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Baby Laughing and Smiling in Sleep Spiritual Meaning

Baby Laughing and Smiling in Sleep Spiritual Meaning

Whenever you see a baby laughing and smiling in sleep, stop to think about its spiritual meaning.

The reason for this is that the universe has something to show you through this attitude.

Severally, we tend to ignore how powerful a spiritual message can come through normal occurrences.

However, those who pay attention to the normal events around them always get messages that bring about transformation.

If a baby suddenly starts to smile in his/her sleep, it is believed to come with a spiritual indication and sign.

This is why parents should also pay attention to their children whenever they sleep.

Through their sleep behaviors, several signs, messages, and instructions can come.

Spiritually, laughing while sleeping is a message from the universe.

You don’t have to be an adult or an infant.

However, when it comes to infants and babies, the spiritual meanings are more powerful. I will explain the reason behind this in this article.

  • Have you ever seen a baby smile in his/her sleep?
  • Do you feel it has something to do with you?
  • How can you interpret the sleep behavior of your child?

To get answers to all these questions, kindly read this article till the end.

What does it mean when Babies Laugh in their sleep?


Commonly, people believe that babies laugh in their sleep when they are satisfied by their mother’s breast milk. One of the reasons why babies cry in their sleep is attached to hunger, pain, or a little bit of discomfort in their bodies.

However, whenever you see them smiling, it is a sign that everything is going well with their bodies and environment. Now, what does this mean for you spiritually? I will discuss this extensively later.

Furthermore, babies laugh in their sleep whenever they have a funny dream. Babies can react to funny things that communicate to them.

For example: babies might not laugh while watching a funny comedy. The reason for this is that the comedy does not communicate with them. However, they can laugh in their dreams because the images they see are amusing to their senses.

This is another reason behind the sleep behavior of babies. 

Other reasons include:

  • The presence of an angel.
  • The presence of their mothers in the dream.
  • When they are in the presence of other babies.

These are the reasons why babies laugh in their sleep. Now, what is the connection between the sleep behavior of babies and the spiritual world? Let us discuss this right away.

Baby Laughing in Sleep: Spiritual Meaning

Baby Laughing in Sleep

Whenever babies laugh in their sleep, the following spiritual meanings are attached:

  • Something good is about to happen: Babies are highly sensitive to positive and negative energy. Whenever positive energy is around, babies will laugh in their sleep.
    • However, whenever there is negative energy, they will begin to cry.
    • Therefore, whenever you see your baby laughing in his/her sleep, it means that something good is about to happen in your house.
    • This might be a promotion, a financial increase, or the restoration of a broken relationship.
  • The baby is speaking with his/her guardian angel: It is believed that babies and angels are close friends. The reason for this is because of the purity in the souls of babies. They are not yet polluted by negativity and immorality.
    • Therefore, pure spirits will be attracted to them much more. Whenever babies begin to smile, it is saying that their angel is around. 
  • This is also a sign that your child will be happy in life. This is the reason for the loud smile while sleeping. 

Baby Smiling in Sleep: Spiritual Meaning

Baby Smiling in Sleep

Whenever your baby smiles in his/her sleep, this is a little bit different from laughing in sleep. Laughing in sleep comes with a voice, while smiling is a slight show of happiness on the face. Let us discuss the spiritual meaning of babies smiling in sleep.

  • This is a good sign from the baby. Once you see your baby smiling in his/her sleep, this is a sign of comfort. It is saying that the baby is comfortable. Furthermore, it is revealing that your life will be comfortable.
    • For example, if you are going through a hard phase of life, finding your baby smiling in sleep is a good sign. It is telling you to expect good things to happen in your life. This is a good sign of hope, faith, and positivity.
  • This is also a good luck sign from the spiritual world. It is saying that something good is about to happen. Whenever your baby laughs and smiles while sleeping, it is an indication of good luck.
    • Therefore, either your baby sleeps or laughs, it is an indication that good luck is coming into your life.
  • This is a message of assurance. Whenever you see your baby girl smiling in her sleep, it is a message of assurance from the universe that everything will be alright.
    • This is saying that you are going to emerge victorious from your current hurdle. In addition to this, it is a motivation to keep trying your best at whatever you do.

What do Newborns Dream about that make them smile?

Newborns dreaming

Newborns can dream about many things. However, most of the things they dream of will be from their past lives.

The reason for this is that they have no memory of their present lives. Therefore, memories from the past keep flooding their memory, and the beautiful memories will cause them to smile or laugh in their dreams.

They can dream about their past lives:

Whenever babies dream about their past lives, it will make them smile. Certain events in their past lives can make them smile. Let us talk about them:

Whenever they dream about the friends in their past lives. This is one of the things that amuses newborns.

They might be playing with their old friends in the dream, or going out to take a coffee.

However, whenever a newborn sees their friends from the past, they will begin to smile in their dream.

If one of their friends from the past cracks a funny joke, they will begin to laugh out loud in their sleep. Once this happens, it is advisable to not wake them up. It might lead to spiritual memory loss of their past lives.

Dreaming about their favorite place in their past lives can make newborns smile in their sleep.

This is another image from the past that can cause babies to smile in their sleep.

The past can take them back to their favorite spot. Once this happens, the beautiful memories from that place will flood their soul, which will make them smile.

When Babies Smile in Their Sleep, do they see Angels?

Guardian Angel

Yes, babies will smile in their sleep when they see angels. Angels are spiritual beings that bring joy to the lives of people – including babies. Therefore, babies will smile whenever an angel appears to them in the dream. Now, what exactly makes them smile?

  1. If the angel is smiling at them. If your baby is smiling because of an angel, one of the reasons is that the angel is smiling at them. Babies respond faster to gesticulations than words. Therefore, the smile from the angel is communicating positivity and peace to the soul of the baby, which leads to smiles.
  1. It is also believed that angels can tickle a baby. This is why a baby will suddenly burst into laughter from sleep. The angel is trying to relate to the baby in a simple way. 
  1. When the angel comes in the form of a baby, your baby will smile in his sleep. The reason for this is that he finds the baby angel amusing.

It’s a Good Spiritual Sign?


Yes, it is a good spiritual sign. There is nothing bad about the smile or laughter of your baby while they sleep. 

  • Whenever your baby smiles or laughs in his sleep, it is an indication of good luck. The laughter of your baby confirms that good energy is around you.
  • Another spiritual sign of babies’ smiling in their sleep talks about mental balance. The baby is mentally balanced and stable. This is also an indication that you are mentally stable.
  • Furthermore, the smiles or laughter of your baby talks about the presence of your angel. Whenever the universe wants to reveal the presence of your angel, your baby will continue to smile or laugh.

Other good signs come with the smile and laughter of babies. Whenever your baby laughs or sleeps in his/her sleep, it is a good sign.

Final Words

The next time you see your baby smiling in his sleep, get ready for good news. The smile and laughter of babies attract fortune, wealth, and favor into the home. It also assures you that you are doing a good job as a parent.

Therefore, always watch out for this beautiful gesture from your child whenever he sleeps. The universe might have something amazing in store for you.

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