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25 Aura Colors Meaning Chart and What They Mean

25 Aura Colors Meaning Chart and What They Mean

Are you looking for the best aura colors meanings and the chart with all the colors combinations? You are in the right place!

Aura colors have meanings in terms of spirituality. However, they also have interpretations that come from the imagination of individuals. For example, the same color aura with light and dark textures has different meanings.

Overall, it’s pretty exciting when we talk about aura colors. They can represent different parts of our life. 

These colors can also represent several character traits of a human being. Sometimes, they’re associated with past and present lives.

In terms of spirituality and other factors, we will share 25 aura colors spiritual meanings in this blog post today. You can go through each of them and see if any meaning applies to your life.

What do the Aura Colors mean?

What do the Aura Colors mean

In general, there are seven aura colors. They start from red and have orange, green, blue, indigo, violet, and yellow colors. These colors can mean several things in our life.

For example, a color of aura can mean balance and agility in our lives. But, on the contrary, a particular color can mean good for someone and bad for another. So, it all depends on the Aura chakras (traditional chakra belief).

In general, the red color means energy or energetic person. The orange color can signify adventure, while the yellow can indicate creativity. However, these meanings are at the primary level.

Dark or light versions of the same color can have different meanings. So, in the following sections, we plan to share twenty-five different aura colors meaning (Dark and light color version).

It’ll have a detailed description and easy to follow chart.

Aura Colors Meaning Chart

Aura Colors Meaning Chart
Aura Colors Meaning Chart

So, here we are. It’ll be an intense and exciting discussion on the aura color’s meaning. Find the chart and the description of the colors to gain detailed information on aura colors.

We’ll start by talking about orange auras and the meanings of their different shades.

Orange Aura

So, we’ll talk about Orange aura at first. This color is associated with motivation, challenges, and courage. However, dark and light versions of the orange color can have different meanings.

The orange aura has alsobeen associated with creativity, experience, willingness to take challenges.

Light Orange Aura

The light version of the color reflects how good the person wearing it is at communicating effectively.

With skill, people with a light orange aura can express feelings and concepts on the table.

Dark Orange Aura

Those with a dark orange aura tend to be restless and always looking for new experiences.

They’re not fans of predictability, and they’re champions of a healthy lifestyle. 

But, when faced with a problem, they are among the ones that always try hard to find the solution. 

Optimism is a perfect one-word meaning for the dark orange aura. Next, we’ll discuss the red color with several exciting implications.

Red Aura

Red is generally thought of being a solid and vivid aura color.

We begin to build the root chakra during our first seven years, which deals with the physical realm, stability, and emotions.

Deep Red Aura

A dark (Deep) red aura has the meaning of intense emotion and passion. In addition, people having a deep red aura type can have traits like strong instincts and feelings.

Dull Red Area

A dull red aura is sometimes associated with anger. While passion is the essential meaning of red aura, it can sometimes turn into anger. A light aura represents that anger.

Purple Aura

Well, the purple color, unlike the red and green colors, doesn’t have any shades. However, the purple color is often associated with our sixth sense.

Purple auras have attention in abundance from people because this color is linked to solid sensitivity. It’s also associated with great mental depths. When you think regarding intuition, you should think about purple.

Purple is the color of your third-eye chakra. So, it also interacts with that sense.

Having a purple aura means you might be able to use mental, compassionate, or intuitive skills.

Note that purple is among the best spiritual auras people can find on the aura spectrum, and it is easy to see why.

Indigo Aura

The Indigo aura is different from the other aura colors. Indigos are effective and push people who have a creative vision and a sense of compassion for the people around them.

They know a lot about themselves and other people, making them love people very much and want to help the world.

Indigos are often thought of as innovative, holy, and spontaneous people. If you have an indigo aura, you could perhaps consider yourself attracted to nature and animals, as well as other spiritual beings, as well.

Blue Aura

The freedom of expressing and communicating are the two critical things denoted by the blue aura. Blue aura means communication.

However, different shades of blue can have different meanings.

For example, the meanings of light, royal, and cyan blue are different.

Light Blue Aura

If you’ve got a light blue aura, it likely is that your personality is peaceful and happy.

If someone is honest, clear, and happy towards others, they might have a blue aura. The lighter version of the blue is also linked to calmness, clarity, and peace.

Royal Blue Aura

Royal blue has a lot to do with being sensitive. So, it sometimes implies that you probably see into the future.

People are generous, open, and free-minded irrespective of whether they’ve got a superior stage of spirituality or not. 

A strong sense of intuition and empathy can also mean that you have a good judgment of right and wrong.

