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Vivid Dreams Spiritual Meaning: My Dreams Feel So Real

Vivid Dreams Spiritual Meaning: My Dreams Feel So Real

The vivid dreams’ spiritual meaning is important. It helps us to know what the universe has to say to us. Why do your dreams feel so real? Let us discuss this.

Vivid dreams are mentally and spiritually connected. When you have vivid dreams, your mental state is affected as well as your spiritual state.

This makes the concept of vivid dreams important to discuss. Why should you have vivid dreams? Is it a normal part of life to have such dreams?

Before we discuss further, let me define what vivid dreams mean to you:

Vivid dreams are special. They are the dreams that feel so real and closely connected to our real-life experiences.

When you have a vivid dream, you will wake up with a clear picture of the dream in your mind.

For example: if you had a vivid dream of running in a dream, you will wake up palpitating, sweating, and feeling exhausted. 

That is how real a vivid dream can be. We are going to experience vivid dreams at one point in our lives or the other. This makes an understanding of the vivid dreams’ spiritual meaning extremely important. 

This article has a lot of amazing information for you. We will talk about the reason for vivid dreams as well as the spiritual messages of having vivid dreams.

What do Vivid Dreams Mean Spiritually?

Vivid Dreams in Spiritual World

Vivid dreams mean a spiritual image that comes to guide us. Mentally speaking, people who have vivid dreams are sleeping well. In the spiritual world, people who have vivid dreams are guided by the universe. 

When you notice a consistent vivid dream pattern, open your mind enough to be guided by the spiritual world.

The dreams you are having will become a message that eventually answers all the questions of your heart.

In spirituality, vivid dreams are one of the spirit’s powerful tools of guidance and instruction. Therefore, you need to open yourself to them.

You should always think about the vivid dreams you have. It brings clarity.

Why do my Dreams feel so real lately? Spiritual Meaning

Real dreams in spiritual world

Vivid dreams are dreams that feel so real. As earlier stated, it will happen to us all. The frequency might differ, but the certainty is sure. Now, if you have been experiencing vivid dreams lately, you should pay attention to this section.

The concept of vivid dreams should not be taken lightly. The reason is that failure to understand what the dream means can cause catastrophe in our lives.

Therefore, there are 4 spiritual reasons and meanings for having vivid dreams lately. Let us talk about them.

1. You have not been paying enough attention to the spiritual signs around

Spiritual sign

When you have consistent vivid dreams, it spiritually indicates that you have failed to pay enough attention to the spiritual signs around you.

In the spiritual world, this is something to worry about. Several spiritual signs are around us. The problem lies in our ability to pick up these signs.

Without spirituality, humanity is lost.

It is the interference of the spiritual world that keeps us on track and guides us on how to navigate our course in life. 

Once you lose sight of that, vivid dreams will become consistent. The reason is that your spiritual senses need to be awakened.

This is the reason, and also a message.

Whenever you stop paying attention to the spiritual world, vivid dreams will come. 

This is why you find it difficult to focus on other physical activities. Your mind has not been settled after having that dream because the message has not been gotten.

You need spiritual sensitivity to get the message in clearer terms.

2. Your desires have engulfed your totality

Planning your life

Do you know that your vivid dreams can only focus on your future plans? Yes, it can.

Once this happens, know that your desires have engulfed your whole life.

In the spiritual world, having consistent vivid dreams about your plans and future goals is good. It shows that you are focused and determined to bring those plans to reality.

Another way to look at this message is from the affirmation angle.

The fact that you’ve had consistent vivid dreams about your future plans (with yourself achieving them) means that the universe has permitted you to accomplish such a task.

It indicates that your desires will become a reality.

Having vivid dreams about your career goals and plans shows you as focused and determined.

It also assures you of fulfilling and accomplishing all that you have ever desired to achieve. This is another spiritual meaning and reason for having vivid dreams lately.

3. The time has come to do something

You need to start your project

One of the elements of spirituality that we should never forget is the element of perfect timing.

There is something called perfect timing. We need to know this and believe in it. When the time comes for you to do something, the universe will send signs to you. 

The signs can come through objects, animals, humans, body language, or dreams.

Having vivid dreams is one of the ways to get this spiritual message.

Once you consistently have vivid dreams of doing something you have not done in real life, this indicates that the time to accomplish such a task has come. 

How should you respond to this? The best response is to ask for clarity. This clarity gives further instruction concerning how to accomplish what lies ahead.

Timing is powerful in the spirit world. Vivid dreams are one of the common revealers of timing. If you don’t pay attention to vivid dreams, you might miss your timing.

Once a spiritual season rolls over, all the opportunities in that season also roll over.

Therefore, pay attention to your vivid dreams.

4. You are focused

You need to focus

Normally, it is said that humans can have more than 6 dreams in a single sleep.

