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Born with a Caul Superstitions and 7 Spiritual Meanings

Born with a Caul Superstitions and 7 Spiritual Meanings

There are 5 superstitions and 7 spiritual meanings of being born with a caul. Being born with a caul is a rare occurrence, and another word for being born with a caul is born with a veil.

In the scientific world, a caul is an amniotic sac that covers the face of a child. In some cases, it covers the face and the chest of the child.

The medical world believes this to be a normal occurrence.

However, in the spirit world, there are several spiritual meanings and superstitions surrounding being born with a caul.

If you are born with a caul, you should read this article till the end to understand your spiritual abilities and your spiritual purpose. In addition to this, if you have a child that was born with a caul, you will understand the spiritual implication of giving birth to a child with a caul.

The universe sends children to the world with a caul as a gift and a clear description of their spiritual destiny.

Therefore, with the superstitions and 7 spiritual meanings of being born with a caul, you will have an accurate understanding of your birth and purpose.

Let’s get into this right away.

Born With a Caul Superstition

Born With a Caul Superstition

5 superstitions surround being born with a caul. Each of these superstitions reveals spiritual messages of being born with a caul. What are the superstitions around being born with a caul? Read what comes next in this article.

Prophetic child:

It is believed that whenever a child is born with a caul, there is the gift of prophecy in such a child. Such a child has a spiritual sight that gives him/her the ability to see into the spirit world.

If you are born with a caul, then you must have observed certain spiritual signs.

You will have observed the spiritual ability to see into the future. In addition to this, you will be able to predict events.

By paying attention to this gift, you might become a seer with spiritual power. it is believed that those who are born with a caul are special children with a destiny to the world.

Spiritually fortified child:

A child that is born with a caul is believed to be spiritually fortified. It is believed that the amniotic sac covering the face of that child is a sign of spiritual covering.

It is a sign of protection in the spirit world.

This type of child will be able to overcome every challenge that comes his/her way. If you are born with a caul, it is a sign of protection.

To activate this power, you need to be conscious of the amniotic sac covering your head in the spiritual realm. Once this happens, you will begin to enjoy protection from the universe.

It is also believed that whoever is born with a caul will not be affected by the evil eye because of the spiritual covering over the head of such an individual.

Magical powers:

It is believed that a child with a caul possesses magical powers to accomplish extraordinary feats. 

  • Have you observed some supernatural events lately?
  • Or have you seen spirits?
  • Have you touched a spiritual being?
  • Have you ever manifested a form of supernatural power?

If you have experienced all of this, then you were born with a caul or spiritual veil. It is a sign of spiritual abilities and powers. You have to channel this power in the right direction, and a spiritual expert is needed for this.

Therefore, ensure to consult a spiritual expert. This is another superstition surrounding being born with a caul. If you have a child with a caul, then, expect supernatural things to happen in your home.

Weird, supernatural events and activities will unfold consistently around this child. It might be a superstitious belief, but it is real.

The child will not drown:

It is believed that whenever a child is born with a caul, the child can’t drown. There is a reason behind this; the child spent 9 months in the sac without drowning.

Therefore, it is believed that whenever a child is born with a caul, enough strength has been built in the child against drowning.

Now, this is just a superstition. We have no evidence of this fact. Therefore, don’t try to drown yourself in an ocean. 

Wealthy child:

A child born with a caul is going to be wealthy.

  • There is a spiritual atmosphere surrounding children with a caul.
  • There is a belief that every successful person on earth were born with a caul.
  • And there is no statistical proof of this.

However, it is believed that the atmosphere for success that surrounds people that are born with a caul makes it easy for them to be successful. Anyone that is born with a caul is called a child with the golden touch.

Therefore, if you are born with a caul, you should expect positive results around your life.

Caul Birth Spiritual Meaning: 7 Spiritual Messages

Caul Birth Spiritual Meaning

1) Good luck

Caul birth is a sign of good luck. If you are born with a caul, expect good things to happen in your life. In addition to this, you will enjoy a lot of favors from people.

This is a result of the spiritual atmosphere surrounding you.

It is believed that the universe covers people with caul birth, and attracts good fortune to their lives. This good fortune will affect both the child and the parent.

This is why the African tradition calls people with caul birth “good luck child”. They believe that such children are responsible for the good things that are happening in their families. Are you born with a caul? Then, it is a sign of good luck. 

2) Protection

A caul birth is a sign of protection. If you give birth to a child with a caul, it is a sign of protection. The universe is revealing the power of such a child. No evil will affect a child with caul.

The caul is a spiritual covering over the child, and it creates a spiritual atmosphere that repels every form of danger and negative situations. This is a common spiritual meaning of caul birth children.

