted friends, that they would share their secrets with. 

8) Is Your Favorite Animal a Dolphin, Dog, Whale, or Cat?

Sirius B is thought of as a water world, filled with all – as you’ve probably guessed – whales and dolphins.

They are both protective guardians over the sea. Mermen and mermaids are also thought to inhabit the watery, bright world. 

Cats and dogs are protective pets on land, just as whales, dolphins, and other marine life protect their ‘loved ones’ in the sea.

A dog will run into danger to protect its pup-parent. This is less likely with cats, but they’re still protecting and loving in their own ways. (Unless it’s my cat. She absolutely hates me around sixty percent of the time.) 

Dogs are also thought to be seeds of Sirius, teaching us important lessons such as patience, protection, and how to see the good in people. 

9) Do You Love Technology?

As previously mentioned, the Sirian Starseed mission on Earth is to bring the planet forward in terms of harmonious relationships between tech and nature.

It goes without saying that they are fans of technology

A typical Sirian Starseed home might be filled with gadgets, such as the latest Amazon Echo device, or a kettle that can be powered remotely through an app.

They might also have the latest cell phone model in their hands, and a nice, shiny laptop. 

A love of technology can look different to different Sirian Starseeds. For one, the technology might be telescopes and space-related.

For another, it could be cell phones and other digital gadgetry

10) Would You Describe Yourself as ‘Salt of the Earth’? 

There’s no need for fuss or stress. Everything happens as it happens, and you can only do your best in every situation.

No one can give more than their best. 

  • Do you hate the idea of a big fuss?
  • Would you much rather come up with solutions to problems in a calm and collected manner?
  • People tend to have a lot of respect for you (for good reasons)?

You might be a ‘salt of the earth’ kind of person, which is what Sirian Starseeds are known to be, too. 

11) Are You a Fan of Acting Goofy and Funny?

If you are, then you might be a Sirian Starseed. You won’t act goofy in front of everyone, of course, but with your circle of friends, you enjoy a bit of silly, little fun. The people who know you would use ‘funny’ or ‘hilarious’ as one of their first five words to describe you. Some might even refer to you as the funniest person they know. 

Other Signs that You Are a Sirian Starseed

holding Hands in hair

We don’t like to think of ourselves as having ‘negative’ traits or quirks, but we do all have them, even when we are Starseeds with countless lives’ worth of wisdom and growth.

These negatives (although I’m not really a fan of the word), are things that the Starseed should work on within their own lives.

Other lessons have been learned, but these dark Sirian Starseed traits are still in the curriculum. 

1) Troublesome Emotions

Just as with Arcturian Starseeds, Sirians can have a really tough time with their own personal emotions — regulating them, processing them, and outwardly revealing them.

If you are of Sirian descent, you are more likely to hide your emotions and feelings with humor. Making jokes instead of letting your inner thoughts show. 

Perhaps you’re afraid of hurting the feelings of others, or you’re not the biggest fan of confrontation and do everything in your power to avoid it.

Either way, emotions and feelings have to come out of you in some way. Bottling them up is dangerous

Learning how to regulate, control, and express your emotions to other people might just be the lesson you need to learn during your time on this Earthly platform. 

2) A Runaway Imagination

Having a vivid imagination and lots of ideas is great… until it turns around and bites you in the behind.

When you combine it with difficulty in regulating, expressing and controlling emotions, it can lead to explosive events

Sirians can have a bad habit of adding together 2+2 and coming up with any other number but 4.

They are knowledgeable, but sometimes emotion takes over logic.

The imagination goes into overdrive, leaving people wondering where their spouses really are, or if a friend is about to stab them in the back, or any other similar situation. 

3) Your Shyness Can Be Perceived as Unfriendliness

This is a common problem faced by many people all over the world, especially those who are naturally shy or who have anxieties.

Sirians are quiet and can keep themselves to themself. A simple and unfussy life is preferred over a drama-filled one.

They don’t want to get involved in petty situations that aren’t important to them. 

Because of this, Sirians can sometimes be seen as super unfriendly, which is actually the direct opposite of what they are. 

You know what they say, though: Never judge a book by its cover

4) Wariness Can Lead to Loneliness

Sirian Starseeds are wary of new people, and it usually takes them a while longer to get used to people and put their trust in them.

This is a good thing in one sense because it means they are less likely to get sucked in and hurt by manipulative, two-sided people. 

On the other hand, though, it can lead to a lot of loneliness.

Pushing people away does exactly what it appears to do: it pushes people away.

You can only do it so many times before people take the hint and finally leave you alone. 

Being too wary of people can lead to Sirian Starseeds losing friendships and connections that would otherwise have been great and important to them. 

What Am I Supposed to Do if I’m a Sirian Starseed?

Sirian Starseed

You are meant to do whatever your heart tells you to do. Your heart, soul, and spirit will guide you through this journey, and each journey is individual to the soul on it.

I cannot tell you what your mission is; that’s something you must work out by yourself.

Figuring out which Starseed you feel a connection to is the first step

I’m Not Sure if I’m a Sirian Starseed. What Should I Do?

My advice is to read through the different Starseeds. Make a note of how many similarities you have with one, and then another.

If you have two or three that are very close together, it could be that you have an affiliation with all of them, and your soul has spent significant time in their respective stars.

It is possible to be more than one Starseed – a mix of Arcturian and Sirian, for example.

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