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11 Violet Color Spiritual Meanings and Symbolism

11 Violet Color Spiritual Meanings and Symbolism

Today I will talk about a very important color in spirituality, the violet color.

  • Have you recently felt attracted to the violet color?
  • Do you want to know what it means?
  • It’s a positive or e negative color?

Then, you have come to the right place.

I have discovered 11 violet color spiritual meanings and symbolism.

Trust me, you don’t want to miss these messages. They provide the perfect answer to the reason behind the violet color’s appearance around you.

What does the Color Violet Represent?

Violet flowers

The color violet spiritually represents partial clarity. Just like gray, red, and pink, the color violet spiritually talks about getting partial clarity about an issue.

Spiritually, getting a violet color indicates that you don’t have the complete answer to a question.

Even though you are getting a clue at the moment, it is not yet the full answer.

What is this telling you? It is telling you to seek more clarity.

The color violet assures you that there is the possibility of an answer.

Therefore, go all out for it.

When you ask questions consistently, the answer you seek will be given.

Don’t become relaxed because you have a clue. You can get all the answers you need when you dig deeper into the embers of your soul. 

The color violet represents royalty.

It is given to you as a show of your value.

The universe wants you to know that you are special and unique.

There is something in your life that makes you royal.

An understanding of who you are will also inspire you to never settle for less. It inspires you to go for more.

What does the Color Violet Mean Spiritually?

Color violet in spiritual world

In spirituality, the color violet talks about royalty. Just like we have seen previously, it lets you know that you deserve better in life.

The current stage of your life is far below what you are designed to become.

Getting this message does not only encourage you to go for more. It also inspires your heart to see good things as your possession.

When you get the color violet as a spiritual sign, it indicates the power of your imagination.

Violet color is given to people as an inspiration to use their minds.

In life, the power of your imagination cannot be overemphasized.

It is believed that what becomes our reality in life starts from the image we create in our minds.

Therefore, the moment you start seeing violet color, take it as a message that inspires your imagination. 

Getting the violet color from the universe also helps you to enhance your creative power.

It ensures that your creativity is at its peak.

Meditating on violet color opens your mind, it makes you innovative and ensures that you proffer solutions to people’s problems.

If you ever want to be creative, pay attention to the color violet.

Violet Color Symbolism

Violet Color Symbolism

1. You are made for more

The violet color symbolism creates an insatiable thirst for greatness in people.

Whenever it is given to people as a sign, they will never stop aiming for the top.

People who have a relationship with the violet color are known to be goal-getters. They are known to smash every goal of theirs. 

Do you know why?

It is because the violet color symbolism tells people that they are made for more. It encourages people to never settle for less because they are made for royalty and dominion.

2. See yourself in the positive light

As a continuation, the violet color symbolism helps people to see themselves in a positive light.

This is what leads to self-confidence.

The moment you stop seeing yourself as you should, your confidence drops drastically, and this affects how you see yourself

For healthy self-esteem, the violet color symbolism helps you to realize that you have what it takes to accomplish your goal.

It also reminds you that you are good enough.

This is a powerful message to hold on to.

When next you see the color violet, remind yourself that you are good enough and capable of handling what comes your way.

3. Work on your desire

Your desire is as important as your life.

The moment you understand this fact, you will learn how to properly channel your desire, and actively work on bringing it to pass.

The violet color symbolism brings this message to you.

It encourages you to work on the desires you have.

After creating a viable and strong desire, you need to put in the required effort that is necessary to bring those desires to pass.

The violet color symbolism encourages hard work.

Violet Color Spiritual Meaning: 11 Messages for you

Violet Color Spiritual Meaning

The universe has 11 things to say to you through the violet color.

1) Stay Positive

Positivity is powerful. The earlier you know this, the better. 

When you get the violet color as a sign from the universe, it is telling you to stay positive. Positivity has nothing to do with the current state of your life.

It has a lot to do with the state of your mind.

If your mind is not positive, then you are not in positivity.

Therefore, the color violet has been sent to correct your mindset and gear it towards thinking positive thoughts.

2) Clear your mind

You need to clear your mind

With the numerous things we go through daily, it is possible to clog our minds with several pieces of information that might not be beneficial to us in the long run.

All of this junk information can stop us from getting better ideas and suggestions that are more beneficial.

Therefore, the violet color has been sent to clear off your mind.

Whenever you dream of sleeping on a violet bed, it is telling you to clear your mind.

You need to go on meditating exercises and yoga to make this happen. Let go of unnecessary and irrelevant information.

Embrace constructive thoughts

3) Never settle for less

Wearing an expensive violet dress encourages you to not settle for less.

Mediocrity is not your domain.

You must always strive to be the best at what you do.

Excellence must be your watchword from henceforth.

