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What does it mean when a Bird Poops on You? 7 Spiritual Meanings

What does it mean when a Bird Poops on You? 7 Spiritual Meanings

It was a shocking experience for me. Not only did I feel disgusted, but I also hated the bird so much.

All through my mind, I felt this was an intentional act of the divine to punish me for my wrongdoing.

Therefore, I ran as fast as my legs could carry me back home.

On my knees, I began to ask for forgiveness.

Suddenly, it felt as if the spiritual world was speaking to my soul.

I heard this subtle voice in my mind saying:

  • “What if there is something else?”;
  • “What if you had interpreted this wrongly?”;
  • “Is this a spiritual message?”.

Well, it took a long time for me to try to look elsewhere. However, when I decided to think of the possibility of a different message, it became clear to me.

There was a hidden message behind this experience and this is what I am going to share with you in this article.

There are 7 spiritual meanings you can get.

Whenever a bird poops on you, use the information you will get in this article as a compass and guide. 

Some people claim that the poop of a bird brings good luck to people. How true is this? 

Read this article till the end to understand further

The Spiritual Meaning of Bird Poop

Bird poop in spiritual world

Do you know that birds poop not just because they want to release waste products in their bodies? It is said that birds poop while flying to feel light.

They excrete to let go of what might affect their ability to project higher into the cloud.

Therefore, it was not a deliberate attempt to punish you or make you smell terrible.

However, there is a spiritual meaning to this. 

Why were you positioned JUST AT THE RIGHT SPOT for the poop to hit your body?

It might be due to wrong positioning in life.

This is why the spiritual meaning of bird poop encourages people to rightly position themselves for opportunities.

You have prayed consistently for opportunities to come into your life. However, you have not positioned yourself for such opportunities to find yourself. 

When you hear the word “right positioning”, it means targeting your mind and actions at a single goal.

It also means being in the right place at the right time.

You are the one that decides how your life will go. This is why you should pay attention to how you position yourself for opportunities. 

Is this the only meaning you can get? No, there are still more to come.

What does it mean when a Bird Poops on You?

What does it mean when a Bird Poops on You?

Earlier on, we discussed that bird poop is something you should never ignore. It looks a bit spooky to suddenly find bird poop all over you.

Amongst the several spiritual meanings of this experience, you will find the right positioning sitting at the top of the list.

However, that is not all there is

Now, certain spiritual meanings can be gotten by paying attention to where the poop lands.

The spiritual message you will get differs when it lands on your head or your shoulders.

This is why we should discuss the different parts of the body and how we can decode the hidden messages around them. 

Bird Poop on your Head:

Head with bird poop spiritual meaning

The moment this happens to you, it is an omen you should never ignore.

It spiritually indicates that your mind is full of thoughts, concerns, and worries.

Take this as an encouraging sign from the universe to relax your mind a bit.

Don’t forget that life is fickle.

Therefore, quit overthinking or over-worrying. Accept peace of mind and trust God to work things out for your sake.

Bird Poop on your Shoulder:

Woman's Shoulder

Spiritually, it is a sign of responsibility.

This is telling you to take responsibility for your actions and decisions. Stop passing the blame to others when you should be taking responsibility.

The poop on your shoulder is also an indication that you have the power to determine the pace of your progress.

A sign like this should spur you to take instant action on everything you have planned out.

Therefore, get to work after cleaning out the poop on your shoulder.

Bird Poop on your Car:

Dirty car

It is seen as a protection sign. Whenever this happens to you, there is no reason to fear.

The spiritual world has given you this sign to assure you of safety.

For example, if you are scared of dying in a car accident, this omen tells you otherwise. You have been marked for safety.

Therefore, be assured that nothing will happen to you – even as you embark on that journey.

Stay positive. You will not fall victim to an accident.

The poop releases an invisible wall of protection, which shields you from harm

Bird Poop on Your Clothes:

Dirty clothes

Majorly, people with low self-esteem experience this.

Do you know why? It is because the universe uses this omen to boost their confidence.

Therefore, whenever a bird poops on your clothes, it is sending a message to build your self-esteem. Stop looking down on yourself.

As much as it is good to keep your mind sane, and humble, you should also refrain from beating yourself down in front of people.

You have what it takes to be a voice. Therefore, maGnify your skills, abilities, and talents.

This is why a bird pooped on your clothes. 

Biblical Meaning of a Bird Pooping on You

Biblical Meaning of a Bird Pooping on You

In the bible, you might not expressly find a scenario where a bird pooped on people. However, there are several inferences we can get.

For example, we see a raven as an omen of divine protection. It was sent to Elijah in the wilderness.

Now, whenever a raven poops on you, it is seen as a similar omen of provision. You might never get a raven that brings food like in biblical days.

However, it can poop on you to remind you of God’s ability to provide for your needs.

Whenever a crow poops on your white clothes. This is seen as a sign of sin. Therefore, you must watch out for your soul.

Do all in your power to purify yourself from the filth of sin.

A message such as this is not to condemn you.

The Bible records that God does not condemn any man.

Therefore, embrace this warning message with the whole of your heart, and act on the instructions you receive concerning holy living. 

Biblically, the poop of birds brings a mixture of either good or bad messages. It all depends on the type of bird and the energy it emits

7 Spiritual Meanings of Bird Poop on You in Real Life

Spiritual Meaning of Bird Poop on You

With the 7 spiritual meanings of bird poop in this section, you will have a better clue about the message of the universe to you through this experience. Don’t forget that this is not a common spiritual omen.

