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9 Spiritual Meanings of Mercy Seat (and in the Bible)

9 Spiritual Meanings of Mercy Seat (and in the Bible)

On the day of atonement, the sacrifice is not complete until the blood has been sprinkled on the mercy seat.

This means that it has so much power and can determine the fate of the Israelites for another year

Now, in today’s modern world, you cannot find this around anymore. Does this mean it has lost its power? No, it doesn’t.

People can still get spiritual messages from the mercy seat.

This is why you should understand the spiritual relevance of this powerful object.

Read on to find out more.

What is the Mercy Seat?

Mercy Seat
Mercy Seat

In the bible, the mercy seat represents the throne of God. It is the physical representation of God’s throne among the Israelites.

Unlike the tabernacle, the mercy seat cannot be seen by anyone. Only the high priest can see the mercy seat, and it has only to be once a year.

This spiritual object was held in high esteem throughout the old covenant dispensation.

It also represents the dimension of God that forgives the iniquities of people.

This was the holiest object on the face of the earth because it represented the presence of Yahweh, the God of Israel.

Ever since it has maintained its reputation as a spiritually significant object all over the world.

Now, in today’s age, we no longer need to carry the ark of the covenant or the mercy seat all around.

We can have dreams about it, or suddenly see a carving of it on walls or clothes.

Whenever this happens, it means there is a message God is passing across to our souls

Later on, we will talk about the 9 spiritual meanings attached to this. However, before we discuss this, let us answer other important questions surrounding this. 

What does the Mercy Seat Represent Spiritually?

Mercy Seat in Spiritual World

In the spiritual world, the mercy seat is seen as the highest representation of divinity.

Whenever it is seen, the attention and respect of people are commanded at once. This is why it does not appear to people frequently.

God does not reveal himself in this manner anymore.

The reason is that the new testament has brought man into a new dispensation of Grace, which is the reality of the indwelling spirit of God in a man

Rather than see the mercy seat, people see the Holy Spirit. However, this does not negate the reality of the power in this spiritual object.

Anytime you find it around you in dreams or real life, God is trying to get your attention.

Something needs to be communicated to you.

It could also spiritually represent a realm of spiritual encounters. It is believed that whenever God wants to visit people, He sends certain spiritual signs to them.

The purpose of this spiritual sign is to create an awareness, which eventually fuels the hunger and desire of people to see and know more about God. 

Therefore, take the mercy seat sign seriously.

It does not come out to people occasionally.

Therefore, count it a privilege to experience this

The Mercy Seat Meaning in the Bible

Mercy Seat Meaning in the Bible

The old covenant books of the bible have a lot to say about this. 

Firstly, the mercy seat represents the presence of the God of Israel. It is the highest representation and confirmation of God’s abiding presence with man. 

Secondly, this is a spiritual sign of forgiveness.

Once a year, the high priest offered sacrifices for the people of Israel in the Holiest of all.

The blood is sprinkled on the mercy seat as a sign that their sins have been forgiven.

Therefore, seeing this sign indicates that your sins have been forgiven by God.

This eliminates every form of condemnation from your heart.

9 Spiritual Meanings of Mercy Seat

Spiritual Meaning of Mercy Seat

Biblically, there are many ways you can interpret the mercy seat. We will attempt to look at 9 of these meanings, and how they affect our lives.

1) The presence of God

The first thing you should think of is that “The mercy seat is a sign of God’s presence”.

You must have observed its emphasis all through this article.

Therefore, the next time you see a sign of the mercy seat, be reminded of God. Let it create an awareness in your heart that God exists and is alive.

2) Be Conscious of God

People live their lives without a consciousness of God.

This explains why they carry out certain actions the way they do.

Whenever you lose sight of God’s holiness and presence, it becomes impossible to live a life of consecration and sanctification.

To help you out of this situation, you will have dreams of the mercy seat.

Anytime this happens to you, go on a spiritual retreat to identify what lies in your heart.

If you find any evil thing there, purge your soul and be holy. 

3) Your sins are forgiven

Condemnation is seen as a major tool of the devil. He uses it every time and has an upper hand with this weapon. You need to watch out for this.

Anytime you start feeling condemned, meditate on the power of the mercy seat in the old covenant.

This structure was made to atone for the sins of people.

The sins you have committed in the past have nothing to do with God’s love towards you.

The moment you accept this message, your heart becomes free of condemnation.

4) Keep your heart pure

The purity of the mercy seat commands the hearts of men to embrace the same quality.

Seeing it in your dream or real life spiritually admonishes you to keep your heart pure. God looks at the soul. This is what He judges at all times.

Therefore, you need to keep your heart pure and rid of evil thoughts.

Evil thoughts affect your worship of God, and this becomes a sin on your account. God’s way of warning people is via the mercy seat.

Especially if you know a lot about it

5) The presence of your guardian angel

When you look closely at the construction of the mercy seat, you’d observe that 2 angels were carved above it.

Spiritually, these creatures represent the presence of an angel.

Therefore, whenever you see this edifice in your dream or real life, it could point to the presence of your guardian angel around you

When your angel shows up, he can bless you, show you visions, answer your prayers, and cause good things to happen to you.

Does this mean you will see the angel physically? No, it does not mean that. It only creates an awareness of the presence of the angel.

6) You are not alone

The presence of God comes with this sign.

Beyond an awareness of this divine presence, seeing it also encourages and inspires you to not feel lonely and helpless.

It reminds you that God is with you at all times.

You might not feel him at the moment, but be confident in your heart that He is around you. 

Even when people leave you, betray you, or forsake you, remind yourself that God will never treat you in that manner.

Let this message encourage you to pick yourself back up, and keep making progress.

7) An answer to your prayer

Have you ever heard the word “mercy seat” or seen its image while praying? Do you know what it means?

Some people referred to it as the presence of God.

However, the meaning has a lot more to do with our prayer than God’s presence.

The presence of God can be revealed whether we pray or not.

Therefore, the next time you have such an encounter during a moment of prayer, it brings good news to you.

This means that your prayers have been answered by God. it means AMEN to all your requests. 

8) Be ready to sacrifice for your goals

Culturally and biblically, the mercy seat is a place of sacrifice.

It also physically represents the sacrifice of Jesus for the sins of mankind.

Now, apart from getting a spiritual message that speaks of forgiveness, this could also be a motivational sign. 

Through this sign, God is encouraging you to get ready to sacrifice for your goals.

Start making plans in earnest to pay the full price for your dreams, aspirations, and ambitions.

Nothing good comes without a price. You need to embrace discipline, diligence, and determination. 

9) Love and sacrifice for others

Just as the lamb remains a sacrificial animal on the mercy seat, you must also be ready to sacrifice for people.

Always learn to seek the good and benefit of others and not just your own.

With this attitude, the world will be a much better place.

Mercy Seat in Dreams Meaning

Mercy Seat in Dreams

There are no different spiritual meanings of seeing a mercy seat in your dream.

It carries the same power as real life.

Therefore, the above mentioned spiritual meanings apply to your dreams about a mercy seat.

It is a spiritual sign you should not overlook.

Its messages are vivid and prophetic

Final Words

Just like the Jews reverenced the mercy seat in the old covenant, you should do the same today. When you see its image or have a flash vision of it, remind yourself of the spiritual meanings you’ve just read. Let them be your guiding light.

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