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What Does it Mean When You Hit a Bird While Driving: Bad Luck?

What Does it Mean When You Hit a Bird While Driving: Bad Luck?

Is hitting a bird while driving a sign of bad luck? Should I be concerned? Find out everything you need to know in this article!

Several spiritual signs are around us.

They reveal themselves in our daily lives and activities.

When we learn to pay enough attention to these events and experiences, spiritual wisdom and insight are given to us.

However, as important as these spiritual signs are, they are sometimes hidden in simple, but powerful activities during the day.

An example of this is hitting a bird while driving.

In some countries, this is a punishable offense by the law, while in other countries, you can get away with it and nobody will hold you to account.

Neither of these countries has exclusive access to monopolize the spiritual experience in this event.

This means that everybody can have this experience, and get spiritual messages from them.

This article seeks to explain what it means to hit a bird while driving. If you have had this experience in the past, you should pay close attention to what you are about to read.

We will answer several important questions regarding this topic, and also delve deeper into the numerous spiritual meanings of committing this “error” as other people call it. 

Does this bring good luck or bad luck? Read on to find out.

Spiritual Meaning of Running over a Bird

Running over a Bird in spiritual world
Red Robin

Birds are messengers of the spirit world. According to folklore and superstitions, it is said that birds only fly to a location when they are sent on a spiritual assignment by the universe.

Some of these creatures can remain in the same spot for a long time until the universe deposits a message in their soul, which gives them a higher spiritual sense of purpose and destiny.

Now, whenever you run over a bird with your car, the spiritual meaning is that you have ignored the spiritual realm for a long time.

This means that you have not been receiving messages and signs from the universe because of your lack of attention.

This is why the physical demonstration came through the hitting of a bird with your car.

It is a sign that you have blocked all the means through which the universe can communicate certain spiritual messages to you. 

How can you get out of this?

If the location of this event is secret, then, get out of the car, and apologize to the spirit of the bird.

Also, pray to the bird to return to your life and deliver the message it intended. 

🦜 Did you know that hearing a bird sing has a good spiritual meaning? Read this article.

Spiritual Meaning of a Bird Flying into Your Car


Whenever this happens, it is believed to be an omen of spiritual sensitivity. Since birds are believed to be messengers from the spirit world, it only makes sense for them to fly toward you when they have a spiritual message to deliver to you.

Therefore, when they fly into your car, it shows that the message you are meant to get is taking too long due to your spiritual insensitivity. 

This is a warning sign from the universe concerning your spiritual sensitivity.

You need to find ways to heighten your spiritual senses.

Additionally, you must deliberately begin to pay more attention to certain spiritual signs around you.

People might refer to you as spooky; however, it is a necessary decision

Paying attention to the spiritual world opens you up to several spiritual benefits beyond your imagination.

This is why you should not take this message lightly.

Additionally, another spiritual meaning of having this experience points to prophecy.

It is believed that a bird will fly into your car whenever it wants to reveal what lies in your future. This is what we will talk about later on in this article.

Therefore, read on to find out more about this spiritual event.

What does it mean when a Bird Hits Your Car’s Windshield While Driving?

What does it mean when a Bird Hits Your Car’s Windshield While Driving?

When a bird hits your car’s windshield while driving, it means that the universe is trying to caution you or stop you in your tracks.

This type of spiritual event is believed to be a warning sign from the spiritual world.

There are 3 different colors of birds you should pay attention to. Each of them has its own intended message.

Let us talk about them right away.

White Bird:

White dove

This is a warning sign concerning your peace of mind.

Anytime a white bird hits your car’s windshield while driving, it is said to be a spiritual sign of worries, desperation, and inner troubles.

The white bird is seen as an omen of peace.

Therefore, make sure that your mind embraces this message – especially when you are going through a perplexing situation. 

This sudden spiritual event reminds you to stay in control of how you feel and also reminds you to never give in to the pressure of the moment. It keeps you in control.

Black Bird:


Seeing a black bird warns you against making a wrong move out of impatience.

The moment a black bird suddenly hits your car’s windshield while driving, it is telling you to check the decision you are about to make.

There is something wrong with that decision. However, you have failed to realize this due to your impatience.

This is what God is trying to say to you.

Therefore, whenever this happens to you, take a pause.

If you can, park your car and live in that moment for a few seconds.

