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What does the Color Blue mean Spiritually? 11 Spiritual Meanings

What does the Color Blue mean Spiritually? 11 Spiritual Meanings

Whenever you see the color blue, what does it mean spiritually? How does the color blue color affect you? Should you be scared of the blue color?

These are the questions in people’s hearts, and we have decided to answer them all.

There are 11 spiritual meanings for the color blue, and we will talk about them in this article.

Read on till the end.

What does the color blue represent?

What does the color blue represent

Blue represents spirituality. When you hear of the blue color, your mind revolves around the sky, ocean, or the horizon.

However, there is more to this color than meets the eye.

Truly, the blue color speaks about the sky and the ocean.

  • What does it mean when you see the blue color?
  • How does it correlate with your life and choices?
  • Does this bring good luck or bad luck?

Let us look into this.

Light Blue:

Light Blue Sky

This is a sign of emotional balance. The light blue color reveals to us that our emotional energy needs to be balanced.

How you feel is important to your choices and decisions.

This is the reason behind the mistakes and poor choices of people.

Whenever your emotional energy vibrates out of balance, you might see a lot of light blue colors in your dreams.

Meditating on this color keeps your emotion in check. It helps you not overreact and helps you to achieve self-control.

In addition to this, light blue means restoration.

If you have lost something in the past, a light blue color reveals that plans are in place to restore what you have lost. Biblically it is called “restoring the years the locusts have eaten”.

Dark Blue:

Dark Blue Sky

Spiritually, dark blue means that you are trying to get clarity to an issue, but it looks difficult and impossible.

There is a little difference between dark blue and black color.

Dark blue reveals a shade of light while the black color reveals an absence of light.

Therefore, dark blue is giving you hope.

Even though things seem confusing at the moment, you are going to get clarity.

The light is trying to penetrate through the thick darkness, and it will prevail. Seeing dark blue colors reveals your desire to get clarity, and assures you that clarity will be achieved.

Navy Blue:

Navy Blue Flowers

This color reveals that you can rely on yourself. It helps people to attain a high level of trust and confidence in themselves.

Once you begin to doubt yourself, the navy blue color will show up to correct that mindset.

It opens your eyes to see that there are several potentials in you, which needs to be used for the greater good.

It also boosts your self-confidence and teaches you to rely on yourself. With the navy blue color, you will learn to become proud of who you are irrespective of what people say or think.

Baby Blue:

Baby Blue Daisies

Life is full of pressures. We face pressure at work, in relationships, from friends and families, in finances, and so on.

When this becomes overbearing, there is a temptation to succumb to this pressure and just give up.

This is where the baby blue color comes in. This color helps people to overcome pressure. It gives you a sense of relaxation and comfort in the fact that your life is perfect.

Even amid pressure, the baby blue gives you the confidence that you are in charge. It helps people to hold themselves together even amid hard times.

Blue Color Symbolism

Blue Color Symbolism

The blue color symbolism speaks about attaining peace. This color is given as a gift to people during hard times. It comes in many forms – ranging from a blue picture to the blue sky, and so on.

Whenever you see a blue color, the energy that flows to you gives you peace. It helps you to be calm. 

In addition to this, the blue color symbolism helps people to embrace their spiritual side.

For example, if you see the blue sky, be reminded of the spiritual world. Heaven is a physical representation of the spiritual world. It helps us to remember that a realm exists above us, which controls the physical.

This is what the blue color does to us.

It keeps our spirituality right before our eyes and lures us to embrace it.

Spiritual Meaning of the Color Blue

Blue door

Blue means control. It speaks about power and dignity.

It reminds us that we are always in control of our lives.

No matter how much people try to manipulate us, the blue color reminds us that we have the choice to live above their manipulations.

The blue color lets us see that we have total control of the choices we make. Even when our choices are wrong, we must be ready to take responsibility for them.

Furthermore, the spiritual meaning of the color blue also speaks about serenity and calmness. It ensures that you are calm in the face of troubling situations.

I have experienced the power of the blue color, and its soothing effects.

Therefore, keeping the blue color around you will help you attain a high level of peace. It silences the voice of your soul and helps you to focus on what needs to be done.

What does the blue color mean spiritually? 11 meanings

What does the blue color mean spiritually

Generally, we know that the blue color speaks about peace and control. Now, we have to break this down into 11 messages.

This makes it easier to understand specific messages.

The spiritual world can speak through the blue color to help you attain control in several aspects of your life. However, the signs, objects, and timing of this color’s appearance will help you understand it better.

This is why you should read what comes next.

1) You deserve the best

Anytime you see blue jewelry on your neck (in a dream), this reveals that you deserve the best of life.

This message comes to help your mindset.

