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Home » 7 Cutting Baby Hair Superstitions: Can it bring bad luck?

7 Cutting Baby Hair Superstitions: Can it bring bad luck?

7 Cutting Baby hair Superstitions: Can it bring bad luck?

Do you want to know the 7 cutting baby hair superstitions? Do you have a newly born baby, and you are confused about cutting his hair or not? Well, read this article till the end for clarity to every question in your heart concerning the cutting of a baby’s hair.

There are several things to do for a baby that will come as a “first”. Things like a baby’s first bath, a baby’s first medication, a baby’s first incision, a baby’s first food, and a baby’s first haircut.

All of these have spiritual meanings and can impact the whole existence of the baby.

This is why each of those activities should be approached with extra caution at all times. If you just gave birth to a baby, cutting the hair is one of the traditions that many cultures practice.

However, the meanings and implications differ from one cultural belief to another.

We have received several reports concerning cutting baby hair superstition. People have argued that babies don’t need their hair to be cut.

Others believe that the haircut is very important.

Now, I have my biases as well, but it will not make anything less difficult.

Therefore, it was important for me to go into deep research, consultations, and experiments. My findings were mind-blowing, and I am intrigued to share them with you right now.

I discovered 7 powerful cutting baby hair superstitions that you might want to know.

Why do People Shave Babies’ Heads?


There are several reasons behind this action. Some of these reasons are natural, while others are based on myths or superstitious beliefs.

Later on, we will look into the 7 superstitions of cutting a baby’s hair. However, let us briefly talk about the different reasons behind shaving babies’ heads.

  • The foremost reason behind this action is the belief that shaving babies’ head is one of the ways to welcome the baby into the new world. It is a rite that everyone should perform just like circumcision and so on.
    • This is a common reason behind people shaving their babies’ heads. The belief that it is a common rite for every parent makes it a commonly accepted phenomenon all over the world.
  • Culturally, people believe that the gods will be mad at you if you don’t shave your baby’s head. This belief has held on for so long, and it has become another common superstition for decades and centuries.
    • This is why many cultural traditions will not be completed for the child without shaving his head.
  • In the natural world, shaving your baby’s head is a style of fashion. People shave their babies’ heads because they believe it to be fashionable. They want their babies to look gorgeous. 

These are 3 common reasons for this action – on the part of parents.

Superstition about Shaving a Baby’s head

Superstition about Shaving a Baby’s head

Whenever you shave a baby’s head, keep the following superstitions in mind:

  1. If the baby is masculine, shaving his head is a way of welcoming him into the world of masculinity. It is a way of telling the baby to embrace who he is going to become in the physical world.
    • It is said that 2 powerful ways to awaken the masculinity in a baby are circumcision and shaving his head.
    • Therefore, shaving a baby’s head brings him into the world of men. From that moment, the baby will begin to exhibit manly qualities that will build confidence in him.
  1. When it comes to the feminine gender, shaving her head is encouraging her to accept the masculine part of herself.
    • Now, if the baby is born with little strands of beards, it is a sign that she is going to be very hairy in real life. This might come with a lot of jestings and mockeries from her peers – most especially in high school.
    • Therefore, shaving her head at the infant stage will send a message to her that her uniqueness should be embraced.
    • It is also believed that this is a rite that breeds emotional stability in female children.

7 Superstitions about Cutting Baby’s Hair

Superstitions about Cutting Baby’s Hair

When it comes to cutting of baby’s hair, there are 7 superstitions to keep in mind. Let us discuss these right now.

1) Welcoming the baby into a new world

Among the numerous ways of welcoming a child into a new world, cutting a baby’s hair is common.

Whenever you cut your baby’s hair, it is a way of telling the child “Welcome to the world”.

You might be asking if the child does not know that he is in the world or not. The answer is simple.

Your newly born child does not know what goes on around him within the first 4 months.

Therefore, shaving his head will give him a signal that there is an entity around him, and this will inspire him to open his inner eyes to see the world around him. This has been a common superstitious belief for centuries.

2) Preparing the child for life’s realities

To everyone that has walked this earth, one thing is common in their narratives; it is “Life does not always go as planned”.

This is the same for us on earth at the moment.

However, a baby is not exposed to this reality. A baby does not have an idea of how the world works, and it is the responsibility of parents to prepare this innocent soul.

One of the ways to prepare your child for life’s realities is by shaving his head.

Whenever you begin to cut your baby’s hair, he will cry out loud. The cry is a sign of discomfort.

However, you will not stop cutting the hair because you know that it is for the child’s good.

In the same way, this act sends a message to the child that “Whenever things don’t seem to be right, always have hope that it will be better”.

3) Erasing memories of the child’s past life

It is believed that cutting a baby’s hair is a way to erase the memories of the child.

The hair that came with the child out of the womb is attached to the baby’s past life.

It is important to cut off that hair because of the danger attached to past life’s remembrance.

Remembering your past life experiences in clear terms can lead to several dangerous effects on the mind.

This is why it is important to cut the baby’s hair at a certain point. Once the hair is cut, the memories of the child’s past life will be gone.

Only a flash of it will remain.

4) Purification

Whenever you cut your baby’s hair, it is believed to be a purification rite.

The hair needs to be cut off to purify the baby from every contamination he might have gotten from the womb.

For example: if the mother was always thinking about negative events, it will contaminate the chi of the child. However, cutting the child’s hair will purify him and renew his chi to release the normal positive vibes.

Therefore, religious practices see the cutting of a baby’s hair as part of the baby’s purification rites.

5) Severing spiritual ties

In the Yoruba Culture, cutting of baby’s hair is a way of severing his ties with spiritual beings.

There is a child called “Abiku” in Yoruba.

This is a spirit child that dies within a few years of his birth and comes back again to the same family.

When such a child is discovered, his hair will be cut within a few months after birth.

This will be done with several rituals. All of this is an attempt to separate the spirit child from his coven in the spirit world. Doing this will also prolong the life of such a child.

6) Preventing headaches

It is believed that cutting a baby’s hair will prevent headaches.

If the baby suddenly develops a high temperature, one of the best remedies to curb sickness is by cutting the baby’s hair. Once this is done, there is a likelihood of restoration to health. 

7) Reliance

Because of the trust of the baby in you, cutting his hair off will teach him to trust in you much more.

This is a native American belief.

It is believed that once a baby’s hair is cut, the relationship between such a baby and his parents will skyrocket.

The child will learn to trust and rely on his parents much more.

Can cutting a baby’s hair bring bad luck?

Baby with long hair

Cutting a baby’s hair will only bring bad luck if you cut the scalp of the baby in the process.

You must ensure that no blood is seen while cutting the baby’s hair.

If you mistakenly touch the skin on the baby’s head, it will lead to loss of memory or short-term memory.

Apart from this, it is okay to cut your baby’s hair without expecting bad luck.

Final Words

Superstitions vary and they bring diverse messages from the universe. Therefore, ensure to stick to what you just read in this article.

Babies are special creatures, and they must be treated with care. Cutting their hair should be approached with tenderness and extreme care. With this, you can ensure the child’s healthy living and mentally-stable living.

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