Meditate on the hasty decisions you are about to take and say a few words of prayer for the leading of the spirit

Gray Bird:

Grey catbird
Grey catbird

This bird shows a sign of confusion and indecision.

It reveals that you don’t know what to do, or how to tackle the situation at hand.

It flew into your car’s windshield just as our situations stare at us in the face. 

What is the way forward?

This is very simple.

Whenever you find yourself in a confusing situation, the best approach is to pray to the universe for clarity and also carefully consider your options.

When you do these 2 things, the clarity and precision you seek will come

What does it mean Spiritually when You Hit a Bird while Driving? 9 Messages


There are 9 spiritual messages you can get from having this experience. Firstly, I must say that it is a scary thing to suddenly hit a bird while driving.

However, keep in mind that all the emotional energy you feel running through your body flows together with the message you can get from this experience.

Some people have outrightly termed it as bad luck to hit a bird while driving.

However, is that really what it means?

With the 9 messages you are about to read, you will understand much more concerning this subject.

1) Hitting a Bird while Driving at Night

Whenever this happens to you, it is an omen of bad luck.

In several traditions, an experience like this is believed to be linked to bad news.

It is said that hitting a bird while driving at night indicates that something bad is about to happen to someone close to you.

This does not have to be concerning death.

It could be a loss of a job, loss of money, a breakup in a relationship, and other unfavorable events. 

2) When you Hit a Bird While Overspeeding

An experience like this cautions us against haste.

One of the things we must fight against is being hasty.

Anytime we make decisions out of haste, mistakes are inevitable.

The reason is that our minds become less creative and attentive enough to pick errors we might have ignored in the past.

Therefore, take this experience as a spiritual warning sign you should mitigate against.

3) A Changing Season is Coming

This might sound strange, but it also falls into the category of messages you can get from the spiritual world.

Anytime you mistakenly hit a bird while driving, it indicates that something is about to change in your life.

Therefore, prepare for such precarious moments.

If you are not favorably disposed to changing situations, you might want to work on that as soon as possible.

The moment will come.

However, you must be prepared and ready to take advantage of it. 

4) There are obstacles you need to overcome

Spiritually, hitting a bird while driving indicates that there are obstacles along your path that need to be overcome.

Don’t forget that you will face pressure in your lifetime.

This is not bad news, it is simply a reality of life everyone has to accept.

Some of these moments might be anticipated while others might not.

However, anytime you mistakenly hit a bird while driving, it is a clear sign that obstacles are coming your way

5) You are getting out of your situation

This is a good spiritual omen.

Dreaming about hitting a bird while driving spiritually indicates that your negative experiences in life are over.

It indicates that you are getting out of your negative situation very soon.

With this message, hope will rise in your heart to try new things.

Additionally, your mind will be opened to the goodness and luck that are coming your way.

6) Hitting a Yellow Bird 

Spiritually, it is known that yellow birds are a sign of happiness and pleasure.

Therefore, hitting a yellow bird indicates that you don’t find pleasure in your career or job.

It means that you have lost your sense of fulfillment in your job and you are seeking better job and career opportunities. 

7) Hitting a Blue and Black Bird

Anytime this happens to you, it indicates that you have lost your peace of mind.

Negative situations are not meant to define us or confine us to rather unpleasant environments.

The fact that you hit a blue and black bird indicates that you are already giving in to pressure.

8) You have conquered your enemy

Whenever you hit a black crow with your car, it is believed to be an omen that you have conquered your enemy.

Therefore, live with this message henceforth.

After this experience, expect to have breakthroughs on every side and aspect of your life.

9) Pay more attention to your health

Anytime you hit a green and black bird, it is a spiritual sign concerning your health.

This omen reveals that you are not paying enough attention to your health, and this might have a negative effect on you.

Therefore, be more cautious of your health.

I Killed a Bird While Driving: It’s a Bad Sign?

Hitting a bird with a car and bad luck

The answer to this question is relative. Killing a bird while driving can either be a good or bad sign. 

When you kill the following birds while driving, it is a bad sign:

  • Dove;
  • Pigeon;
  • Songbird;
  • Blackbird;
  • Red Robin;
  • Woodpecker;
  • Hummingbird;
  • Eagle;
  • Kingfisher.

However, when you kill the following birds with your car, it is known as a good omen:

  • Black crow;
  • Vulture;
  • Stork.

This means that the species of bird you kill determines what omen comes to you.

