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Home » 11 Alabaster Box Spiritual Meanings (Also in the Bible)

11 Alabaster Box Spiritual Meanings (Also in the Bible)

11 Alabaster Box Spiritual Meanings (Also in the Bible)

Today I will talk about the spiritual meaning of the Alabaster Box.

  • Have you ever heard about an alabaster box?
  • Do you know what it entails?
  • How about the different uses and spiritual meanings of this box?

Well, if you don’t then, you might want to sit back and read this article till the end.

Beyond the Jewish tradition that made the alabaster box popular (which we talk about later), it is believed that everyone has an alabaster box.

Before you run off to your closet and start bringing out your trinket boxes, let me explain briefly.

Amongst the numerous spiritual objects and artifacts in the world, an alabaster box is the first spiritual object that is not all physical.

What does this mean? It is said that an alabaster box is an item that can either be figurative or real in all essence. That is, you can get an alabaster box message – even without having a physical alabaster box.

This is what makes this topic very technical. 

How can you identify an alabaster box – if you don’t have a physical one? Will it appear to you in a dream? Will you stumble upon it by chance?

After knowing what your alabaster box is, how can you understand the message it brings from the universe?

Read on to discover the 11 spiritual meanings of an alabaster box. Some of these messages are gotten from the biblical perspective of an alabaster box.

What is the Alabaster Box?

Alabaster Box

Generally, it is believed to be an expensive box. This came from the biblical story of the woman with the alabaster box. Whenever you hear the word “alabaster box”, it immediately creates an image of a box with gold earrings all around it.

Well, you are right. An alabaster box is very expensive. However, that is not all there is to an alabaster box.

Let us journey down the memory lane – into the Jewish tradition. When a lady begins to attain the age of getting married, it is Jewish tradition to purchase an alabaster box for her.

Now, this box will be filled with several expensive ointments and spices, which will be accumulated in the box until she is ripe for marriage.

Now, Jewish tradition believes that the amount of dowry that will be paid is dependent on how heavy the alabaster box is.

Therefore, every family tries to purchase a big alabaster box and fill it with a lot of spices and ointments to get a huge dowry for their daughters.

Now, when the husband comes to pick up his wife, she will take her alabaster box, break it at the feet of the man as a sign of her loyalty and respect, and then wipe his feet with the ointment.

This is the tradition of the Jews.

The alabaster box ritual became prominent during the bible days. However, it has been practiced before Jesus came into the world.

Now, from this brief historical journey, it is clear that what makes the alabaster box expensive is not the box in itself, but the different spices and ointments.

All of these will make a lot of sense in a bit. However, before we talk about the different spiritual messages of an alabaster box, let us address one or two more questions.

The Alabaster Box Meaning in the Bible

Alabaster Box in the Bible

The alabaster box became prominent as a result of the occurrence in the bible. In Matthew 26:6-13, we find a woman who broke her box at the feet of Jesus and poured the expensive ointments on his feet.

Now, this story has become popular all over the world as the alabaster box experience. According to the bible, what is the spiritual meaning of an alabaster box?

The meaning of the alabaster box from a biblical perspective is firstly about sacrifice.

It talks about the will to let go of all your earthly possessions to please God.

It means that you should be ready to give up your comfort to serve the purpose of God in your environment.

Also, it might be an indication that God will require a huge sacrifice from you, which you must be willing to pay.

Furthermore, another spiritual meaning of the alabaster box according to the bible is brokenness.

From the story of the woman, you will realize that she eventually wept at some point. Her tears were a sign of brokenness and surrender.

That is, she surrendered her will to Jesus.

Therefore, if you ever hear the word ‘alabaster box” either in a dream or a vision, God is telling you to surrender your will to Him. He is telling you to trust him with all of your heart, and let Him guide your steps.

Alabaster Box Spiritual Meaning: 11 Messages and Meanings

Alabaster Box Spiritual Meaning

In this section, we will talk about all the messages you can get from an alabaster box. Furthermore, I will reveal to you what a figurative alabaster box means to you. Let’s get into this.

1) Your most prized possession

An alabaster box is a possession that you find hard to let go of.

Figuratively, whenever anyone tells you to break your alabaster box, it is telling you to be ready to let go of your most prized possession.

This might be your car, a mindset, or a huge chunk of your financial assets.

Your alabaster box is anything that you are not willing to let go of. Everyone has one or more, and God will request it at one time or the other.

2) A heart of generosity

If you dream of seeing a broken box, and you hear the word “alabaster”, it is a spiritual sign of giving generously.

The universe is using this dream to build in you a heart of genuine love and care for other people.

Severally, you will find yourself becoming more tender and soft-hearted towards other people.

An alabaster box talks about a heart of generosity. It opens our eyes to see that the act of giving makes the world better, and it gives our life a sense of purpose.

3) Look within

Do you know that an alabaster box can be a great motivator? Yes, it can boost your esteem and confidence at all times.

Let us take a look at the alabaster box.

From what we observed in our brief study of Jewish tradition, you will see that the value of the alabaster box is based on the worth of the ointments within.

