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Am I a Lyran Starseed? Markings, Mission, and 11 Characteristics

Am I a Lyran Starseed? Markings, Mission, and 11 Characteristics

Although some spiritualists believe that the Lyran civilizations and its Starseeds are ancient and no longer in existence.

Also, others do believe that Lyrans still walk amongst us, on this planet and in other realms and dimensions.

They also believe that true descendants of Lyran Starseeds and souls still exist even if their first-generation counterparts might not. 

Keep on reading to understand if you’re a Lyran Starseed, what is your mission on Earth and what to do after if you’re a true Lyran Starseed.

What is a Lyran Starseed?

Lyran Starseed

Lyrans are some of the oldest spirits and souls that ever existed, thought of in the spiritual world in the same way that mortals look back at civilizations such as the Ancient Greeks, Egyptians, or Romans.

They’re said to be responsible for essentially creating life as we know it.

Because of Lyrans, we have:

  • Fire;
  • Desire to want to work;
  • Understand how to harness light and other forms of energy for better use. 

They’re important to history, paving the way for technological advances. Very much in the same way that Romans built the roads.

Every civilization teaches something new and brings something new to the planets or celestial bodies they’re spending time on. 

Lyran Starseeds originate from the constellation of Lyra.

The brightest star in that constellation is called Vega, and it’s also the fifth-brightest star you can see in the dark night sky.

This is behind our Sun, Sirius (Sirian Starseeds), Canopus, Rigil Kentaurus & Toliman, and also Arcturus. 

The Lyran Starseed Mission on Earth

Lyran Starseed Mission on Earth

Every Starseed comes to Earth to offer something, teach something, or help and guide in some way.

Without them, there’s a chance we wouldn’t have had the technological advance we’ve had, or the advances in medicine, education, and more. 

Astronomers say this about Vega, which gives you some idea of the importance of its spirits and seeds: 

“Arguably the next most important star in the sky after the Sun.”
Vega – Alpha Lyrae

The importance of the Lyran Starseed community almost can’t be described.

They’re so important to us, especially when it comes to moving forwards in life, learning new things, and advancing technologically. 

If you believe yourself to be this Starseed, your mission and purpose in life is very simple:

  • You are here to share your knowledge, and to charm people into taking on your viewpoint. That’s the most basic way to put it but that’s essentially what it is. 

Lyran Starseed Markings

Lyran Starseed Markings

Take a look at your body and make note of the moles, blemishes, and other things we humans like to call ‘imperfections‘.

I personally believe that is what makes us unique. Common symbols associated with Lyran Starseeds are

  • Lyre;
  • Harp;
  • Cat.

You may find that you have a pattern of moles that looks like one of these items, or a birthmark in the shape of one.

You might even have a tattoo of one or more of these things, that you got for a completely different reason but now seems to make a lot of sense in other ways.

Alternatively, perhaps you always pick cat-shaped socks, or cat-themed items for clothing or interior decoration. 

Lyran Starseed Appearance? What Do Lyrans Look Like?

Lyran Starseed Appearance

There isn’t one set ‘look’ for the Lyran Starseed race these days, although they do sometimes have some common traits and features.

These include feline-shaped features, such as an elongated head, cat-shaped eyes, or just a general feline look. 

You can almost feel Lyran Starseeds before you see and realize they’re in front of you.

They have such a positive and warm glow about them, and you can feel that aura in the air around them.

They can have more vibrational power than other Starseeds and are often seen taking on more leadership-like roles in life — and not just in terms of employment

Am I a Lyran Starseed? 11 Characteristics that Confirm That

Am I a Lyran Starseed? 11 Characteristics that Confirm That

If you are a Lyran Starseed, you can be either an Avian or Feline Lyran.

They have the same traits and characteristics for the most part, with one or two that are slightly different.

First, you must work out if you are a Starseed at all. Then, you need to work out which Starseed.

Not all Starseeds will have different options, such as Avian or Feline

1) Do You Have a Passion for Music and/or the Arts?

The symbols often linked to the Lyran Starseed race are a harp or a Lyre, both of which are stringed musical instruments — and not ones that many people play these days.  

This is representative of your love of the arts.

It might not be music for your Lyran soul; it could be painting or graphic design, novel writing, content creation for online businesses, playing the part on a theatre stage, or anything else associated with ‘the arts’. 

2) Are You Easily Bored?

If you can’t do the same task for too long, you might just be a Lyran Starseed.

People with this origin tend to be interested in everything in life and are easily distracted by the new, shiny, more interesting things around them.

This can be both a good and a bad thing, of course; but it does encourage learning new things and having new experiences. 

That’s how we all learn, right

3) Do You Like to Say ‘Yes’? 

Is ‘yes’ the answer to most questions for you, whether it’s another piece of cake, a last-minute trip to somewhere hot and exotic, or a brand new couch for the living room even though the old one is only a few years old?

If so, you can tick off another box on the Lyran Starseed chart

What’s the point in having a human life if you can’t enjoy all the pleasures that it means?

Chocolates, cakes, theme parks, exotic trips away, lovers, friends, movies, music… 

There’s so much to enjoy, so much to do, and so much to see

Lyrans want to see, taste, smell, and explore it all.

They know enough already, but these souls want to learn more and have fun at the same time. Now that’s something I can get behind! 

4) How Do You Feel About Having a Mentor? 

Most Lyran Starseeds don’t really appreciate having a mentor or teacher in the traditional, rigid sense of the word.

They prefer to learn about new things in their own ways, and in their own time. 

If you’re of Lyran descent, you have a pretty good idea of how to meet all your goals without the need for outside assistance…

But perhaps this is actually the lesson YOU’RE meant to learn from your time on this planet?

