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Is Being Left-Handed a Sin: The Symbolism in the bible

Is Being Left-Handed a Sin: The Symbolism in the bible

Severally, people have termed the left side of the body to be a bad sign. But does the bible agree with that? Well, we will find out in this article. Being left-handed has its biblical symbolism, and this is what we are going to look into. To discover if being left-handed is a sin or not, read on.

Being left-handed is not common.

Although, people deliberately change to becoming left-handed at times; it still does not match the number of right-handed people.

Now, is anything spiritual attached to left-handedness? If you are left-handed, does this have any spiritual message from the bible? 

Let me ask another question. Is it a sign to be left-handed? The bible has a lot to say about this condition, and this is what we are going to look into.

With the help of the bible, several answers will be extracted concerning the spiritual meaning and symbolism of being left-handed.

Therefore, if you are left-handed, or you know someone left-handed, it is necessary to read this article.

The Spiritual Meaning of being Left Handed

Spiritual Meaning of being Left Handed

Being left-handed is spiritual. The reason for this is because of its rare occurrence among people. Therefore, the first spiritual meaning of being left-handed is uniqueness.

Let your condition remind you of this fact. You have a unique ability that everyone desires to have.

Therefore, don’t be intimidated by your uniqueness.

Whilst it is true that being left-handed places you among the minority (according to being right-handed or left-handed), it does not make you different or weak. It only makes you special.

Therefore, constantly see yourself in this light.

Another spiritual meaning of being left-handed talks about standing alone.

Because of your unique ability (or condition), you need to learn how to stand alone. People will mock you for who you are.

Others might fail to understand the gift you have. None of these matter.

  • You need to become blind to the voices of people.
  • You need to constantly draw strength from your inner soul.

This is how to keep your shoulders high – even in the presence of contradictions. Being left-handed means you need to stand alone. Therefore, allow this message to settle in your heart.

Being left-handed means that you are deeply connected with your emotional self.

Therefore, expect to become more emotional than others. Now, this has its advantages and disadvantages.

The advantage of being emotional is your tenderness. You will find it easy to care for people. You will be very sensitive to the needs of people, and this makes you a solution giver.

With your tenderness, you will share the love all around; thereby making the world a better place.

However, it has its disadvantages. Becoming emotional makes you gullible. Therefore, you will become an easy target for exploiters. You also stand at the risk of betrayals and other forms of emotional traumas.

This is why most left-handed people get hurt emotionally.

What does the Bible say about being left-handed?

Left-handed people in the Bible

In the bible, you will not find an exact place that describes being left-handed. However, we can extract meanings from the different examples and stories of the bible.

If you see a left-handed person, the following spiritual messages can be attributed to him. Furthermore, if you give birth to a left-handed person, the following spiritual messages can be attributed to the child. Therefore, let us get into this.

The first message about being left-handed is that you were made by God.

Now, before you start asking numerous questions, let me state that this is one of the most important messages from the bible about being left-handed.

You cannot get any message from the bible without attributing God as the source of all things.

Therefore, the first message about being left-handed is that you were created by God.

When this message becomes a consciousness, your confidence will be built to a very high level. Severally, we are forced to become timid because of our uniqueness.

However, understanding that the same God made you and every other people gives you a sense of equality. It makes you confident to reveal your uniqueness.

Being left-handed in the bible is a sign of recognition.

For example: if you get a left-hand wave from someone speaking, it means that you are recognized. Bringing this to spirituality, being left-handed means that you are not alone.

It means that God recognizes all of your efforts. This is an advantage of being left-handed. It brings a consciousness to you that makes you confident. It also creates a special place for you in God’s heart.

When you are left-handed, it is believed to also be a sign that you have a divine assignment.

Severally, whenever God wants to accomplish a special task, he makes people with unique abilities and body changes.

These people are his special messengers that are commissioned to accomplish the given task.

Therefore, being left-handed falls into this category. Just like God separated all the prophets in the bible, he has separated you from the people of the world for a purpose. This is an indication that you have a divine destiny to accomplish.

Therefore, be conscious of this.

The biblical message of the left side is different from being left-handed. Therefore, it is wrong to assume that left-handedness is a sign of hell fire or rejection.

Is being Left-Handed a Sin?

Is being Left-Handed a Sin

Previously, I made a distinction between left-handedness and the left side. In the bible, the left side is believed to be the place for all sinners.

It is the place of eternal torment for the souls of wicked people. Now, being left-handed is not the same. It does not have the same interpretation. Therefore, stop feeling condemned because of your left-handedness.

