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What Does it Mean When Your Left Eye Jumps? Superstitions!

What Does it Mean When Your Left Eye Jumps? Superstitions!

You are about to hear good news or a bad one, someone is talking behind your back or your loved one is cheating on you.

A myriad of superstitions revolves around the left eye jumping, varying in what it means, depending on your culture, belief, or perspective. Let alone, what does it mean, eye twitching is distinguished on a gender basis as well. Not necessarily it means the same for a woman or a man.


Is it just a muscle spasm?

Let alone a rare condition that causes an eye to jump, people like to associate things happening to them for a greater purpose or a reason. Intriguing it is, isn’t it? 

Well, there is no denying the fact that we have a greater purpose than merely ourselves – whether it is encouraging good things for our very own self or others.

What does it mean spiritually when your left eye jumps?

What does it mean spiritually when your left eye jumps

All in all, spirituality is about seeking; a bigger meaning, the deeper sense of connection, or elevation from what stands apparent

Spiritual meaning of left eye jumps

On a broader spectrum, spiritually, if your left eye is twitching, it is a sign of bad luck. On the other hand, right eye jumps are associated with good luck.

Going into specifics, at what time it’s happening, for how long, and what part comes with even greater meanings, depending on the culture.

Common superstitions of eye jumping

Amongst various superstitions revolving around eye twitching, here are some most common and strange eye jumping superstitions:

  • A family friend may visit;
  • Something good is about to happen;
  • Someone is thinking about you badly (Oh, I wish, if that is the case);
  • You may receive an invitation for a celebration;
  • Something you fear the most about is going to happen;
  • Your loved ones are talking behind your back;
  • The one you love is in trouble.

Eye jumping in different cultures

Eye jumping

However, different cultures perceive eye jumps differently. Not to stop there, these spiritual implications also define an individual’s personality traits, subconscious, or foreshadowing of life events.

Some superstitions, at some point, makes sense whereas, others are blindly followed because of traditional norms and religious beliefs. 


Left eye twitching superstition, in Indian culture, varies between men and women.

Male left eye twitching is a sign of poor luck that indicates bad experiences in their life

On the other hand, it’s a whole different story when it comes to women.

Unlike males, women’s left eye twitching brings luck and prosperity. Women’s left eye twitching is considered lucky for the households. The astrological significance of left eye twitching in women is obtaining pleasure and tranquillity.


In Africa, like many cultures, a twitching left eye signifies ill luck or misfortunes.

This belief is more common in Nigeria. Others distinguish between upper and lower eyelids as well. If your upper eyelid twitches, you may expect a guest, and if your lower eyelid twitches, expect to weep any time soon.


China, like India, has superstitions that are truly believed and followed with proper precautionary measures. Chinese think that twitching of the left eye brings luck and happiness, but not the right.

Some Chinese think the significance of left eye twitching changes with time. If your left eye twitches around midnight, you will have good news. However, left eye flickering foreshadows misfortune or an accident.


The significance of left eye twitching in Hawaii varies. A stranger’s surprise arrival or a family member’s death symbolize left eye twitching in Hawaiian culture.

Eye jumping in Caribbean

Left eye twitching is a sign of ill news or disaster in the West Indies.

Mostly left side of the body is considered a negative entity. Anything that relates to the left side is defined by anything that is not good. 

Left Eye Twitching in Females

As both the left and right eyes have different implications for flickering, for females, the twitching of the left is known to bring good fortune.

Left Eye Twitching in Males

In addition, unlike women, twitching left eye in males foreshadow an ill fortune or sequence of bad events in life. It is said for men to look out for themselves when their left eye twitch, whether it is work, relationship, or anything

Left Eye Jumping Superstition

Left Eye Jumping Superstition

Coming out of the cultures and beliefs, as a general thumb of rule, left eye jumping superstition vary in two major categories; area of the eye and time of the day

Having a look at eye twitching in various parts/sides of the eye, is more of getting the right message depending on your spiritual connection, astrology, and belief. 

Here is some most common left eye jumps predictions. 

Lower Eyelid Twitching

Symbolism: Expenses

Message: The lower eyelid jumps are associated with loss of money in any form. You may have to spend a good amount for any genuine reason.

Upper Eyelid Twitching

Symbolism: Sad news

Message: twitching in upper eyelid represents or gives an indication or news that may come at the cost of your mental peace, joy, or comfort zone.

Left Pupil Twitching

Symbolism: Good Luck

Message: It is considered a sign of good luck. You are more likely advised to be prepared for good news or be grateful to attract the good that is coming your way. 

Twitching in Upper Part of Eye

Symbolism: Money

Message: Upper eyelid twitching represent that in the near future you may receive money. It can be in any form, for instance, an increase in income or a long-forgotten debt being paid. 

Eyebrows Twitching

Symbolism: Good news or childbirth

Message: Well, that totally depends on the planning, however, as per twitching superstitions, your flickering eyebrows indicate the birth of a child anytime soon. It can be in your close relatives or you (only if you are up for it).

