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What Does it Mean When a Bird hits Your Window? 5 Superstitions

What Does it Mean When a Bird hits Your Window?

Do you know what does it mean when a bird hits your window? In this article, I will explain everything to you and talk about 5 superstitions.

Birds hitting your window are viewed by some traditions as just messengers. Some believe the bird represents goodwill, as well as those who think it symbolizes death.

Generally speaking, when a bird landing on a window represents a change. However, the fact that birds hits your windows is natural is not the point of this post. Your window is just an extension of the landscape in the bird’s eyes.

It makes no sense to fuss over superstitious beliefs and lose sleep. Knowing that a change is on the way will make a big difference!

What Does it Mean When a Bird Hits Your Window?

What Does it Mean When a Bird Hits Your Window

Bird hit window and still alive 

  • Birds who hit your window, then stand up and begin following you, are thought to be guardians who were sent for your protection. But, on the other hand, a bird could be simply guiding you back to the right path so that you can improve your personal, professional, and spiritual lives.
  • We should take heed of the messages birds carry to us so we can overcome overwhelming obstacles. The image represents death and transition, according to some. However, it need not necessarily be a physical death for such an event to occur. Perhaps it indicates that you are approaching the end of your suffering phase and that it is time to heal and grow.
  • Birds that hit your window and live are commonly taken inside if they sustain injuries. In most cases, it’s just a matter of letting it go and making the necessary changes to prevent it from returning. It means that if you see a bird hit the window and survive, you should open yourself up to spiritual guidance and keep your faith steadfast. Transformation and positive change are also implied. 
  • A bird flying into a window is said to represent an end to a relationship or job that is headed for failure. However, one could take this opportunity to remind ourselves that the task of overcoming such obstacles is not impossible, that we have not exhausted all options, and that patience is essential. 
  • Your bird may simply have been closing the door on a difficult period of your life, but it has also opened the door to a much brighter future.

A bird flew into my window and died 

Your window may have been crashed into by a bird that saw its reflection in the sky. However, if we brush off its feathers, the bird will fly away from you, regardless of superstitions, and that the bird’s presence is a reminder for you to prepare and fortify yourself for the looming threat.

When a bird crashes into your window and lingers dazed for a prolonged period or suddenly dies, you should be prepared for a spiritual death or a positive change.

But, on the other hand, seeing a bird could be a sign that your faith has waned and that your animal guide is always there, no matter what the circumstance may be.

Dead bird

Pecking at your window for an extended period, hitting your window, and dying, and entering your home and dying, the message is clear. Death, illness, or danger always indicates a bird flying into your window and perishes.

To get a better understanding of the messages, the birds are conveying. Therefore, it would be wise to think about tapping into your spiritual guides. 

As a potent warning, birds hitting windows should not be taken lightly. It is customary for such a situation to be associated with a loved one’s death shortly, meaning they will die soon. However, it represents a more definitive end to an event in your life at the moment, as many imagine.

The bird looks at you 


Birds are considered messengers of God, which is why they are imbued with spiritual meanings, and there is also a lot of superstition surrounding them. 

Birds can bring messages of hope, good fortune, or goodwill, or they may signal danger, misfortune, and the end of life when birds look at you.

5 Superstitions About Birds flying into Window

uperstitions About Birds flying into Window

1. An Impending Transition

Birds hitting your window symbolize a change in every tradition and culture.

There are several reasons why a bird frequents your window. You will soon experience a significant transition in your life.

You might also be facing new challenges. And you may also need to be patient as the problems are slowly disappearing.

From a biblical standpoint, let’s consider the story of Noah.

According to the Bible, a bird was sent out by Noah after the flood destroyed the world. Doves are birds that look for dry land to nest on. However, it always meant that dry land was still far away, and trouble was looming whenever it returned to the ark. As the water did not return, it was evident that it had dried out.

2. Heaven’s Message

Guardian Angel message

It is an incredible experience to watch a bird. They fly through the skies and across the earth, using their power of flight. Birds could deliver messages from the heavens through your window. Usually a dear friend or family member.