Additionally, killing birds with your car at night is also a bad omen. 

Is it Bad Luck if You Hit a Bird While Driving?

Bar luck from hitting birds
Red Robin

This can be a warning sign from the universe.

When you hit a bird while driving at night, then it is considered a bad omen and bad luck.

However, at other times of the day, you can consider the type of bird you hit before assuming if it is a bad omen or not. 

Mostly, hitting a bird while driving is considered a warning sign to prevent a negative event from unfolding.

Therefore, keep this in mind at all times

Final Words

It is not strange to hear that people hit a bird while driving. It happens once in a while, and a lot of people have gotten different messages through that experience.

Therefore, anytime it happens to you, live in the moment.

Embrace the energy that comes from this event and use this article to further understand WHY you hit the bird with your car. 

When you pay attention to an auspicious event such as this, your spiritual life will be refreshed, and you will also get instructions concerning your daily life. 

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12 thoughts on “What Does it Mean When You Hit a Bird While Driving: Bad Luck?”

  1. My bus driver son was driving down a country lane and a grey bird about the size of a pigeon crashed through the side window and came with such aforce it fell at my son`s feet and died! He was quite shaken and asked me what this meant, please comment if there is a meaning.

  2. A small blue bird flue in front of my School bus window tried to fly above bus but it dint make it . I heard a hard sound and seen bird go to ground. I think it died. So sad. What dies this mean??? Please

    1. Thank you Mary for your explanation.

      I knew hitting a bird is not a good sign

      Few days ago i hit the pigeon, i believe it flew off. Then today it all started with our dog killing a small bird in our garden, later today i found out my close relative passed away. Just now found dead hedgehog in the garden killed by our dog.. i’m really sad

  3. Avatar
    Tammy Arredondo-Terwilliger

    What does it mean when you hit a Robin bird that flew in front of your car and you hit it with the lower part of your bumper and the bird dies ????

  4. I was driving this morning (July 20th) and 2 cardinals were chasing each other. The lead cardinal flew across the road and I hit it with the passenger side windshield. It made a dull thump and went over the top of my vehicle landing in the road. I could see it still moving in my rearview mirror, but there is no way that it survived. Is there a meaning or message in this incident?

  5. I hit 2 birds while driving today within an hour apart . I cried because I do not like seeing any living think suffer…. I don’t know what it means but I will pray on it!

  6. I was driving back from a date that went so well and the first time in about 10 years I hit an animal, a dove. Well the guy ended up saying it wasn’t gonna work out. I’m still so sad about it cause I really thought it would. I heard doves commit suicide after losing a mate so I figured it meant loss. And if I’d been with him maybe one of us woulda lost our life somehow car crash cuz it’s a 2 hour drive.

  7. Thank you For a great article.

    I knew hitting a bird is not a good sign

    Few days ago i hit the pigeon, i believe it flew off. Then today it all started with our dog killing a small bird in our garden, later today i found out my close relative passed away. Just now found dead hedgehog in the garden killed by our dog.. i’m really sad

  8. Today I accidentally Killed a hummingbird with my new used truck . I was doing about 40mph it just swooped in front of my car out of nowhere I hit the brake but didn’t see if pass by I got home and noticed it in my bumper grill stuck :/ I feel really bad about it . Hummingbirds are my favorite birds we have feeders and watch them eat in the windows . This article marked me feel a little better about this situation thank you !

  9. I had just got my drivers licenses finally at 32 yrs old, I was driving my best friend car for my test, I passed. As I was driving home I saw a bird on the rode, I think eating, I didn’t slow down right away Cruz birds always fly away before I get too close on any other drive. I was only goin 25 mph but I got close to the bird, it finally noticed me an flew up to get away an I slammed on the breaks, but we heard it hit the grill. I slowly rolled on an we didn’t see the bird on the ground anywhere we checked the car it didn’t get stuck in grill I felt so bad

  10. A bird hit my car today, the driver’s side door, it came out of nowhere so idk what kind of bird it was and I couldn’t stop. I’m pretty sure it died, it hit the car hard. I feel horrible. The window was all the way down, if it was flying just an inch higher it would’ve flown into my car. I’m very spiritual, not religious at all and I know it means something but I’m not sure what. I’ve been depressed lately and feeling guilty bc we had to put our dog to sleep, even though I know we are soul’s having a human experience I can’t stop feeling guilty that I didn’t show her enough love before she died.

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