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Am I An Orion Starseed? Traits, Birthmarks, and 13 Characteristics

Am I An Orion Starseed? Traits, Birthmarks, and 13 Characteristics

The three pyramids of Giza in Egypt are thought to perfectly align with the stars that make up Orion’s belt, a well-known constellation of stars that many of us see in the night sky.

Orion Starseeds are said to feel incredibly drawn to the constellation, perhaps even recognizing it in the night sky without even realizing it. 

If you’ve ever wondered whether you were a Starseed, and an Orion Starseed at that, I’ve got a few answers that you might be looking for. 

What is an Orion Starseed?

Orion Starseed

Let’s break things down for a moment. 

If you’re a Starseed, your soul isn’t from this planet, but that’s something you already know, right?

Not feeling like you’re from planet Earth is one of the biggest giveaways that you are a seed originally native to another celestial body. It’s not the only sign, either. 

Orion Starseeds are people that have souls originally from the Orion constellation, of which there are many stars (home planets).

Bellatrix is one and Mintaka is another. The brightest stars are Beta Orionis, also known as Rigel; and Alpha Orionis, also known as Betelgeuse. 

Ancient Egyptians classed the stars of Orion as just one, in a sense.

Collectively, they all made up an Ancient Egyptian God by the name of Sah or “The Father of the Gods“. 

Orion Starseed Birthmark

Orion Starseed Birthmark

It is common for Orion Starseeds to notice a mark related to the constellation on their bodies somewhere.

For some, it’s a birthmark in the shape of Orion, the hunter.

For others, it might appear that you have the constellation in the wrinkles of your palm

You may even have blemished or moles that formulate a pattern of Orion, or even just part of Orion.

The latter could make it easier to pinpoint exactly where in Orion you originate from.

Orion Starseed Traits

Orion Starseed Traits

Starseeds have many different traits, and this definitely applies to the Orion variety.

They are usually fun, knowledgeable, and curious.

But, they can also sabotage relationships, put logic and problem-solving in front of heart and emotion, and have difficulty understanding their own emotions.

The last one seems to be a common trait with several different Starseeds

Am I An Orion Starseed? 13 Characteristics

Am I An Orion Starseed? 13 Characteristics

If you work your way through the following list of characteristics of Orion Starseeds, ticking off each one with a positive ‘yes’, there’s a very, very good chance that you are a Starseed and one of Orion heritage. 

It is possible to ‘belong’ to more than one Starseed at once.

Either because you’ve spent considerable lengths of time on more than one, or because you were made to leave your home planet at some point. 

1) Do You Always Ask ‘Why’?

Orion Starseeds are often given the fond nickname of ‘truth seekers’. Because they’re constantly yearning to learn more and get to the bottom of every mystery.

If this feels familiar to you, it could be a sign of your Orion heritage

Always needing to know answers or the truth can look different people, but often includes:

  • Always googling something you don’t know;
  • Not being able to sleep until you’ve remembered the name of the person you were talking about earlier;
  • Taking up new hobbies because it’ll be a new ‘thing’ to learn and know;
  • Collecting qualifications and certifications for learning new things, such as languages. 

It may seem like this is done to impress other people, but it’s solely for the reason of the Orion Starseed seeking answers.

The unanswered mystery lures them in too much for them to be able to let go. 

2) How Do You Feel About Your Own Company?

If you’re a big fan of lots of alone time, you might be an Orion Starseed.

Unless you’re in the company of other Starseeds, and particularly those of Orion descent, you don’t really relate to people.

They don’t seem to want to know the answers like you do, and you’re not interested in all the petty drama and stress that comes with mortal lifestyles. 

After a long day of doing things or being around people, you need time to decompress and recharge.

The quiet time allows you to charge up the batteries, so to speak. 

3) Are You Adaptable to Change?

All things change, but Orion (the constellation) like many others, is going through a series of transformations and changes.

Not only is the entire constellation moving further away from Earth, getting less bright in the process, but they’re also reconfiguring themselves, and some are even exploding. 

Betelgeuse, for example, is on the cusp of bursting into supernovae.

Some scientists believe it’ll happen any day now, but others have a slightly larger timeline of approximately 1,000,000 years. In Universe terms, that basically is any day now.  

Orion is used to change. It’s comfortable with it, and it knows more change will happen in the future.

Is that how you feel? Is change your friend rather than your foe

4) How Do You Feel About the Opinions of Others?

If they don’t bother you in the slightest, there’s a chance you could be an Orion Starseed.

The opinions of other people don’t matter to them.

They don’t care what other people think or say about them, and especially not the opinions of mere mortals.

Starseeds have centuries and millennia’ worth of experience to build their thoughts and opinions on. 

Internet trolls, real-life bullies, people with odd characters… They’re not important to you.

