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Hole in The Ear Spiritual Meaning: 9 Preauricular Pit Myths

7 Spiritual Meanings of Hole in The Ear (Preauricular Sinus in Bible)

I discovered that the universe gives us unique body shapes, features, and marks as a prediction of who we will become in the future.

Sometimes, these strange holes and marks on our bodies could also be a permanent sign of divine guidance. 

This is why it is important to KNOW what they mean. 

In this article, I will discuss the spiritual meaning of having a hole in the ear. It is also referred to as a preauricular pit. 

There are 9 myths you need to know about it. Read on to find out

Hole in the ear spiritual meaning

As I earlier mentioned, having a hole in the ear is nothing to feel bad about.

Rather, spend time understanding its spiritual significance. Doing this boosts your confidence about your preauricular pit. 

If you have this unique body feature, read this section to find out those meanings for you. 

You will be amazed at these spiritual meanings! Let’s go!

preauricular sinus meaning
There are 5 spiritual meanings you should know about the hole in the ear:
Don’t Listen To Other’s Opinions
Don’t pay too much attention to what people say about you. It is believed that people who have a hole in their ear will be sensitive to words and opinions. Therefore, take this message as YOUR MESSAGE. Train your mind to not listen to people’s opinions or judgments concerning you. 
You Are Unique
The hole in your ear is a spiritual sign of uniqueness. It reveals your individuality. It allows you to express yourself in your unique way. Therefore, embrace your uniqueness.
You Possess Unique Abilities
In ancient myths and superstitions, this is a well-known fact. Having a hole in the ear is a sign that you possess unique spiritual abilities and powers. It means that you’ve been marked out by God for a supernatural destiny.
Prophetic Message About Your Future
Through the hole in your ear, the spiritual world can reveal what your future holds. If the hole is above your ear, then, it means you will be a great leader. If it is in your ear, then, it reveals that you will be a great listener (therapist, etc…).
Positive Energy
A hole in the ear is a sign of positive energy. It encourages people to remain optimistic about their lives. Through this sign, we can always practice gratitude – even as we expect good things to happen for us.

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Hole on top of the ear spiritual meaning

breathing in beach

The hole above your ear is a type of preauricular pit. It is a special marking by God, which reveals what your life will become in years to come.

Beyond that, having a hole on top of your ear could be a sign from your past life. It was attached to teach you important spiritual lessons from your past life

This is why it is important to discuss what it spiritually means to have a hole on top of the ear. 

Let’s get into this right away

Hole on top of the right ear:

If you have a hole on top of your right ear, this means that you have the spiritual ability to hear sounds from heaven

In the Christian religion, people with this unique body feature are seen as prophets. Some are seen as minstrels who bring songs from heaven. 

General spirituality sees people with this body feature as spiritually sensitive people. They are more connected to the spiritual realm than everyone else around them. 

Additionally, having a hole on top of the right ear means you have to always rely on your inward intuition for decision-making.

Never attempt to make decisions out of emotional sentiments

Hole on top of the Left ear:

If you have a hole on top of your left ear, this is a sign of emotional stability.

It means you are not emotionally perturbed by what goes on around you. Not everyone possesses this unique inner strength. Don’t see it as something normal.

Having a hole on the top of your left ear is seen as a sign of leadership. It means that you will become a person of great influence

Hole in the Ear spiritual meaning in Islam

In the Islamic religion, a hole in the ear is seen as a sign of God’s mark.

hands praying

It means that the individual has been selected by Allah to be a prophet. Through the hole in the ear, Allah can communicate divine messages to an individual. 

Therefore, this unique body feature represents spiritual sensitivity. It reveals that an individual is spiritually aware and conscious of omens and signs around him. 

Islamic religion believes in modesty. Therefore, the hole in the ear is a reminder to live a modest life.

It means you should embrace simplicity, humility, and innocence.

