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8 Biblical Meanings of Flickering Lights in House: It’s Bad Luck?

8 Biblical Meanings of Flickering Light in House

There are 8 biblical meanings of flickering light in the house. Read on to understand these biblical meanings.

Certain things happen around us that are termed paranormal activities. Whenever they happen, we tend to freak out, scream or run away from the scene. However, have we ever stopped to think that there is a possibility of the spiritual realm trying to communicate with us?

One of such paranormal activities is flickering lights in the house. This is a sudden flicker of light that creates a thin layer between darkness and illumination. When this continually happens in the house, it is called a paranormal activity.

When this happens, there are 8 biblical meanings to it.

In this article, I will explain the spiritual phenomena behind flickering lights in the house. This will enlighten your mind, and give you the courage to stay in such an environment. In addition to this, you will be able to understand the message from the universe to you.

You must become spiritually sensitive whenever flickering lights begin to happen in your house. Do you want to know why? This article has the best answer for you.

Let’s get into it.

What does Flickering Lights mean Spiritually?

What does Flickering Lights mean Spiritually

In the spiritual world, flickering lights are a sign of the presence of a spirit. It is believed that whenever spirits come to the earth, there is a disruption in our vibration and energy frequency.

In some instances, it will begin to affect lights and might cause some temporary vibrations underneath our feet. 

The first spiritual implication of flickering light is the presence of a spirit. Therefore, you should become spiritually sensitive to the presence of a spirit around.

Furthermore, in the spirit world, flickering lights are a sign of internal conflict.

It is an indication that you are battling a lot of fears concerning the future and your capabilities. This is why the lights around you are flickering. Internal conflicts lead to a disruption in your chakra and energy vibration.

This is the same with flickering lights.

Whenever light flickers, it is due to a disruption in energy flow.

The universe will cause the lights around you to flicker as an explanation of what is happening to you. In addition to this, the universe is showing you the implication of what is happening to your chakra.

In the spiritual realm, flickering lights carry different spiritual messages. In this article, I am going to reveal the 8 biblical messages attached to it. Therefore, stick to this article to the end.

Lights Flickering In House Spiritual Meaning

Lights Flickering In House

Have you experienced flickering lights in the house? Then this is the spiritual meaning. Flickering lights in house means an inner conflict. It refers to a state of instability in your mind.

This can be due to fear, anxiety, or low self-esteem. Whenever you are given a task that seems higher than your capacity, lights will flicker around you as a sign of the thoughts in your mind. 

Flickering lights in the house are a sign that you are battling with several thoughts. You need to eradicate those thoughts of insufficiency. In addition to this, you must take away anxiety about the future. Learning to trust in God brings peace

Another spiritual meaning of flickering lights in the house is the presence of the spirit of your lost loved one.

If you’ve lost your loved one recently, then expect a visitation soon (if you have not already experienced it).

Don’t worry, this is not going to be as scary as you see in a movie. One of the major signs of the presence of the spirit of your lost loved one is flickering lights.

Therefore, whenever you experience this, communicate with the soul of the deceased; you should also speak out your wishes.

What does the bible say about flickering lights?

The Bible and lights

In the bible, flickering lights are a sign of holiness. It reveals the holiness of God and encourages you to live a holy life.

The bible makes it clear that nobody will see the Lord without holiness. Therefore, when you see flickering lights, it is a call to holiness and honest life.

Furthermore, the bible reveals that a flickering light refers to direction. Whenever you are confused, God will send a flickering light to show you the way.

The Bible reveals that the word of God is light and lamp.

Therefore, flickering lights have come to show you the way. In addition to this, God will give you instructions that must be followed. Once you can adhere to this, you will enjoy clarity and precision.

Another spiritual message that comes from the bible about flickering lights is the grace of God. Whenever you find flickering lights in the house, it is a sign of the grace of God. The grace of God is light, and it brings goodness into your life. 

Biblically, flickering lights are good. Whenever they happen around you, it brings good luck and has a good omen.

Let us look at the 8 biblical meanings of flickering lights to gain a deeper understanding.

8 Biblical Meanings of Flickering Lights in the house

Guardian Angel feather

1) Protection

When lights begin to flicker in your house, it is a sign of God’s protection. It is believed that flickering lights is a battle between light and darkness.

Therefore, when this happens, sit back and enjoy what is happening. The bible says you should be still, and watch the salvation of God.

Flickering lights mean God is fighting your battles, and protecting you from danger and bad luck. This is good news and frees you from every form of insecurity.

In addition to this, the understanding of this biblical meaning will grant you the courage to dare any challenge that comes your way because of the understanding that God is actively on your side.

2) Good luck

The flickering lights in your house mean the light of God is about to shine on your path. It is a sign that the light of God is going to bring good luck into your life.

If you have been experiencing bad luck, flickering lights are a direct message from God that the season is changing.

God will send flickering lights to you as encouragement.

This keeps your hope alive.

In addition to this, flickering lights are a sign that God is interested in you. It shows that you are not at a disadvantage. This is good news, isn’t it? 

3) God’s revelation

Flickering lights indicates God’s revelation. It signifies revelation. Have you ever felt lost? Do you feel confused about your life? Flickering lights have come as a sign of hope.

