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7 Warning Dreams from God: Did you have any of them?

7 Warning Dreams from God: Did you have any of them?

Warning signs from the spiritual world can come in different forms.

The common form of these warning signs is through a dream.

Whenever you have certain types of dreams, you should pay extra attention to them. 

I have discovered 7 different warning dreams you can get from God.

At one point or the other, you might have had one of these dreams.

Now, you have the opportunity to know what it means

Therefore, read till the end to know what warning dreams are, and how to interpret them.

Can God Send Warning Signs in Dreams?

Signs from God in dreams

Yes, God can send warning signs in dreams. Dreams are given by God to direct, assure, and warn people. This channel has been used for years. Throughout the bible, there are records of how God used dreams to warn people and protect them from death. 

King Abimelech:

This can be found in the book of Genesis 20:1-18. God warned Abimelech about Sarah through a dream.

Thankfully, the king obeyed God’s warning and his life was spared.


When Nebuchadnezzar became proud in his heart, God sent a dream to him.

This dream warned him about his death. Well, he failed to take heed to the instruction and met his death.

The famine in Egypt:

In the book of Genesis, God warned the people of Egypt about a coming famine and drought.

With the wisdom of Joseph, the interpretation came precisely and accurately.

This saved the whole nation from the terrible effect of the famine.


When he was on a trip to Rome, God appeared to him in a dream and warned him of a boat accident.

Because Paul was spiritually sensitive, he understood the importance of this dream and convinced the people on a voyage with him.

However, they all disagreed and the dream came to pass as it was given

There are several examples scattered all over the bible concerning this. Through dreams, God can warn you about what is to come.

Also, whenever you are in error, dreams can be your saving grace.

They can be sent to you by God to help you out of this dark path.

Don’t take warning signs through dreams for granted. It might be your saving grace from error.

How Do I Know If My Dream is a Warning Sign?

Strange and dangerous dream

When you understand that dreams can be a warning sign, the next question is to know how dreams are warning signs to you.

There are certain things to watch out for in your dreams.

When one of these things happens to you, it is an indication that there is a warning for you. 

  1. When you wake up from that dream feeling concerned: This is a common way to know if a dream is a warning sign or not. The energy that flows through your mind while dreaming indicates that something is wrong. Therefore, watch out for this. 
  1. When you cry after waking up: Spiritually, it is not normal to cry after you wake up from your dream. This energy brings a strong caution sign. You need to ensure that the dream you had comes back to your memory. This will help you to properly understand what the dream means. The tears you shed after waking up from a dream are a warning sign.
  1. Spiritually, when you wake up scared, this is another sign that your dream is a warning sign. Fear is one of the ways you will be warned or cautioned. Anytime you are scared in a dream, it is a spiritual sign that God wants you to watch out for certain booby traps on your journey.
  1. In the dream, when you see a past negative situation in your life, this is a warning sign. Another icing to the cake is that these situations will feel so real and a part of your life. In the spiritual world, God will reveal certain spiritual messages to you through this type of dream. Therefore, watch out for this. 

7 Warning Dreams from God (with Interpretation)

Warning Dreams from God

There are 7 warning dreams from God you should watch out for. Let us discuss these dreams with their interpretations.

1) Dreaming about falling down the stairs

Climbing stairs in dreams

When you have this dream, it warns you against carelessness in making decisions.

This dream means that you need to take precautions when it comes to making hasty decisions.

Anytime you have this dream, see it as a warning sign.

Try to reduce the speed with which you make decisions.

Also, watch out for sentimental decision-making. See above your emotion and look deep into your inner soul.

Another spiritual meaning of this dream helps people to trust more in their intuition

2) When you dream of fighting with your wife

Fghting with your wife in dreams

This speaks of relationships and marital issues.

In this dream, if you started the fight, then this is a warning sign to YOU concerning your marital life and affairs

This dream is a message from God concerning your attitude and emotion.

It could warn you against anger issues or trust issues

However, if your wife or spouse started the fight, it is warning you to forgive your spouse for whatever wrong committed against you.

Once you forgive, it becomes easy to let go of wrongs and build a beautiful relationship

The dream you had about fighting with your wife is a warning message from God concerning your love life. 

3) When you dream of falling while running

Running in dreams

Spiritually, this warns you against impatience.