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9 Preauricular Pit Myths You Should Know

9 Preauricular Pit Myths You Should Know

So far, we’ve discussed the several spiritual meanings of having a hole in the ear. It’s best to talk about the ancient myths surrounding the preauricular pit. 

What did ancient cultures believe about this unique body feature?

Read on to find out. 

1) Hearing supernatural sounds

It is believed that people with a preauricular pit can hear sounds that normal people can’t.

This is why spirits, angels, and God can communicate through these people to others around them.

It is a well-known fact that people with a preauricular pit are destined to be prophets or mediums

2) Prosperity

In ancient myth, people with a preauricular pit are seen as prosperous.

This is because they are known to live opulent lifestyles. Whenever an individual is born with a hole in the ear, he/she is seen as a person of great wealth and fortune

3) Psychic abilities

Throughout history, this has been a predominant myth. During my research, I discovered that many people see a preauricular pit as a psychic organ.

Therefore, people with this unique body feature are regarded as psychic.

They are believed to have supernatural powers to read people’s minds and predict the future. 

4) Conviction

This is not a good myth, but let it guide you

According to my research, I discovered that several cultures believe that people with a preauricular pit will be held back by the opinions of people.

This is because they easily get affected by people’s words.

Use this myth as a caution sign. Be deeply rooted in your conviction.

5) Social skills

It is believed that people with a hole in the ear will have a lot of friends. This is because of their social skills.

They were born with the ability to interact with people, spark conversations, and be the life of every party. 

6) A messenger of God

If you have a preauricular pit, it means you are a messenger of God.

Christianity, Islam, and Hinduism believe the same about this unique body feature.

You’ve been sent to the world as a bridge between the physical and spiritual realms

7) Embrace your uniqueness

Through this hole in your ear, you are encouraged to embrace your uniqueness.

It is believed that people who have a preauricular pit are unique. They are a special breed of people.

You need to accept this. You will never be like the people around you

Also, learn about the spiritual meaning of hearing ringing in your right ear.

8) Relationship troubles

It is believed that people who have a preauricular pit in the left ear will have relationship troubles in their lives.

They will go through emotional traumas, heartbreaks and betrayals.

People with a hole in the left ear need to work on building emotional stability and strength.

This will get them through those traumatizing moments. 

9) Leadership

Spiritually, it is believed that people with a hole in the ear are destined to be great leaders.

It reveals that they will be blessed with unique abilities to influence people through their words and charisma. 

5 Hole in The Ear Superstitions

baby ear

These superstitious beliefs concerning having a hole in the ear are important.

Knowing them helps you to understand who you are. These superstitious meanings could also provide extra guidance for you. 


You are a spiritual helper

The hole in your ear reveals that you are a spiritual helper. You have been sent to the world to help people become their best selves by discovering who they are. If someone is confused, you can provide direction and clarity to them.

Spiritual sensitivity

People with a hole in their ear will be spiritually heightened. This is because of their intense energetic vibration. They are closer to the universe. These people can see signs and omens. It is easy for them to get divine messages from the spiritual realm.

Supernatural hearing abilities

It is believed that people with a hole in the ear possess supernatural hearing abilities. Just like Elisha in the bible, these people can hear when someone is plotting evil against them. This unique power is believed to only be available to those with this unique body feature. 


People might feel different about having this on their ears. If this is you, then take this message as YOURS. Through the hole in your ear, you are being encouraged by the spiritual world. Don’t feel less of yourself. Rather, embrace your uniqueness and remain confident in yourself. 

Good luck

Those with this unique body feature are blessed with good luck. This is a common belief across several cultures. If you have a hole in your ear, it means you are destined for great things. 

I have a hole in the ear! Is it a bad spiritual sign?

woman breathing fresh hair

No, having a hole in the ear is not a bad spiritual sign.

Its unique messages provide clarity into people’s lives. Through the hole in your ear, the spiritual world can unveil your future and destiny to you

But, a hole in your ear is not an omen of bad luck, misfortune, or early death. It speaks more of affluence, fortune, good luck, and spiritual powers. 