It comes to help you realize that you are not different from others, and you are entitled to all the good things of life.

2) Peace

Seeing the blue color speaks about peace. Anytime you feel troubled or distressed, God will send the blue color to bring peace to your soul.

With the energy from the color blue, you will stop feeling negative.

Rather than feeling negative, you will embrace the energy of positivity, and this will bring peace to your heart.

3) You have total control over your feelings

Anytime you see blue color in the morning, it is a reminder that you have control over your feelings.

It helps you to keep yourself in check at all times.

It is advisable to have a blue item with you – especially if you find it hard to control your emotion. The blue color helps you to stay in control.

4) Good luck

The blue ocean is a sign of good luck.

Africans believe that the river goddess from the ocean showers people with her benevolence, and brings wealth into their lives.

Therefore, dreaming of the blue ocean speaks about enjoying prosperity and the goodness of the spiritual world. 

5) You are approaching a new season

Anytime you wear your blue watch, pay attention to it. This is not a coincidence. You could have worn a black watch or something different.

This is a spiritual sign that you are about to enter a new season. It is preparing you for the new phase of your life.

6) You have trustworthy people

Your friends will wear blue shirts to show you that they can be trusted.

In addition to this, the spiritual world can show this to you in your dream as a sign concerning your friend.

It helps you realize that your friends are trustworthy. They mean no harm and have your best interest at heart.

7) Effective communication

Blue color fosters communication between people.

Therefore, seeing a blue color encourages you to practice the art of communicating with people more often.

The reason why you feel misunderstood is based on your lack of communication.

Therefore, take it as a responsibility from now. Practice the art of communication.

8) Settle your grievances

If you see your friend holding a blue flag, this is a sign of peace.

It is saying that you should settle your grievances with your friend, and embrace peace.

Don’t hold on to hurts for long as it affects the future of any blossoming relationship.

9) Trust in your inner intuition

Wearing a blue pendant helps you to trust your inner intuition.

Whenever you constantly doubt your inner ability to make decisions, the blue pendant dream will show up.

Once this happens, it triggers your soul to become more active and confident.

WIth the energy from the color blue, you will trust in your intuitive powers to guide you.

10) Healing

Seeing a blue lapiz lazuli stone is a sign of healing.

The lapiz lazuli stone helps people to attain emotional, mental, and physical healing.

11) Take that decision

You don’t need to see a green color to get a green signal.

Through the blue color sign, you will become bold enough to take decisions. If you are looking for approval from the universe, take the blue color as that approval to continue on the path you have mapped out.

7 Things Associated with Blue

Blue balloons

The ocean:

The color blue is associated with the ocean.

Now, there is something special about the blue ocean. Do you know that the ocean is not blue? It simply reflects the blue sky.

Therefore, seeing a blue ocean reminds you that your life is only a reflection of your thoughts.

The sky:

The sky will be blue only in the afternoon, and it represents clarity.

Whenever you see a blue sky with sunlight, this is saying that the answer you seek has come.

However, if the sky is blue without sunlight, the universe is telling you to be patient. The sunlight is a sign of an answer.

Furthermore, the blue sky is a sign of freedom. It allows you to express yourself without the fear of rejection or castigation.

Blue flowers:

Flowers are tender plants. They represent the fragility of life. They let us know that the life we have is short, and we must enjoy it to the fullest.

In addition to this, blue flowers bring peace to our souls. It helps us attain a level of serenity, which puts us in control of our emotions.

Blue butterflies:

The blue color is associated with blue butterflies.

A blue butterfly depicts the presence of your guardian angel. It opens your consciousness to feel the presence of your guardian angel.

In addition to this, it reveals that life is in phases, and you must be prepared to pass through these phases.

Blue eyes:

Blue eyes are beautiful to behold. If you have blue eyes, it spiritually means that you are unique.

However, if you always see yourself with blue eyes in a dream (when you don’t have it in real life), this is saying that you are focused.

It is a sign of less distraction, and an inner ability to see beyond the physical.

Blue birthmark:

Having a blue birthmark or dreaming of having a blue birthmark is a sign of good luck.

It attracts positivity to you and blesses you with fortune.

The throat chakra:

This is the fifth energy point of the body, and it helps us with communication. It helps us to express ourselves freely.

The throat chakra is associated with blue color.

Is Blue a Positive Color?

Blue sky

Yes, blue is a positive color. It helps you to become more confident in your abilities.

Furthermore, it opens your mind to see the possibilities that lie in the world and prepares you to leverage them.

Final Words

Blue is cool. It helps you to attain peace of mind. Therefore, take the blue color as a sign from the spiritual world, and pay attention every time it shows up around you.

We hope that this article has proven helpful concerning an understanding of the spiritual meaning of the color blue.

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