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11 Spiritual Meanings of Purple (color) in Dreams

11 Spiritual Meanings of Purple (color) in Dreams

In this article, we will discuss the 11 spiritual meanings of purple in dreams.

These meanings are direct messages from the universe about your life, decisions, and relationships with other people.

If you are having issues with these aspects of your life, then, it is best to read this article till the end. 

In addition to this, further questions surrounding the spirituality of the color purple will be revealed.

Let’s get into this right away.

What does the Color Purple mean in a Dream?

Purple hands

Dreaming of the color purple speaks about having the ambition to succeed. In today’s world, it is almost impossible to find people with a strong ambition to succeed.

The best way to confirm this fact is in how easy it is for people to give up. This is why only a few people eventually amount to something significant in their lifetime.

The spiritual world wants you to be different.

This is why you are getting the color purple in your dream as a spiritual sign.

Spiritually, this is telling you to have the ambition to succeed. It is encouraging you to never settle for less.

In line with this message, God is encouraging you to not give up – even when things are hard and tight.

Following this instruction ensures you reach the peak of your career and eventually accomplish something far greater than you think.

The color purple in dreams speaks about embracing peace of mind. It has similar energy to blue.

Whenever you dream of the color purple, it spiritually encourages you to be peaceful in your mind.

Irrespective of what you are going through at the moment, you have the divine ability to keep your mind calm.

Make use of this inner power.

Seeing purple in your dream indicates spirituality.

It opens your mind to spiritual things and heightens your spiritual sensitivity.

Purple ensures a high receptivity in your spiritual senses at all times.

The moment you discover the purple color in your dreams (for 7 days), it is pointing your attention to becoming more spiritually sensitive than ever before.

Keep this message at the back of your mind. Use it when you dream of purple for more than 7 days. 

Biblical Meaning of the Color Purple in Dreams

Purple color in Bible

The color purple in dreams can be given a biblical meaning. The reason is that purple is a color that kings use in the bible for several spiritual reasons and purposes.

The history of the color purple can be traced to biblical days.

Observing biblical history closely will give us a clue about the spiritual meaning of the color purple.

Firstly, in the book of Leviticus, the color purple was used for the high priest.

Now, the spiritual responsibility of a high priest is leadership.

Bringing this to our physical lives, seeing purple in your dream has a biblical message of leadership.

This message prepares you for leadership roles and responsibilities.

It tells you to always embrace leadership roles. God is telling you to not shy away from responsibilities. 

Also, kings wear purple garments in the bible.

It is believed to be the most expensive relic of bible days.

Therefore, seeing the color purple in dreams is a spiritual sign of aiming for the best.

God gives you this dream to help your mindset see the reality of getting the best out of your life. This dream tells you to never settle for less.

It encourages that you deserve all the good life has to offer.

Spiritual Meaning of Purple Flowers in Dreams

Purple Flower

Purple flowers can be sent to our dreams to calm our minds.

After a day full of pressure, you will get purple flowers in your dream to restore peace and calmness to your mind.

The universe sends this dream to people whenever they are under pressure.

The reason is that the purple color has the divine ability to bring peace to people’s hearts.

Anytime you see purple flowers in your dream, it could be an inspiration to embrace the peace of mind.

Another spiritual meaning of seeing purple flowers in dreams talks about determination to get things done.

Whenever you dream of purple flowers, it encourages you to be determined enough to accomplish your goal for the next day.

The reason behind your unfinished project of yesterday was a lack of determination.

Work on it for tomorrow.

Purple flowers also appear to us in our dreams to make us sensitive to people’s feelings. It tells us to stop allowing our desires and emotions to get in the way.

We must embrace love and generosity while relating with people. Dreams such as this inspire kindness and the spreading of love.

11 Spiritual Meanings of the Color Purple in Dreams

Spiritual Meaning of the Color Purple in Dreams

When you dream of the color purple in dreams, these are the 11 spiritual meanings you should pay attention to.

1) Generosity

Dreaming of the color purple encourages generosity. It is a spiritual message that tells you to give to others without expecting anything in return.

The color purple stirs your heart to be kind towards other people. It eliminates stinginess and selfishness.

Whenever you have consistent dreams of the color purple, it spiritually indicates that people need your help, and you must be generous enough to assist them all.

2) Be a goal crusher

Purple shoes

When you dream of running in a purple running shoe, it spiritually talks about becoming a goal crusher.

The universe gives this dream to people who have formed a habit of never accomplishing all their goals.

These people set goals and sit back without doing anything to accomplish the goals they have set.

If you fall into this category, dreams of running in a purple running shoe mean you need to start crushing your goals.

It is time to take deliberate action towards the goals you have set.

This is the only proven way to crush them all.

3) Excellence

Purple is a color of excellence. Therefore, dreaming of this color passes a message of excellence.