Left eye jumping in different hours of the day

Chinese superstitions

Speaking of specifics, Chinese culture further diversifies or categories left eye twitching with the time of the day, in reference to the Chinese zodiac calendar. Let’s have a look at how time diversify the left eye jumping superstition and astrology. 

11:00pm – 1:00am

Zodiac Animal: Rat

Message: You are expected to receive a visit from a gentleman


Zodiac Animal: Ox

Message: If you have been worrying about something, it may finally happen, mostly probably bad. 


Zodiac Animal: Tiger

Message: It refers that a long-lost friend or a family member may visit you soon. 


Zodiac Animal: Rabbit

Message: If you have been lately thinking about someone you care about, they may come to see you. So, do not be surprised. 


Zodiac Animal: Dragon

Message: Be prepared to welcome anyone, a friend or a family member living far way. 


Zodiac Animal: Snake

Message: Are you ready to enjoy a feast or to become part of someone’s celebrations? This time and zodiac sign refers that you will soon receive an invitation to a party or an event. 


Zodiac Animal: Horse

Message: It feels good being loved and cared about deeply! Well, someone you love is thinking about you. 


Zodiac Animal: Sheep

Message: If you have a debt to pay off or want to go shopping, you must be ready to spend good. This time refers money coming to you. 


Zodiac Animal: Monkey

Message: Gear up becuase for zodiac sign “Monkey”, 3pm to 5pm is or can be tough as it represents a bad luck coming.  


Zodiac Animal: Rooster

Message: Just as the rooster alarms, you can expect a visit from a friend.


Zodiac Animal: Dog

Message: Hope you are all cleaned up at home because, a visitor may stop by today. 


Zodiac Animal: Boar

Message: Knock Knock, a friend may visit you soon. 

Left Eye Jumping: Astrology Meaning

Left Eye Jumping in Astrology

In astrology, there are so many omens that are viewed as a sign of optimism, transition or transformation.

Surely have heard of left eye twitching and its implications, different civilizations have their relevance of left eye twitching. As per a scientific genre of astrology “Namitha sastra”, the study of omen is an Indian School Astrology. 

Science of Namitha Shastra

According to Namitha Shastra, the whole universe is connected that forms the lines of energy that is not visible to the human eye.

Due to changes in the planetary configurations, the energies shift and can contribute to influencing humans and their relative surroundings.

In addition, an astrology branch, Namitha Shastra predicts the outcomes of certain changes in the environment that indicated individual aura. 

Speaking of that, left eye jumping comes with its own astrological meanings that vary or depend on various factors

What does it mean when your left eye keeps jumping?

Left eye

Astrologically, different signs come with different meanings for left eye jumps. It is not just limited to a certain belief.

There are other considerations, where your planets are at the current moment. However, left eye twitching zodiac sign astrology generally depicts some common outcomes depending on their element. For instance, left eye twitching zodiac signs represent;

Earth Element

  • Taurus: You can expect good news regarding work or education.
  • Virgo: Travelling can be expected in a near future.
  • Capricorn: You are about to find the love of your life. 

Fire Element

  • Aries: You can expect to meet a long-lost loved one, a family member, or a friend.
  • Leo: Buckle up! Money is coming your way.
  • Pisces: A promotion is on its way. Left eye twitching Pisces is an indication of good news or success in professional matters.
  • Sagittarius: Let’s pack your bags! You may get to travel anytime soon.

Air Element

  • Gemini: That’s a little sad, but you can expect to get sick for no specific reason.
  • Libra: Someone is getting lucky! You may hear good news soon if your left eye twitch.
  • Aquarius: So predictable and not-so-predictable, an Aquarius may feel the loss of energy. Be prepared to carry that low-feels with you. 

Water Element

  • Cancer: It’s time to spoil yourself! Cancers can expect to receive a present soon.
  • Scorpio: Bon Appetite! You will have a good feast or may be invited to a celebration. 

It can be my Guardian Angel?

Guardian Angel

The concept of guardian Angel is most likely accossiated with a help from the divine in any form. As much people follow and believe in superstitions, their believe is stronger in a protecting Angel.

If you are spiritually strong, you may notice that things work out for you in the time of need from ways you’d never have expected. A moment of clarity or the repetitive numbers; it can be any sign that brings you hope. 


Eye jumping is not accossiated with a guardian Angel. You can say that it was a sign or a warning before hand, but nothing more than that. 

It can be bad luck?

Eye jumping and bad luck

Depending on the culture you belong to or the omens you believe, eye twitching, in most cases represents bad than good.

However, having a good faith, optimistic approach, and a believing heart, there is nothing bad that you cannot overcome.

Isn’t spirituality, after all, about seeking; the good, faith, believe, 

Final Words

Hearing all the superstitions from all around the world stating it can be indication of good or the bad.

These beliefs typically differ based on which eye is twitching, whether you’re a male or a woman, and even the time of day when the eye twitch happens.

A left eye twitch superstition is generally associated to bad news, and a right eye twitch superstition to good news, however this is not always the case. The crux is to understanding your intuitions and interpreting the meaning you truly want from life.

So, do you already know what does it mean when your left eye jumps? Please, feel free to leave your comments below!

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