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14 Types Of Birthmarks And Their Spiritual Meanings

14 Types Of Birthmarks And Their Spiritual Meanings

Today I will talk about 14 types of birthmarks and their spiritual meanings and messages.

Birthmarks have fascinated people for generations now! Some say it’s a sign of your past life, while others claim each has a spiritual meaning. Even dermatologists are unable to explain why people have birthmarks.

So what is the spiritual meaning behind having one birthmarks?

Birthmarks on each body part mean something different. A mark on the forehead means the person is intelligent and will succeed academically.

Birthmarks on a man’s arm mean he likes housework. While on a woman’s arm tells us she is career-oriented. People with a birthmark on their mouths are said to be talkative. Such people end up wealthy in life, according to spiritualists.

There are plenty of such superstitions and spiritual meanings out there about other body parts too. Let’s check some of them out!

What is the spiritual meaning of birthmarks? 14 Types!

Spiritual meaning of birthmarks

Many people believe birthmarks are lucky with special meanings attached to them. They can be anything from destiny to reincarnation.

Earlier, paranoid religious fanatics feared these harmless skin blemishes. Some called them “Marks of the Devil” while others, “Angel Kisses.” 

Reincarnation is strongly associated with birthmarks.

Some believe that birthmarks tell us the cause of the death in a person’s previous life. The shape of the birthmark may tell us the cause, while the location says it may be a wound.

A torch-shaped birthmark could mean the person died burning. Some even say that people dying of natural causes have no birthmarks.

Birthmark on the leg meaning:

rthmark on the leg meaning

Birthmarks on the leg are pretty common. But do they, too, mean something?

Spiritual believers say that people with birthmarks on their legs need to learn to stand on their own. Such people are born believing they need to depend on others their whole lives.

These people have difficulty making decisions on their own. So this is their life lesson. Learning to live life on their own and make decisions for themselves, themselves. Many healers say that these people need to free themselves of the victim consciousness.

Some affirmations that will help people with birthmarks on their legs are, “I release my mind into believing that anyone or anything can control me.

Nothing can hold me back.

I can actively engage and take action over activities that will push me forward. I am strong on my own”.

Birthmark on the back meaning:

irthmark on the back meaning

The birthmarks on our backs are usually hard to notice. Unless someone sees our back, we would hardly notice any birthmarks looming there.

Most parents discover these in their kids. People believe that those having birthmarks on the back are honest, open-minded, and practical.

Reincarnation experts look into the shape of the birthmark!

Birthmarks give us the cause of death in our previous lives. Besides, scattered shots like birthmarks meant the person died by canon shots. But this kind is becoming rarer these days, as people no longer use canons in battle.

Birthmark on the arm meaning:

Arm with birthmark

Many say that birthmarks on the arm meant dominance in your previous life.

But that was all in the past. In the present life, you have freed yourself of the belief that others can dominate your life. You are the master or mistress of your own lives.

People believe, more specifically, that women with birthmarks on their arms are career-oriented.

They enjoy working and building a life for themselves.

For men, it’s quite the opposite.

Men with birthmarks on the arm signify that he enjoys caring for the children and being at home! So it brings out more non-traditional traits in both genders.

Birthmark on hands:

Hand with birthmark

People with birthmarks on the hand are pretty rare. If you are lucky ones, their meaning changes with which hand it’s on.

Birthmarks on the left hand mean the person gives more than getting back in life. This can be food, money, or even time.

People with birthmarks on the right hand take more than they give.

They are selfish and tend to absorb other people’s energy. Birthmarks on the palms mean he or she depends on others for help a lot. Some even have these birthmarks on the back of their hand.

These people are lifelong students and love learning new things.

Birthmark on the “private” part meaning:


Birthmarks on the private area have two opposing meanings.

  • Some believe such people are honest and generous. These people have a good marital life and are great lovers. Their financial status is also great.
  • While on the other hand, some spiritualists believe birthmarks on a women’s vagina are a bad omen.

The said woman is involved in many affairs. She is characterless and addicted to sex. People with birthmarks are also said to indulge in extramarital sex and are obsessed with it.

