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9 Biblical Meanings of Eyes in Dreams: Red, Blue & Green

9 Biblical Meanings of Eyes in Dreams: Red, Blue & Green

God will never leave His children in the dark. He speaks to them through the Bible and dreams.

This is why you should pay attention to the dreams you have.

Each of these dreams has a special message. 

In this article, we will focus on the 9 biblical meanings of eyes in dreams. Every color of the eyes will be discussed and answers will be given about what God is saying.

Have you tried searching for the meaning to your dream about eyes? Look no further. You have all you need in this article.

Read on to find out.

Why did I Dream with Eyes?

Eyes in dreams

Dreaming of eyes is a sign of inner reflection. Your spiritual eyes are trying to reflect on who you are and the true essence of existence.

Whenever you dream of eyes, it points to access.

This can be a good luck sign or a caution sign. It all depends on what you see in the dream.

It is believed that the eyes are a spiritual portal to the soul. Whatever goes into the eyes affects the mind and comes into our dreams.

This is another reason for dreaming of eyes.

Seeing eyes in the dream is spiritually given to help people focus. It eliminates distractions from people and gives them focus.

Biblical Meaning of Different Colored Eyes

Colored Eyes

The Bible has something to say about different colored eyes. Let us look into these messages.

Red Eyes:

Animal with red eyes

The Bible describes red eyes as the eyes of love. If you have red eyes or see red eyes in your dream, it means that you should learn to see people with the eyes of love.

These colored eyes encourage you to be open to forgiveness and love.

It does not matter how hurt you are, getting a red eye encourages you to love people from your heart.

The red color is a representation of the love of Jesus through his blood, and it encourages people to replicate the same love for one another.

Green Eyes:

Man with Green Eyes

This speaks of having a positive mindset and approach.

Having green eyes means you must choose to stay positive even if things go south.

This message is specifically given to you because of the things you will have to go through in the future.

When you keep a positive approach to things around, it becomes easy for good luck to become attracted to you.

Furthermore, green eyes talk about wealth. It shows that you have a desire to become affluent. It also brings a promise of prosperity from God.

Blue Eyes:

Lady with blue eyes

In the Bible, blue eyes are a sign of inner peace and emotional stability.

Getting this sign from the spiritual world encourages you to embrace your inner peace.

This is how to remain stable even when pressure comes at you.

Additionally, God tells you to be stable in your mind.

It is also believed that blue eyes are the eyes of angels.

Therefore, they speak of spiritual foresight and sensitivity.

Do you have blue eyes? Then, it could be a good sign of spirituality and inner peace. Watch out for these 2 qualities in your life. 

Brown Eyes:

Brown eyes
Brown Eyes

God gives people brown eyes to remind them that they are special and unique.

When you get brown eyes from God, it is encouraging you to build healthy self-esteem.

Having strong self-esteem is a quality you should embrace. Stop bringing yourself down by your thoughts.

You can make a change in the world. However, none of these will be possible without healthy self-esteem.

This is why you have brown eyes. Dreaming of it also brings the same spiritual message.

Embrace who you are and appreciate what you represent. 

Is Seeing Red Eyes in Dreams a Sign from God?

Woman with Red Eyes

Yes, seeing red eyes in dreams is a sign from God. This is a sign of love, affection, and forgiveness.

From the Bible, you will realize that the color red is associated with the blood of Jesus. He demonstrated the power of love by dying for our sins.

In the same way, we need to show love to one another. 

It is not normal to see red eyes in dreams.

It is a definite sign from God you should look forward to.

The moment this becomes a consistent dream, it indicates that you are missing out on some messages.

It should prompt you to search deeper for what each of the dreams you’ve had means.

Once you can decipher what God is trying to say through dreams of red eyes, hold that message dear to your heart and use it appropriately

Seeing red eyes in dreams definitely points to a message you need to decode. 

Sometimes, it will be a message of love.

At other times, it might be a warning sign to abstain from mental stress and pressure.

Just open your heart to get these messages.

9 Biblical Meanings of Eyes in Dreams

Biblical Meaning of Eyes in Dreams

When you have dreams of eyes, the Bible has a lot to say concerning it. You have the sole responsibility to find out what it has to say. This can be hard sometimes.

On extreme occasions, it might become confusing to get the accurate spiritual meaning of this body part called the eyes. 

Don’t worry. I have 9 biblical meanings of eyes in dreams you should know of. With these meanings, understanding what the eyes have to say will not prove difficult anymore.

What are these 9 biblical meanings? Read on to find out.

1) Blind right eye in a dream

The Bible speaks about this as a warning sign. Having a blind right eye in your dream means you are not stable mentally.

The words from people have affected your perception also.

If care is not taken, you will begin to make wrong decisions, which might lead to negative events and outcomes.