God gives such a dream to people as an inspiration to pursue excellence.

Refuse to accept mediocrity in your life.

Whatever you do, ensure that you stand out.

Dreaming about the color purple should stir you up to be outstanding and excellent in your daily affairs.

It tells you to not see any task as small and insignificant.

Approach everything you do with a mindset of excellence.

When people know you as an excellent person, they will trust you with jobs, and this opens amazing opportunities for you.

4) Courage

Purple cape

Fighting with a purple cape in your dream spiritually talks about courage.

The moment you dream of fighting a dark shadow while wearing a purple cape, the universe is telling you to become courageous enough to face your fears.

The dark shadow represents the fears you have concerning your future or the coming season of your life. 

You need to fight the fears you have concerning your future.

If not, the greatness in you will never be expressed outside.

Never allow fear to cripple you.

No matter how uncertain you feel, take the necessary action with confidence that everything will be fine. 

5) Wealth

Since the color purple spiritually is attributed to royalty, it is a sign of wealth.

Dreams of the color purple bring assurance of wealth and affluence. Anytime you dream of the color purple, it assures you of money.

If you dream of picking up a purple handbag, this is saying you will enjoy a massive financial miracle.

All of these are signs of encouragement. They are meant to make people hopeful and expectant of a brighter future. 

The money you need for your needs will be supplied.

Purple is a symbol of money and wealth.

6) Stop relying on people

Purple clothes

Spiritually, dreaming of the color purple is an inspiration to never rely on people and their promises.

Anytime you dream of holding a purple flower, this is a spiritual message that encourages independence.

It tells you to depend on yourself.

When you make it obvious that you need people, they will take advantage of you.

The spiritual world wants to protect your ego from suffering such a malicious act.

This is why the dream was sent to you.

After having this dream, close up your heart from relying on people. Start focusing more on yourself.

7) You deserve the best in life

This is a mindset everyone should have.

Sadly, not everyone believes in themselves so much to this point.

Some people believe they don’t deserve anything good in life because of their mistakes or backgrounds. 

Well, the purple color that appeared to you in your dream brings a different message.

It was sent to open your mind to the fact that your life deserves the best in life. This has nothing to do with your background.

Believe in this reality and watch how things change for you henceforth.

8) An Encouragement Sign


Whenever you dream of the color purple, it is seen as a message of encouragement from the universe.

This sign inspires your heart and uplifts your soul.

It does not have a specific message.

Therefore, everyone going through one challenge or the other can leverage the color purple for encouragement. 

Through this dream, your heart will be uplifted.

It is almost like hearing a spiritual voice telling you that everything will be alright.

The moment you start seeing the color purple in your dream, it indicates that the spiritual world is patting your back and telling you to keep at what you do.

This message is a good sign that you are not alone.

9) Love and Devotion

Giving a purple flower to your spouse is a sign of love and devotion to one another.

In the spiritual world, the universe uses such a dream to inspire devotion and commitment to a romantic relationship.

If things are not going well between you and your spouse, getting dreams about purple flowers is an assurance that your hearts will be healed and the love you both shared will return and become stronger. 

10) A new season has come

New season in your life

When you dream of opening a purple door, this spiritually indicates the emergence of a new season.

In the spiritual world, getting dreams about doors either talks about an opportunity, or a new season.

In this context, opening a purple door in your dream tells you that a new season has come.

This also symbolizes change. It tells you to prepare your mind for the change that lies ahead.

The spiritual world sends signs like this to people who are about to cross from one phase to another.

What lies in the new season will not be known by this dream.

The message from this dream simply creates an awareness of what lies ahead

11) Learn to listen to people

This is a strong warning message to people with a rigid mindset.

Holding a purple iron rod shows a sign of rigidity.

The message from this dream tells you to open your heart to embrace people’s ideas and perceptions.

Spiritually, the universe will send such a dream to you because your rigid mind is affecting the pace of your progress.

Once you get this message, work on your mindset.

Be ready to accept people’s opinions and genuinely listen to what they have to say with an open heart. 

Is Purple a Positive Color in Dreams?

Purple and bad luck

Yes, purple is a positive color in dreams. The spiritual world gives the color purple as a sign of encouragement when people are down.

In addition to this, it is a spiritual sign of good luck and health.

Because of its close association with royalty, the color purple in dreams also brings wealth and influence into people’s lives.

Should I be Concerned?

Purple and spiritual problems

Yes, you should be concerned about having dreams about the color purple.

Thinking about the spiritual meaning of this message helps your mind to be calm and free from anxiety.

When you get the message from having dreams about purple, things will fall into their proper perspectives for you.

Final Words

The color purple in dreams has been explained in this article.

Therefore, the next time you have such a dream, pay attention to one or more out of the 11 spiritual meanings of purple in dreams as stated in this article. They will help you to discover what the universe is saying concerning your life.

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