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Am I a Hadarian Starseed? Traits, Birthmarks, and 11 Characteristics

Am I a Hadarian Starseed? Traits, Birthmarks, and 11 Characteristics

Hadarian Starseeds are said to be one of the rarest Starseed types on planet Earth.

With a soul that centers around family, setting roots, and unconditional empathy and understanding.

If you believe this is your soul’s native home, keep reading.

I’m going to share with you all the traits and characteristics that are associated with the Hadarian Starseed.

What is a Hadarian Starseed?

Hadarian Starseed

Hadarian Starseeds are native to one of the many star sets that can be found in the constellation of Centaurus.

The Hadarian home is known as Hadar, or its scientific name: Beta Centauri. 

The star-planet is actually three stars. These are: 

  • Beta Centauri Aa;
  • Beta Centauri Ab;
  • Beta Centauri B.

Situated more than 360 million lightyears away, this triple star system is the second-brightest star in the entire Centaurus constellation.

It bore souls that are empathetic and emotional, keen travelers, and inquisitive. 

Hadarian Starseed Birthmark

Hadarian Starseed Birthmark

Have a look at your body, preferably in a mirror.

You may find that you have markings related to your Starseed, such as mole patterns, birthmarks, skin blemishes, scars, and more.

These often come in the form of a constellation, but that’s not always the case. 

Don’t worry if you can’t find a Hadarian-themed pattern on your skin.

You can still be a Starseed from Hadar even if you have no obvious or clear Hadarian-based markings. 

Hadarian Starseed Traits

Hadarian Starseed Traits

Physically, Hadarians can look very different from each other, and this is down to how many lives these nurturing souls have lived.

As each life comes and goes, the Starseed will lose a little bit more of their original form.

Younger Hadarians (and other Starseeds) look more like their ‘original’ counterparts, but the rule doesn’t apply to every soul

Spiritually, Hadarians are a nurturing, healing, and loving Starseed race.

Which doesn’t make them very well adapted to the harsh and dark ways of Earth and the human race. 

Am I a Hadarian Starseed? 11 Characteristics

Am I a Hadarian Starseed? 11 Characteristics

It is possible to be of Hadarian descent even if you don’t believe yourself to have all of them.

It is also possible to be affiliated or linked to more than one Starseed.

This is the case for souls that have spent considerable amounts of time on other seed planets as well as their own native homes.  

Many Hadarian Starseeds have the following eleven main traits and characteristics:

1) Are You the Fun One?

Hadar-based Starseeds are fun, spontaneous, and – some might say – a little childish in nature.

Having lived several lives already, they live their Earth lifecycle by the motto ‘do the thing because life is short‘. 

If you’re the friend that brings fun to every equation and is often described as the life and soul of the party, you’ve just checked your first Hadarian Starseed box. 

2) Do You Believe in Unconditional Love?

Is there someone out there for everyone, in your mind? Are you putting all your time and effort into finding “the one”? If so, you might be a Hadarian Starseed. 

Hadarian souls truly believe in the theory that there is a partner that is perfectly suited to you, and matched to you in every way.

For that reason, they love hard and unconditionally, because they expect that back from their partners

Not all Hadarians are monogamous, but it is common for them to be.

Much like magpies, penguins, and plenty of other critters in the animal kingdom, they’re big fans of mating for life. 

3) How Spontaneous Are You?

Spontaneity is a big trait in Hadarian Starseeds

One trait that many Hadarian Starseeds seem to have in common is this one.

So I’m going to ask you a few questions. Are you ready for them?

  • Do you like booking trips away last-minute?
  • Can you come up with fun ideas for you and friends at the drop of a hat?
  • Have you ever just randomly started singing in public for no reason?

It can even come down to doing smaller things than that without thinking or prompting, such as eating something, going somewhere, or saying something.

4) Would Your Friends Describe You as Emotional?

Do you cry at TV shows and films easily? Or just things in everyday life?

Hadar natives are usually very emotional here on Earth, and it’s because they’re very empathetic people

They carry the emotions of other people, absorbing them in their journey towards spreading love and joy

Of course, you can only hold the emotions and upset of other people before it eventually bothers you, too.

Because of that, emotional overwhelm is a common friend for this Starseed type. 

5) Are You Very Social?

At certain times of the year, and more so in the southern hemisphere, Beta Centauri is one of the brightest stars in the night sky.

The order changes slightly, but Hadar usually sits at position number eleven on the list.

Would your friends also class you as one of the brightest stars in their lives?

Although there are different sides to Hadarian Starseeds, one of them is a very social side.

They want to party and make friends and be one of the brightest stars of the night.  

6) Do You Feel a Little Lost on Earth?

Hadarians are drawn to settling down and having roots just as much as they are to traveling. But that doesn’t always apply to life down here on Earth.