Birthmark on the stomach:

Stomach with birthmark

People with a good gut feeling are associated with having a birthmark on their stomachs.

They can properly tune into their gut feeling due to this mark guiding their decision-making. In Iran, they say when pregnant women touch their belly constantly, a child is born with a birthmark on that spot.

Another meaning is that these people are gluttonous or greedy for food. Greed sometimes stems from resentment or fearing lack of resources.

This leads to hoarding.

Such people need to free themselves of resentment and inner turmoil. Spiritual healers advise such people to deeply feel and transform their gut instinct. This makes them highly aware of their energies.

Birthmark on wrist meaning:


People having wrist birthmarks meant they would face a lot of hardships in life.

For older people, it showed that they had a difficult life already. Another bad omen is facing early poverty. But not every sign means bad news.

An upside to this is that these people might also become richer as they grow older. So in some cultures, it is a sign of great times.

These people might also make great artists or creative people.

Another myth associated with it is that they are lazy and very lustful by nature.

Birthmark on neck meaning:

Neck birthmark spiritual meaning

Our necks or throats symbolize the power of our voice. And so, neck birthmarks spiritually meant that these people felt silenced in their past life.

As if their opinions or thoughts were stifled. A birthmark on the neck in this life was a message for them to be more vocal.

These people are ready to free themselves of manipulation and stand up for themselves by using their powerful voices. ‘Stork bites’ are another name for birthmarks on the neck.

Birthmark on the hip meaning:


A circular birthmark on the hip could mean a bullet hole in the past life.

Other shapes have other meanings. A birthmark on the hip mainly symbolizes, show a special connection to the animal kingdom.

If these markings are shaped like animals or a paw, then you need to look to animals for life insights.

Heart-shaped birthmarks on the hips are also marked to reunite soul mates or twin flames. They are a symbol of universal love.

Sometimes, heart-shaped birthmarks appear across generations. You are lucky if you have moons, stars, or sunburst-shaped as birthmarks.

Birthmark on my face meaning:

Face birthmark

Face birthmarks are not very common. But they come with very strong spiritual symbols.

Those having birthmarks on their forehead are knowledgeable. They excel in every field they pursue.

Those with birthmarks on the left side of the face are very spontaneous and creative. They love living life to the fullest and are very understanding.

They see situations clearly and may freely spend money.

The left side of the brain is connected to creativity. This leads to such superstitions. Some people have reported having zodiac signs like archer or scorpions as birthmarks.

The birthmark in the eyes meaning:


Albeit a bit difficult to look at, at first, rarely people are born with birthmarks in the eye.

They are usually in the sclera of the eyes. In rare cases, there may be dark flacks in the iris. Some even have birthmarks on the eyelids.

Those with eyelid birthmarks have the gift of reading between the lines. They just know things and can sense situations.

They love having an adventurous life.

But this sense of wildness can put them in bad company too. Circumstances push such people into both good and bad situations. But they also learn and move on from them much wiser.

Birthmark on ankle meaning:


A birthmark on the ankle means that you are a person who loves life.

They have a great appetite for traveling and exploring new cultures. They also make good, strong leaders. Ankle birthmarks also symbolize good luck.

Such people are very likely to be happy and wealthy in the future.

You like to learn new languages and also love food. More like understanding and trying different cuisines in the world.

The success that you achieve will be thanks to your hard work. So these people need to believe in themselves more. They are also practical and honest people.

Birthmark on the bottom of the foot:


People with birthmarks on their feet like to fight. They clash with a lot of people and end up having fallouts with many.

This includes their family and friends.

This arises from the fact that they may inherently not feel safe in their body.

Spiritually, they feel like they want to float away from this physical body and fly.

So they feel restricted on earth and end up getting into fights due to the feeling of being stifled. Many times, this is a lesson for such people to ground themselves in their bodies.

They need to accept themselves for who they are to be truly free. Trusting themselves will help them get over feelings of fear and trauma of being in this world.

Birthmark on right arm meaning:

Right arm

A birthmark on the right arm means the person is very patient.

They have a lot of integrity too. Whenever they are put into difficult situations, they always choose to take the right path out. No one can sway them easily otherwise.