Should I be concerned spiritually?

listening in woods

Yes, you should be spiritually concerned about this

Not everyone has a preauricular pit. Majorly, this is why you should not take it for granted.

It discloses how special you are and can provide clarity into distinct areas of your life. 

The spiritual world gave you that special mark as a gift

So, cherish it every time. 

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Final words

It has been a long read, hasn’t it? But, I am sure you learned a lot about the spiritual meaning of having a hole in the ear

Use these spiritual messages for yourself. Share the information with your friends and relatives (who have a preauricular sinus). 

So, thanks for reading through. 

77 thoughts on “Hole in The Ear Spiritual Meaning: 9 Preauricular Pit Myths”

    1. I have holes on both of my ears how do i unlock my spiritual gifts? I always see things before they happen or dream but i will only realize once it happens. I feel that I’m gifted but it’s like the is something blocking me. I have noticed that if someone treats me bad something happens that person without me arguing or saying anything

      1. We must be twin brothers because I also have two and those same experiences happen to me. Whats your mothers name?

        1. We have the same experiences. My grandpa doesn’t have holes like me, but he lives exactly with the article, “… you have to be devoted to the spirits so that they can use you…” Many people said I also have that ability, but I am not interested in finding out until now.

      2. Dude. I feel you. I also have one above my right ear. I’m an addict…when I’m in active addiction I completely disconnected from God and all spirituality. When I’m sober I’m the complete opposite. I would prophesied to people without even knowing them words would just fall out of my mouth I wouldn’t even know what I was going to say before I said it and I would be totally right and they would just be blown away I don’t know how to connect to anything or any of that and I also feel blocked a lot of times I wish I knew how to connect and to become more spiritual if you find out let me know too

      3. Sizakele Wow we are both in the same situation all that you had mentioned happened to me either.. that means that all that we’ve been told is now make sense to me.. thank you for all the info provided..

  1. I have a hole on the right top off the ear. Every day or after two days something is coming out and it’s smell bad. About things I read to this research it’s true and it’s happening in my life. sometimes I see things tht will happen tomorrow and I can talk about something will happen and it will happen any one please can plain my life what happening to my life.

    1. Your connected in ways others aren’t and are guided through spirits who gifted you these abilities to help man kind raise the vibration to save Mother Nature

    2. PMI had a hole at the top of my left ear I began to get infected often and my doctor removed it ,but I definitely have a spiritual connection my grandmother after her passing used me as a channel to finish her personal business, she would come to me in dreams and if I ignored the dreams I would have a recurring of the dreams until I complete the task ,at first I were a little wearily of the dreams until I realized that it was an honor to be chosen to be a channel.

    1. Hi! I too have two of these pits. One on my left and one on my right. And I can tell you from my own experiences through out my 32 years of life that I am gifted. However, it took me a long while to completely take a understanding to it. From listening to both good and bad, and siphoning what’s relevant to you (as the caulbear) if the message is for you or for someone else. And blessings flow freely to those with the caul who are completely opened to it. If not, then I’m the eyes of a caulbear you will forever live life basic. Premonition definitely happen more often then spoken about. And there is no such thing as a “coincidence”. Those are meant blessings. I know these things because as I mentioned in the beginning I was born with two and also born with a caul which is a veil across my face which represents “luck and spiritual awareness”. Good things are coming, just be sure to stay open minded, as these things happen fast. And in about a minutes time it’s gone in a flash with no claim.

      1. hey u seem to know a lot about this hole business an I got a question how many holes can u get on one ear can they grow an if u havr say 12 on ur left ear an 8 on the right an was only born with 1 on my left ear an in 2 years all my scares have changed in to faced an i got this thing that grew on my right figure it kinda looks like jiggaly puff with a crown its really weird oh an i was blind 2 years ago with out my glasses I wad helpless but now I can see almost a mile an im going threw it alone

  2. I was born with to hole one on each side and i do hear from god .i have told three people about danger .they did knott believe.all dead

  3. Wow. Thanks for the explanation. My grandmother, mother, my daughter and me have a hole in ear. Thanks be to the LORD to be chosen, will fulfill the mission.

