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7 Spiritual Meaning of Tears from Right and Left Eye: Watering

7 Spiritual Meaning of Tears from Right and Left Eye

We will all have tears in our eyes.

As babies, our primary mode of communication is through crying, which many times involves tears. And we continue to cry, and shed tears as we grow up and until the last years of our lives.

Sometimes we have tears in our eyes not because we are crying but rather because of some medical condition.

But did you know that there are spiritual meanings behind our tears? In this post, I intend to tackle the spiritual meaning when

  • The left eye is watering;
  • The right eye is watering;
  • Tears from the right eye;
  • Tears from the left eye;
  • Crying only from the right eye.

Let’s start?

Spiritual Meaning of Left Eye Watering

Left Eye Watering

It is also possible that only the left eye is welling up.

When you are experiencing that your left eye is watering, take this to mean that the universe wants you to remember whom you have recently hurt and ask for their forgiveness.

Every now and then, we would end up hurting other people because of our words and actions.

  • We may say things that would hurt others either intentionally or unintentionally.
  • We may also do things, or make decisions that might end up hurting the people we care about.

When your left eye is watering, you are being prompted by the universe to think long and hard about the people you could have possibly hurt and you care about.

Think of what you could have possibly said or did that offended them.

This is one of heaven’s ways of protecting your relationships from being destroyed.

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Spiritual Meaning of Right Eye Watering

Right Eye Watering

When it is your right eye that is watering, it is a reminder or even a rebuke from the heavens to honor your word or commitment.

I have a friend who just loves committing but never makes good on her commitments.

As a freelance illustrator, she would be missing deadlines. She would also say yes to invitations to meet up but would come in an hour or two late. Worse, she won’t show up at all.

Some of her clients no longer engage her services because she failed to complete a project while some of her friends were avoiding her. And then for months, her right eye kept watering all while she was being unreliable in her job and her personal commitments.

She told me that she has consulted around two doctors and was given drops to solve the watering of her right eye. But this did not work either.

One day she just decided it is time to be a better professional and person and she started honoring her commitments.

She finally met her deadlines, completed her projects, and showed up on time. 

And by some miracle, she shared with me that the watering of her right eye just disappeared.

She said it seemed that the watering right eye was a sign from the heavens to honor her word and do as she promised.

Spiritual Meaning of Tears from Left Eye 

Spiritual Meaning of Tears from Left Eye 

When the tears are from the left eye, this means that you are living too much in the past.

There are different reasons why some people live too much in the past.

They could, for example, relive what they think are the best days of their lives. Instead of focusing on the present and preparing for the future, some would just recall again and again their happy times in the past years. 

They fail to recognize that their best days are not confined to the past but can also be found in the future.

Other individuals live in the past by being unable to forgive themselves.

These are the people who spend so many hours and days wondering what if they did things differently.

They are full of regrets and they spend valuable time wallowing on what they should have done differently rather than moving forward.

When your tears are coming from the left eye, ask yourself how you are dealing with your past.

  • Are you letting your past control your future?
  • Are you letting it get the better of you and in a way distracting you from being fully present at the moment?

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Spiritual Meaning of Tears from Right Eye 

Spiritual Meaning of Tears from Right Eye 

When your tears are from the right eye, the message from the universe relates to humility.

Perhaps you are the type who never apologizes for your mistakes. Even if you have been caught committing a mistake, you do not apologize.

Instead, you shrug off your errors, pretending that they do not matter.

If you are this kind of person and your tears are from the right eye, then take a message from the heavens that you need to learn humility.

Likewise, if you have already learned the value of humility, then maybe the right-eye tears are also reminders to keep being humble.

This may be a recognition from the universe that you have gone far and well in terms of learning and applying humility in your life.

It could also be the universe’s way of prodding you to teach others a lesson on humility. 

Perhaps there is someone close to you or a co-worker who needs to learn some lessons on humility.

The right eye tears are probably the heavens’ way of telling you to help others learn the importance of being humble.

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Are You Crying Only from the Right Eye? 9 Spiritual Meanings 

Right eye crying

1) You find the world unfair

When you find yourself crying only from the right eye, this is probably a reflection of your feelings that the world is unfair.

Many of us lament how many other people seem to be doing much better or are more blessed than you are.

Often, we compare ourselves to others and find that other people are either of the following:

  • Wealthier;
  • More good looking;
  • Have better personal relationships;
  • Enjoy a more high-end lifestyle;
  • More talented.

The list can go on and on.

