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Am I a Mintakan Starseed? Traits, Birthmarks, and 15 Characteristics

Am I a Mintakan Starseed? Traits, Birthmarks, and 15 Characteristics

Have you ever felt like a literal alien? Does life here on Earth feel strange, bizarre, and unfamiliar to you?

If so, there’s a good chance that you’re not native to this planet.

Starseeds are souls or spirits (whatever your preferred term is) that descend from other planets.

And today, we’ll be talking about one special Starseed in particular: the Mintakan Starseed

What Is a Mintaka Starseed?

Mintaka Starseed

Mintakan Starseeds are native to Mintaka, a star system found in the constellation of Orion.

Three stars make up what is known as Orion’s Belt:

  • Alnilam – also known as Epsilon Orionis;
  • Alnitak – also known as Zeta Orionis;
  • Mintaka – also known as Delta Orionis.

Mintaka is the brightest and most western of the three, but all of them are visible with your own eyes in the night sky. 

If you are a Mintakan Starseed, your soul or spirit originates from the Mintaka star system, or it has spent a considerable length of time there in past lives.

Starseeds live through countless lives, in countless forms. Just one of those lives might be on Earth, in human form.

If you’re reading this right now, and you end up checking all Mintaka Starseed characteristic boxes, it could be the case that you are Mintakan in origin, and your time has come to spend a lifetime on this planet

Mintaka Starseed Birthmark

Mintaka Starseed Birthmark

Mintaka is one of three stars that make up Orion’s Belt.

So, you may find that you have a birthmark, a series of moles, or other types of blemishes on the skin, in the shape of those three stars in a line

Other possible formations for these skin blemishes include the entire Orion constellation.

You can still be a Mintakan Starseed if you do not have these skin markings, too.

It could be the case that you simply haven’t found them yet, or that you don’t have them at all. 

With every life that passes by, the original physical traits of Starseeds fade.

Your Mintaka Starseed birthmark or mole pattern may have faded to a point where it is no longer visible, because of how many lives you’ve already lived. 

Mintaka Starseed Traits

Mintaka Starseed Traits

Mintaka is one of three stars that make up the well-known part of the Orion constellation – Orion’s Belt.

Because of this, some Mintakan’s feel comfortable in groups of three.

Does this sound familiar to you? If it resembles your friendship pattern(s), you might be of Mintakan descent.

If it doesn’t, you could still be a Mintakan Starseed. You might also be the fruit of another home planet

These Starseeds are also thought to be quite positive, creative, and opinionated souls, too. 

There are several other traits attributed to Mintakans, but once again, it is important to remember that not every trait will be found in every Mintakan

Am I a Mintaka Starseed? 15 Characteristics

Am I a Mintaka Starseed? 15 Characteristics

Pure Starseeds are said to be quite rare in this day and age.

They become almost diluted over the years, losing their original characteristics and traits with each life that passes.

It’s possible for Starseeds to have hundreds if not thousands of lives before they come to Earth, and after it. 

You may find that you have all these Mintakan traits and characteristics, or you may only have a handful of them.

Maybe your Mintakan ancestry is also blended with another home planet, such as Andromeda.

1) Are You Comfortable in Groups of People?

Some Starseeds have a very strong dislike for big or even medium-sized groups of people, but this tends to be a problem that Mintakan Starseeds don’t face often.

Because of their position in the universe, and within the constellation of Orion, they are extremely comfortable being in the center of people – two or more. 

There’s safety in numbers, as the saying goes.

Mintakans are quite rare, although not the rarest Starseed on Gaia — also known as Planet/Mother Earth.

When they find a group of people they feel comfortable with, they stick with them, seeking their safety and shelter

It may look like a sociable trait, but for many Starseeds, it’s actually a clever, protective, and tactical (in a good way) move.  

2) Do You Feel Drawn to Nature? 

If you want to spend all your time in the garden, feel most comfortable and at home when around nature.

Or look for literally any excuse to get out of the city life and into the country, there’s a good chance that you’re a Mintakan Starseed.