Cyan Blue Aura

Cyan blue aura is also known as turquoise aura. A turquoise aura signals a relationship to the immunity process.

As a result, your personality traits may be ideal for a career in medicine. Your body and mind seem fast to adapt to threats, and you are empathetic and caring.

It’s a good sign of turquoise aura that you have healthy sources for your compassion and understanding. So, if you have a turquoise one, you positively affect people.

Green Aura

So, we’ll now talk about the green aura. The color green is a sign of innovations and strong beginnings. It often makes you feel like you’ve had a good rest. So, if something is new, the old is gone, but there is a fresh start.

Manifesting energy comes from outside, and green is a color that draws it in. This aura helps find a new aim or venture to a successful conclusion.

It is a color that relates to good health and healing power. So, people who might need healing are drawn to individuals who have a green glow.

Light Green Aura

Emerald is a light green color that allows the blue undertones to shine through. It’s a green and white color scheme.

People having a light green aura are considered innocent and on the path to enlightenment. However, this combination is very spiritual

Like the color blue, this color is all about “enabling” whatever you want to be (freedom). The shade of green is free of friction, force, or resistance.

The color emerald is all with romance. Individuals with emerald aura use this language to communicate and comprehend everything around them. 

They’re here to spread love and harmony throughout the earth and, it’s safe to say, the entire cosmos.

Forest Green Aura

Dark green, also called forest or countryside green, is green mixed with black. Having black in the aura might be seen as evil. However, that doesn’t always happen.

There are many ways to know what’s going on right now. But one is to look at the colors in your aura.

A dark green aura also indicates that green is reflected outside while simultaneously held within.

People with a bright or dark green aura strive to gain compassion and get love from others. So overall, it’s a positive thing to have a dark green one.

The desire to connect with others is strong, yet there could be some apprehension about allowing individuals to get too close once developed.

Yellow Aura

Energy and optimism are two great traits for any human being. Yellow aura can represent these two characters of us. Also, the bright, dark, and lime yellow shades can have similar and different meanings.

It’s beneficial for people with yellow auras to dwell in the current moment rather than worry about it.

People with yellow auras are often quite cheerful to be around. They can lighten the mood of others around them and are frequently interested in intellectual endeavors.

Now, let’s look at the bright, dark, and lime yellow shades of auras and their respective meanings.

Bright Yellow Aura

A brilliant yellow aura is radiant and luminous, and it is frequently associated with feelings of optimism and confidence.

It’s also a generally pleasant social environment where people have a bright yellow aura.

A faint neon hue to the yellow can indicate instability or obstruction in the chakra system in some circumstances. 

Typically, a strong concept of identity and pleasure is characterized by the presence of brilliant yellow in one’s surroundings. 

Now, what does dark yellow aura means? Let’s find it out in the following section.

Dark Yellow Aura

A dark yellow aura may indicate that a student or worker needs to take a vacation from their studies or duties.

An aura of dark yellow denotes someone exhausted or stressed out due to their heavy workload.

Many of these people are students or new professionals cramming as much information as possible into their heads to do their best work.

People within a lousy relationship can also have a dark yellow aura.

Relationships that make the person feel unheard or unappreciated don’t have to be love relationships. They can be any relationships where the person feels that way.

Lime Yellow Aura

We’ve stated earlier that a yellow aura is associated with optimism and energy to a great extent. However, the lime yellow one is linked with high energy only. So that means the optimism part doesn’t concern the lime yellow aura.

The lime yellow aura could mean that the person is happy and full of life. People who would like to have fun and find happiness use these words differently.

Also, people having lime yellow are attracted by others because of their high motivation to do any work. So efficiency is another meaning that’s related to the lime yellow aura.

Brown Aura

Among the aura colors, the brown one shows more about what wrong is going on in your life.

Browns have let negative feelings or pointless goals lead people through daily existence to their harm.

However, it isn’t always a decision that people make independently. It often comes from feeling confused or pointless in life. Life without a particular direction is highly associated with a brown aura.

Browns, like black and gray, aren’t always evil. Like the other black auras, they are indistinguishable from one another. They should not be ignored or avoided because these colors indicate individuals and others in need.

Pink Aura

A person with a pink aura is a selfless giver who doesn’t want anything in return. People with a pink one should ensure that the people they care about return your generous spirit.

Pink auras have a rosy aspect, yet their sensitivity and susceptibility can cast a shadow over the whole thing.

They might express a desire to retreat and shut off due to always being open in the heart space. As a side note, if you harm those with much pink energy, people will feel it quite strongly.