It is not normal to consistently have a single dream for days.

This means that a spiritual message has either not been gotten, or you are focused on something.

When your vivid dreams are on a single event, this is a spiritual sign of focus. It means you are not distracted by other mundane things.

You are having consistent vivid dreams to show how focused you are.

This can also come in the form of a message. That is, consistent vivid dreams encourage you to stay focused.

It tells you to stick with your purpose.

Once you know what you want to do in life, put in all your efforts to accomplish it. Settle it in your heart to never allow yourself to become distracted by anything or anyone. 

7 Vivid Dreams Spiritual Meanings and Messages

Vivid Dreams Spiritual Meaning

1) You have a desire

When dreams become so real, it means that you have a desire that is so real.

There is something you desire to achieve. This has engulfed your thought process, and eventually found its way into your dream.

Having consistent vivid dreams releases your desires into the universe

The first thing you should do after having a vivid dream is speak out about your desires. It is believed that the energy around you at that moment is intense enough to manifest your desires.

2) Fight back your fears

When you have a vivid dream of fighting, it means you should fight back your fears.

This reveals that your fears are holding you back from taking a hold of what belongs to you.

Now, you can either allow yourself to be held down or fight back by speaking yourself out of fear.

The vivid dream of fighting has given you the best option.

It is telling you to fight back. Release your fears into the atmosphere, and allow courage to fill your heart. Refuse to be held down by your fears.

3) You are in a season of Love

A vivid dream of having sex means you are in a season of love.

The universe has given you this dream to alert your mind. This is a dream that reveals the phase of your life.

Therefore, step out of your comfort zone and begin the search for love. 

In addition to this, become more receptive and open to meeting new people.

The season you have entered will attract more opposite sex to you. This means that you must also be careful. Apply spiritual sensitivity when choosing who to fall in love with.

4) Something good is on its way

Whenever you constantly have vivid dreams of receiving a gift, it is a good sign.

This indicates that something good is coming. This is a message that gives you hope. It keeps you in faith and helps you to remain optimistic. 

Vivid dreams of receiving gifts also speak of enjoying favor.

This means that people will begin to favor you more than you deserve.

It also speaks of the blessing of the universe. Those gifts in that vivid dream are the blessings from the spirit world.

The best part of receiving this message is that you will begin to see results immediately.

First, it starts from your mind and then spreads to your actions and results.

5) It is time to work harder

Vivid dreams also inspire people to work harder.

If you have vivid dreams of working EXTRA HOURS at work, it is clear that the universe wants you to put in more effort.

You need to dedicate more time to building a worthwhile venture. This is important because it expands your capacity for more progress. 

Therefore, take this message as the only motivation you will ever need to work harder, grind harder, and never give up.

6) A danger sign

When you have vivid dreams of being shot and you wake up with a sharp pain at the exact spot, this is not a good sign. It is a dangerous sign.

This means that something bad lies ahead. 

To prevent this from happening, you need to do the following:

  • Avoid quarrels with people. The gunshot might have happened during quarrels. Therefore, do as much as you can to stay out of people’s way.
  • Ensure you are not at the wrong place at the wrong time. Perfect timing is important. This is why you should always pray for clarity and direction.

7) Your spiritual senses are active

Spiritual sensitivity comes through vivid dreams.

The fact that you remembered the dream you had means your spiritual senses are active. Therefore, let this message become an eye opener.

From this moment, begin to make deliberate use of your spiritual senses to spot the signs around you.

What should I do during Vivid dreams?

Woman sleeping

Do nothing. When you have vivid dreams, stay in that dream till the images are fully played out.

Don’t be in a haste to wake up.

No matter how scary the dream gets, you should never mentally interfere with what happens during the dream.

You only have a part to play when you wake up from a vivid dream

How can I Interpret the Messages from Vivid Dreams?

The messages from real dreams

You can interpret the messages from vivid dreams by paying attention to the event in the dream.

When you have vivid dreams, the event in that dream determines the message you get.

In addition to this, watch how you felt in that dream. The feelings you emit in that dream are energies. They determine if the dream is a good sign or not.

Lastly, pay attention to how you feel after having a vivid dream.

If you feel the same way as how you felt in the dream, then you will know what it means.

In addition to this, the 7 vivid dreams’ spiritual meanings will help you interpret the messages from vivid dreams.

Are Vivid Dreams A Spiritual Problem?

Spiritual problems

No, vivid dreams are not a spiritual problem.

They are a blessing from the spiritual world because they help us REMEMBER our dreams. They bring clear messages to us that cannot be denied.

Also, they create an effect on our souls that is evident.

Final Words

Vivid dreams come to inspire, warn, bless, or assure you. Therefore, be open-minded to them. We hope you find clarity every time you have vivid dreams. Share your thoughts with us in the comment section.

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