They are specially protected by the universe. We have heard reports of invisible boundaries around such children.

Therefore, if you have a caul birth, don’t be scared of negative energy. In addition to this, develop a positive mindset towards life.

3) Wealth

Caul birth is a sign of prosperity. Anyone with caul birth is believed to carry spiritual wealth to the earth. This type of child will often become rich at a young age.

This is also a good spiritual message for parents. If you give birth to a child with a caul, the universe is indicating a change. If you have been struggling with your finances, having a caul birth indicates prosperity.

Therefore, you should expect things to change in your family as you receive the child in your arm. In addition to this, you can dry the amniotic sac, and make use of it for wealth charms. 

4) Protection

Whenever you see a child with caul birth, it is a sign of protection. This does not have to be your child.

For example, if you are a doctor, and you delivered a child with a caul, it is a spiritual message from the universe that there is protection for you.

In some tribes, seeing a caul birth is a message that your guardian angel is around to protect you.

Whenever you see a child with caul birth, open your mind to suck in the atmosphere around that child, and you will be amazed at the spiritual shield you will create around yourself.

The universe can send messages to you via different means. Once you are vigilant, it will be easy to get these signals. Therefore, to enjoy protection, meditate upon being born with a caul.

5) Fame

It is believed that whenever a child is born with a caul, it is a sign of strong visibility. That type of child will be famous, and this is a good sign.

In addition to this, whenever you see a child with an amniotic sac or a caul, it is a sign that you will become popular.

It is an indication that a season is about to change in your life.

The universe is letting you in on a powerful secret, which should be used to your advantage. It is an indication that you are going to become the center of attraction. This is a good sign.

However, you have to develop an inner strength against the criticisms and heavy demands from people. If you are born with a caul, be prepared to become famous. It is believed that most famous people are born with a caul.

6) Spiritual sight

The sac covering the face of the child is a sign of spiritual sight. That is, the child will be highly spiritually sensitive.

This is mostly a message for the parents. Due to the things that will begin to happen around the child, you might be forced to silence that inner spiritual expression of the child.

However, with this spiritual message, you will be prepared to embrace the spiritual destiny of the child, and help him/her to discover the hidden potential. If you are born with a caul, you are not an ordinary child. You possess spiritual abilities and prophetic insight. 

7) Persistence

If you are born with a caul, it is an indication of strong willpower to succeed. If you find a child with a caul birth, then it is a sign of inner strength.

The universe is revealing an inner strength to weather the storms of life. Children with caul birth are persistent. This is a major quality behind their successes.

What does it mean to be born with a veil?


It means spiritual sensitivity.

This veil is placed on your face as a sign of spiritual sight. With the veil, you will be able to see spiritual beings and interact with them. It is believed that people with psychic powers are born with a veil or sac.

Therefore, if you are born with a veil, this might be the best time to discover your hidden potential.

Babies born in amniotic sac myths


Babies born with amniotic sacs are believed to be special children. It is believed that such children are sent to the world for a special purpose.

Sadly, not every one of them discovers this purpose due to their ignorance.

However, with this article, we hope that they begin to see themselves for who they truly are. Babies born in the amniotic sac are special.

They are sent here for a spiritual purpose.

Born with a veil spiritual meaning


Being born with a veil is a sign of good luck. Babies born with a veil are going to prosper. These babies will go on to dominate their sphere of influence. They are also spiritually fortified against negative forces.

In Africa, children with these special births are believed to be impenetrable by witchcraft. This is the secret behind their dominance. 

In addition to this, babies born with a veil are going to need direction. If you are a parent, you need to be ready to guide this child on the right path because of the myriads of distraction around him.

Is a baby born in an amniotic sac good luck?

Baby born in an amniotic sac

Yes, it is good luck. There is nothing negative about a baby born in an amniotic sac. Such a child will be famous, wealthy, and spiritually fortified.

Therefore, if you are born in an amniotic sac, you have nothing to fear. The universe is on your side, and the future holds interesting events for you.

Final words

Are you born with a caul?

Do you have a child that was born with a caul?

Then the information in this article is true about you, and your hidden abilities. Become conscious of who you are, and watch the amazing things that will unfold around you.

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27 thoughts on “Born with a Caul Superstitions and 7 Spiritual Meanings”

  1. I was born caulked, my life has been a journey of ups and downs, a only child, I have always felt different, but wasn’t exposed to the knowledge that I was special in the universe, my Mom said I would see spirits, I’m 58 years young and finally fine tuning the gifts I have had all along, alcohol and drugs in my younger years blinded me, I think I wanted to be without the gift, it was scary no one was there to guide me, I’ve been sober totally for a decade, the gift is getting stronger as I age, I see all . I’m people, myself, and the unwavering love of Jesus Christ. Thank you lord, without you I would have lost my mind!!!