  4. Ok I can find what 1 hole 2 holes an talk of 3 holes but I have 6 on 1 ear an there shape like a Z an it started growing after I started my awakening see I this that 6 must be something BIG if 1 is devoted to my word to a whole boss

    1. Update on my weird experiences and the other things that have been happening first off I have 12 on one side the start at the top then go down past my ear an on my right I have 8 an I was only bored with 1 I have pictures of myself but only having 1 but now all my scars are….changing into ummm pictures of things it’s hard to explain an I hot this thing growing on my right pointer finger an I got to say that iv seen some of the CRAZIES out 9f this word told in school it’s not real but I don’t don’t talk an lie just shit talk the facts an no way would u believe the 100s of things the defi qll logic an reality is just a a major issue for me an when 8 sleep qn wit up I question everything at first but. I live in Bloomington IN when the shit hits the fan it will happen here for sure an there is more seeds here then any other place I been in my life there is SO much we can do like talk to one another in our minds use the mind to physically heal an to told it off real abilities that will mind blow anyone I know because I train my push an pull every day for the past 3 years an I seen improvement but just remember dad’s on his way to pick up the damn kids but just be real a awoken an grow a par I believe in 5he No Ballz way of life I bet u got bugger ones then u but u talking trash to me is not saying a word kicking u out in 2 or less but not hurt just to shoe some righteous

  5. I do not have holes in my ear, however, I still have this spiritual awareness and abilities. God is good to all who diligently seek him.

  6. I have one hole in my right ear. I do hear from God and spirits have contacted me. BUT, I am also learning that this condition is associated with kidney disease or urinary infections/disease , which I do have. My mom died of renal failure, but she did not have one. I know this sounds crazy, but researyrch it for yourself.

  7. I have front helix holes in both my ears.. or as tou would call it preauciliuar sinus. It never bothered me. And not alot of people wven notices it. Nowa days they think I pierced my ears. I do sometimes wear piercing studs in my natural holes… when I was smaller I did hear God clearly but growing up I lost that ability.. which makes me sad. I would love to know how to regain my super powers.

  8. I have a hole in my right ear. I use to tell people that I ask God questions and that he answers. I would often say I heard him not through my ears but my upper middle forehead. When I would have to relay a message I was often afraid I might be seen as a crazy person.
    If I was in a crowd I would notice the exact message would be spoken through someone else if not spoken by me.
    I would receive conformations that I would have to tell strangers information that they may or may not have been aware of and I did.
    For example, I can remember going into a big box store and after paying for my groceries I went back in the meat department. There was a lady who was looking around in the meat department for a function that she dreaded because her mother had past 2 months prior and she couldn’t get over her death.
    She said she was not able to cope because she didn’t believe her mother knew how much she loved her. It was her mother that had me to tell her what she needed to hear. As we talked we discovered neither one of us needed anything in that department. It was where spirit had us to connect because the items in her cart had previously been paid for as well.
    I did do most of what spirit had me to do. I didn’t understand my gift when I was younger and asked God to remove it.
    I have always had people come to me and asked spiritual questions or that said they saw an aura.
    I am now 67 years young and now wish to pursue my gift.

    1. This also happened to me at a grocery store. My mom just passed. I really don’t recall much, everything was surreal. I was devastated over my mother’s death. A lady came up to me and asked was I ok but I just broke down. She hugged me, did her best to comfort me. She said so many kind words. I also have two holes. I have noticed many strange coincidences, premonitions, good luck, people seeking advice. So glad I came across this article.