This type yearns for nature, and some say it’s in a stronger way than many other Starseed types. 

All Starseeds have a deep understanding, gratitude, and appreciation for the natural things around them, and Mintakans are no exception.

Their soul gravitates towards the great outdoors, whether it’s hiking in the mountains, exploring volcanoes, pottering around in the garden, or making friends with wild animals. 

3) Does 2023 Feel Important to You?

2023 is a year of great awakening, especially for spiritual types — and even more so for Starseeds.

Searches for this subject are on the increase, and there’s a good reason for that.

The great spiritual awakening is knocking on the doors of Starseeds and other non-native Gaia souls and spirits.

It cannot be ignored; it refuses to be ignored

If this year feels different to you, or important in some way, there’s a high chance you are a Starseed with the exact type to be determined.

If these Mintakan traits don’t resonate with you, take a peek at some of the other Starseed types and their common characteristics.

It’s more common to be a ‘blend’ than a pure-breed these days, after all. 

4) How Strong Is Your Spiritual Side?

All Starseed types have strong spiritual sides and Mintakans are no exception.

Spirituality can present in many different ways, including: 

  • Praying to a higher power;
  • Using meditation, crystal healing, manifestation, etc.;
  • Having a strong gut instinct or intuition;
  • Believing in your gut instinct;
  • Reading tarot cards;
  • Psychic abilities or visions.

5) Do You Prefer to Live an Alternative or Holistic Lifestyle? 

We all need “western medicine” from time to time, but do you prefer to do things the all-natural and holistic way first? If yes, you might be a Mintaka Starseed.

They appreciate and understand the power of natural remedies because they’ve been using them for so long. 

It’s easy to forget that life wasn’t always as advanced as it is now. Once upon a time, the holistic approaches to healthcare were the ONLY approach. 

6) Are You an Optimistic Person?

Mintakan souls on Earth are the glass-half-full kind of people.

They always look on the bright side of life, generally think that people are good in terms of intentions, and trust people until they’re given a reason not to.

As you can imagine, this can sometimes lead them into some heartbreaking situations. 

It is important to remember that human people aren’t the same as Starseeds in their human forms.

It seems to be human nature to be mean, bad, dark, or evil.

For Starseeds, and especially Mintakan Starseeds, this kind of behavior is not just unusual, it’s virtually unheard of. 

7) What Are Your Thoughts on the Beach?

  • Do you love the beach? Feel drawn to it?
  • Always book vacations that revolve around it?

If yes, you might be a Mintakan Starseed. Allow me to explain why. 

Humans know Mintaka as a burning, hot star. In all honesty, that’s all it is now.

Once upon a time, however, it was a watery world, filled with happy, mermaid-like Mintakan souls.

Those souls are the Starseeds now down on Earth, living one of their many lives

Starseeds know, subconsciously, that they aren’t from this planet, and there’s always a yearning for their native homes.

For Mintakans, this presents in a yearning for bodies of water, such as the sea, large lakes, and even swimming pools.

They usually love to swim, but it is common for older souls that have lived many, many lives to lose a trait or two along the way

You can still be a Mintakan Starseed if you hate the beach, are scared of water, and can’t swim. 

8) Does Your Soul Yearn for Adventure?

If your heart and soul are desperate for adventure, especially when it comes to water, you can give yourself another tick.

Having an adventurous soul is another common trait for Mintakan Starseeds. 

Having hobbies that relate to adventure activities, such as rock climbing, abseiling, parachuting, etc., are common for this Starseed type.

Water-based adventure activities are also very common, such as cave diving and exploring, scuba diving, and lake-based activities. 

9) Are Your Hobbies Water-Related?

‘Water-related’ covers quite a wide spectrum of water-based activities, including the ones listed above.

Many Mintakans love to swim, and they can often appear very childish or child-like when in close proximity to water.

Essentially, their inner souls come out to play when water is close by

Some Mintakans enjoy fishing as a hobby, but it is less common.