Therefore, whenever it is given to you, ensure you pay enough attention to see what God is trying to say

Below are the 7 spiritual meanings of bird poop in real life. 

1) You have been marked for wealth

This is a superstition of the Africans.

It is believed that a bird’s poop will bring wealth and prosperity to people’s lives.

Therefore, the first spiritual message that should come to your mind when you have this experience is that of wealth.

Are you trusting God to be rich? Then, the bird poop on you is a positive sign. 

2) Think about the choices you have made

When a bird poops on you, it might be your calling card to pay more attention to the choices you make.

Spiritually, the universe will only guide you.

The choice is yours to make.

Therefore, when this happens to you, it might be a caution sign from the universe, which illuminates your mind to see the mistake you are about to make.

3) Protection

Another spiritual message you can get from this is concerning protection.

Through this omen, you will be protected from spiritual attacks and negative energies.

This might look gory and irritating.

However, you should embrace the energy it communicates to you.

Spiritually, bird poop is an omen of protection. It guarantees people’s safety from evil.

4) Take advantage of opportunities when you find them

Do you also know that a message like this can be gotten? 

Whenever a crow poops on your head in the morning, it might be signaling that an opportunity lies in your future.

Therefore, be on the lookout for it.

Spiritually, it could also warn you against passively allowing opportunities to pass you by.

Whenever you have this experience, be reminded of this message.

Start searching around for opportunities. When you stumble upon one or two, take advantage of them

5) Spiritual Sensitivity

It is believed that a bird’s poop on people shows a lack of spiritual sensitivity.

The reason behind this belief is that – people should have deep spiritual foresight to know that a bird will poop on them.

Therefore, one of the prominent spiritual meanings of this experience points to spiritual sensitivity.

It encourages people to become more conscious of the spiritual world.

6) You can correct your mistakes

When you get bird poop on your clothes, the first response is to wipe it off.

Now, this activity is a spiritual omen you might want to pay attention to.

Just like you wiped the bird’s poop off your cloth, you must be open enough to admit your mistakes and consciously work on rectifying them. 

7) Good Luck

Finally, this is another spiritual meaning you should keep in mind.

Whenever you experience this, expect something good to happen to you.

This is an omen of good luck as it is strongly believed across several religious sects.

Therefore, accept it as a positive spiritual sign, which attracts good luck and fortune to your life. 

Spiritual Meaning of Bird Poop on You in a Dream

Seagull pooping

When you dream of a bird pooping on you, it has the following spiritual meanings:

  • It indicates that your mind is full of negative thoughts. Whenever you dream of a bird pooping on your head, it is believed to be an omen of negative thoughts. Take this as a warning sign from the universe. It is telling you to focus on positivity. Irrespective of the doubts around you, decide to stick with faith. When you meditate on negativity, your chakras will be affected, and this puts you off balance.
  • Another spiritual meaning of having this type of dream speaks about good luck. Have you recently had a dream where a bird pooped on your right hand? If yes, then, be happy. This is a good luck message from the spiritual world. It brings an assurance to you that your life will turn out well. For example, if you are going through a difficult situation in your life, bird poop in your dream shows an end to your negative condition.

When a bird poops on you in your dream, take it seriously.

This could imply the end of certain negative cycles in your life. 

🦜 Did you know that hearing a bird sing has a good spiritual meaning? Read this article.

Spiritual Meaning of Crow Pooping on You

Crow poop in spiritual world

Whenever this happens to you, it is a bad luck sign. Crows poop on people when something bad is about to happen.

For example, if you are going for an interview and a crow poops on you, there is a likelihood that you won’t get the job.

It always warns you ahead of time.

In the spiritual world, whenever a crow poops on your shoulder, the universe is speaking about your lack of emotional stability.

When you become emotionally vulnerable, it is easy for people to take advantage of you.

Therefore, leverage the crow poop’s sign to build a strong defensive mechanism.

Spiritual Meaning of Bird Poop on a Window

Spiritual Meaning of Bird Poop on a Window

In the spiritual world, this means a lack of attention.

You have left some matter unattended for a long time, and this slowed you down on your journey to fulfillment and greatness.

A sign such as this calls you to order. It is given to caution you.

Furthermore, this type of sign tells you to stop giving people undue access to your life.

Keep secrets to yourself at all times and refuse to be taken advantage of.

A bird poops on your window might also be a sign that someone is trying to access your secrets with an ulterior motive to betray you.

You need to be sensitive against such.

Is Bird Poop Good Luck or Bad Luck?

Bird poop and bad luck

It can either be good luck or bad luck.

Therefore, watch out for it. Whenever you feel a surge of negative energy flowing through your body, then, it is a sign that the bird poop on your body is a bad sign.

Even when it brings a bad sign, it is only meant to caution you

A sign such as this does not proclaim judgment or declare an event as inevitable.

It calls your attention to certain things and allows you to choose to either adhere to them or not.

Therefore, when it comes to who determines if it is good luck or bad luck; it is entirely up to you.

Final Words

Don’t go looking for a bird to poop on you.

If the spiritual world wants it to happen, you will experience it in one of the strangest ways.

Therefore, I look forward to it. The next time it happens to you, ensure you revert to the information in this article. 

We have exhausted all there is to know about the spiritual meaning of bird poop. Now, make use of this to your advantage. 

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