Flickering lights are a sign that self-discovery is achievable.

Therefore, don’t give up on yourself – even if you cannot figure out your purpose.

Simply believe that God is working behind the scenes, and the flickering light will bring you to a point of revelation and self-discovery.

God’s revelation leads to an understanding of purpose. This is why the bible reveals flickering lights as a sign of clarity and understanding.

4) Spiritual sensitivity

The bible reveals flickering lights as a sign of spiritual sensitivity. In your house, flickering lights mean your spiritual life is beginning to gather momentum.

It means that you are beginning to understand the spiritual world. It means that you are starting to understand your spiritual purpose.

At the moment, it is not clear.

However, as you continually pay attention to spiritual things, you will continually gain clarity.

Flickering lights are indicators of a revitalized spiritual life, which pleases God. Therefore, when you see a flickering light in your house, it is a call to become more focused to get clarity about spiritual things. 

5) It’s a sign of Love

If the light flicker twice, it is a sign of love and understanding.

God is instructing you to grow in communion with your spouse by loving and understanding him/her. This is paramount. Without properly understanding your spouse, it will be difficult for you to live in harmony.

The flickering light is a sign of conflict, and it is due to a lack of understanding.

Therefore, whenever a light flickers twice, you should learn to understand your spouse. Doing this will build love amongst you, which will lead to blossoming love life. 

6) Promotion is coming

If the light flickers upward, it is a sign that you are going to be promoted at your workplace. This can also be a sign of luck. You will suddenly begin to experience strange favors from different people.

Whenever light flickers, you must be prepared for the opportunity that comes with it.

Promotion is a good sign, but it also comes with greater responsibilities. Therefore, as much as the benefits are huge, you have to be mentally prepared for the responsibility that comes with it. 

In addition to this, flickering lights also bring you into the limelight. The bible says that light cannot be hidden under a bushel. Therefore, with the promotion comes visibility. 

7) Angelic activities

In the bible, flickering lights are majorly associated with angelic activities. Angels are made of light. Therefore, whenever they show up, there will be a reflection around them. Whenever angels come around, they perform different activities:

  • Angels can protect you from evil. Your guardian angel can come around to protect you from danger. This is why you should be happy to receive the ministry of your angel for protection.
  • Angels bring good luck to your life. When an angel shows up, it brings good luck into your life. Several people have experienced prosperity after the appearance of an angel.
  • Angels bring messages from God. There are several accounts in the bible that reveals this. Whenever you see an angel, pay attention to get the spiritual message that comes from it. Through this, you will be full of spiritual wisdom.

When you see flickering lights in your home, it is due to the presence of an angel. Therefore, you must be open to receiving from the angel.

The angel has come for a positive purpose.

There is nothing to fear. All that is needed is your attention and faith.

8) Be vigilant

Flickering light is a call to vigilance. When you find flickering lights in your house, God is calling your attention to vigilance.

The reason for this is tied to the negativity around you.

Without vigilance, you will become a victim of many mistakes, betrayals, and traps from the people around you.

Therefore, when God flickers the light in your room at you, it means you should be vigilant.

It is time to become extra careful about the people you trust with your secret. In addition to this, you need to pray for yourself much more against spiritual attacks, and the plans of wicked people.

What does it mean when Lights flicker around you?

Spiritual signs

It means the universe is watching your moves. In the spiritual world, whenever lights flicker around you, it means that you have become a center of attention in the spiritual world.

This is great because you will enjoy the visitation and direction of the universe consistently. This will happen for a limited time. Therefore, you should take advantage of this season.

Another spiritual meaning is a call for attention. When you saw the flickering light, your attention was caught by the event.

This is a physical action that shows what you should do in the spirit.

In the spirit world, the universe wants you to pay attention.

Doing this will unlock several messages from the spirit world, and bring you to a point of transformation.

It can be a sign of bad luck?

Flickering lights and good luck

Flickering lights are not a sign of bad luck.

They can bring a warning sign, but they are not bad luck.

Therefore, there is nothing to fear about flickering lights.

Final Words

As the lights flicker around you, bring your mind to the information in this article, and act accordingly. Doing this will help you to harness the power from the light, and position yourself to be encountered by God according to the bible.

Sp, what did you think about the spiritual and Biblical meaning of having flickering lights in your house? Please, feel free to leave your opinion below!

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  1. Wow wow wow. I have been looking for something like this for couple years now. Every time I told my husband about it, he thought I was crazy. I am glad I found it

  2. So crazy and spot on. My hubbie of 8 years have been on a fighting streak and each day it gets worse instead of progressing towards positive vibes. Just yesterday, I just had enough and lost my sH**. My patience, calm cool and collected…gone. And as I’m screaming at the top of my lungs at my husband my two nightstand lights started flickering…and it wasn’t just intermittent. It was every time I was saying something. I noticed but brushed it off. Well, tonight another heated angry argument and each time I yelled back, that same thing happened. This all makes sense and I’m more spiritually aware.

  3. This article answered many questions I had – a beautiful eye-opener in many aspects of my life – Thank you so much – I really needed this – Thank you!

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