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Is It Bad Luck to Buy Baby Stuff Early or Wash in Labor Day?

Is It Bad Luck to Buy Baby Stuff Early?

Is it bad luck to buy baby stuff early or even wash them in Labor Day? This was the funniest question I have heard since my journey into spirituality.

I ignored it for a while until it started ringing loudly in my soul. This was the point where I knew that there must be something significant about this question. That incident taught me a lesson to never discard any event as natural.

This is not to be superstitious; it is to be cautious enough to get all the messages from the universe.

Now, let’s get back to the question. What does it mean to buy baby stuff early?

  • Does it mean outright bad luck?
  • Or does it bring a stroke of good luck for you?
  • What of dreaming about buying baby stuff early?
  • Does it mean something good is going to happen to you? 

All the questions above will be answered in detail as we proceed in this article. While studying this subject, I made several amazing discoveries, which I am so eager to share with you.

Therefore, you need to read and digest this article – most especially if you are planning to buy baby stuff early. This might be the article to spur you or warn you against taking this action.

Is it bad luck buying baby stuff before pregnancy?

Is it bad luck buying baby stuff before pregnancy

Buying baby stuff before pregnancy is not bad luck. Now, this answer is relative, and I am going to give you both instances.

If you buy only 4-8 baby items before pregnancy, it is counted as a spiritual act of faith, and it will yield results.

For example, in the bible, there was a woman that received a miracle because of her act of faith. She simply took one bottle of oil and filled more than 6 pots with that single bottle, which never ran dry.

This act of faith brought her wealth and fortune. Therefore, if you buy about 4-8 baby items before pregnancy, the universe will answer the quest of your heart, and bless you with pregnancy.

The bad side of this is buying the entire baby stuff before pregnancy. In the spiritual world, it means that you are choking your energy with too many expectations, and it will lead to an imbalance in your energy flow.

Your chakra has a particular level of expectation it can work with. Once you exceed it, there will be imbalances here and there.

This is why you will begin to experience inner pressure, frustration and confusion after buying such huge amounts of baby stuff before pregnancy.

Is it bad luck to buy baby stuff early?

Is it bad luck to buy baby stuff early

No, it is not bad luck to buy baby stuff early. One beautiful fact about buying baby stuff is that your baby will still fit into the stuff even if it’s in 4 years to come.

Another advantage of buying baby stuff early is that you are going to save a lot of money when your baby eventually comes. There are other advantages of doing this in the natural, and this also has spiritual benefits as well.

Buying baby stuffs early does not have to do with becoming pregnant; it can affect other aspects of your life as well.

In the spiritual world, buying baby stuff early is believed to be a sign of spiritual preparation for the next stage of your life.

If you dream of buying baby stuffs even when you are not pregnant, it is a sign of spiritual preparation. It is believed that the universe is also showing you the stage of your life at the moment. 

Therefore, either you dream of buying baby stuff early or you buy baby stuff in reality, it is a good sign. It is not bad luck.

Is it bad luck to wash baby clothes on Labor Day?


No, it is not bad luck to wash baby clothes on Labor Day.

Washing baby clothes on Labor Day is a sign of preparation as well as buying baby stuff before pregnancy.

Furthermore, it is a spiritual indication that you are prepared to do whatever it takes to accomplish your dreams. This is a good sign.

Therefore, you should be ready for the responsibility of taking care of your baby after birth.

Whenever you find yourself washing baby clothes on Labor Day, it means that you are prepared for your child’s arrival.

Others believed that it is a sign that you are expecting good news.

For example, if you had a dream of being pregnant, and washing baby clothes on Labor Day, then, it is a sign that it is time for good news to flood your life. It is an indication that you are mentally prepared for whatever comes.

Washing baby clothes on Labor Day has a lot to do with the mind than physical events. Therefore, it is not bad luck to wash baby clothes 

7 Superstitions about babies and pregnancy


1) New beginning

It is believed that a newly born baby signifies a new beginning. If you dream of holding a newborn baby in your arms, this signifies the beginning of a new phase of life. Babies are a sign of beginning.

Therefore, expect new things to sprout up in your life.

This can vary from a location change, to a change in your job. Furthermore, it might impact your choice, love life, and relationships.

2) Spiritual growth

If you dream about seeing yourself in a baby state, it is a sign that you are not growing spiritually.

Therefore, you need to take drastic actions at ensuring that your spiritual growth is constant.

In the bible, it is said that every Christian should desire to grow spiritually just as a baby desires milk. This applies to other religions as well. Therefore, take time out to grow spiritually through meditation and prayer.

3) Pay attention to your life’s process

The first 2 months of pregnancy is a sign of process. The spiritual morale behind this is that you must acknowledge and understand that everything in life will take time.

Therefore, you must learn to always pay attention to life’s process.

You must be ready to respect the spiritual timing of your life and be patient enough to go through the process of life. 

4) Good news

If you are pregnant, there is a spiritual meaning of good news attached to it. Have you ever heard the word “you are pregnant with favor?” well, those who practice Christianity should be familiar with this concept.

Pregnancy is associated with good news.

Therefore, becoming pregnant is associated with good luck. It is believed that pregnant people will be filled with several positive results.

5) A change has come

Pregnancy and babies are associated with changes.

Therefore, whenever you see this happening to you, take it as a sign of change. If you are pregnant, it has a spiritual implication that a major change is happening to you.

This will go beyond your physical state of pregnancy.

It will affect other aspects of your life like finances, love, and career. Therefore, be prepared for the coming season.

6) You are receiving strength for what is to come

If you have a baby boy in your arms, it is a sign of strength. The masculine gender is mostly associated with strength.

Therefore, the implication of this is that you are going to enjoy divine strength for what comes in your future.

This is a good sign; therefore, don’t expect to break down in the face of any negative situation in life.

Expect to be standing strong in the face of heat, pressures, and disappointments. Mostly, a child comes to prepare us for what lies in our future.

Therefore, beyond the normal joyous celebration surrounding the birth of a child, you must pay attention to the implication of having a baby boy. The superstition surrounding this event deals with developing inner strength for what lies in the future.

7) Reincarnation

It is believed that becoming pregnant during the rainy season is a sign of reincarnation.

This might be the reincarnation of your ancestors.

In addition to this, other tribes believe that if you give birth to a child that never cried at birth, your old ancestors have returned in the form of the child.

In Africa, it is said that if the lady gives birth on the day of her father’s death, the child is the reincarnation of her father.

Therefore, pay close attention to the events surrounding the birth of your child. This will help you to decipher the spiritual mystery of the birth of your child.

Paying attention to the events surrounding the pregnancy will also give you the spiritual message around it.

Final Words

Buying baby stuff early is a spiritual event. As physical as it looks, a lot is going on in the spiritual world, and you must never be oblivious to this truth.

Therefore, leverage the information in this article for spiritual development and understanding of how everything that deals with pregnancy and babies works in the spirit world.

With the information you have, it will not be difficult to understand the spiritual mechanics behind buying baby stuff early, or about pregnancy and babies.

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