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What does it mean when you Fall in Dreams?

What does it mean when you Fall in Dreams?

When people fall in their dreams, they are quick to term it a spiritual attack or a prophecy about failure. 

However, is that all there is to this dream?

After conducting several kinds of research, I realized that a dream like this has many messages it can bring to people.

Some can be good, while others can be bad.

The events in your dream determine what side of the coin you see.

In this article, you will find the different types of spiritual meanings associated with this dream.

Therefore, read till the end to fully understand what it means to fall in dreams

Is it Normal to Fall in Dreams?

Fall in Dreams in Spiritual World

Falling in dreams is not a normal psychological condition. It is what happens randomly as the spiritual world desires. People have had this experience in the past only when a message was to be passed across.

Psychologists explain this type of dream as traumatic. There is nothing natural or normal in having this type of dream.

When you sleep, your mind is placed in a restful mode.

The images you should have in the dream world should never anticipate you.

On normal occurrences and frequencies, you will dream of sleeping, walking, playing with friends, and so on.

All of these are meant to contribute to a sound sleep

However, once you begin to have more traumatic experiences like falling, it is a message from a higher frequency.

This situation happens when the universe finds it difficult to get your attention in your waking moments.

When you wake up from a dream such as this, think through the experience, observe how it makes you feel, and open your heart to know what the spiritual realm or your subconscious is trying to say to you. 

What does it mean when your falling in a dream?

Messages from falling in a dream

Spiritually, this has a lot of shades.

We will discuss more on this later. However, when you fall in a dream, the common spiritual meaning is making a mistake.

Now, this message could be revelational or descriptive.

When it is revelational, this means that the spiritual world has sent that dream to reveal the mistake you have made.

In this case, you did not realize that you have made a mistake.

However, if it is descriptive or prophetic as the case may be, it indicates that you will make a mistake in the future – if care is not taken.

Through this type of dream, you can be warned against committing certain blunders.

Additionally, the spiritual world can guide you into precision. The dream of falling spiritually points to losing your way.

This could be caused by a lack of understanding about your destiny, or a deliberate attempt to veer off the path chosen for you by God.

When you begin to have consistent dreams like this, it might be calling you back to your path.

Also, it could be a major determinant of your self-discovery.

Dream of Falling off a Cliff

Big Cliff

Whenever you have this type of dream, it means that you are not paying enough attention to your life.

In real life, the only reason people fall off a cliff is carelessness.

It is not an easy thing to deliberately fall off a cliff. This is why it can be sent to your subconscious mind as a trigger alert.

This alert makes you super-sensitive and cautious.

Anytime you dream about this, ask deeper questions about your purpose and your life.

In addition to this, observe what you have failed to pay attention to. 

Spiritually, this dream could also signify that you have lost control over certain areas of your life.

Especially when you fell off a cliff because you lost control while running.

It comes to warn you about this.

Every aspect of your life must be within your grasp.

You should never allow things around you to spiral out of control.

This is a very important message.

Therefore, when this dream comes, take advantage of it. Make use of the interpretation to guard your heart, and keep yourself in check.

Dream of Falling off a Plain

Woman Falling off a Plain

Situations in our lives can spiral beyond our control.

Sometimes, this has nothing to do with our lack of ability and determination.

It might simply be a natural phenomenon or a function of time and season.

For example, losing someone close to us is a situation that has spiraled beyond our control.

The only thing left is to grieve and be courageous enough to move on with our lives despite the scars we have.

If you have gone through a negative situation in recent times, the dream you had about falling off a plane is an encouraging message.

God is telling you to not hold on to the situation for a long time. 

This dream also removes condemnation from your heart.

What does this mean? If you have beaten yourself up for the situation you have suffered, this dream relieves you of that pressure.

It encourages you to not attribute the reason for such a condition to yourself.

Things happen beyond our control. 

What do I Dream of Falling and then Wake up?

Falling and waking up in dreams

This happens because you are scared of falling in your dream.

Also, you will wake up after dreams of falling because that is what the universe wants to say to you.

The spiritual world will not mix too many images in your dream – especially when there is a specific message for you in such a dream.

Therefore, beyond being scared of falling, you will immediately wake up after falling in your dream because THAT is the spiritual message you are meant to receive.

All that is left is to meditate on the dream, get the message, and sleep back (if it is not yet dawn).

What does it mean when You Fall in Your Dream? 9 Meanings

What does it mean when You Fall in Your Dream?

In the spiritual world, there are 9 spiritual meanings to having this type of dream. Let us talk about this right away and in explicit detail.

1) You are scared of failing

When you dream of screaming out loud while falling, it is a spiritual sign of fear.