When you are only crying from the right eye, this is a sign from the heavens that you are comparing yourself to others more frequently and end up feeling that the world is unfair.

2) A dream will come true

When you are only crying from the right side, then you might also want to rejoice. This is heaven’s way of telling you that a dream will come true.

Maybe your dream is about a material thing, like a dream car or a house. Then you often cry from the right eye.

Then this could mean that your dream car or house is within your reach.

You may not receive it as quickly as you want but with patience, you may get it in the years ahead.

Maybe it isn’t about material possession. You could be a student who dreams of becoming a licensed professional like a doctor or a lawyer. 

You might be an athlete who wants to represent your country. With the tears in your right eye, this might be heaven’s way of affirming that your dream will also come true.

3) A search for answers

You may be crying from the right eye because you have questions that remain unanswered.

This is not uncommon as many people search for answers on why things happened the way they did.

There are various circumstances and reasons why we may be searching for answers. This could be due to an abrupt ending to something. 

For example, your lover just left without saying goodbye. Or a family member died suddenly without warning. In both circumstances, you are likely asking the heavens why these things happened.

You may be also questioning the wisdom of the ones above.

Maybe you have been praying and working hard for something like a promotion at work or getting pregnant and the heavens never gave what you have been asking and praying for.

The crying from the right eye is a reflection of your search for answers.

You may not be quite outspoken in your desire for answers and it manifests in other ways like crying from the right eye.

4) Tenacity

The tears in your right eye are also a spiritual sign of your tenacity.

This is a sign that you don’t give up easily and you go forward in reaching your dreams even when faced with many challenges.

The tears are a testament to your “never say die” attitude. If you are tearing on the right eyes only, reflect on your attitude.

Are you the type to stand up after a fall and keep working hard to get what you want? Your tears from the right eye are a testament to your tenacious capacity.

5) Empathy

When you are crying from the right eye, this is a spiritual sign that you are an empathic person. You can easily feel the suffering and plight of others. 

Your tears are coming from the right because you not only feel for others but also are thinking of ways of helping people get out of their predicament.

If your friend’s mother is ill, you may not only be sympathetic to your friend’s problem but also think of ways to help ease her burden.

In this example, you may be thinking of sending her some financial help or even cooking meals for her ill mother.

Your tears from the right eye are a great sign that you are a good person with a very exceptional heart.

6) You are feeling threatened

Your tears in the right eye only could be a reflection of how you are feeling threatened.

There are different ways of feeling threatened such as:

  • Money or resources could run out;
  • You may no longer have a job;
  • Your relationships are in trouble;
  • You get scared of different things about the future.

You are only crying in the right eye because you feel unsure of your current circumstances.

You may feel that soon, the tides will change and you will undergo massive changes that you cannot deal with.

7) Illness

Crying in the right eye only could also mean illness for you.

This might be a warning sign from the ones above that you would be falling ill in the next few days, weeks, or even months.

The tears don’t mean that the illness will be life-threatening or extremely painful. It is just a sign that your body will feel differently, and sick soon.

You may be being sent a warning so you can prepare either for resources to heal yourself, emotional willpower or to be in the right psychological frame needed to fight the illness.

8) Fresh start 

Many of us long for a fresh start.

Sadly, it is not easy to start anew at anything.

Sometimes, we may need to go through the harshest and toughest times before we can start anew.

When you are crying on the right side and wishing for things to change or for something better, then be happy.

Those tears signify that you soon would be having a fresh start

The new beginnings could be in different aspects of your life such as a new job or title at work, a new love, a new home, or a new church.

When you cry only on your right, this could be the sign that something new and fresh that you have been praying for is coming soon.

9) Save your friendships

When you are crying from the right eye, then reflect on your friendships.

  • What happened to your oldest friends?
  • How often do you talk to or see your friends?
  • Are you in conflict with any of them?

The crying on the right eye is a reminder from the heavens that your friends are sent for good reasons. 

But you need to work hard to make the friendship work and survive many years.

As such, those tears are meant to help you reflect on the state of your relationship with friends and a reminder as well to save them if needed.

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Should I Be Concerned Spiritually

Spiritual problems from this event

Yes, you should be concerned spiritually.

After all, the tears in your eyes are the heavens’ way of giving you sincere messages to guide you and help you be the best version of yourself.

Shall We Conclude?

Crying, watery eyes, or tears are all part of life.

When you encounter them in one eye or both, then take a pause and reflect on what the heavens are trying to tell you with these tears.

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