The solution to this is having a therapy session, or praying to God for His Holy Spirit to help you. 

2) Blind left eye in a dream

This is a sign of heartbreak. It means you have suffered heartbreak in the past and this has blinded your love side.

Through this dream, God is encouraging you to open up your heart to first accept His love and eventually accept love from other people.

It hurts to be emotionally drained by people.

However, if you open up to God, he will heal you and make you emotionally stronger to never fall into the same trap anymore.

Getting this as a spiritual message could also signify a season of love

3) Eyes of a baby

God uses this as an omen of a new beginning.

The Bible talks about this as a sign of change. When things are about to change for people, they begin to dream of the eyes of a baby.

It spiritually prepares people for what lies in their future.

This is the same for you as well. Begin to prepare for the new season. The spiritual world is telling you to get set for a new life.

It is a moment to begin afresh.

Additionally, this dream is also saying that you should look beyond the past. You have a whole new life ahead of you.

4) A bleeding eye

The biblical meaning of seeing a bleeding eye in dreams talks about a spiritual attack.

When you dream about this, it indicates that evil spirits are trying to access your life, make you vulnerable, and eventually attack you.

In African Christianity practices, a dream such as this is seen as a witchcraft attack. God has revealed this to you in a dream so that you can pray against evil attacks.

This is to reveal what the enemy is planning for your life. The time has come to fight in prayers for your life.

Through prayer, you can overcome the plan of the enemy.

You will get this message whenever God wants you to be full of prayer. Therefore, watch out for this.

5) A wounded right eye

It means you have made a wrong decision.

This can be caused by wrong perception and judgment. Getting a wounded right eye in the dream points to this situation.

Now, this is not a good sign.

But it does not mean the consequences of wrong decisions cannot be avoided in this context. 

When you pray for direction, you will know how to overhaul the decision. Additionally, this dream could be speaking of repentance.

That is, you need to change certain mindsets you have for more doors of opportunities to be opened to you.

6) Focus

Seeing eyes in the dream spiritually talks about having a focus.

When you start having dreams of different colors of eyes, God is encouraging you to avoid distraction.

When you become distracted, the things that matter will no longer be the center of attention. You will begin to focus on mundane things. 

Distraction slows you down from making progress as you should. Because of this, you might run another man’s race.

This is what God is trying to warn you against.

Therefore, take this message seriously and act on it. Be focused. Keep your eyes on the goal and never allow anything to convince you otherwise.

7) Staring into someone else’s eyes

When you have this type of dream, it is a sign of understanding and true friendship

This means that you should try to understand your friends. Be flexible in your mind to accommodate their weaknesses.

Additionally, be open in your mind to genuinely love your friends.

When you get a message via this dream, it is to encourage friendship, loyalty, and trust. 

God uses this dream to emphasize the need for true friends who you can trust. If you find it hard to find true friends, this dream is saying that the fault is yours.

You have failed to understand that people have weaknesses.

Once you allow this message into your soul, it purifies you and aligns your thoughts properly.

8) Eye pain

Dreams about having eye pain talk about lack of spiritual foresight.

It indicates that the chakra that affects your spiritual eyes is not functioning properly.

This might be due to negativity or a spiritual attack.

Therefore, conduct a spiritual check to see what went wrong.

When people begin to wane in their spirituality, one of the ways they will know is by dreaming about having eye pain. 

9) Focus on your growth process

When you dream of seeing your own eyes, it is a message that encourages you to focus on your growth process.

Quit the competition.

You are going through a process, which needs your attention.

Additionally, this is a sign of maintaining balance in your life. God sends this dream to you when you begin to lose balance.

Also, this dream means you should hold on to reality. Stop creating unrealistic wishes.

Biblical Meaning of Dreams about Eyes Falling Out

Eyes Falling Out in Dreams

When you dream about eyes falling out, this is not a good sign.

It means the following:

  • You are losing focus;
  • A spiritual attack;
  • You have swayed from the path of your destiny.

Biblical Meaning of Dream about Someone with Black Eyes

Man with black eyes

Someone with black eyes spiritually means secrecy. When you dream about someone with black eyes, the bible explains it as keeping secrets.

If this person is your friend, then it means that your friend is keeping secrets from you.

When the person is a stranger, God is telling you to keep vital information to yourself.

Do as much as you can to beware of carelessly revealing your secrets to people.

Are Dreams about Eyes a Bad Biblical Sign?

Eyes and bad luck

They are not always a bad biblical sign. They can bring bad biblical signs only when the eye is bleeding, wounded, or falls off.

Also when you dream of having eye pain, it is a caution sign from God.

There are good biblical messages surrounding dreams about eyes as well.

Final Words

The Bible reveals that our eyes are important. Therefore, when we dream about them, we should see this as an important spiritual omen. We hope you have read through this article with an open heart and found answers to your questions about such dreams.

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