In Arabic, the word ‘Hadar‘ means to be settled, civilized, or settled, and these traits are thought to cross over into Hadarian incarnations on this planet. 

Earth isn’t a loving, peaceful, and wise place, however. That’s why Hadarians find it difficult to get used to the evilness and darkness of human ways.

To races and civilizations where that isn’t natural, even ancient ones, it’s enough to make them want to not stick around. 

7) Would You Call Yourself Smart?

The star system of Beta Centauri is believed to be more than 14 million years old.

Which is plenty of time for native souls to build up a plethora of wisdom, knowledge, and sometimes useless titbits. 

You can be ‘smart’ in a lot of different ways.

For some Starseeds, it means excelling in school and getting good grades. For others, it’s being street-smart.

There’s also a difference between common sense-smart and intelligence-smart

But if you have one or more types of ‘smart’ about you, there’s a chance that you could be a Hadarian Starseed.

They are known to be one of the most intelligent Starseeds, and not just in terms of spiritual and emotional intelligence.

If you ever have a question and you don’t know the answer, ask a Hadarian. They’ll probably know without even having to look it up! 

8) How Much Have You Travelled?

If you haven’t: how much do you WANT to travel

Hadar, also known as Beta Centauri, is a home comprised of more than one star, so its inhabitants are comfortable with moving around, from one place to another.

In fact, out of all the Starseeds, this might be the one that enjoys traveling the most. So if it’s a heavy passion of yours, you’ve ticked off another Hadarian checkbox. 

Gentle reminder: travel can look different to different souls.

For me, personally, it’s long-distance travel. For my friend and sister, on the other hand, it’s traveling to different parts of the same country.

Everyone is different. Travel doesn’t need to be as big as it sounds

9) Are You Painfully Empathetic?

Most Starseeds have big hearts that feel the pain and upset of others deeply, and this is most definitely the case for Hadarian types.

Empaths almost absorb the emotions and upset of others, which is both good and bad in equal measure.

It makes them patient, caring, and understanding people… but it also weighs heavy on them, depressing them even further than they might already be. 

If this sounds familiar to you, there’s a very good chance that you could be a Hadarian Starseed

But you could also be one of the other many types of Starseed, too. They’re all very empathetic souls

10) Do the ‘Little Things’ Delight You?

Most Starseeds are more drawn to the ‘little things’ in life than they are to big, material, and spiritually unimportant things.

This is definitely the case for Hadarian Starseeds, whose souls have been around for long enough to know that material things soon become worthless or go out of fashion

Feeling drawn to nature over technological items and yearning for a simpler life are common traits in Hadarians.

They’re also drawn to a more spiritual than material life.

You’ll likely find Hadarians meditating and other spiritual practices on a regular occasion. 

11) Are You Baffled by Dark Human Behaviors?

Many human behaviors Starseeds of all types because they’re literally alien behaviors.

This is especially the case for Hadarian Starseeds, which are on Earth to spread love, teach unconditional love, and help the world heal and love itself. 

Bullying, unpleasant, and hurtful behavior doesn’t come natural to most Starseeds.

When they witness it down here on Earth, they simply don’t understand how or why it happens.

As a result, they don’t like it. Does this feel relatable to you? 

The Hadarian Starseed Mission and Purpose

Hadarian Starseed Mission and Purpose

The first part of the Hadarian mission and purpose on Earth is to discover their Starseed roots.

This is very difficult for some that are in their human forms.

In fact, many of them can go for their entire lives without ever having the spiritual awakening necessary for self and spiritual discovery. 

Following awakening, Starseeds from Hadar have a purpose of spreading the things they know, which are: 

  • Love;
  • Understanding;
  • Compassion;
  • Empathy;
  • Appreciation.

Different Hadarian Starseeds are drawn to different things, and the mission or purpose is often subjective.

For one, it might be healing and compassion in the medical field. For others, it might be teaching in schools. 

There are also groups of Hadarians who find hobbies in those fields, especially those related to Earth and Mother Nature

Are Hadarian Starseeds Old Souls or Young Souls?

Hadarian Starseeds Old Souls

This Starseed type can be both young and old in terms of soul, so it is not a great aspect to take into account when trying to determine your Starseed type.

They can be wise and old-souled just as much as they can be childlike, innocent, and carefree (young-souled). 

Are There Dark Sides to Hadarian Starseeds?

Dark Sides to Hadarian Starseeds

All Starseed types have dark or bad sides, and Hadarians are no exception.

They can often have a thousand and one thoughts in their minds at once, which leaves them a little scatterbrained and forgetful.

Those thoughts might not always make sense to everyone around them. Hadarians will always know how to interpret and figure them out, though. 

Do All Hadarian Starseeds Have Blue Eyes?

No, they don’t. Once upon a time, it was believed that all Hadar-borne souls were blue-eyed but many of them have lost this trait over the many decades, centuries, and millennia that have passed.

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