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9 Biblical Meanings of Killing a Snake in a Dream

9 Biblical Meanings of Killing a Snake in a Dream

All through the bible, snakes have been seen as evil and treacherous.

Except in some cases like Jesus and Moses, you will mostly find evil examples of this creature. 

When you dream of killing them, is this a sign of good luck or not?

Well, I have some amazing things to share in this article, which will prove helpful to you. Dreaming of dead snakes is not as bad as you think.

Read on to find out why.

What does a Snake mean in the Bible?

Snakes in the Bible

The first place in the bible where the word ‘snake ‘ was mentioned was the book of Genesis. The snake was referred to as a serpent in this book.

This was featured in the story of Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden.

After God gave them an instruction to eat only the tree of life, the devil came in the form of a Serpent to deceive them

Therefore, this creature has ever since been given a negative reputation as a deceiver. In the bible, the serpent or snake is known for deception.

It depicts disobedience to God’s instructions. Seeing it in the dream or in real life could warn you against falling into the deception of disloyal and untrusted people

Additionally, this creature was also used for the devil. Jesus called the devil “the ancient serpent”.

This is why people who commit atrocities are often referred to as serpentine.

They are identified with this creature because of its reputation for evil. 

The Bible majorly speaks of the evil of this creature because it was the first animal to be possessed by the devil – as we see in the book of Genesis

What does a Dead Snake mean in Dreams?

Dead snake

A dead snake in your dream could be a warning sign or a good sign.

I was going through the book of John in the bible.

Then, I discovered that Moses once lifted up a snake to be an emblem of healing and hope for the Israelites.

This changed my mindset about snakes.

So, there is a good side to this creature in the bible.

Now, looking at this narrative, seeing a dead snake could mean sickness.

Since its presence was a sign of healing for the Israelites, its death or absence of life could spiritually symbolize the absence of healing power.

Additionally, it could be a message from God concerning your health. God might be telling you to take care of your health through this dream.

Another spiritual meaning of seeing this creature in your dream speaks about victory. The evil omen surrounding this spirit animal is responsible for its notoriety.

Therefore, becoming sensitive to its presence helps us to become more cautious.

Now, if you find it dead, then the spiritual world could be bringing good news to you. This could be a sign of victory over the attacks of the enemy

Is it Normal to Dream about Killing Snakes?

Biblical signs from killing snakes

No, it is not normal to dream about killing snakes.

Most of the dreams we have are either a fragment of our reality or a fantasy in our imaginations.

Except on rare occasions, we should not have dreams about killing animals or a person.

Therefore, having this dream concerning killing snakes is a clear spiritual sign

The power of this dream can influence your mindset, and also affect the veracity of your decisions.

All through the bible, nobody had dreams about killing snakes.

Now, this does not mean there are no spiritual meanings for it.

Therefore, read what comes next in this article to understand the different spiritual meanings of killing this creature in your dream.

9 Biblical Meanings of Killing Snakes in a Dream

Biblical Meaning of Killing Snakes in a Dream

In the bible, you will find 9 different messages about killing snakes in a dream. These messages are hidden in certain events, which we will uncover in this section. If you have ever dreamt of killing snakes in your dream, here are the following spiritual messages that could help.

1) Killing snakes with a stone

The Bible refers to a stone as the word of God.

Therefore, killing snakes with a stone means you should overcome the deception of Satan with the word of God.

God’s word stands above all. You can use it to overcome temptation. It is also an emblem of victory over the works of the devil.

Therefore, killing snakes with a stone spiritually inspires your heart to know more about God’s word.

As you draw closer to His word, your soul will be illuminated with light, and this exposes the works of darkness to you. 

Stones are a sign of God’s infallible word, which can be used to destroy the devil – just as you crushed the head of snakes with the stone in your dream.

2) Killing snakes with an axe


Now, this speaks of your determination to overcome a situation in your life.

The axe represents your unbending will, which is the highest level of motivation.

God has shown you this dream to encourage you to keep at it. 

He sees your determination to succeed and will back you up.

Ensure you never give in to pressure.

Just as you killed those snakes with the axe, you will overcome every challenge in your life with a strong will and determination. 

3) Killing snakes with an arrow

Killing snakes with an arrow spiritually talks about the power of prayer.

As much as the power of God’s word can crush the enemy’s tactics and plans, you should also not neglect the place of prayer.

This is what the dream is saying to you.

The arrow is the power of prayer, which can be sent to the camp of the enemy of your soul

Killing snakes with an arrow in your dream is a message from God. It is telling you to be full of prayer.

Sharpen your prayer life.

Get back on track, and trust God to grant you the victory you desire.

4) Killing a Python


Now, this is a big one. It is almost impossible to kill a python without a weapon.

Therefore, strangling a python with your bare hands in a dream means you are about to break out of some limitations.

Now, this is not going to come without a fight.

Therefore, you must be ready to face adversity. 

On your journey to breaking out of certain cycles, expect to be faced with challenges.

People will not understand your drive and might try to talk you out of it.

But, you must choose to stand strong even in the midst of it all.

5) Killing a baby snake

Spiritually, this means you should kill every negative idea even before it becomes big.

God has given you this dream as a caution sign. It is telling you to stop dwelling on negative thoughts.

Right in its embryo stage, kill every negative idea, or conception you have.

Whenever you dwell much on negativity, it affects the whole of your life and might kill your creativity at some point.

Therefore, fight this with all of your energy.

If need be, stay away from certain people who are responsible for this cycle of negativity. 

6) Killing a Rattlesnake


Rattlesnakes are known for their annoying sounds when they move.

Therefore, killing it in your dream might mean you should shut out distractions from your life.

This might be a caution sign from God.

Achieving a task requires focus and discipline.

When you become easily distracted, it is almost impossible to achieve whatever you have planned to do.

This is why you are having this dream

Killing this snake means you should stay away from distractions.

Silence every distracting voice around you or within you

7) Killing a green snake in your friend’s house

In the bible, this is a good sign.

It means that you have finally discovered the deceitfulness of your friend.

Also, it could be a warning sign concerning your friends.

Anytime you have this type of dream, your first reaction should be to stay away from this friend.

Watch him/her for some days before deciding whether to proceed with the friendship or not. 

8) Killing a viper


Vipers are venomous.

A single bite from this snake can kill people within seconds.

Killing this creature in your dream could be a sign of protection.

This could mean that God is protecting you from spiritual attacks of evil people in your life.

9) Killing a snake in your room

This is a spiritual omen of good luck.

Anytime you kill a snake in your room, it means you have finally discovered the cause of your bad luck and overcome it.

Therefore, expect good things to happen in your life henceforth. 

Is this a Bad Dream?

Big snake

No, killing snakes in your dream is not bad. It brings warning signs and good luck signs.

Watch out for the individual events as earlier mentioned.

They are meant to protect you from certain negative events

Should I be Concerned?

Biblical signs from snakes

Yes, having this type of dream calls for your attention.

Therefore, open your mind to know more about its spiritual meanings.

There is nothing natural about this dream.

It is a message from the universe, and your mind must be ready to understand it.

Final Words

In this article, everything you need to know about killing snakes in a dream has been revealed. Make use of this information to understand the message God is passing across through your dreams about killing snakes. 

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  1. In my dream green snake bites me in my right palm but I was wearing glove ….and I was terrified and killed the green snake crushing the head of the serpent by some object…what does it meant.

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