It speaks against haste.

God will send this dream to you as a warning sign whenever you are hasty.

Getting this message from God reduces every form of pressure and unhealthy competition in your heart. 

Falling in that dream means your impatience will cost you your progress. This will slow you down on your journey to progress.

Whenever you dream of falling while running, see it as a caution sign from God.

Let this inspire you to slow down on your journey. 

4) Dreaming of being bitten by a snake

Snake bite in dreams

This warns you about falling into deception.

The spiritual meaning of a snake means deception and betrayal.

It can be traced to the bible.

In the garden of Eden, the snake tempted man to eat the tree of knowledge of good and evil.

In the same way, you can be deceived by a snake in your dream.

The moment God shows you the dream of being bitten by a snake, it warns you against becoming too gullible to believe everybody in your life.

Your spiritual sensitivity needs to be heightened. If not, you will be deceived into error by the people you trust.

5) Someone stealing your clothes

Old clothes

A dream like this is not a good sign.

It is a message of betrayal.

Someone you trusted with your secret is going to betray you. Apart from this, it could warn you against divulging your secrets carelessly.

Your secrets must be kept to yourself alone.

To prevent betrayal, keep your secrets to yourself.

Spiritually, clothes are a sign of your secrets. When someone steals them, it means they have exposed your secrets. Therefore, beware of this. 

6) Back pain in a dream

Having back pain in dreams is a spiritual sign

This speaks of giving in to pressure.

Dreaming of having back pain spiritually warns you against falling victim to pressure. It tells you to keep your mental energy stable.

This is a warning sign against emotional instability

Emotional instability prevents you from making the right decisions. It also unsettles your mind and opens you up to negative energy.

All of these will negatively affect your life.

Suffering from back pain in a dream indicates pressure, and warns you against this.

No matter how tough things get, you should never give in to negativity. Stand afloat at all times and keep your emotional energy stable.

7) Seeing a red flag in your dream

Red flag

This cautions you from making wrong decisions.

God is always watching over you, and he will protect you from errors by sending a red flag to you in your dream.

This type of dream is a NO sign.

It tells you to not proceed with your action.

Now, if you decide to not heed this message, expect to make grievous mistakes, which might affect certain aspects of your life. 

A red flag in your dream is clarity in disguise. It tells you what to do and what not to do.

I had one of those Dreams. Should I be Careful?

Dreams and spiritual problems

Yes, you should be careful.

Whenever you have one of those dreams above, be careful of making the wrong decisions. In addition to this, it warns you against negativity.

These dreams are from God and they are meant to keep you away from mistakes, negative situations, and so on

All of the abovementioned dreams do not happen occasionally. When they do, keep them in mind and act on their interpretations to them.

All the instructions that are given in this dream should be followed.

Final Words

Whenever you have dreams such as these, pay close attention to them.

They are not ordinary dreams.

Through these dreams, God will speak to you about your life and warn you of danger. They can also guide you on the right path. When you meditate on these dreams, you will be saved from negative situations.

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8 thoughts on “7 Warning Dreams from God: Did you have any of them?”

  1. Between 4 and 5 a.m. I awaken “terrified” but I don’t know why. I just have this feeling.
    So I get up and go to the bathroom where I can put on the night light to “break the energy”……can you tell me what this means please?

  2. in my dream i felt and saw in the light jesus, and good and comforting and love. then all the sudden its dark and i feel like im falling backwards or down in the dark. This dark brings freighting feelings of doom, dred and death& destruction. i awoke screaming with my arms up protecting me from the huge monster/demon i saw only partial figure as it came down from my ceiling. I feel from this dream that my life is in shambles if i dont change some things I’m going to hell. I’ve always believed in jesus since i can remember. Not just believe but i feel jesus is real. So that means Hell is real too. So its not a dream to make me aware of good and evil, but perhaps to tell me without god i’m separated from heaven. or that i am going to be eaten alive in hell.

  3. Avatar
    Kristun Gustafson

    I had a dream of a big black dog, he had 4 crystal blue eyes. We were alone in a dark room and I heard someone say “I too saw a black dog before I died.” Obviously this has to be a warning, to change my life style. Right?

  4. I had a dream that God told me that the devil does not exist and when he told me that I believe him because the devil does not exist.

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