Being left-handed is not a sin. However, this depends on some factors:

  • Being left-handed is not a sin if you were born that way. According to the biblical message of being left-handed, we see God as the source of all things. Therefore, being born a left-handed person is not a sin.

    You were made by God. You were created in this form for a specific purpose and destiny. This is a deliberate act of God, and it cannot be a sin. Therefore, stop feeling condemned because of your left-handedness.
  • Being left-handed is not a sin if you had to change from your right hand because of an injury or an accident. This is not your fault. Therefore, the change does not affect your energy level or your destiny.

    Now, I have to state that changing from the right hand to the left does not connect you with the destiny of left-handed people. The change was due to a situation. This is not a sin.

These 2 factors make being left-handed a sinless condition. The bible does not refer to being left-handed as a sin. Being left-handed is not a sin if it happens by nature or by an uncontrollable condition. 

However, if you change from the right hand to the left for an unworthy cause, it is a sin. The motive behind changing from the right hand to the left hand is what makes your condition a sin.

Now, if you have done this before reading this article, there is no point changing back to the right hand. All that is needed is the prayer of forgiveness.

What does the Left Hand Symbolize in the Bible?

Left hand

7 messages stand out for the left-hand symbolism in the bible. With these symbols, you will find clarity about the significance of the left hand. Therefore, let us look into this.

1) Too many mistakes

When a finger on the left hand is moving sideways, it is a sign of too many mistakes. This means that you have committed several mistakes in the past, and you are on the verge of committing another mistake.

This is a warning sign that leads to reflection and review. It means that you should scrutinize every decision you make, and the action you take. 

2) Rejection

A tight-fisted left hand is a sign of rejection. This means that you should learn to say NO to people’s opinions about you. The tight fist is a sign of NO-ENTRY.

This means that the opinions of people concerning you do not matter.

The only ones you should listen to are God and the Holy Spirit. Therefore, take this as a sign to build a strong mind.

3) Acceptance

The left hand can bring a message of rejection and acceptance. Therefore, whenever a left hand is waving at you, it means that you are accepted.

This is a good sign of favor.

Whenever people accept you into their hearts, it leads to favor and every good thing.

Furthermore, the waving of the left hand means that you should learn to listen to people’s advice, and accept the ones that are beneficial to you.

Most times, the spiritual world can use people as their conduit to speak. Therefore, you must be sensitive enough to know when this happens.

4) A caution sign

Whenever a left hand is holding a banana peel, it is a caution sign. This is a message from the bible.

With this sign, you will become careful about the things you do, say, or think. Furthermore, you will be conscious of the people you trust, and what you say to them.

This sign will come whenever a trap has been set for you. The banana peel is a sign of the trap.

Therefore, you must trust in the holy spirit to reveal the trap points and guide you on how to avoid them. With the left hand, you will be cautious and vigilant.

5) Freedom

If you dream of a left hand holding chains, it is a good sign. This is the sign of deliverance. It is a sign that you are free. 

  • It is a sign that you are free from sickness. If you are sick, a left hand holding chains is a good sign of healing.
  • It is a sign that you are free from poverty. If you desire to be prosperous, the left hand holding chains is a sign of prosperity and an end to poverty.
  • And it is also a sign that you are free from demonic oppression. One of the biblical signs of demonic oppression is chains. Therefore, a left hand holding chains is a sign of the mighty power of God that delivers from demonic oppression.

6) Wealth is coming

The bible says that God desires that all of his children prosper. This shows that God is concerned about the prosperity of his children.

Are you God’s child? Then, this applies to you. Therefore, you will get this message in a coded form. One of the ways to get this message is by seeing a left hand that holds a green leaf.

Once you see this, it means that wealth is coming. In addition to this, it can bring healing as well.

7) Direction

Do you need direction in any aspect of your life? Then, the left hand can help you out. The left hand is synonymous with the holy spirit.

Therefore, whenever you see a left hand pointing towards a direction, it is a sign of divine guidance from God.

When you wake up from this vision, you will suddenly know what to do. This happens severally with people. Therefore, expect the same effect after having this vision.

I’m Left Handed: Should I be Concerned?

Spiritual problems

No, you don’t have to be concerned about your condition. With the information in this article, you will realize how special you are.

Furthermore, you will understand that you were made this way for a divine purpose. Therefore, let your heart be at peace with your condition. If you were born left-handed, it is not a sin. It does not have a negative sign.

Therefore, don’t be bothered.

Final Words

Your left-handedness carries deep spiritual meanings from the bible. With all the amazing discoveries you have made from this article, we hope that you remain confident in yourself, and spread the same message to other left-handed people out there.

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