Maybe sometimes it’s okay to have a mentor, or even necessary. 

5) Are You the Wise One in Your Circle?

Being the oldest of civilizations sure does make you wise, and if you’re a Lyran Starseed, you’ll have had plenty of time to pick up a lot of wisdom.

This is probably going to make you one of the wisest people in your circle of friends and acquaintances.

Just remember: wise doesn’t necessarily mean intelligent or smart

Wisdom is a different thing entirely, often built on experience. 

6) Is Travel One of Your Highest Priorities?

In the same sense that Lyran Starseeds are easily bored when doing the same thing for a long time, or repeatedly, they can also get bored in the same place.

They love to travel, often choosing a new place each time and rarely visiting the same place twice. 

Some may live a digital nomad-like lifestyle, maybe living in a van and sleeping in a new place each week.

Others will travel to a new country for a few months or years before then moving on to the next.

They’re all different, but they’re all the same.

Lyrans don’t like to stand still for too long. With a complicated galactic history of moving around, battles, and losing their own home planet, they’re used to being constantly on the move

7) What’s Your Favorite Animal?

If it’s a cat, or you feel naturally drawn to feline creatures, you could be of Lyran descent.

Most Starseeds feel drawn in by animals and nature, and Lyrans will likely love all animals… but cats may have a special place in their heart. 

(You know, when cats aren’t acting like the true little mischievous devils they are.) 

Lyrans are more likely to have an affiliation with cats if they are of Feline Lyran descent, rather than the other option, which is an Avian Lyran Starseed. 

8) Do You Live By a “Life is Short” Motto?

If you are a firm believer in the here and now, not dwelling too much on the past, and grabbing life by the literal horns, you might be a Lyran Starseed. 

These people are adventurous people, always willing to do something to say they’ve done it rather than not doing it and feeling less-than.

This is what propels them to do things like to jump out of planes or abseil down huge, rocky cliffs.

It is also what earns them the reputation of being a bit of a “good time” person. 

What’s the point of life if not for living, right? 

9) What are Your Thoughts About Planet Earth?

Lyran Starseeds usually very much enjoy their time on earth, because it gives them time to do the things they love the most: 

  • Learn;
  • Indulge;
  • Experience.

They’ll get bored eventually, perhaps, but it seems to take longer for this Starseed than some of the others.

Even Lyrans know they are Starseeds, and where they’re from, they’re not eager to rush back ‘home’.

They’ve got a job to do here, but that’s not all: they’ve also got fun to have here

10) Who’s Your Leader?

If you’re always the leader of the proverbial gang whether you wish to be or not, you might be a Lyran Starseed.

Your wisdom emanates from you, undeniably so. It’s as if mortals can sense the knowledge that you behold. 

Knowledge and wisdom also lead to good decisions most of the time, too.

There’s no wonder why people want to put you in charge when your ideas seem to be consistently better than everyone else’s. 

11) Are You Made of Strong Stuff?

Galactic history has not been kind to the Lyran race, so Starseeds down here on Earth already know what hardship feels like… all too well. 

Drama and difficulty can almost be boring to a Lyran Starseed because they’ve literally seen it all before.

It doesn’t really matter how difficult life gets for them on this planet because it’s nowhere near how bad things have been back in galactic war history.

Some say that Lyrans don’t even have a home ‘planet’ anymore, which is why they’re virtually on the brink of spirit extinction— if they aren’t already extinct. 

Other Signs that You Are a Lyran Starseed

Signs that You Are a Lyran Starseed

These ‘other signs’ of being a Lyran Starseed could be described as the bad or dark side, but that’s not actually what they are.

Just as every Starseed on planet Earth has a mission or purpose, they also have a lesson or two to learn

The following things could be Lyran lessons

You Might Be a Little Too Rigid:

This goes back to what I told you about Lyrans being fiercely dependent, and it’s hardly any wonder with the kind of background they have.

But this need for utter independence does lead to missing out on things that might alleviate the stress.

By not letting people in, no one can ever help you in your hour of need

And people, Starseed or not, we ALL have an hour of need sometimes.  

Don’t let your obsession with strict independence sabotage your growth and evolution.

Boredom Factor Can Ruin Relationships:

Because you can’t stay focused on one thing for more than a little while without getting bored, relationships can be rather tricky for Lyran Starseeds.

Everything’s good at first, but it doesn’t take long before the new relationship becomes an old one… and that’s when this Starseed gets the itchiest of feet

At Times, You Can Be REALLY Angry:

Some Starseeds have a hard time expressing, regulating, or controlling their emotions, and Lyran Starseeds are definitely one of them.

In much the same way as Arcturian Starseeds, Lyrans can bottle their emotions up because they don’t know what else to do with them, resulting in mighty explosions that have the potential to destroy friendships and ruin lives. 

Controlling anger and other emotions is a common lesson for many Starseeds to learn. 

Loneliness is a Common Theme for You:

This is another unfortunate side effect of wanting complete independence.

If someone offers you help or friendship one hundred times and you turn it down one hundred times, why would they possibly ask you again

The definition of independence doesn’t mean to never let anyone in.

What Should I Do Now I’ve Learned I’m a Lyran Starseed?

man meditating horizon

What do you want to do? Your life doesn’t need to change just because you know this particular answer.

As Lyrans and many other Starseeds have taught us: there is always so much more to learn and experience.

Continue on your path, staying true to yourself and your power. That’s when you’re at your strongest and can wield the most power. 

What If I Don’t Identify with All Lyran Traits?

It could be the case that you traveled from your Lyran home to another, such as Orion or Sirius, when galactic wars occurred.

It is quite common for someone to have an affiliate with more than one Starseed, usually borne from your spirit or soul spending long periods of time there in past lives.

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