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What is the Spiritual Significance of Being Born Breech? 7 Meanings

What is the Spiritual Significance of Being Born Breech? 7 Meanings

One of the ways to know the destiny of a child is by observing how he came into the world.

This is a powerful traditional practice.

In ancient times, children were categorized based on their position in the womb and how they came out of the womb.

Sometimes, a child is deemed special when he comes out of the womb differently from others. 

Now, when a baby is born breech, it is not normal. If you don’t know what a breech baby means, let me define it for you. 

A breech baby comes out of the womb with its legs. Normally, the child should be positioned with its head at the opening point of the mother’s womb with the leg at the opposite. However, when this child has its feet at the entrance of his mother’s womb, he is termed a breech baby. Any child that comes out of the womb with his feet first is known as a breech baby. 

From the definition above, it is clear that such a child cannot be a normal human.

This is why it is important to understand the mystery behind breech babies.

For a few months, I have studied breech babies and what you are about to read is the best resource concerning the spirituality of these special kinds of babies

What does Born Breech Mean Spiritually?

Breech baby in spiritual world

In the spiritual world, born breech refers to a child that is determined. This type of individual is always hard-headed. They will not bend their convictions to suit other people’s purposes.

Most times, this is why they cannot be easily influenced by people. Although, it has its disadvantages like selfishness and blindness to reality. 

If you are pregnant, and it has been confirmed that the child is in a breech position, expect the baby to be a strong-willed person.

Begin to mentally prepare yourself for the challenges of raising this type of child

Furthermore, the spiritual world uses this to remind us that they are in control. Everything does not have to happen as we have planned.

Sometimes, there can be a supernatural interruption and this is why the breech position of babies happens.

It helps us to always create an allowance for the spiritual world – even while making our plans.

Beyond a revelation of the child’s destinies, we can also get wisdom from seeing a baby born breech. 

Are Breech Babies Special?

Special baby

Yes, they are special.

Records have it that about 2-3 percent of babies are born this way. This means that out of every 10 babies, only 2-3 will be born this way.

And at other times, it is possible to not find any breech baby amongst the 10.

Therefore, it is rare to find babies like this.

When we find them, be reminded that they are special children. Most of these children are sent to be messengers of God. 

While conducting research concerning breech babies, I discovered that most of the great spiritual leaders in the world are believed to have been born in this manner.

Now, this is just an assumption due to verifiable pieces of evidence from the past.

Also, juxtaposing the spiritual meaning of breech babies with what the spiritual leaders are accomplishing on earth, there seems to be a spiritual correlation

If you are a breech baby, keep this in mind as well.

You might not have gotten this illumination all your life, but reading this article should be a total change of mindset.

Breech babies are special creatures.

They are distinct from other babies and have a destiny to fulfill.

Are Breech Babies Healers?

Breech healer baby

Breech babies are not healers.

They are special children but do not possess healing powers.

Yes, they have spiritual abilities, but not healing abilities.

If you were born breech, don’t stress your mind trying to locate the healing potential in your soul. It does not reside there. 

A lot of journals have been published that claim breech babies are born as healers.

However, real-life pieces of evidence prove this postulation wrong.

If breech babies are healers, then, we should have an upsurge in the healing movement all over the world.

Some of these children discover other spiritual potentials and use them. However, the healing ability is rare. 

To know if a child is going to be a healer, palmistry is needed.

This has nothing to do with the position of the child in his mother’s womb

What is the Spiritual Significance of Being Born Breech?

What is the Spiritual Significance of Being Born Breech?

When a baby is born breech, the first thing to note is that the baby is special.

As a parent, you are obliged to treat this child specially. Now, this does not instigate preferential favors or choosing one child over the other.

It tells you to pay special attention to the breech baby.

A lot of unique qualities will unveil themselves throughout the child’s journey.

You must be sensitive and vigilant enough to spot those signs as a parent and help the child when he needs one. 

Furthermore, when a baby is born breech, he has been sent to the earth as an agent of change. Now, not every breech baby causes change.

This is where the power of self-knowledge and self-awareness comes in.

Breech babies are meant to cause changes to the world. They are known as lawbreakers. They will never be satisfied with the norm.

Also, they are spiritually inquisitive, which makes them extremely creative

7 Spiritual Meanings of a Breech Birth

Spiritual Meaning of a Breech Birth

When a child is born breech, the following 7 spiritual meanings and messages can be gotten. Note that these meanings are not exclusively for the child. There are lessons we can also learn from seeing this special type of human. 

1) Good Fortune

It is believed that a breech birth comes with good fortune.

This child is destined to be wealthy in life. As a parent, ensure you watch over the child, care for him, and tailor him to his destiny. 

2) Everyone has a different path to take

Seeing a breech birth reminds you to stick to your lane.

This sign tells you that everybody has a different path to take. What matters is focus. We all need to be focused on our different paths in life.

Just as the breech baby is different from other kids, your life is different from others.

3) Making a difference

The breech baby has decided to make a change.

Rather than coming out the normal way, he has decided to have a grand appearance.

Well, this could also be an inspiration to you.

It is telling you to make a difference in the world.

When you spot something that needs to change, ensure you do all in your power to effect that change.

4) Readiness to Act

The breech birth mostly comes out with its feet first.

This is believed to be the sign of a ready heart to take certain actions.

Myth has it that Jesus was a breech birth. This was why he started fulfilling his purpose at the age of 12. 

5) Victory over enemies

This is a prophecy over the child. Every breech-born child will triumph over their enemies.

These children come to the earth with a unique kind of power, which defeats their enemies effortlessly.

Therefore, if you are breech birth, don’t be scared of negative energy or opposing forces. Your victory is certain and guaranteed. 

6) You are a leader

As a parent, always remind your child of this fact.

When you have a breech-born child, he is a leader.

This child is blessed with the ability to think creatively and also proffer solutions to problems.

If you were born breech, run with this message.

You are created to be influential over people. 

7) Self Discovery

Mostly, breech babies discover more about themselves after they mature.

All of these spiritual meanings and significance are meant to help them discover it faster.

However, when a child is born breech, he has the destiny to fulfill and he must spend time discovering what his purpose is on earth.

You can also take a cue from this as well.

You don’t have to be born breech to get this message. Go on a journey of self-discovery.

Do Breech Babies have Healing Powers?

Powers from special babies

A breech baby will have healing powers only when he suffers from birth complications.

Apart from this, breech babies are not blessed with healing powers. Therefore, they cannot stand in the class of healers. 

If you were born breech with complications, then, you have healing powers.

Your complications serve as a spiritual strength and base for the healing energy to flow.

It agrees with the bible, which states that our weakness reveals the strength of God

Generally, breech babies don’t have healing powers.

They are unique and special with other spiritual powers like higher perception, visions, and hearing voices

Final Words

Everything you need to know about breech babies has been disbursed in this article.

  • Do you have a breech baby?
  • Were you born with a breech position?
  • Has your baby been identified as being in a breech position in your womb?

Then, this article has provided the answer to every question you have concerning this

Breech babies have a special place in the world. They have destinies to fulfill and the universe is always looking out for them. 

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  1. Thank you for this article, for I am intrigued to know of the spiritual meaning. My father was born breach, his life created chaos for all his family, his parents and our family. He was an intellect who became chronically alcoholic and vitriolic and his legacy left an immensely difficult life for me. Separated from my brother and sister I lived with him..a terrifying journey .. that I am obviously still working on at 63.

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