Deciphering God’s message from this phenomenon requires paying close attention. Birds are believed by ancient cultures to be intermediaries between humans and God.

Dead relatives may also send you relevant messages on important days. As soon as the earth was created, it is reported that birds flew through the vast heavens. 

3. Financial Worries Consume Too Much Of Your Time

Financial problems

Dreams and reality can both be communicated through birds.

For example: seeing a bird fly through your window could mean your finances are in order. This is because you spend too much time thinking about finances. Signs like these can appear in dreams as well as in everyday life. God’s power to meet all your needs is apparent in both of these instances.

In the Bible, Jesus also talks about this. When you are that hungry, why worry about food, drink, and clothes? A bird of the sky was used to illustrate how unconcerned they are with a situation. This particular teaching of Jesus informs us that we should trust God’s ability to meet all our needs.

4. Death Is On The Horizon

  • Death was thought to be at the door when a bird flew into a window in ancient times. Outdoors, birds should be able to fly freely. A bird flying into a home is highly unusual in some cultures. It has been said that it symbolizes the fleeting nature of life.
  • Observing this phenomenon has taken time for these traditions. A blackbird, especially, is believed to be sure of death. Therefore, when they see a blackbird, they think it means the end has come to take a relative.
  • If your superstition involves death, you probably shouldn’t ignore it. However, to avoid problems, it is best to find a solution.
  • A superstitious belief does not just appear out of nowhere. An extended period of observation led to these results. Several generations could have passed since this observation was made. Rather than guiding future generations, most superstitious beliefs serve as a landmark and a guide.

5. They symbolize change or transformation

In spiritual terms, when birds frequently strike your window, especially when the same birds are hitting it, it indicates a significant transition coming up in your life. The transition term also signifies an end to a situation and the return to health. 

Birds flying into windows repeatedly spiritual meaning

Birds flying into windows repeatedly meaning

This one can denote several things, but two are the most important. 

  • First, it is usual for birds to peck repeatedly at the windows since there is food along the sills.
  • Second, a bird will inspect the area around your glass window for holes when your window reflects any source of food inside. A bright home during nighttime also attracts birds because they are attracted to the light. 

A mystical perspective is that birds that come into windows communicate meaning to many people depending on their kind of birds and how they are perceived. Likewise, heaven or your departed loved ones can send you messages. 

We guess your perspective has changed since you used to see birds hitting windows as an everyday occurrence.

There are many meanings that birds convey because they are mythical creatures.

The significance of this varies according to how the bird behaves before and after hitting the window and what type of bird it is.

Do you already know what does it mean when a bird hits your window? Please, if you have any questions, just leave a comment below.

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  1. What does it mean when same robin repeatedly hits window of house in every room that you are in, for 2 days in row. You can actually see the bird hit the window then go set on pool ladder then fly right back into window?

    1. Same exact thing, hits the same spot of the same window at the same time every morning, takes 15seconds then hits it again, comes back sometimes in the afternoon, so so weird

      1. I’ve been experiencing the same thing for the past couple of days, a pigeon has made herself at home outside my office window. Yesterday she kept flying towards the window and todayshe’s just hanging out, it’s amazing and weird at the same time…

  2. Yesterday a pretty brown pigeon keep flying off a branch just outside my office window and flying towards the window, even hitting it a couple of times, before flying back to the same branch. Today the pigeon showed up again, flew away for a couple of hours, but it’s now 1:40 in the afternoon in Phoenix and the pigeon is back, this time just sitting on the branch. I supspect she sees her reflection, as our building has tinted windows. BUt its something that I’ve never noticed before…

  3. A white and charcoal winged blue belly budgie parakeet hit my window, then I picked it up and it sat on my shoulder. I went to the pet store after making it a bird post to buy bird feed. After I returned home and gave it food and water it vanished without a sound and I’m still confused as to how it left so quietly. I have recently been though a long period of both emotional pain and poor physical health with the low point of trying to kill myself. I feel in my gut like this means somthing and If anyone could shed some light on what the meaning of this could indicate, it would be much appreciated.

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