    1. Hello, My name is Elisha. My mom & family members told me that I was also born with a Caul covering my face as well. Before I was actually told this, I have experience many supernatural events. I can see Into the future. I see signs from the spiritual world daily. I can see people for who they actually are. I can see into people’s minds as well. I use to be so afraid of that; because when people would act like one thing, I would actually see the truth. When I was 10 years old, I had heart surgery, died and came back to life. When I was 15 making 16, I got in a really bad car accident. The driver passed away in the accident. Recently, I just got shot 5 times and survived. In between all those events, I experienced many other occasions but to many to speak about. To this day, I can hear extremely far. I also have remote viewing. I can tell even when someone is watching me. No matter how (undercover) they are. It’s a spirit that I feel, nothing physical. I can hear people’s thoughts, I use to have dreams along time ago about people chasing me, but would NEVER CATCH Me. I don’t know why I have these Gifts, but I really love the LORD. Most people sat they do, but I know him and it feels like GOD is my friend. One particular time I was a PT and I told my Doctor’s what they were taking about literally across the room. They were completely scared because Doctor’s judges from facts, it was completely physically impossible for me to have known what they were talking about. I even hear conversations of people who are talking about me in a completely different location, Like a city, business, or just a different location. I use to be really scared about all this, now I’ve embraced it for like 20 years now. I use my Gifts effectively. Yet, we are still humans so we must be careful to not neglect our physical bodies, like eating and taking care of all the necessary needs so that we can operate in a functional way.

    2. Me to , in fact many people in my life and starting with my parents, couldn’t understand me . I was also born with a veil over my face . Nobody even told me until my adult life . As a child , I had a million questions. Nothing made sense to me , from why people treated people differently to why do the animals have to be locked up . I could feel and see the animals unhappiness and defeat in their eyes ( at a circus or petting farm) and I hated it and would cry as a child) .
      My parents didn’t understand, they couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t enjoying it .
      I hated school and didn’t want to go . I NEVER made it a full 5 days in 12 years . I would be ( what I thought was sick ) but later found out I was drained from being empathetic and I would have to stay home to regroup or recharge idk.
      This carried on into my adult life as well , and so I had to work for myself so that I could take a break from society after 3 days maxxxx.
      I didn’t understand ANY OF THIS AT ALL. I KNEW I WAS DIFFERENT, but I didn’t know why ! As a child the dumb things the teachers make you do for a cookie or something that would excite the other kids didn’t excite me.
      As an adult the same stupid games the teacher in school plays , now your boss plays in the office with adults . Same reaction, the people were excited to play office games and I didn’t care about whatever prize was given out .
      I know I’m going on and on , and I could tell so many stories.
      I’m just so happy to read these comments and know their are other people like me out there .
      As you know it’s hard to make friends like yourself .
      I’m 48 , and I still remember the day my sister was born and I was 3 . I remember EVERYTHING

    3. Ooh dear I’m glad to hear someone went through what I’m struggling to deal with thought im cursed as I also have no one I’m trying to cope i go through everyday hoping for thos would end but i believe that I’m guided by angels of light even though I’m trying to overcome the addiction that does not seem to end i always go back because of the stress and anxiety disorders,I’m really truly happy that someone managed to walk through this journey with God’s grace and mercy,the Lord always saves me guide me

  2. I got a 10 year old born en caul…. I can say she is an adorable girl all around ever since she was a baby. Recently she had an exciting dream. SHE said she visited heaven in her dream, she saw angels, water falls and clouds all over the place and she felt very tiny and small. THEN a huge scary voice said to her you are the chosen one and she started shivering until the end of the dream. I believe God will use her.

  3. I am a 43 year old lady,my mother told me that I am an en could baby.I have been seeing things at my early age and I still do with no spiritual guidance.Unfortunately for me my parents don’t believe in that kind of staff they think infact they say it’s demonic.I have been suffering my whole life with no direction.I. need closure to this please help.


  4. I have had no direction either. My mother told me I was born with a veil. I on the other hand have have always known and believed in God and Jesus. Knowing I was put here for a divine purpose. I scared my parents and they tried to shut me down. My father called me a witch.

    1. Wow I got my first tarot deck when I was 12 …i did one reading on my mommy and she didn’t know what to think she took them from me and she was going to call a witch doctor …im 37 now and I have gotten more and more lol..