  9. Just learnt this today i always knew I was different I have to holes though pus comes out of them it has never bothered me untill today @37 years I bothered to search the meaning of the hole my two sons each have one… May God open my eyes from today onwards don’t want to live a normal life again with this special Powers.. I have dreamed things that happened before it was God talking

    1. at 6:35 pm
      Sizakele Wow we are both in the same situation all that you had mentioned happened to me either.. that means that all that we’ve been told is now make sense to me since we are experiencing the same things in life according to what is stated above..thank you for all the info provided..

  10. I was born with a hole in my right ear. I can see before they happen in dreams and visions. I experiences seening spirits clear as day.

    1. Yes i also have the hole in my right ear & i also have dreams that come true some of them are scary i have been tell my friends about this & they believe me I always knew i had a special gift from GOD.

  11. I have one on each side and I have often wondered why. As far as hearing God and having precog abilities well i thought we all had them but just didnt know to listen. Thanks for the explanation and i will continue to look into this awesome gift. I have always been fascinated with paranormal things.

  12. I have a hole on my ear same as everyone who has left a reply and that, a couple of year ago my nana had to leave me r.i.p and when we went to visit her grave to put new flowers on the grave I felt her present and after a couple seconds went passed I felt her pinched my cheek and I told my mother and said it’s your nana

  13. Me and my son have it my son has it on both I always think of someone before they call or see me and there will be times I haven’t seen these people in years is anyone in tune because I know I’m spiritual definitely empath but it’s something else and I just can’t nail it

  14. Yes i also have the hole in my right ear & i also have dreams that come true some of them are scary i have been tell my friends about this & they believe me I always knew i had a special gift from GOD.

  15. Avatar
    Nuwagaba Daniel Umalu

    I have one hole on my upper right hand. How can i make a use of that gift. I advise people and get better, in every aspect of life especially business bt to me things are not yet going on well, bt i knew maybe i was meant for that but i also need to live a good life than only changing other people’s lives.
    Any wan can guide me and see how i can get to use my natural gifts and abilities

  16. I have it on inner top of my inner right ear. You have said it all is what exactly happened to me.. Oh my goodness I thank God for explanation.

  17. I was born with holes in both of my ears. It looks like I have pierced ears, but they don’t go all the way through. What does this mean?

    1. Give it time. Crazy, unexplainable things will start happening. At first, you might think it’s your imagination. But one day it’ll all fall into place.

  18. I have a hole I my right hand and my brother too have I both sides. I usually see things in my dreams and later come to pass when I tell people around they don’t belief in me

  19. I was born with a hole on my forehead,, what does that mean and I have other three holes in my palms one is in the left palm and two in the right palm

  20. I relate heavily. My dreams come true of the future. I knew my best friend no longer liked me from haveing dreams of her over and over telling me she didn’t. I have a strange knowing of things also that other people don’t catch (I always ask)🤣. Randomly I will be so obsessed with a celebrity or singer ( watch their movies or listen to albums alot ) then they die. Prince, Patrick swazye, Tony Lewis and lots more 😭 It’s honestly depressing. Anyways good luck to all.

  21. I have one in my right ear. Mine is that when I dream, the opposite happens. Same with my daydreaming. When I think of something good, the opposite happens. When it’s bad, good things will happen. So what I will do is to think negatively so that opposite things will happen. 😀

  22. Whatever has been said here is true,,, have got two holes, one above my left ear and the other one above my right ear so I believe that it is a double portion or double blessings to me. But I request if possible you share with us the bible verses that talks about those holes please

  23. Which verse in the bible talks about it
    How can l express my supernatural abilities to the world because l have one hole on my right hand ear

  24. My grandfather had a hole in his ear, I have one, and my 11 month old daughter has two one on each ear. My Grandfather and mother always called it a knowledge hole. I’m curious though because my oldest daughter doesn’t have any but me and my youngest do.

  25. I have my auricle outside of my right ear. Luck has yet to bestow me with riches although the supernatural has sheltered me my whole life. So much that I’m afraid to speak of the depths.

  26. I have 2 hole on my Both ears I do dream and it will come true but I want to know how to use my ability more and activate my power, can anyone help me out

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