You don’t know them, but you do know that the opinion of such people does not impact your life at all, or your mission here on earth. 

5) Is It Safe to Say You Have Strong Opinions?

Orion Starseeds might not care about the opinions of other people, but they sure are happy to share their own opinions.

They’re known for having strong opinions because of all the wisdom, knowledge, and experience they’ve got to back it up. 

If you’ve ever been called one of the following, you might be the proud owner of a soul or spirit that is native to the Orion constellation

  • Gobby;
  • Too opinionated for your own good;
  • Polarizing;
  • Bullheaded;
  • Stubborn.

6) Are You Creative?

Would you consider yourself a creative person?

Creativity can mean many different things, from being creative in fashion to making music, playing music, painting canvasses, creating content online, writing, etc. 

If you enjoy being creative, coming up with new ideas and letting your imagination run riot, perhaps your soul originated from the Orion constellation. 

7) Would You Consider Yourself an Entrepreneur?

Some might refer to Orion Starseeds as ‘Jacks of all trades, masters of none,’ but in reality, Orions just know a lot about everything.

They have many skills under their belt and many tricks up their sleeves. 

8) Is Humor Your Coping Strategy?

If you instantly tell a joke whenever a situation makes you feel uncomfortable, you could be an Orion Starseed.

If humor is your default mode for anything in life that is awkward, sad, angry, embarrassing, or a range of other emotions, the evidence behind you being an Orion Starseed is starting to pile up. 

And if all your friends would call you the funniest person they know, there’s a very high chance you are of Orion descent. 

9) Do You Feel Drawn to the Orion Constellation?

Do you look at the night sky and always seem to find the Orion constellation with ease?

Is there something about it that lures you in, makes you want to learn more, or fascinates you?

Have you read every online page about the star system, or watched every documentary?

If you answered yes, you might belong to the Orion Starseed race. 

10) How’s Your Intuition?

Do you trust your gut instinct? If you regularly get a feeling that something isn’t right.

Your intuition tells you you shouldn’t do something, go somewhere or meet somebody.

It changes your course of action or life, it would be safe to say that your intuition is strong and that you trust it

Orion Starseeds, alongside other Starseed types, have a very strong intuition because of how long they’ve been around, all the different things they’ve seen, and all the different lives they may have lived. 

If anyone’s gut instinct should be trusted, it is most definitely an Orion Starseed’s one. 

11) Would You Describe Yourself as Logical?

As well as having to know the answers to everything, people of Orion descent are usually very logical in their way of thought.

If you’re an Orion Starseed, you won’t have an opinion about something or someone until you’ve researched all the facts.

And you’re not one to make a fuss when it isn’t necessary.  

A lot of your wisdom and knowledge will be based on the personal experiences you’ve had rather than the talk of other people, and you probably prefer to make your own mistakes in life

12) Do You Class Yourself as An Activist?

It is common for Orion Starseeds to follow activism paths down here on planet Earth.

This is because it helps them to serve their purpose and because the causes they support genuinely tug on their heartstrings.

They feel passionate about those causes and want to help make a positive change and impact the world in good ways by supporting them. 

13) Is Perfection Important to You?

Orion Starseeds are well-known for being highly critical of their own work (and the work of others), and also being very much perfectionists.

It might take them longer to complete a job or task, but they want to make sure it’s 100% perfect before they send it on its way. 

The constant chase for perfection can be incredibly unhealthy, of course.

This could be one of the things that this Starseed is meant to learn during their time on Earth.

Everyone’s here to learn something, even the very wise Starseeds

Why Am I Drawn to Orion’s Belt?

Orion's Belt

If you feel drawn to Orion’s Belt, as though it means something to you and commands your attention, it could be the case that you are an Orion Starseed.

It could also be a trait linked to other Starseed types, however, especially those that can be found within the same constellation. This includes Mintaka and Bellatrix

The Orion Starseed Mission and Purpose

Orion Starseed Mission

The Orion mission and purpose on Earth is to bring light, comedy, and enjoyment.

They know how to solve difficult problems, so they’ll give you the solution with a smile on their faces, and then they’ll make you laugh right after and forget why you were stressed in the first place. 

That’s not the only purpose, of course. Orion Starseeds are also on Earth to help bridge the gap between people and technology, and also nature and technology.

They are often seen as two opposite, conflicting things when, in actual fact, the two can live in harmony together, and even boost each other

That’s what the Orion will teach during their time on our big blue planet. 

Are There Bad Sides to Orion Starseeds?

Every Starseed has its negative, dark, or bad points – and it’s usually related to the lesson they’re meant to learn down here on planet Earth.

For Orions (and also several other Starseeds), one of the missions is likely related to emotional regulation and control, which is something they find rather difficult.

Prioritizing loved ones over problem solving and logical solutions can be difficult for them, too.

This is another lesson Earth and Earth mortals can teach them.

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