  5. I was born with a veil as well Been having this same dream from my first encounter…my sister always told me its going to get stronger …and it have now to the point lights Flicker s loud banging and feeling like some one siting on my bed….long story short …i have been on my spitutal journey …i want to enhance and embrace my gifts just Don t know how ..

  6. I was a veiled birth. I have always had supernatural things happen to me. I have always fought against it. I didn’t want to believe, so I rejected any guidance, telling myself I was mentally ill. Where can I find spiritual guidance?

  7. I m 52 years of age and was told I was born with a veil and I’m truly trying to find out what this means every time I ask someone they Shy away from the subject and tell me I’ll find out one day or don’t tell no one else please help

  8. I was told my daughter had the amniotic sac still around her when her head came out. I was in such stress delivering her do to the speed she was coming, I only remember hearing it was there, and the doctor and nurses didn’t say much about it after, at least I don’t think so. I was i shock. My daughter now 32, has always seemed to have a guardian around her, I believe I was told 4 by a shamen and a psychic. She always seems to come out ok when the worst case scenarios arrive. It’s been amazing witnessing these events. I didn’t know until I came across babies born with a veil article that being born with the amniotic sac around you had a name, en caul/caul. So fascinating. My children and I are also very spiritual and believe in the power of the energies and spirits around us. This has been an amazing read I will share with my daughter.

  9. I am born covered in veil I have seen things in my life and I could see I was protected and I am not like other children at home but I still need guidance in my life I am now 54years suffering from financial problems.

  10. I am Yvonne, just turn 50 years. my mother told me that I was born in a veil. I am trying to understand or find my true me. My life is being constantly being followed by hatred and misunderstanding and conflict. Most of the people who hates me it’s people that I don’t know, I have done nothing to them and some I am their well wisher. Even my children hates me with a passion. Currently divorced. To be honest my life is a living disaster.
    Help me to find my self. I truly believe in God and I want things to change.

    1. Yvonne I would love to be your friend , I understand completely. There is something about your presence that INFURIATES people . It’s been this way my whole life . Not every person of course, but literally my whole life I ALWAYS HAD SOMEONE ( usually a woman) that would go out of her way to try to sabotage my job, or just flat out be upset being on my presence. It really used to hurt my feelings because I’m nice to everyone until they are mean to me .
      I could NEVER UNDERSTAND how the sheer sight of me REALLLLY disturbed some people . It’s crazy , but I totally understand you 💯💯💯💯

    2. Avatar
      Motunrayo Adewoye Ahmed

      Have all trust in God & please take each day as it comes & be happy for no reason you will find joy & peace of mind & everything will turn around for good, You are a special born👍

  11. I pray all is well. Seek the Lord for he is the only person that will give you a better understanding of whom you truly are.

  12. Wow…
    No words for this. My grandma when I was 11 told me I was born with a veil.
    When I asked what it meant, she said one day I would know. I am 47…yesterday I found out what it meant. That day she also said my genes were mutated. Anyone else born with a caul and rh neg?
    They have destroyed my life…and tried to kill me since I was a baby. My life has been a nightmare…my destiny was stolen by countless dark people…they didnt succeed to physically kill me spirituslly….so they resorted now to physical…hacking identity theft, literslly…there r 33 data breaches of my name …councidence? No…now they have tried stealing my voice to try to associate me with AI and crimes….hacking blocking mails, taking all good things away so I will kill myself or another…I am a rare chosen one born with a caul and rh neg and they blocked my success and purpose with their evil technology and govt programs…my life is love, no support, they block and destroy my social media ruining any spiritual connection. I’m 100% isolated wnd alone…its an absolutely nightmare.
    All the while I kill the demons one by one. This reality is a simulation..literally, like the matrix. Bring it on MFs…I’ll keep renouncing your matrix…lets see who wins!

  13. My mother told me I was born with a caul on my face. I was born one week late and I weighed 5 lb 6 oz. I am currently 72 years old. My psychic ability is finding things. It is crazy…when I missed my deceased mom, I found a bookmark in my couch that reminded me of my childhood, and a nickel carved pendant of Christ. I just received two sweaters that were crocheted. in the mail with no return address. My mom used to crochet sweaters for me. This feels crazy but is my existence. My mom died is 1987, my husband died in 2005. My husband used to lecture me about turning out the lights when leaving a room. I have those touch lamps in a guest bedroom. Every time I walk by, the lamp is turned on. I think he is letting me know he is here. I am so happy to read the other messages and to hear that fellow people like myself are spiritually driven to Jesus Christ our Savior. I have never doubted! Also, re numerology all of my numbers add up to 7 which is a spiritual being. God bless you all!

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