Originating from a watery world essentially makes them the ‘thing‘ that humans are trying to catch! 

10) Would Friends and Family Call You a Perfectionist? 

Alongside perfectionist, other words that are often associated with this Starseed are sometimes not very pleasant to read. These include

  • Controlling;
  • Square;
  • Rigid;
  • Strict;
  • Bossy.

These traits aren’t always bad traits despite the bad connotations given to the words.

In reality, you can be all of those things, coming from a place of organization and love.

You don’t want to control people; you just want things to be just right and easier

11) Do You Need to Google Everything?

Mintakan-borne souls have a thirst for knowledge that is equally as strong as their need for adventure.

They’ll turn to the internet or another knowledge base to find the answers they don’t already know, and they’re usually the person in a group that constantly asks, “Why?”. 

There are a few caveats, of course. Mintakans will only want to find the answers to questions they’re actually interested in.

They simply will not retain information if the subject matter doesn’t pique their interest even a little.

Some Starseeds have successfully managed to ‘train out (in a sense) this pattern of behavior during their time on Earth. 

12) Is Now More Important Than Later?

Some people plan for the future. They save money, invest well, and make decisions that will greatly benefit the path they have set for themselves in life. 

Other people don’t live like that. Instead, they spend money on good times and great people or rarely have enough money to invest or make big purchases. 

Mintakans have a live-in-the-moment life motto, which makes them a lot of fun.

On the flip side, though, they can also be flaky, unreliable, and become stuck in a short-term way of thinking. 

13) How Often Do You Feel Isolated?

If the answer is ‘a lot’, you’ve matched with another Mintakan personality trait

Many Starseeds feel completely alien from the human race, because they are just that: alien in soul and spirit.

Mintakans really struggle with human behaviors, especially the dark or evil ones.

They’ll deliberately avoid confrontation and aggressive situations, which means they lock themselves away a lot

The outside world, to Mintakans, is scary and dark, so it’s a lot easier and safer to just stay at home. 

14) What Does Your Employment History Look Like?

I’m going to ask you a few questions, and I’d like you to answer them honestly.

You don’t need to tell me the answers; keep them to yourself.

But as much as you may want to lie when you answer them, the honest answers will help you solve your Starseed mystery. 

  • Have you had many different jobs, in different industries? 
  • Do you have more short-term jobs than long-term ones?
  • Are you still trying to figure out what kind of career you want? 

If the answers to one or more of those questions are ‘yes’, you’re ticking more Mintakan boxes.

The more yes’s you have, the more ticks you have. 

This Starseed is interested in a lot of different things, which makes them a great hub for knowledge. There are bad sides to this, however.

One of them is a constant struggle to stay stimulated and content with a job.

When boredom hits, Mintakans get a wandering eye… and it’ll usually be a completely different job, in a completely different field, using a completely different set of talents and skills. 

15) Do You Find Yourself Betrayed a Lot?

Do people take advantage of you all the time, or seem to find a way to manipulate you into giving them whatever they want?

It’s a trait common to Mintakans and other Starseeds, unfortunately. 

The problem with Mintakans down here on Earth is, they frequently don’t learn how to set rigid boundaries.

Being manipulative and cunning isn’t in the Mintakan nature, so they aren’t prepared when humans act that way.

In essence, their guards are always down, which lets bad people with bad intentions in

The Mintaka Starseed Mission and Purpose

Mintakans are on planet Earth for a wide and interesting mix of reasons.

This Starseed is often drawn to holistic leadership roles, particularly those related to nature, healing, or spirituality.

The goal, whether they consciously know it or not, is to spread knowledge and encourage love for all things natural, and particularly water-based nature. 

All Starseeds have their own personal missions to accomplish on this planet, too.

These are the things that the individual must learn, often regarding personal emotions, but not always.

For Mintaka natives, personal missions are usually related to learning how to present in a way that doesn’t appear controlling and learning how to create boundaries to protect themselves from heartbreak and pain. 

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