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Home » 8 Spiritual Meanings of Snakes in dreams: is it good luck?

8 Spiritual Meanings of Snakes in dreams: is it good luck?

8 Spiritual Meanings of Snakes in dreams: is it good luck?

In this article I will show you the spiritual meaning of snakes in dreams. Green snakes, black, yellow and white snakes.

Seeing snakes in the dream can be as scary as seeing snakes in reality. There is a general phobia, which comes with seeing snakes. However, there is something different when you see snakes around you consistently. There is something you need to pay attention to whenever you begin to see snakes all around you.

While it is usual to find snakes around you if you live close to a bush, or if your city is a natural habitat for snakes, you still need to pay close attention to this animal. There is so much to learn from the snake if we can learn to trust in its wisdom and the energy it emits.

The universe can communicate to us through a snake. Therefore, as dreadful as snakes is, they are one of the special messengers from the universe to guide you into certain truths, which will determine a major part of your life. You might be asking if seeing snakes is a good sign or a bad sign. Do not worry; we will get to that part.

This article is a revelation to guide you as you journey towards transformation and self-discovery. The snake is an animal you must learn to look up to for direction. When guidance seems far from you, the snake is an animal that can suddenly appear around you randomly to guide you and tell you what to do.

How to interpret the different messages of the snake is not going to be a problem for you anymore. Because I have revealed the 8 deep spiritual meanings of seeing snakes. Most especially, when you see snakes in your dream.

What do snakes represent in dreams?

What do snakes represent in dreams

Whenever you dream about snakes, it is a warning from heaven. It is a sign of caution. It is an indication that imminent danger is around the corner.

Most times, whenever you see snakes in your dream, you will always wake up alarmed and disturbed. The energy is not a result of what you saw in your dream, it is a message from the universe that is channeled through your emotions.

Seeing snakes in dreams can also be a prediction of a future event. If something is about to happen to you – mostly negative, the snake will always appear to you in the dream to show you what is about to happen, and tell you how to avert it.

This is where many people miss out on the spiritual messages from the snake. Rather than following the instructions from the snake, many people simply start panicking and seeking help. Eventually, what was predicted would happen.

Therefore, whenever you see a snake in your dream, you should be prepared to take the necessary steps to prevent any negative event from unfolding in your life, or of those around you.

Seeing snakes in the dream also awakens your consciousness to the fact that the universe is trying to communicate with you. When snakes suddenly appear on your path, it is a sign that the universe is trying to say something to your mind.

Sometimes, the snake might have appeared to you physically, but your lack of discernment made you miss out on the message it brings.

Therefore, the universe will always bring the snake to your dreams so that you can pay attention enough to get the message that will be of great benefit to you. Whenever this happens, it is time to pay attention – deep spiritual wisdom and energy is about to be communicated to you from the spiritual world.

What are the messages you can receive from snakes in the dream?

Read on to find out the 8 best spiritual messages of seeing snakes in your dreams.

8 Spiritual meanings of snakes in dreams

Spiritual meaning of snakes in dreams

This is the moment you have been waiting for. I am going to reveal the 8 spiritual meanings of seeing snakes in your dreams. Your responsibility is to bear all these messages in mind, and apply them to your life as occasion demands whenever you see a snake or snakes in your dreams. 

Without action, the power of the snake will not have any impact on our lives. This is why you must be ready to act on all the instructions that come from the snake.

The universe will always communicate with us. However, it is only our receptiveness that determines if we will listen and act accordingly or not. 

Therefore, let us see the spiritual meanings of snakes in dreams.

1) Be on the defense

Orange snake

Snakes are one of the most defensive animals I have ever seen. Snakes plan to attack from afar once they see any sign of a threat.

Therefore, whenever the snake appears to you, it is a sign from the universe that you should be on the defensive mode because many threats are coming at you. Most times, when you dream of snakes in your dreams, it is a sign that you have to be defensive.

Do not let your guard down. As much as the universe will always be there to protect you, the moment you let your guard down, you will become the prey.

2) Wisdom

Yellow and white snake

Snakes are wise animals. They know what to do and plan their schemes perfectly.

Therefore, whenever you see snakes in dreams, the universe has come to give you 2 messages which relate to the wisdom of the snake:

  • The universe is going to supply you with wisdom to go through life. Perhaps, you might be facing a lot of issues, which require wisdom for you to navigate through, the universe is promising you that it will always show up for you. The universe is assuring you that the snake will supply wisdom to your mind.
  • The second meaning is telling you to be wise – most especially when it comes to dealing with people. Wisdom will grant you victory over the deception and schemes of people. There is no doubt that there are evil people in the world today. Therefore, seeing snakes in your dreams is telling you that you need to be wise when it comes to your relationships.

3) Let go of your past

Green snake

Snakes are known for shedding their scales at some point in time. This is a deep spiritual message to us concerning letting go of our past.

Letting go of your past is not only relegated to your past mistakes.

It also means letting go of your past achievements. Most times, the reason why we have failed to move forward is that we have either allowed our past failures to instill fear in us or our past success to make us contented with our current level. This is why the universe has sent the snake to you.

Seeing snakes in your dreams simply means it is time to let go of the past, embrace your present reality and look forward to the exciting things that lie in your future. Never hold on to your past from now on. This is the reason why you have not moved forward in life.

4) A total renewal

Black snake

The shedding scales of the snake reveal new skin underneath.

Therefore, this is a sign to you. Until you are ready to change who you are, and how you see life, you will never discover the beauty that lies within you.

It is time for a total evolution to begin from your inside, which will lead to a complete transformation and renewal. It is time to shed off your old self with its habits and mistakes and reveal your new self with greatness, perfection, and sanctity.

