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Baby Born With A Full Head of Hair Spiritual Meaning

Baby Born With A Full Head of Hair Spiritual Meaning

Have you ever encountered a baby that was born with a full head of hair? Why did this happen? What does it all mean?

Well, you are in luck because this article will help you answer all these questions and more.

In this article, we will try to dive deeper into some definitions that have been attributed to babies that have thick hair during infancy. 

Hopefully, we will be able to shed some light on what it means to have a thick-haired baby right off the bat.

Move on to the next paragraph if you want to learn more. You will have no regrets for sure.

Can Babies Be Born With A Full Head of Hair?

Full Head of Hair baby

This is the ultimate question that people can ask if they see a baby with thick hair right off the bat. Yes, they can!

One can even ask if there is something wrong with this infant. The answer is no. There is a perfectly good scientific explanation for this circumstance.

Ultimately, it can be attributed to two main factors. Hormones and genetics.

If the baby comes from a line of hairy individuals, to begin with, chances are the little one will be born with a full head of hair right away.

In addition to this, natural hair growth in babies already happens in the womb.

According to pediatric doctors and various neonatal experts, hair growth in infants occurs during the 28th week of pregnancy. 

Babies grow a significant amount of body hair known as lanugo which protects them from intrauterine viruses and bacteria that might compromise their immune system in the womb.

It may be worrisome for some parents. However, this body hair falls off as time goes by.

This is why you don’t have anything to worry about if you are a first-time parent. Think of it as something to talk about for future reference.

With these pieces of information, can we safely say that there is a spiritual significance related to hair growth in infants?

The next sections will try to answer all your questions and more.

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7 Spiritual Meanings of Babies Having a Full Head of Hair

7 Spiritual Meanings of Babies Having a Full Head of Hair

Let’s now explore 7 spiritual meanings of babies being born with a full head of hair.

1) Connection to the Spirits 

Most elderly members in a community attribute having a full head of hair for babies to a spiritual connection.

They believe that a baby that has thick hair during infancy has strong ties with the divine.

This could go back to biblical times because of Samson and how he was born with thick hair even as an infant developing and showing significant feats of strength at a young age.

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2) The Presence of Guardian Angels 

In modern times it is believed that babies born with thick hair are strongly connected with their guardian angels.

This means that no harm will come to them or anyone close to them if you ever decide to care for such an infant.

3) signifies Great Wisdom and the Capacity to Become Excellent Leaders 

Furthermore, it is also believed that babies born with a full head of hair are destined to become individuals that are full of wisdom.

Some tribe members believe that they were born to become great leaders of their community and have the capacity to guide people to great things.

4) Good Luck

Next, some say that babies born with thick hair signify good luck.

They are believed to bring good fortune to their families, which is why they are regarded as golden children.

The length of the hair also signifies long life which is good luck for some East Asian countries as well.

5) Great Spiritual Awareness and Divine Communication

In connection with this, during ancient times it is also believed that babies that are born with a full head of hair have strong spiritual connections.

This means that they can communicate with the spirits and the divine even during infancy. They’re also prophesized to become great communicators and healers

For this reason, these babies are regarded with much love and respect not only by their immediate families but also by their community.

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6) Power, Strength and Intelligence

They are also said to display incredible amounts of power even at a young age.

Much like Samson, babies with hair during infancy can display feats of great strength.

They are also viewed as incredibly smart. Hair is regarded as the crowning glory not only for women but also for men.

7) Significant Change and Renewal

What about if you dream of babies with thick hair? What could it mean for you? 

This could mean a variety of different things. It could mean rebirth and renewal for you.

If you are looking for a fresh start and want to begin again, the spirits may send you a dream of a thick-haired baby as a sign that you are on the right path.

You should try to make sure that you make good decisions as soon as you dream about a thick-haired baby. 

You will not regret your decision for sure. Also, try to accept the change that comes your way whether it be that is good.

This way, you will be more open to anything that happens down the road.

Overall, babies with a full head of hair serve as good omens not only for your family but also for the community.

They already signify being God’s blessing as babies and having a full head of hair from birth amplifies this blessing even more. 

It means that you would be given divine protection if your baby is born with lots of hair. You should be grateful for this gift.

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Does Baby’s Long Hair Present Good Luck?

Baby's Long Hair

Yes. In some East Asian countries, as mentioned earlier, it is believed that long hair represents long life and good luck. 

This is why parents are encouraged not to cut their baby’s hair at least until a year old.

This belief also applies to oriental foods such as noodles. The Asians are known to revere objects of great length.

They equate it to long life and positive energy as well. It is something that will be a good thing to consider especially if you come from families of Asian descent.

Going back to baby hair, by not cutting, the parents can let the infant hair follicles develop more fully without sacrificing the quality of the hair in the coming years.

Should I Cut the Baby’s Hair?

cute baby long hair

Scientifically speaking, you shouldn’t do this right away.

Because the baby’s hair follicles are still growing, and cutting it would disrupt the natural flow of growth and development in the infant.

It is advisable to cut your baby’s hair after the first year but not before.

You shouldn’t worry about your baby being hairy too much because it tends to fall out naturally after a few weeks of being born.

Except for cranial hair which will determine your baby’s natural hairline in the future. This is why you must just relax and enjoy everything that is happening to your baby.

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Shall We Conclude?

With all these pieces of information, we hope that you come to understand the significance of your baby’s thick hair.

It should be no cause for alarm and instead, you should be proud that you have a hairy infant as part of your family. 

Before we go, let me ask you this question first. Are you ready to become a parent or are you just curious? Either way, it is a big responsibility that you must be prepared for. Gathering all the information you need is just the first step.

You must be prepared emotionally and spiritually as well. Make sure to do that before the time comes and you will never go wrong.

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