A tendency toward gossip and vulnerability hangovers might make people with pink auras feel uneasy. On the other hand, people who don’t respect their sensitivity can also be perceived as weak or fragile.

Black Aura

Pretty much everyone has a black aura at some point in their lives. However, black aura certainly doesn’t mean bad character traits.

People have to go through bad experiences, obstacles, and hurdles. Black aura can mean all those negative experiences of our lives.

However, the black aura has diverse meanings. When we go through worse conditions, we need to work hard to change the situation.

So, the black aura can also denote the necessity of shifting. Shifting in life means changing our lives to lead them better than previously.

Hence, bad experiences, obstacles, problems, and changes of these situations are the meanings of black aura.

White Aura

White aura is one of the best among all others. Therefore, if we choose one meaning or word to reflect a white color, it would be simplicity.

People with white aura take things and lead their life with balance. However, most people make situations worse by overthinking when things go wrong.

But, a white aura indicates calm, peace, and balance. These three qualities are the keys to keeping our life simple.

However, in today’s time, the white aura is considered to be rare. Therefore, nowadays, only a few people have the patience when facing problems.

As you think about your chakras and the color white in terms of them, keep in mind that a white aura is linked to energy flow and oneness.

Gray Aura

Technically speaking, the gray color combines the white and the black color. So, both the white and black color meanings refer to the gray aura.

For example: if a person takes things simple, it’s positive and can be associated with a gray aura, just like a white aura.

However, when a person is disturbed by problems in life, it can also be associated with a gray aura. The disturbance caused by difficulties is associated with the black-colored spirit.

So, it’s evident that the gray aura can have both positive and negative meanings.

If we summarize, those with a gray aura are unbiased, compromising, and in charge. On the other hand, indecisiveness, apathy, detachment, and depression are some of the potentially harmful meanings of this aura color.

How do I know my Aura Color?

Multi-color aura

According to different experts, there’re multiple ways to determine our aura colors. Note that aura colors represent several things in our life. So, it’s necessary for those who believe in aura to check theirs now and then.

Next to a white background, take a quick look in the mirror. First, focus your attention on the center of your forehead. Next, look around the outside of your shoulders without moving your gaze.

Your aura is the color that surrounds and emits from in between your shoulders and head. Make sure you look at the mirror when you notice the color shade.

Another way to find the aura color is to try staring at your hands to discover your aura. Your aura is the light you notice on the outside of your hands.

Is my aura always the Same Color?


Aura colors have seven general layers. But, these colors can change throughout our lives. In addition, the colors of your aura change as your energy shifts, so they won’t last long as it’s now for the rest of your life.

However, you may learn more about the meaning of your predominant aura color and how to counteract it if you know which one it is.

In other words, the color of your aura can change over time, and you can have multiple colors in your aura at the exact moment.

So, check every four months to see how your aura has been revised and expanded.

Is it possible to see the Color of other People’s Auras?


It is dependent on the situation. It’s possible to concentrate and meditate while attempting to perceive your aura. And, you can spend considerable time trying to interact with your spirituality.

But, you have very little control over those aspects of another person’s personality. On the other hand, some people may have a more noticeable aura.

If you can sense theirs before they can see yours, it may be easier for you to detect theirs before you can detect your own.

Next, we’ll discuss the best among all aura colors in the following section.

What is the best Aura Color?

White Aura color

Several studies suggest that the best aura color is the white one. It’s is because the white aura color doesn’t have shade variation.

So, the meaning is always constant. Also, the simplicity factor associated with the white aura color makes it the best, if not the best.

If we consider another aura color with the best quality, it’s the yellow one. However, it’s because the yellow aura color has multiple shades with good meanings.

Also, the bright and lime yellow ones have highly positive meanings. On the other hand, the dark yellow aura can have some negative implications, but overall, the yellow is a good aura too.

Blue aura is another option if we talk about the best aura. All the shades of blue aura have positive meanings. From immunity to peacefulness, the blue aura motivates many.

Final Words

So far, 25 different aura color meanings have been talked about by us. We’ve given the meaning of the primary color and various shades of those colors.

It’s fascinating that the primary color meaning can be good, but a shade of the same color can have a wrong interpretation. Overall, the discussion was diverse, with the points determining aura colors in the previous sections.

You know about twenty-five aura color meanings if you’ve read up to the end. By now, you should also know about determining aura colors by yourself. 

Finally, we’ve discussed the best aura color. More than a couple of aura colors can be a candidate for the best choice. But, above all, the white aura stands as the perfect one.

Before we end our talks on aura colors, we ask you to let us know of any questions regarding aura colors and their respective meanings. We’re excited to answer questions on this topic.

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