5) Healing


The venom of snakes can be used as an ingredient to concoct medicines and healing charms. Therefore, the snake is a symbol of healing.

I believe we do not only need healing from physical sicknesses in our bodies, we also need healing from emotional imbalances and so on.

Therefore, whenever you see snakes in your dreams, it is a message of hope from the universe that your healing process is going to speed up in the coming days.

Whenever you need healing, and the snake shows up in your dream, then you should rejoice. Your healing has come and the process will speed up to usher you into its full reality.

6) Deceptiveness

Yellow snake

Snakes are known to be deceptive animals. Most especially because of the way they move. Snakes do not move in a straight line.

It moves in curves as it approaches its destination. Therefore, it might be hard to tell where it is going and what it plans to do. Whenever you see a snake in your dream, it is a sign from the universe that you should be careful of living a deceptive life.

Be careful of using people for your gain. This might be an act of revenge due to what you have suffered from in the past. Therefore, the next spiritual message is also speaking to you. 

7) Learn to release every hurts and unforgiveness

Green snake dream meaning

There is a limit to how long we can hold grudges, pain, hurts, and unforgiveness. If we hold this negative energy for long, it will destroy a lot of things in our lives.

Therefore, you have to learn to release every emotion of unforgiveness in your heart against anybody.

This is how to truly shed off the weight that has been preventing you from progressing with your life as you should.

8) Get out of your comfort zone

Snakes in spiritual world

The message from seeing snakes in your dream is telling you to get out of your comfort zone. The snake does not sit around hoping for its food to come.

The snake goes out to hunt and eventually comes back with a stomach full of goodies. This is a message to you.

You have sat down too long in your comfort zone because of the fear of being uncomfortable. It is time to step out of that comfort zone and live the life you were born to live to the fullest.

Dream of dead snake biblical beaning

Dream of dead snake biblical beaning

In the bible, snakes mean demons and Satan. 

Therefore, whenever you dream of a dead snake, it biblically means victory.

  • It is a symbol of good luck;
  • It means that you have prevailed over the power of the enemy;
  • And it means that you are under God’s protection and the devil cannot come near you to afflict you.

Therefore, seeing a dead snake should bring joy to you as a Christian. It is a sign of great victory.

What does it mean to see many snakes in dreams?

See many snakes in dreams

Whenever you see many snakes in the dream, it is a sign that the people around you are deceptive and malicious.

This is one of the scariest dreams I have ever had. Since then, I have been very careful with how I deal with my friends.

Seeing many snakes in your dreams is a message from the universe that the people around you are up to no good. You are in the company of deceptive people, who will use deceptive means to exploit you and eventually betray you.

Is it good to dream about snakes?

Snakes and danger in dreams

Yes! It is good to dream about snakes.

  • Dreaming about snakes will put you on the defensive mode;
  • Will reveal what is around you, and properly prepare you to protect yourself against future negative occurrences and circumstances;
  • Dreaming about snakes puts, you in charge because the universe has revealed the future to you;
  • And dreaming about snakes endows you with heavenly wisdom to live life flawlessly.

Dream about snakes: is it good luck?

Snakes and good luck

Well, it is good luck.

The reason why I have said that is that seeing a snake is a great sign of protection and healing. Good luck does not have to base on financial prosperity alone. Therefore, the fact that a snake brings messages of healing and protection is a sign of good luck.

Whenever you dream about a snake, be optimistic. You are safe.

Final Words

Snakes are magnificent creatures, which possess the wisdom of the universe, and can guide us on the path we should follow into our next life. Therefore, let all the spiritual meanings from this article guide you as you get divine wisdom from the snake through the messages it brings to you in your dream.

So, do you already know what is the spiritual meaning of snakes in your dreams? Please, feel free to leave your comments bellow!

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3 thoughts on “8 Spiritual Meanings of Snakes in dreams: is it good luck?”

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    Glenda Robinson - Whitehead

    What does it mean wen you had a dream of 3 snakes fighting 3 crocodiles or alligators on your behalf. They was all the same sizes of each other, one humongous leviathan, the snake was as humongous as it, and there’s the medium small size ones leviathans and the snakes. And a love one (my favorite sister) that’s passed on standing at the of edge of the water. With her hands in her jacket pockets with her back to me glancing silently( saying to me,” you better fight) over her shouldiers at me. As I was moving away from the shores of a ( 1/2 swampy 1/2 beach waters). The sun was shining bright. The largest of the Leviathans was talking to me making threats of devouring me, saying he was going to get no matter what. Charging through the water like a tarpedo; I was running and scuffling looking back up sandy grassy beach mound. But jus as soon he said that that’s wen I saw the pythons coming to my rescue. I was surprised cause I didn’t know they was there,that’s what caused me miss my steps in getting away from the edge of the shore. The snakes was were was giving their to save me from them. As I stood and watch it look as though they was loosing cause leviathans started the death roll thingy. Causing them to take an extra python squeeze. fight for their life as I was. As the larger of the snake was fighting it said,dont worry jus go I’ll keep him away. The larger snake was red in color with arygon pattern /dots in between each diamond shape. The snakes defeated the Leviathans as I maded my way to the top of the mound. I am astaticly surprised I made it.

  2. Hello dear writer,

    Thank you very much for the snakes dream interpretations.
    I dreamt that big cobra snakes were chasing me and some members of my family like my mom, my child and others. They were chasing me non-stop and got some members of my family and in the end possessed my body entering from one on of my feet till my head. They all were coming out from the water in my great grand mother’s house and started to chase me. Please interpret if it is possible.
    Thank you.


  3. I dreamt that I was standing above a dead black on top and brown at the bottom disemboweled snake (I had 2 long sword like knives in my hands. What is ur oppinion please. Thanx

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