Sometimes, it symbolizes people who set high standards for others.

You like to inspire people with the work you do. You want everyone to be the best version of themselves. A very cautious person, you don’t take decisions in a hurry.

You are very reserved and analyze all angles of a situation before making a decision.

The spiritual meaning of white birthmarks

White birthmarks

White birthmarks are pretty rare! Those who have it are pretty blessed to have strong personalities. We don’t know much about them, though. But, they do have a few spiritual meanings connected to them.

People with white birthmarks have a deep calling. Nothing can get between them and their calling.

Even unfortunate childhoods or traumatic incidents as adults do not deter them easily.

They follow their purpose with real dedication. Their drive to achieve is very strong.

In the long run, they need partners who understand and appreciate their successes and goals. Even better if the person has the same calling as them.

It could be anything from sports and fitness to running a business. As long as there is a common thread between them, they will be happy.

These birthmarks are also a sign of luck and prosperity.

Also, they will always be triumphant in life, all thanks to their handwork and determination. Some negative symbols include being a troublemaker.

If they are the adventurous kind, they may even fall into bad company.

A white birthmark can also mean that you were burnt there in your past life.

If it’s a healed burn mark turned white, then it’s a reminder of your past life. You must be more careful in the present and future. If it has lightened, then you are healing. If not, then you still have a few more lessons to learn.

What do birthmarks mean in the Bible?

Birthmarks in the Bible

The Bible does not have much written about birthmarks. But yes, they may have been called blemishes.

In the Old Testament, having a blemish was okay.

They did not treat it as a disability of any kind.

For priests who had blemishes, however, it was a different story. They could not stand and serve in the presence of God. Their blemish was kind of like a taboo.

They did not sacrifice animals having blemishes. They mention this in the Old Testament, in the laws given to the Israelites by Moses.

Men with blemishes could eat from the food offered for sacrifice. They even carried out priestly duties. But they cannot offer sacrifices or go to the altar. Again in the scriptures, these were blemishes, without any specific mention of birthmarks.

Leviticus mentions in a few verses how animals with certain birthmarks or blemishes cannot be sacrificed.

The New Testament, however, tells a very different story. It does not carry if you have blemishes or not. The Lord loves and finds everyone equal in His eyes. Even other disfigurements and disabilities rejected with blemishes in the Old Testament are of no consequence in the new one.

The only thing that matters is what is in your heart. And the only blemishes, according to the New Testament, are your impurities and sins.

Colossians mention in their verse, that once you accept Christ and go into his fold, the Lord forgives your sins, and you become blemish-free. That is, you are now sinless in the eyes of God.

Final Words

Birthmarks have many fascinating spiritual theories. Some of them are pretty interesting, while the rest are just speculation. Each body part has a different meaning for birthmarks, from luck to failures and successes.

Even the Bible mentions birthmarks as blemishes. While the Old Testament stands prejudiced against them, the new one embraces everyone wholeheartedly irrespective. White birthmarks, albeit rare, also have spiritual significance in some cases.

So, dwhat do you think the diffrent types of birthmarks and their spiritual meanings? Please, feel free to leave your comments below!

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  1. What about the black chocolate like ,oval shaped birthmark onto the left arm of a man before the joint to the armpit?what does it mean

      1. Hello,

        It means you weren’t being yourself in a past life. God has now blessed you with a stronger personality and stopped you from being influenced by others’ opinions.
        It also means will protect your family and your loved ones with all your strength.

        1. I have flat mole on right side of neck..what does it mean? I have birthmark on my right biscep..what does it mean? I have birthmark in my right eye white part..what does it mean?

  2. My grandmother, mom, and I all have the same birthmark in between our eyebrows above the nose. It is most notable when angry or exerting energy. It becomes very red during those times.
    Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance

  3. I have lots of little birthmarks on my left side of my sholder and a big one on my neck. I have NF type 2 and a big white patch on my right side of my neck.
    One medium overall shaped one on my stomach, and on my left arm.

  4. i have a thunderbolt on my right pointer finger what dose that me its been there sense i was like a baby if anybody knows lmk please

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