Getting an expensive violet-colored dress as a gift also speaks about the same message.

The spiritual world is encouraging you to aim for more. Strive to be the best. Remind yourself that you are royalty.

Therefore, only the best accrues to you.

Having this mindset helps you to stand out among others. It also affects your approach to duties assigned to you.

4) Pay attention to your mind’s eye

Spiritual attention

The violet color helps us to understand the power of our imagination

Spiritually, the universe gives us the color violet to help us pay attention to our mind’s eye.

This means you need to filter the things you see in your mind. 

Do you know why?

Whatever goes on in your mind eventually becomes your reality. If you want good luck to become your reality, then you must focus on seeing good things.

Channel the power of imagination towards accomplishing your dreams, and this is what will happen in the long run.

5) Good health

Getting violet-colored flowers like lavender, and so on speaks about good health.

The spiritual world assures you of enjoying good health henceforth.

Through this message, you can be assured of walking in health at all times

Now, this can also be a warning sign. When you are not taking care of your health, the universe can send this as a warning sign concerning that.

That is, you need to pay more attention to your health henceforth. Rest well, eat well, and exercise daily.

6) You are precious

Think more about youself

The violet color is rare, and this makes it precious

When you dream of receiving a violet flower as a gift, it means that someone sees you as precious, special, and important.

This dream is rare.

People rarely have this dream except they are at the lowest point of their lives.

Dreams such as this are given to help people’s minds. It is sent as an encouraging sign from the universe.

When you see a violet flower as a gift, take it as a spiritual sign that you are important.

This heals your self-esteem and makes you confident enough to take bold steps.

7) Emotional Balance

Keeping the violet color around you makes you emotionally balanced. It heals your emotions and ensures you remain in control of them.

It is believed that people who get angry often should keep the violet color around them for a while. Doing this expels anger and emotional imbalance.

When you dream of holding on to a violet-colored item, it spiritually indicates that you are working on yourself emotionally.

Furthermore, the spiritual world is encouraging you to not become easily manipulated by people.

You need to stand guard over your emotional life. 

8) Power

Power from the violet color

Do you know that violet is a color of power?

Yes, it is. It speaks of authority and leadership.

In ancient times, lords, kings, emperors, supremes, and so on used violet color as a sign of their rule and dominion.

God uses violet as a symbol of his power

Therefore, the violet color symbolizes power.

When you get this color as a sign, it could be preparing you for a leadership position

Apart from this, getting a violet color could also be telling you to rule your life. It is telling you to take responsibility for your life and the decisions you make. 

9) Embrace who you are

Wearing a violet-colored jacket speaks about embracing who you are.

This also helps your confidence:

  • It is okay to not fit into your immediate environment.
  • It is okay to be unique and special.
  • And it is okay to be different from people.

Stop trying to fit into other people’s lives when they are not trying to fit into yours. 

You need to take a stand. The time has come for you to embrace who you are.

Start living for yourself and not for others.

Let people see you for who you are, and be unapologetic about it.

When you do this long enough, they will respect you for who you are and eventually accept your person.

10) Be grateful for what you have

Enjoy life

One of the special attributes of violet color lies in how it inspires thankfulness.

Whenever you see the violet color symbolism, it should make you thankful for what you have.

Most times, we fail to see how blessed we are because of our huge goals and aspirations.

However, amid our big dreams, we should learn to take time to reflect on our past accomplishments and be grateful for them.

When you are thankful for what you have, faith and courage will rise in your heart to go after what you desire.

11) Wealth is coming

When you dream of sitting in a violet-colored room, this spiritually points to wealth. 

In the bible, violet is a color of wealth. Therefore, getting it via your dreams or in real life indicates that wealth is coming into your life. 

What does this tell you?

It tells you to prepare to be rich. It also encourages you to properly plan your finances. Avoid wasteful spending. 

One more thing: Getting this message should make you more sensitive to opportunities for wealth.

Violet Color in Dreams Meaning

Violet cake

Getting a violet color in your dream also helps your mind

Dreaming of a violet color means your mind needs answers. It shows that you are troubled about a lot of things, and you need to get answers.

Furthermore, dreaming about a violet color brings good luck. Because of the positive energy that flows from this color, expect to be healthy.

In addition to this, you will enjoy the good things of life.

Violet Color in Good Luck

Violet color and good luck

The energy of violet color brings good luck. 

When you see a violet color, it spiritually represents the good things of life.

Violet is a symbol of promotion, health, royalty, wealth, luck, and dignity.

Therefore, getting the violet color symbolism is a positive omen.

Final Words

Get a violet-colored item in your home. Always keep a violet-colored item with you at all times. It attracts good luck and positive energy towards you. 

The messages you have gotten in this article can be used for your daily living. Open your mind to enjoy the transformation that the violet color gives.

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