This dream reveals the fear of failure that you have.

Now, is it bad to be scared to fail? No, it is not bad to be scared to fail.

However, when it gets to an extreme, your fear of failure might be a barrier to your next greatest accomplishment.

Through this dream, the universe will encourage you to push hard at your dreams even if all odds are against you.

Additionally, you must learn to overcome that fear of failure. Only the courageous can accomplish great feats in life.

2) Be careful of hasty decisions

Hasty decisions happen mostly when you are behind schedule.

You want to meet a work target or a customer’s needs. In a more informal structure, it might be out of emotional pressure, and so on.

There are a lot of justifiable reasons to make hasty decisions.

However, the spiritual world sees more than you can, and they know that this type of decision will cost you a lot.

This is why they have sent you a dream.

In that dream, you see yourself running down a hill and then missing your step.

Once you have this dream, take it to heart. Watch out for the quick decisions you want to make, and slow down. 

3) Patience is key

Another spiritual meaning of having this type of dream addresses impatience.

Once you start having constant dreams of falling, you should begin to slow down on your race for progress.

God uses this dream to speak to your subconscious concerning impatience and haste.

When you are hasty, it is difficult to know what to do, and how to accurately navigate your steps in life.

Also, it becomes hard to pick up important spiritual messages.

Patience is an important virtue you must embrace. This is why you are getting this message via dreams in recent times.

4) Stop dwelling on the past

Whenever you dream of looking back and falling, it is a spiritual omen of dwelling on the past.

This is not a good sign.

Do you know why?

It is because dwelling on the past slows you down from making efforts to better your present and the future.

Also, when you constantly dwell on your past, you might make mistakes in the present. 

Therefore, this message must be sent to you as a precaution.

Anytime you have this type of dream, open up your heart, conduct a deep soul-search, and talk yourself out of living in your past.

5) Stay in control

Your life is in your hands.

You are responsible for everything that goes on in your life.

This is why you should stay in control.

Stop giving people unnecessary edges over your life.

Keep people far away from the core details of your life. 

Dreams of falling is a sign that you have allowed people to make decisions for you. It is an omen of lack of control.

Now, let this spur you up to take charge.

Let people know that you are in control of your life and that the decisions you make are entirely within your jurisdiction. 

6) You are anxious about something

When you dream of falling, it is a spiritual message that reveals your anxiety.

This means that you are anxious about something.

This anxiety might be due to something constructive or destructive

Constructive parts like:

  • Going for an interview the next day.
  • Starting a new project.
  • Asking your crush out, and so on.

Destructive parts like:

  • Living in the fear of your past.
  • Feeling like something bad is about to happen, and so on.

Whatever the parts might be, your anxious feeling has to be cushioned. When you are anxious, it subtly releases negative energy, which clouds your mind and destabilizes your emotion.

Therefore, don’t be anxious

7) You have been betrayed

Spiritually, when you dream of falling while being pushed by a friend, it is a sign of betrayal. This prophesies a betrayal from someone you trust.

Prepare your mind for such.

People have asked me this question “Can’t it be reversed?”.

Well, if you have this dream, the betrayal must happen. Sometimes, it might be a deliberate attempt by the universe to rid you of irrelevant people. 

Going through a season like this might be difficult.

However, you must be emotionally strong enough to endure it

8) Someone falling in a dream

This means you are concerned about that individual.

Spiritually, it could also be a warning sign from God.

When you see someone fall in a dream, they might be in danger. Also, their health might not be good at the moment.

When you return to your waking moments, take time out to check up on the person you saw in that dream.

Also, say a word of prayer for him/her.

9) Falling into a river

Spiritually, this is a good luck sign.

Whenever you fall into a river in your dream, it means something good is about to happen to you.

Furthermore, this dream means that you are free from negativity.

Your chi has been cleansed, and every negative feeling, thought, and emotion has been eliminated. 

Is this Dream a Warning Sign?

Signs from the Universe

Yes, this dream can be a warning sign.

Having this vision can warn you against impatience, emotional imbalance, negativity, betrayal, and so on.

All you need is to open your heart to one of these messages.

The warning signs from this dream need to be taken into consideration.

Should I be Concerned?

Spiritual problems

Yes, you should be concerned about this dream.

Falling in dreams is not one of the normal types of dreams you should have.

Therefore, it calls for your attention

Final Words

Whether you saw yourself in the dream or another person, it is a message from the spiritual world to your subconscious.

The real work lies in understanding what those dreams mean.

Through the information you have received from this article, getting the message from your dream will no longer be difficult. All you need is an open mind and a ready heart to pay attention to instructions. 

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