Spiritually, this is saying that your worth is not based on the things you see physically.

It is not based on your physical body shape, your color, or your physical accomplishment.

Your true worth is based on your inner soul.

If you enrich your inward man enough, this will make you more valuable than you can ever achieve in the natural.

4) You are about to get married

As a single lady, dreaming about receiving an alabaster box as a gift is telling you to prepare for marriage.

This is a message from the universe to give you an accurate sense of timing as regards the season you are in.

The alabaster box dream opens your eyes to see that you have entered the season of love, and this is going to end at getting married.

Most times, the fulfillment of this dream will come within 12 months.

5) Your friend is getting married

If you dream of giving your friend an alabaster box, it has the same spiritual message, which reveals that your friend is about to get married.

Now, why should you have this type of dream? Since you are friends, you should know that she is getting married.

Well, the reason for having the alabaster box dream is that your friend is hiding from you.

It is saying that your friend is not planning to tell you about her wedding plans.

Therefore, this is just a revelation to let you know the type of friends around you.

6) A new alabaster box

If you dream of having a new alabaster box after getting married, it is not a good sign.

Having a new alabaster box in Jewish culture means becoming single all over again.

Now, what does this mean? It means that your marriage is already falling apart.

Seeing yourself holding a new alabaster box is not good. You should seek help and put in more effort to save your marriage from falling apart.

Note that people in a relationship cannot use this message.

The box will only be broken during marriage and not before. Therefore, people that are married should not have dreams about buying a new alabaster box.

7) Your marriage is intact

As a man, if you ever dream of holding a broken piece of an alabaster box, it is a clear sign that your marriage is in good shape.

The reason for this is that the broken piece of the alabaster box in your hand is a symbol of your wife’s love, loyalty, and submission.

This is a good sign that improves the love in a marital relationship.

Seeing a broken piece of an alabaster box gives couples hope that everything is going on smoothly between them.

8) An empty alabaster box

This is a bit different. An alabaster box should never be empty. If an alabaster box is empty, it signifies two things:

  • It signifies an unwillingness to get married: Ladies that don’t want to get married are referred to as an alabaster box with no spice or an empty alabaster box.
    • Her unwillingness might be because of past betrayals or a recent marital failure.
    • Is the universe saying you should get married against your will? No.
  • The second message that comes from an empty alabaster box is saying that you are not ready for marriage.
    • Therefore, if you have nursed the idea of getting married soon, you might want to take a pause.
    • This dream is telling you to stop and think carefully before getting into a marital relationship.
    • The reason for this is that you are not ready for the responsibilities that come with marriage. This is why the alabaster box is empty.

9) Numerous potentials

If you dream of bringing several spices and ointment out of a brown shiny box, it is saying that you are bringing spices out of an alabaster box.

This does not have to talk about marriage.

It can also talk about the different skills and talents that you possess.

That is, the universe is encouraging you to make use of all your potential and creativity to fulfill your destiny.

10) Soul twin connection

If you are a man, and you dream of a woman breaking an alabaster box at your feet, this is saying that your soul twin is trying to connect with you.

That is, she is sending these dreams through her vibrations to let you know that the time for love has come.

It is saying that she is thinking of you, and desires to be with you.

11) You are the reason for the marital failure

When a break-up happens, both parties always believe that the other party is at fault.

That is, the husband believes that the wife is at fault, and vice versa.

Now, as a woman, if you dream of breaking your alabaster box out of anger, it is a clear indication that you are the reason for the marital failure.

In the dream, the reason is a lack of emotional control.

What is the Importance of the Alabaster Box?

Spiritual vision

An alabaster box is important because it means that you have a vision. Looking at the figurative definition of the alabaster box, you will find out that only people with a vision will have something special in their hearts.

Furthermore, it is a sign that you are ready to fall in love.

As a woman, whenever you see yourself cleaning your alabaster box, it is revealing the season you are entering into.

Therefore, the alabaster box is important because it reveals the season you are entering into.

Finally, the alabaster box is a channel through which the universe can speak to your soul.

Final Words

You don’t need to have a physical alabaster box before you can use the messages in this article. Once you have something special in your heart, always refer back to this article for clarity – especially when you begin to have dreams about an alabaster box.

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  1. I recently got a vision… of a pair of baby shoes sitting on an alabaster box. I had no clue what is meant. I am in rehab right now in Phoenix, Az. I just lost my husband of 36 years to cirrhosis. I thought it would be a good idea to give it another try, regardless of my age. I am 62. This is my sixth day in here and i have been praying to the Lord and asking what the baby shoes meant, not even noticing the box underneath. Suddenly I heard Alabaster box, so i looked it up online. OMG! I am truly ready to walk away from everything that I own. I didn’t know where or what I was going to be doing after I got out of this three-month program. Deep down inside I really didn’t want to go home. I know that God is getting ready to do something. The last time I was in rehab I drew this picture of Him and on the bottom, I wrote my Beloved…I have been so lonely for years and I was already planning on being with a man who I have nothing in common with. Only settling for less because i was so desperate for love. What was revealed to me this day on this website has truly been a divine appointment. I surrender all……

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